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Spotify to launch Spotify Audience Network, an audio ad marketplace

Spotify provided more details today about how it plans to monetize its investments in podcasts. The company said it’s launching a new audio advertising marketplace, the Spotify Audience Network, which will allow advertisers to reach listeners across Spotify’s own Originals and Exclusives, as well as podcasts via Megaphone and creation tool Anchor, and its ad-supported music, all in one place. The company also said it plans to offer podcasts on its self-serve ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio, start...
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October linkfest

Cleo Levin wrote for Slate about “ridiculously surreal” made-for-Amazon brand names: “Here were a series of names that were not only unknown to me, but also quite perplexing: Artfish, Wishpig, Sweatyrocks, Demonlick, and Pukemark.”  * Ben Zimmer wrote for Beyond Wordplay about Washington’s new Planet Word Museum, which opened via virtual ribbon-cutting—with President Obama as a surprise guest—on October 22. * Have you ever wished there was a word for “words that elicit amusement due t...
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Syn Presents New Collection Of Multi-Genre Music Collection Made In Japan

Made In Japan is a new collection of music produced and recorded by Syn and available for commercial licensing to clients in advertising, film, TV and other media. The process and journey of sourcing, curating and recording this collection of over 50 tracks took over two years, and the collection represents a diverse and eclectic expression of Japanese music and musicians using traditional instruments with more electronic hybrid scores. Recorded and mixed at Syn Studios Tokyo using som...
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Spotify users are streaming again, but ad revenues still suffer due to COVID crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic’s continued impact on Spotify’s business was apparent in the results of the company’s Q2 2020 earnings today. On some fronts, Spotify had good news. As more users turned to streaming services to keep themselves entertained while social distancing, Spotify grew its active monthly users by 29% to reach 299 million in the quarter. Its paid subscriber growth also topped Wall St. expectations with 138 million paid users, versus estimates of 136.4 million. However, the pandemi...
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Pandora launches interactive voice ads into beta testing

Pandora is launching interactive voice ads into wider public testing, the company announced this morning. The music streaming service first introduced the new advertising format, where users verbally respond to advertiser prompts, back in December with help from a small set of early adopters, including Doritos, Ashley HomeStores, Unilever, Wendy’s, Turner Broadcasting, Comcast and Nestlé. The ads begin by explaining to listeners what they are and how they work. They then play a short and simple ...
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Why wouldn't the Trump campaign get the rights to use the music before putting up the ad?

I don't know why I'm able to see it here, so watch quickly before this one goes down too.The Trump tweet showing us the ad switched to an announcement that it had been disabled because of a copyright claim, and and later the Trump tweet was deleted.Anyway, here's a Yahoo article explaining what happened. It wasn't an ad made by the Trump campaign but a fan-made ad that Trump just retweeted. People just use things and don't attend to the legal niceties. The campaign would, I assume, clear the rig...
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Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Has Ford Humming a Sad Tune

Did Ford rip off someone else’s playlist? The answer to this question will emerge from a courtroom, now that the owner of a vast digital music catalog has filed a lawsuit against the automaker. The copyright infringement suit, filed late last week, accuses Ford of improperly using 54 songs in its marketing materials over the […] The post Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Has Ford Humming a Sad Tune appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Let's talk about Joe Biden's new "Why are you so obsessed with me, Mr. President?" ad.

Why are you so obsessed with me, Mr. President? — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 14, 2020 Some random thoughts:1. Who is that music supposed to be for? Does it cheer some people up? Make them feel "pumped"? To me, it's so aggressive that I could barely pay attention to the voiceover, and it just seems ludicrously bad, like somebody without musical talent was trying to recreate the MTV theme from the 80s:2. With my mental space occupied 85% by how irritating the music ...
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Spotify launch targeted adverts in podcasts

