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SEGA branch from games to investing in emerging artists and music discovery

SEGA Group are putting money into music discovery as they expand beyond their rich history in gaming. Flutin have announced an investment partnership with SEGA to expand it’s music discovery service globally. The India-based startup uses Artificial intelligence to break new and emerging artists by finding their most suited audiences and helping to promote them to those people. Flutin can create music based on moods and emotions using AI to prioritise newer artists in their curated recom...
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AI writes song lyrics at least as well as humans can

These Lyrics Do Not Exist differs from similar projects involving human faces, cats, etc., in that the AI-created results are no more uncanny than the real thing. You give it a topic, and select a mood – very sad, sad, neutral, happy, very happy – and a genre – country, metal, rock, pop, rap, EDM – and tell it to get cracking. Here is the chart-busting hit, "Boing Boing", exactly as generated by the AI: Verse 1 You came along you showed me My many seasons of different Boing, autumn, winter, boin...
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This new Travis Scott track is actually completely artificial intelligence (video)

You wouldn’t be alone if you heard this and thought that Travis Scott has a new song out but he hasn’t actually been anywhere near this track. We’ve talked about artificial intelligence and music creation a bit on the blog before. We’re all seeing the leaps in capabilities that AI technology can do on the internet and making music is possibly one of the more underwhelming parts of that. Well perhaps not anymore, as this digital company have just created a pitch perfect sounding Travis S...
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Watch Billie Eilish interviewed by an A.I.

Creative technologist Nicole He modified OpenAI's GPT-2 language model to generate questions for happy mutant pop star Billie Eilish and also write Eilish-esque lyrics. Vogue Magazine published Eilish's answers to the AI's wonderfully odd questions like: "Who consumed so much of your power in one go?" and "Have you ever seen the ending?" "What I really loved hearing Billie say was that human interviewers often ask the same questions over and over," He tweeted, "and she appreciated that the ...
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Deep learning A.I. can imitate the distortion effects of iconic guitar gods

Listeners were fooled into thinking it was the genuine article
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AI upscaling makes this Lumiere Bros film look new – and you can use the same technique

A.I.! Good gawd y’all – what is it good for? Absolutely … upscaling, actually. Some of machine learning’s powers may prove to be simple but transformative. And in fact, this “enhance” feature we always imagined from sci-fi becomes real. Just watch as a pioneering Lumiere Brothers film is transformed so it seems like something shot with money from the Polish government and screened at a big arty film festival, not 1896. It’s spooky. It’s the work of Denis Shiryaev. (If you speak...
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New AI can identify you by your dancing “fingerprint”

The way we dance to music is so signature to an individual that a computer can now identify us by our unique dancing "fingerprint" with over 90 percent accuracy. The AI had a harder time identifying dancers who were trying to dance to metal and jazz music. Researchers say they are interested in what the results of this study reveal about human response to music, rather than potential surveillance uses. None When music comes on, some people are toe-tappers or head-bobbers, others sway their h...
Tags: Music, Dance, Innovation, Finland, Jazz, Algorithm, Ai, University of Jyväskylä, Carlson, Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research, Pasi Saari, Emily Carlson

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Ginormous diamonds, living robots made from frog stem cells, and more from around the web Preserving the Scents of Everyday Life Researchers at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are working double-time to identify and catalog scents that exist all around us—from the smell of an old book, to a pub at a particular time of night, and worn-in leather. Many of these are disappearing …
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KKBOX will predict the next big hits using Microsoft’s AI tech

KKBox’s partnership with Microsoft is going to give the Taiwanese music streaming service some interesting new, AI-based features. Last month Microsoft Taiwan and KKBOX Group, one of Asia’s biggest tech companies, jointly announced a global strategic partnership together. The deal isn’t simply cloud migration of KKBOX’s music streaming services over to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as some thought. Their press release reveals that Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technology will ...
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The first smart speaker shower is coming

We’ve finally come to the point in technology where we will be showering under internet connected speakers and now we need to ask do we really want this? As we continue to pad our homes out with more and more Smart technology. Kitchens are getting ‘Smart’ with AI-powered fridges, Wi-Fi connected washing machines, smartphone operated ovens to name but a few of the sci-fi appliances now part of our reality. Kohler had some of the most surprising announcements at this year’s CES show. The...
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A.I. musicians are a growing trend. What does that mean for the music industry?

