The Acoustic Guitar gets its first significant design mod in 180 years!

Picture an acoustic guitar and what do you see? The classical guitar with its wooden body and circular sound-hole, right? Yep. That guitar was designed sometime in the 1850s by Antonio de Torres, and has pretty much been the same for nearly two centuries, with the exception of the invention of the electric guitar. Maxwell Custom’s custom-made Infinitum guitar takes that age-old form and applies design-thinking to it… the design brief? How do you make the Acoustic Guitar with a harmonically rich ...
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37 Gifts That Your Live-In Partner Needs & You Kind Of Want

A few years ago, my partner introduced me to a concept he calls "a baseball bat gift." It's a gift that you get for someone with the purpose of then using it yourself. For example, if you're someone who likes to play baseball, you'd get someone a baseball bat as a gift so you can both play together. I don't know if it's actually a thing, but it is certainly a brilliant way to spin something you want into a thoughtful "gift" for someone else. And honestly, isn't that what the holidays are all ab...
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Ulta Beauty's Holiday Gift Sets Are Amazing — & We Have Picks For Every Budget

When your life is moving too fast — your inbox is overflowing, you desperately need a haircut, and you're wondering how the hell we're already two weeks into December — it's hard to feel in control of anything. But one way to instantly find your footing, and feel like a badass planner who has it all together, is to wrap up your holiday shopping.In fact, you can get it all done today, on your laptop, with one single virtual shopping cart. That's right, because Ulta Beauty has the most gift-able ...
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7 Holiday Kits We'll Be Scooping Up For Everyone On Our List

Ever walk into a store with a specific mission — say, to restock on toilet paper — and leave with a million other goodies? Let's be real, you have, and you've probably told yourself every excuse in the book to justify the dent to your savings account: The sale on those Chelsea boots was just too good to pass up! I totally forgot I really needed [insert thing you don't need]! I just got paid and deserve to treat myself to a new liquid lipstick!The store that takes the cake on said failed #winn...
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Now That We Love K-Pop & K-Beauty, This Website Is Introducing Us To Korean Fashion

Over the past year, Korean womenswear designer Jee Won has been working on Suggesty, a personal styling/e-commerce app and website featuring curated Korean fashion brands indexed into a shoppable database. Suggesty is still in beta, with an expected rollout in early 2019 – but Won timed her brand’s launch perfectly.“K-Beauty and K-Pop hit the U.S. rather hard,” the former Eli Tahari womenswear designer tells Refinery29. “The U.S. is already fascinated with Korean culture. I think K-Fashion alr...
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Alison Wenham Steps Down As CEO of WIN, A2IM CEO Burgess Offers Praise

Alison Wenham is stepping down as the CEO of The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) after 12 years with the global independent music industry trade group. Prior to joining WIN full time in 2016, Wenham was the CEO of the UK's Association of Independent Music (AIM), the organisation she started in 1999. WIN was also set up under her leadership, initially as an informal global network in 2006 in response to global threats and opportunities. The annual WINTEL Report, now in its third year, ...
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24 Holiday Steals That Gift Like Luxe Home Goods

The major seasonal sales may have come to a close, but our holiday bargain hunt isn't over yet — especially where gifting's concerned. Instead of paying full price on last-minute present purchases, we're going to save some extra cash by shopping the best slashed-price finds. And here's your Paperless Post to join us.Ahead we're outlining our hit-list of 20 buys from across the web that shop like a stylish steal and gift like a luxe home good. Whether you're shopping for a coworker, in-law, S.O....
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Tencent Music IPO's At Reduced $12.3B Valuation

Tencent Music [TME] will launch its scaled down U.S. IPO on Wednesday.  China's largest music streamer priced shares at $13 ahead of its NYSE listing hoping to raise $1.1 billion. The IPO had originally been scheduled for October 18th. Tencent was valued at $30 billion in the Fall of this year, but today's stock debut comes with a reduced $12.3 billion valuation. TME had been valued at $12 billion at the time of Spotify’s $31B listing in Q1 of this year. A rocky stock market, worsenin...
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David Byrne Curates a Playlist of Great Protest Songs Written Over the Past 60 Years: Stream Them Online

When you hear the words “protest song,” what do you see? Is it a folkie like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez delivering songs about injustice? Is it an earnest young thing with a guitar? Is it trapped in 1960s amber, while time has moved on to more ambiguity, more nihilism, more solipsism? British writers--and may we add amateur folksingers--Jonathan Luxmoore and Christine Ellis made this lament over two years ago in the pages of The Guardian, in an opinion piece entitled, “Not talkin' bout a revolution...
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Hear Johnny Marr Reunite With The The’s Matt Johnson To Cover “Summer In The City”

During his post-Smiths years, Johnny Marr played with Matt Johnson in the The. The two reuinted last year to record "We Can't Stop What's Coming" for Record Store Day. Today, they return with a cover of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City.” Stereogum's very own Tom Breihan gave the song a solid More »
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Detroit Symphony’s Woes Seem To Be Over: Budget Is Balanced, Ticket Sales Steady