Spotify have expanded their platform for brands and are placing adverts in their vast catalogue of podcasts available to stream. Since expanding their platform from solely music to include podcasts for streaming, Spotify have seen podcasts take off. With their now expansive list of podcasts available to stream and millions of listeners tuning in to episodes every week they are opening them up to advertisers. Spotify have announced ‘Spotify Podcast Ads’, allowing brands and companies to ...
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5 Music Blogs That Are Rocking It And How To Get Your Own Band Font

Blogging is extremely important for any content marketing strategy as statistics reveal that 61% of the US consumers have made a purchase after reading a blog post. This happens for all blog topics: toys, mobile phones, computers, cars, equipment, content related to the music industry, and even for houses and land plots. People have a strong tendency to listen to others, always have that in mind when reading something or when you decide to buy something. There will be 2 sections of this...
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Famous Music Hits Turned Into Vintage Ad Posters

David Redon wanted to take music hits and treat them like they were vintage ads, that the artist was the product and the title was the baseline. We can highlight the fact that David Redon adapted wonderfully every visual code of the first printed ads. More: Instagram... Source
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Spotify tests voice-enabled ads for those who prefer talking to tapping

What do you do when you hear an ad on the radio or Spotify? Odds are, not much at all. But that may soon change soon; Spotify is testing audio ads that you can respond to with your voice. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Podcasting ad-revenue is predicted to double in 3 years

Podcasting is experiencing a second boom as it proliferates online and it’s only going to get bigger and more valuable. In case you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past few years, podcasts are the new media taking the world by storm. As music streaming continues to explode with popularity worldwide, more and more are adding podcasts to sweeten the deal and it’s making people fall in love with the platform. With services like Spotify betting big on podcasts for the future, it’s becomi...
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Music in Moab.

We're home now, but we drove into Moab, Utah last Wednesday, had a nice dinner at La Sal House, noticed a poster advertising free bluegrass music later that evening, went for a walk, and just happened upon the music venue, Moab Backyard Theater... ... as the show was about to begin. So we went in and took a chance... Great! The band was Quicksand Soup. Here's how they looked and sounded on the same stage a few days before we heard them. They didn't do "Rock of Ages" the day we were there. My f...
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Find out who’s clicking on your Spotify ads

Spotify want advertisers to know how people are reacting to their ads with additions to their Ad Studio. In 2017 Spotify launched the , a platform for advertisers to target fans using Spotify’s data on tastes to find fans of similar artists to advertise to. For a minimum of $250 advertisers can acquire a 30 second audio ad. Spotify have added new streaming conversion metrics to allow artists and labels to track how listeners respond when they’re presented with their ads. It shows how ...
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Spotify’s new ad metrics show what listeners do after they click

Spotify is launching new analytics tools to help artists and their teams better understand how well their ads are working. The company today says it’s rolling out new streaming conversion metrics that will show how Spotify listeners reacted to a particular ad campaign — whether they clicked through to listen, saved the music or added it to a playlist, for example. The new tools also can detail whether the campaign did better with existing fans who have been streaming the music already, or if an ...
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Pandora want you to talk to adverts with your voice

Pandora are going to start testing interactive voice ads on their music streaming service later this year. The future of advertising could see us having a conversation with AIs like Siri as we find out more about products. With the prevalence of smart speakers in homes and assistants on our phones people are finding talking to a machine less threatening all the time, it was only a matter of time before these features were used for marketing. Pandora are looking to start introducing inte...
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Pandora to test interactive voice ads later this year

Radio ads broadcast a message to listeners, but Pandora’s new voice ads will allow listeners to respond by speaking aloud – either to get more information about the product being advertised, or to skip the ad if it’s not of interest. The company confirmed it has an agreement to test interactive voice ads where listeners engage by speaking back to the ad. The test will be powered by the San Francisco-based ad tech company, Instreamatic, and will launch into beta sometime later this year. Unlike w...
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just to say a big thank you!

for although taking a massive digital brake for almost 10 months, you guys were kind enough to include me in your list of The 20 Best Advertising Blogs Most Recommended By Online Advertising Pros!... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Wiz Khalifa’s Oreo Commercial With His Son Bash is the Cutest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Oreo for a new commercial starring himself and his adorable son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz aka Bash.The 50-second commercial, which first aired during Super Bowl 53 and also got significant airtime during the 2019 Grammy Awards this past Sunday, starts out with Wiz busy on the phone as Bash mocks him to get attention.Soon, the father and son pair go straight into full-on play mode as they’re seen playing with a skateboard, dancing, horse-playing, and, of course, eating Or...
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Super Bowl half-time show: Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi – live!