The most prolific musical artists release one or two albums in a year. A.I. startup Auxuman plans to put out a new album every single month. Welcome to the world of machine creativity.
Tags: Music, Trends, Creativity, Ai, Emerging Tech, Generative Music

Bose speakers are getting smarter with Google Assistant

More and more speakers are getting voice control AI as music tech gets interactive and Bose are the latest to get in on the trend. Google and Bose have announced that they are joining forces to bring voice-control power to more home speakers. Starting this week Bose are bringing Google Assistant to their line of smart speakers and soundbars to make them smarter and more interactive. Bose speakers getting the voice-controlled artificial intelligence will be able to tell it to play music,...
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Sister City’s AI-Generated Lobby Score

Recorded by Julianna Barwick, an ambient wave of music is determined by the mood of the city Sister City, a new outpost from the people behind the Ace Hotel properties, feels like a secret, futuristic escape. Guests check themselves in at kiosks just inside the lobby doors, which exist beyond a stone patio and a doorman-equipped gate (with an even more private back entrance on …
Tags: Music, New York, Design, NYC, Hotels, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Accommodation, Ace Hotel, Ai, Julianna Barwick, Sister City, Last Light, Rooftop Bars

A Chat With Holly Herndon About Making Music With AI, Artistic Necrophilia, and Embracing the Inhuman

Holly Herndon is mother to an AI baby. Its name is Spawn and for the past few years Herndon has been training its machine-learning program on her vocals, letting it mutate and create its own noises, not unlike a gurgling toddler just developing its voice.Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Holly Herndon, HERNDON

Remember ACID? It’s back – and ready to split stems for you automatically

It may seem like there’s not much left for music making software to do that it doesn’t do already. But how about magically extracting stems from audio? The first software to do that is one you might not have thought about for a while: ACID Pro. Back in 1998 when it came out, ACID – aka Acid pH1 – was ground-breaking. Drag and drop loops, make a song: more than any other single software release, this was what would change computer music making. Sure, Propellerhead had already established a few ...
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Facebook are working on their own voice-powered AI

It was only a matter of time before Facebook joined the trend with their own artificial intelligence voice assistant. Facebook want to start talking back to their 2.3 billion users around the world by developing their own virtual assistant. Mark Zuckerberg has been interested in AI for a while, pledging to build on the ‘Jarvis’ AI back in 2016. Now he’s looking to take on Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri directly with the development of Facebook’s own voice-controlled AI. Reported first ...
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Now ‘AI’ takes on writing death metal, country music hits, more

Machine learning is synthesizing death metal. It might make your death metal radio DJ nervous – but it could also mean music software works with timbre and time in new ways. That news – plus some comical abuse of neural networks for writing genre-specific lyrics in genres like country – next. Okay, first, whether this makes you urgently want to hear machine learning death metal or it drives you into a rage, either way you’ll want the death metal stream. And yes, it’s a totally live stream – yo...
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Amazon are making their own version of Apple’s AirPods

Amazon are creating their first Alexa wearable which looks to take Apple’s controversial yet popular AirPods head on. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Amazon are producing wireless earbuds as the first in a new range of Alexa products. According to “people with knowledge of the plans, the headphones will look and act similar to AirPods and come with built-in Alexa functionality. Amazon’s earbuds sit inside the ears rather than clipping on, a design that made AirPods unique but ...
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Exploring machine learning for music, live: Gamma_LAB AI

AI in music is as big a buzzword as in other fields. So now’s the time to put it to the test – to reconnect to history, human practice, and context, and see what holds up. That’s the goal of the Gamma_LAB AI in St. Petersburg next month. An open call is running now. Machine learning for AI has trended so fast that there are disconnects between genres and specializations. Mathematicians or coders may get going on ideas without checking whether they work with musicians or composers or musicologi...
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Pandora want you to talk to adverts with your voice

Pandora are going to start testing interactive voice ads on their music streaming service later this year. The future of advertising could see us having a conversation with AIs like Siri as we find out more about products. With the prevalence of smart speakers in homes and assistants on our phones people are finding talking to a machine less threatening all the time, it was only a matter of time before these features were used for marketing. Pandora are looking to start introducing inte...
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Make music with Bach from Google search