Continuing its recovery from the crises of a few years ago, the DSO announced its sixth balanced budget in a row. Box office revenue rose by 1%, the popular neighborhood concerts were renewed for five more years, and the “Live from Orchestra Hall” webcasts were seen by 400,000 people. — Detroit News
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The Meaning Of 2019, According To A Numerologist

We're barreling ever closer toward 2019 whether we like it or not — and for every person who views the new year as a totally clean (and therefore blank) slate, there's another who'd rather know ahead of time what the next 12 months may hold in store. For the sake of the latter group, we're taking a look at the year 2019 from a numerological perspective.If you aren't already familiar with numerology, it's simply the study of the spiritual significance of numbers. A numerologist may glean meaning...
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Album Stream: Kid Ink ‘Missed Calls’

Kid Ink has been teasing fans with news that a new project was on the way. The L.A. rapper thanks his loyal and patient fan base by delivering his new album, Missed Calls. Records like the previously released “No Budget” and “Big Deal” make up the seven-track LP. Lil’ Wayne, Rich the Kid, Saweetie and Valee all make guest appearances on Missed Calls, out now. Stream it in full below. Continue after the jump…. Previously: Kid Ink Feat. Rich the Kid – “No Budget” Kid Ink – “Big Deal...
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Taxpayers Spent $58,000 On Security For Ivanka Trump's Caribbean Getaway

It's always a good time to jet set to the Caribbean for a weekend getaway. Give us the beach, the sound of the ocean, and a few tropical adult drinks. And you know who agrees with us? First daughter and White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump. But as with every trip the Trump kids take, this one wasn't without cost to U.S. taxpayers. Quartz reports Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner's weekend getaway to a luxury resort in the Dominican Republican this past August came at a price tag of around...
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I Tried Out A Concierge Medical Practice For A Month — This Is What Happened

I’m one of those people who is seemingly always sick. I’ve tried everything: I upped my intake of vitamin C, I use hand sanitizer like it’s a religion, I get my flu shot every year. But no matter what I try, I can’t help it. I live in New York City, where just one subway ride pretty much guarantees you’re catching something. And it’s not just that: My office is an open concept (which means my team can brainstorm freely — and pass colds from person to person freely), my schedule offers very litt...
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Our “Algorithmic Music Culture” Is Making Music Poorer

On the consumer side, streaming and social-media platforms have transformed the nature of music discovery, which was previously more proactive by necessity—requiring manual effort to open up a newspaper, dig through crates at a record store, or attend a live show. Nowadays, “discovery” can be as easy and passive as scrolling mindlessly through a personalized feed or shuffling an algorithmically -curated playlist in the background of a holiday party, without help from a critic or other human gui...
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Music Metadata: Why You Need To Get It Right

Metadata (aka data about data) has become a huge part of achieving musical success in the digital age. So huge, in fact, that to ignore it, or to have incorrect metadata, can ruin your chances of keeping your head above water in the streaming era. By Chris Robley of CD Baby from the DIY Musician blog. What is music metadata? Metadata is “data about data” — information about information. In the digital music world, it’s the data that accompanies your songs and albums. Today ther...
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AM BRIEF: Apple Music Closes Connect • YouTube Spam Purge • Taylor Swift Facial ID's Fans • More

FRIDAY 12.14. 18 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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GFOTY – “Boy Next Door”

The dark horse contender for the best PC Music affiliate is back: GFOTY has just released a new track called "Boy Next Door." It's been a while since we've heard from her. Last year, PC Music released a GFOTY compilation that included a new track but was mostly made up of previously released … More »
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Nancy Wilson: 1937-2018

Nancy Wilson, a sassy and sultry jazz-pop singer with extraordinary vocal and visual performing talents who emerged in 1959 just as the pop charts were starting to be dominated by soft Brazilian voices, vocal harmonies by beach bands, British invaders and back-beat soul from Detroit and Memphis, died yesterday. She was 81. Nancy was first and foremost a superb story-singer who let songs run through her and whose face and voice perfectly expressed the elation or pained determination detailed in...
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Alison Wenham Steps Down As CEO of WIN

Alison Wenham is stepping down as the CEO of The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) after 12 years with the global independent music industry trade group. Prior to joining WIN full time in 2016, Wenham was the CEO of the UK's Association of Independent Music (AIM), the organisation she started in 1999. WIN was also set up under her leadership, initially as an informal global network in 2006 in response to global threats and opportunities. The annual WINTEL Report, now in its third year, ...
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Jaki Byard: Anything for Jazz

Back in the early 1980s, I'd head down to Barry Harris's Jazz Cultural Theater on New York's Eighth Avenue in the 20s to hear Jaki Byard & the Apollo Stompers. As I recall, you never knew who you'd see in the band. There often were guys in the trumpet section who played Broadway shows. But the biggest surprise of all was hearing Byard play the piano. There was a lot of abstraction in his attack, but there always was a traditional jazz core. Byard was an exceptional technician, a rambunctiously ...
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Last-Minute Food Gifts That Cost $20 Or Less