Maroon 5 to perform alongside a slew of special guestsBig new trailers for Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4 expectedFollow the latest score and action here 1.14am GMT Okay so I was wrong about that chronology as Travis Scott, introduced by Spongebob, has landed, I imagine for the first time ever on CBS. It’s a nice change of tone and it’s interesting hearing CBS try to deal with his swearing. 1.10am GMT There’s a lot of fire as well as Levine in a tracksuit top which is obviously a conc...
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On the Air: Jazz and Beer

Before beer became the beverage of televised college and professional sports in the U.S., it was most often linked with jazz. For TV and radio advertisers in the 1950s, '60s and the '70s, jazz meant good times, letting go and dancing. Perfect for a few cold ones. After my post yesterday on the late Urbie Green and my inclusion of a Schaefer beer ad Green appeared in, Sid Gribetz sent along a few more jazzy beer ads. I added a bunch, and below are the 11 results of our email exchange...    Here'...
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Austin’s Media Tech Incubator Readies for First Group of Startups

Austin—An incubator for startups that are developing a media product is in its final week of accepting applications.Called Collective, the incubator is focused on startups that are working on innovating the media space, which includes augmented and virtual reality, publishing, news, public relations, video games, music, sound, film, marketing, advertising, radio, and podcasting, the group says. The incubator is a part of the Austin Community Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropy organization, an...
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Spotify want brands to sponsor your Discover Weekly

Everyone’s favourite personalised playlist on Spotify will start featuring personalised adverts with brand sponsorships. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has become one of the most beloved playlists on the music streaming service renowned for offering up an incredible selection of curated and regularly updated playlists. Discover Weekly tailors it’s weekly selection to each listeners tastes based on what they listen to and have saved and has been lauded for it’s incredible ability to present people...
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Spotify will now let brands sponsor its Discover Weekly playlist

Spotify has begun testing a new type of ad in Discover Weekly, its personalized playlist of music that’s the streaming service’s flagship feature. The company says that, for the first time, it will allow a brand to “sponsor” this playlist as opposed to just running ads. It believes many advertisers will be interested in this opportunity due to the playlist’s ability to reach heavily engaged Spotify users, and because it allows advertisers to “own the personalized listening experience” on Spotify...
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Snapchat Still Can’t Figure Out How to Make Money

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media’s youngest sibling is having problems turning a profit. According to the Motley Fool (via IB Times), Snap, Inc. is quickly transitioning itself as a direct sales business into a self-serve platform to sell ads to its flagship app Snapchat. In other words, this is Snap, Inc’s last-ditch effort to prove to the big boys that they can generate revenue. TMF reports: The self-serve approach enables Snap to reach a much broader audience of marketers....
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YouTube are testing back-to-back ads on videos

There’s nothing worse than being engrossed in a YouTube video and it’s interrupted by a mid-video advert. So YouTube are testing out ‘ad pods’ to get multiple ads out of the way in one block. YouTube have began testing playing two consecutive adverts before videos instead of splitting them out across the video. Creating a more uninterrupted experience would definitely enhance YouTube’s giant video platform with adverts popping up in the middle of longer videos often randomly placed and there...
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Apple look to invest in iHeartMedia for Apple Music promo

Apple are looking to put money into iHeartMedia so that they can get broadcast radio promotion for Apple Music and Beats 1. Apple apparently consider themselves an under-recognised brand as a new report claims that they are looking for promotion. According to a report by the Financial Times Apple are looking at investing iHeartMedia in a potential marketing partnership that would see the company’s broadcast radios promoting Apple’s streaming service Apple Music and their online radio station...
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