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How Can A Full Orchestra Place Itself Onstage Safely While COVID’s Still Here? Tokyo Scientists And Musicians Have Been Figuring That Out

Conductor Kazushi Ono and the players of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra spent two days at the Bunka Kaikan concert hall in mid-June with researchers from a university and medical school in the Japanese capital. They experimented with various seating schemes, measuring aerosol spray from the musicians’ faces and working out how to balance hearing each other with keeping each other safe. Ono writes about the results. – Maestro Arts
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Bands Whose Names Refer To Slavery Are Changing Their Names, And Sometimes More

The band names are a symbol – just a symbol, perhaps, but a strong one. However: “The question is not, “‘hould bands whose names have ties to slavery change them?’ The question is: Are we committed to looking our awful history in the eyes, admitting that it led us to a place in which Black people in America are still systematically mistreated, and doing everything we can to fix that?” – Vice
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Why Does Some Music Have Therapeutic Effects?

And can brainwaves explain it? There’s a place at “the frontiers of biotechnology and experimental music” trying to figure it all out. – Aeon
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Who Gets Fame, And Who Gets Remembered, As Being Part Of Dance Music?

Aluna Francis: “We not only need to give credit to the artists that created the genre, we also need to establish a long-term plan to secure a healthy future for dance music that is culturally and racially inclusive.” – Pitchfork
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Conductors On Hold

There’s truly no way to perform the craft of being an orchestra conductor right now. So they, like most of us, are doing other things: “For conductors with steady work before the pandemic — globe-trotting and rarely home — the aftermath of cancellations has amounted to a surprise sabbatical. They have learned new languages, picked up old instruments, and composed. And they have begun to reimagine performances for the coming year.” – The New York Times
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