If you recently found yourself wondering, h ow the hell we are halfway into December?! — we can relate. Other than a working title for our annual holiday disaster drama, it's also the panic inducing feeling we get as we glance at our Google calendars, prompted by a co-worker's cheery question, "Have you finished all your holiday shopping?" No Susan, no we haven't. Turning into a last-minute shopper isn't our first choice, but the idea of blowing our budgets at the beginning of the month isn't a...
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T-Series Poised To Reshape Global Culture As Biggest YouTube Channel Ever [Mark Mulligan]

T-Series, the biggest global music label and and movies studio that you've likely never heard of, is within weeks of surpassing PewDiePie as the world's biggest YouTube Channel with more than 75 million subscribers. It's also the company that Spotify just cut a deal with as its preps entry into India. By Mark Mulligan of MIDiA and the Music Industry blog Some time over the next month or so a YouTube landmark will be passed: T-Series will pass PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube cha...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Japan, UK, Youtube, Mexico, China, India, US, Thailand, Brazil, Saavn, Bric, Pewdiepie, Bruce Houghton, YouTube Channel

4 Tips For Ensuring Your Live Music VIP Experience A Smash Hit

VIP experiences are on the rise in the music industry, giving cash-laden fans premium access and a variety of perks, and while organizers and attendees both seem to win out on the face of it, getting VIP ticketing right is easier said than done. Here we look at four tips for ensuring both customers and venues come out on top. ___________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua for Eventbrite One of the fastest growing trends in the live music business, particularly within music f...
Tags: Music, Marketing, San Francisco, Guest Post, Live Music, Music Business, Live & Touring, Concerts, D.I.Y, Chris Zaldua

Tunefind Names Top TV, Film Syncs Of 2018

Tunefind has released its statistically driven Top TV and Film Sync lists of 2018 and for the second year in a row ABC's  Grey's Anatomy is televisions most influential show when it comes to music. Ruelle tops the artist sync ranking. Tunefind produces the monthly  Top TV Songs list which ranks songs that appear in TV shows using stats from Tunefind, Shazam and Nielsen Music. Top TV Songs of 2018 1. The Seige, "Arise" (Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, S1E4) 2. Nilu, "Are You with Me" (Grey's...
Tags: Music, Anatomy, Abc, Peaky Blinders, Supernatural, Deadpool, Graham Coxon, Yellowstone, Ibiza, David Holmes, Grey, Lucifer, Music Business, Indie Labels, Alexandre Desplat, Alan Silvestri

Amber Grimes Exits Spotify For Major Role At Capital Records

Amber Grimes is leaving Spotify for the newly created role of SVP,  Global Creative at Capital Music Group. Gimes had been the  senior manager of urban independent at Spotify, and  her move is the latest of many significant exits from the streamer over the last year. Grimes portfolio includes formulating and executing CMG’s global streaming strategy and leading the company’s Innovation Team and Ten3 content creation department.  She will report to Chairman & CEO Steve Barnett. Commenti...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Streaming, Grimes, Barnett, Music Business, Major Labels, Bruce Houghton, CMG, Steve Barnett, Capital Records, SVP Global Creative at Capital Music Group Gimes

Hailey Baldwin Just Chopped Her Hair Into A Chin-Length Bob

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... haircuts? That's at least the case with Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, the celebrity couple with the murky wedding timeline who have both now debuted shorter hair in the past few weeks.On Wednesday evening, Baldwin, who made her marriage to Bieber Instagram official last month by changing her name to "Hailey Bieber," showed off a chin-length bob courtesy of stylist Melissa Parizot. She uploaded a photo of the cut to her Instagram Stories w...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman, Hailey Baldwin, Bieber, Baldwin, Instagram Stories, Hailey Bieber, Chin Length Bob, Bieber Instagram, Melissa Parizot

Markus Zusak's 'Bridge of Clay' Respects a Young Person's Desire for Agency

None Bridge of Clay is the highly anticipated novel by celebrated Australian author Markus Zusak. After receiving global acclaim for 2006's The Book Thief, Zusak became an international bestselling author for young adult literature. Readers have waited 13 years for Bridge of Clay, finally released in the United States this October. The novel is a sprawling family saga depicting the lives of the five Dunbar brothers, living alone after their mother's death and their father's abandonment. Markete...
Tags: Music, Review, Fiction, Book Review, United States, Ya, Matthew, Michael, Clay, Penelope, Rory, Michelangelo, Dunbar, Mathew, Telemachus, Markus Zusak

Soul Serenade: Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, “If You Don’t Know Me by Now”

Alright, I admit it. There’s more Philly Soul covered in this column than music from any other soul capitol. There are a few reasons for that, the primary one being that when I was a kid in Atlantic City it was the music that the Philadelphia kids brought with them to the Jersey shore that made me love soul music in the first place. To this day, across all the years, it remains my favorite music. So this week I’m back with a Philly Soul record that was not only a huge hit but also represents all...
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