To celebrate the classical genius of Johann Sebastian Bach on what would have been his birthday, Google’s homepage wants to make sweet, sweet music with you. Google’s home page is no stranger to fun and creative projects that you get interacting with the person or thing of interest for that date. Today marks 434 years since German baroque composer, Johann Sebastian Bach was born and Google are creating music with people around the world to celebrate. Clicking on the Google Doodle of Bac...
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Magenta Studio lets you use AI tools for inspiration in Ableton Live

Instead of just accepting all this machine learning hype, why not put it to the test? Magenta Studio lets you experiment with open source machine learning tools, standalone or inside Ableton Live. Magneta provides a pretty graspable way to get started with an field of research that can get a bit murky. By giving you easy access to machine learning models for musical patterns, you can generate and modify rhythms and melodies. The team at Google AI first showed Magneta Studio at Ableton’s Loop c...
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TED Announces 2019 Fellows

Inventive, creative and inspirational people chosen for this year's program Celebrating its 10th class, the 2019 TED Fellows program welcomes a fleet of artists, inventors and entrepreneurs from a dozen countries and four continents. The honorees work across several industries and mediums, ranging from documentary photography and investigative journalism to urban astrophysics and space environmentalism—they come in to the program with work in progress and unanswered …
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Music, Design, Ted, Culture, Musicians, Ai, Performance, TED Fellows, TED 2019

You can tell Pandora what to play with your voice now

Pandora, play music for my workout. Pandora, play more music like this song. Pandora, thanks for letting me use my voice to tell you what I want. Tell Pandora what you want it to play and now it will play it with a new Voice Mode making music streaming simpler than ever on their mobile app. Their smart assistant works like many of the voice controlled AI’s we’ve become accustomed to in recent years like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa but entirely based around controlling your music streamin...
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An AI in every home: 23% of the US now owns Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are in more and more homes every month with almost double the amount of Smart Speakers in US homes at the end of 2018 compared to the end of 2017. NPR and Edison Research have released their ‘Smart Audio Report’ looking back at the Smart Speaker industry in 2018. It’s easy to tell from the ever-growing number of companies revealing their entry into the Smart Speaker market that they are on a massive trend and 2018 saw more people than ever picking up an internet-activated, art...
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Make your favourite songs last forever with The Infinite Jukebox

How many times have you been grooving along to a track you love and it ends far too soon? Your wish for your favourite tracks to last longer comes true with incredible, and slightly mind-boggling, Infinite Jukebox. The Infinite Jukebox solves the age-old problem of the greatest songs also being the shortest songs – at least that’s how it feels because you never want them to end. It uses The Echo Nest to decompose tracks into individual beats which it analyses and matches to other similar sou...
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Spotify want brands to sponsor your Discover Weekly

Everyone’s favourite personalised playlist on Spotify will start featuring personalised adverts with brand sponsorships. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has become one of the most beloved playlists on the music streaming service renowned for offering up an incredible selection of curated and regularly updated playlists. Discover Weekly tailors it’s weekly selection to each listeners tastes based on what they listen to and have saved and has been lauded for it’s incredible ability to present people...
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Explains to Congress Why Googling “Idiot” Shows Donald Trump

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently put in the awkward position of explaining to Congress why photos of Donald Trump were being presented when people searched for the word “idiot” on Google’s world famous search engine. On Tuesday, December 11th, 2018, refuting Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s (Democrat-California) tongue-in-cheek suggestion that “a little man sitting behind a curtain” was manipulating Google’s SERPS, or “Search Engine Result Pages,” Sundar Pichai said that Google doesn’t “manually interven...
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Skullcandy’s earbuds go wireless for the first time

Infamous headphone makers Skullcandy are finally ready to catch up with their competitors with the reveal of their very first truly wireless music offering – look out Apple AirPods. Skullcandy have carved out a notorious name in the low-to-mid range earphone and headphone market as a brand that people trust for quality that won’t dent your funds. The company has been producing headphones since 2003 and have now just announced that they’ll be launching their very first wireless earbuds. The com...
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Jlin, Holly Herndon, and ‘Spawn’ find beauty in AI’s flaws

Musicians don’t just endure technology when it breaks. They embrace the broken. So it’s fitting that Holly Herndon’s team have produced a demonic spawn of machine learning algorithms – and that the results are wonderful. The new music video for the Holly Herndon + Jlin collaboration have been making the rounds online, so you may have seen it already: n But let’s talk about what’s going on here. Holly is continuing a long-running collaboration with producer Jlin, here joined by technologist ...
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