Top 10 Best Anime Ending Songs of 2021

Another ranking associated with music and the anime of the now concluded 2021 has surfaced, this time with the best ending songs being sorted according to voter opinion, and likely to have none all that surprised to learn another demon-killing show surpassed a romance series. The ranking: 1. Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train/Yuukaku Hen 2. […]
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The Beastie Boys: arguably the greatest rap group in history

For some reason, when most people think about the first commercially successful white rapper, Vanilla Ice is the name that comes to mind. Other people give the nod to Eminem, as he was the first white rapper to be fully embraced by the culture. — Read the rest
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Dein Liebeshoroskop 2022: An diesen Daten ist das Glück auf deiner Seite

Wir beginnen das neue Jahr mit jeder Menge Hoffnung im Herzen. Direkt zum Jahresanfang steht die rückläufige Venus im Steinbock – eine Konstellation, die uns Vorsicht in romantischen Beziehungen und Begegnungen gebietet. Wenn die Venus, Planet der Liebe, Schönheit und des Geldes, am 29. Januar hingegen im Steinbock in eine progerade Bahn wechselt, fühlen wir uns dazu bereit, aus unseren Höhlen zu kriechen und uns aufregenden neuen Chancen zu öffnen. Wenn du Single bist, fühlst du dich jetzt durc...
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Grammy Awards Postponed Indefinitely

“Even though (usual venue) the Arena has a basketball or hockey game or a concert booked nearly every night until mid-April, enough artists and executives voiced reluctance about appearing to convince the Academy to postpone the show.” – Variety
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4 Steps To Improve Your Financial Situation In 2022

It’s no surprise that many people are starting 2022 with hopes to improve their financial situation. After a tough two years, many are starting to look to the future. If you’re on a mission to save or earn more this year, here are some simple steps you can take. Start budgeting Budgeting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money, regulate spending and reduce the risk of getting into debt. If you don’t already use a budget to plan how you spend your money, now is the time to...
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The rise of Trap Metal

If you were on Tik Tok last year, or at least adjacent to someone who was, you probably heard a snippet of a metal/pop-punk cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" blanketed by a hip hop beat, as it was one of the apps most popular sounds of 2021. — Read the rest
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Hear Debussy Play Debussy’s Most Famous Piece, “Clair de lune” (1913)

Claude Debussy died in 1918, at the age of 55: still quite young for a composer, and still quite early in the history of sound recording. This means that, a little over a century later, we have a great many recordings of Debussy’s music, but precious few recordings of Debussy’s music played by the man himself. Once he accompanied opera singer Mary Garden in the performance of three mélodies from Ariettes oubliées, his cycle based on the poetry of Paul Verlaine. Those recordings were made...
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Sam Sneed U Better Recognize Featuring Dr. Dre

First off, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Hope you had a wonderful beginning to the new year and nothing but continued blessings throughout it. Welcome to Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. My first playlist of the year started off on the R&B tip. Where I Wanna Be from Donnell Jones, 702’s No Doubt and Unpredictable from Jaime Foxx started things off. The new Nas joint, All Eyez on Me from Pac and the latest Busta Rhymes joint made the playlist. There were a couple othe...
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The Wombats: Fix Yourself, Not the World review – noughties indie returns bigger and brighter

(Awal)The trio repurpose their sound from post-punk to pop-facing with a polished and snappy fifth albumScroll down the Wombats’ Spotify page and you come to the section headed “Fans also like”. It features a selection of their mid-00s contemporaries, fellow strivers in the league of what was cruelly dubbed “landfill indie”: the Pigeon Detectives, the Kooks, the Enemy, Scouting for Girls. As everyone knows, fashion is cyclical and this stuff currently lurks at the foot of fortune’s wheel: old en...
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Watch Nirvana Perform as an Opening Band, Two Years Before Their Breakout Album Nevermind (1989)

The story of Nirvana’s first album, first single, and first video launching the band to instant mega-stardom, and the story of their tragic crash back down to Earth, have been told too many times to count. Less well known are the years of the band’s early ascent through the local Pacific Northwest scene, opening for then-bigger acts like TAD (who got swept up, then left behind in grunge’s first wave). Nirvana first formed in 1987 in Aberdeen, WA and played as a few iterations with names ...
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