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Counterbalance No. 3: Nirvana's 'Nevermind'

Klinger: So why is Nevermind number three on this scientifically-verified list of the Greatest Albums of All-Time? In the end, I think it comes down to three factors: 1. The cultural shift that the album represents, as detailed above. Sure, Nevermind made the world safe for countless wallet-chained flannel enthusiasts, but it also changed the culture. Not many albums can say that. 2. Critics do want to sound relevant, and Nirvana gave them an album that was the right mix of noise and hoo...
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Ben Watt Turns Middle-aged Angst Into Gold on 'Storm Damage'

Storm Damage is an album by a man in his late 50s, musing on his life, lost love, changing surroundings, and mortality. By some incredible sleight of hand, he's managed to make that unpalatable dish, delicious. On the credits amongst his numerous musical contributions, is the word "Alchemy". I believe it. He's turned his mid-life crisis into gold, and combine that with the clairvoyance, Mr. Watt has a couple of lucrative alternative careers if his muse ever departs him. On the strength of this...
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Plugging Into the Third Mind

The Third Mind closes with a tribute to Roky Erickson and the 13th Story Elevators' dark classic "Reverberation". This cover feels like the most straightforward track on the album, coming across like a particularly sprightly (and Edgy) U2 tune with a dash of hair metal thrown in the mix. On paper that might sound horrific but scraping away a bit of the original's psychedelia reveals "Reverberation" to be a terrific rock tune, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's the cool thing about The...
Tags: Music, Rock, Music Review, Yep Roc Records, Alternative Rock, Roky Erickson, Dave Alvin, Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock, Experimental rock, The third mind

Needshes Perfectly Capture Teenage Obsession on "Love"(premiere)

"First came a beat and a guitar riff. During the grueling work session on the special project, I wanted to relax, do something else to take my mind off of it. And then, after a while, when I was going through the demos, I came across this bit. The main melody has come. And it worked really well with the beat and the riff. Initially, it was just a balalaika sound. Then with various layers and other instruments, it acquired a more multi-timbral unique sounding. And then lyrics with melody popped...
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Nada Surf Get Philosophical on 'Never Not Together'

The insistent "Ride in the Unknown" finishes out the album with an upbeat, high-energy feel. The driving beat and bass from Elliot and Lorca push the song along, and subtle saxophone and keys fill out the sound. Caws again has a strong melody and vocals here. And again, he's talking about empathy, in this case being there for one another no matter the situation. That lyrical focus on moving forward, supporting one another, and having empathy could easily have turned cloying throughout a whole...
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Beck + Pharrell = Mushy Synth Songs? Huh.

"Dark Places", on the other hand, uses many of the same musical elements, but with Pharrell back onboard, it's easy to see how the two men's approaches differ. Lyrically, the song is about obsessing over a broken relationship at all hours of the night and imagining better times. But Williams envisions this as a smooth '80s R&B track. So behind Beck's singing and the acoustic guitar, the synths burble and wobble, a bass walks all over the place, and the drums play the same intrusive fill agai...
Tags: Music, Beck, Star, Williams, Pharrell, Pharrell Williams, Music Review, Alternative Rock, Greg Kurstin, Art pop, Beck Pharrell

Even the Misses Sound Like Hits on Supergrass' 'The Strange Ones 1994-2008'

If, when your children ask you, "Daddy, what did you do in the Britpop war?" you can answer, "I can't remember, I was listening to Supergrass," then you are a good parent. If you need a reminder of what was surfing the zeitgeist in the post-grunge, hangover years, grab a copy of The Strange Ones 1994-2008. It's more fun than a barrel of Monkees.Keep Reading
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Drive-By Truckers Are Sadder and Angrier on 'The Unraveling'

Then there's "21st Century", which, for my money, is the most disheartening song on an already emotionally heavy album. Hood laments the state of, well, all of America, essentially. He incisively shines the light on everyday things. "All-American but Chinese-made / Folks working hard, for shrinking pay / 21st century USA." The song itself gently rolls along, but mostly the band stays low-key and out of the way to let Hood give his State of the Union address. "If Amazon can deliver salvation ...
Tags: Amazon, Music, Usa, Review, America, Americana, Music Review, Hood, Alternative Rock, Cooley, Southern Rock, ATO Records, Drive-By Truckers, Alternative country, Country rock

TORRES' 'Silver Tongue' Offers a Subtle Geography of Desire

Importantly, Silver Tongue marks Scott's first time at the production helm, and her music has benefitted from it. Propulsive percussion, woozy guitars, atmospheric pads, and warbly synths ferry the songs across styles, genres: neo-grunge, synth revival, heavy folk, bedroom pop, electro-anthem, post-rock, drone, fantasy film score. It's not all bombast, though. Check out the musical subtleties on "Two of Everything" where three elements—Scott's voice, the synth-guitar lead, and the rumbly bass—...
Tags: Music, Review, Music Review, Folk, Alternative Rock, Merge Records, Scott, Torres, Indie Rock, Indie folk

Trey Anastasio Band Bring Spirit Family Together in the City of Angels

"Plasma" provides another jazzy bluesy highlight where Cressman stretches out on an exquisite trombone solo. The band then wraps the set in grand fashion with the ever-electrifying "First Tube". A fan favorite since 1999, the instrumental jam features a galactic cowboys riding off into the sunset vibe over a monster groove that's driven higher by the horns, Baptista's bells & whistles, and Trey's fiery guitar. The light show goes into overdrive here too with a spinning disco ball and maximum...
Tags: Music, Review, Los Angeles, Rock, Jazz Fusion, City Of Angels, Alternative Rock, Trey, Trey Anastasio Band, Trey Anastasio, Jam Rock, Baptista, Progressive Rock, Cressman, Event review

Wire's 'Mind Hive' Shows the Post-Punk Band at Their Inimitable Best

Wire are, in some ways, a good measure of post-punk. In the early 2000s the wave of indie bands supposedly inhabiting the "genre" (Bloc Party, Interpol, etc.) seemed to have settled on indie rock but with production and signifiers of post-punk, whether appropriating the scratchy transistor amp sound of bands like Gang of Four or merely imitating bands like Joy Division. But post-punk is not a guitar pedal you can buy, but rather an attitude that takes punk's defiant "no" and uses it as a jumpi...
Tags: Music, Review, Rock, Music Review, Wire, Alternative Rock, Post-punk, Experimental rock, Art punk, Pink flag, Post Punk Band, Bloc Party Interpol

Baggs tore the roof off of RouteNote with their insatiable session (video)

Get the tasty sound of Baggs’ grunge powered riffs down you for an emotional, fuzzy dinner of delicious songs. Baggs have carved their own new path out of a sound that was set long along by the grunge icons of the 90s. With their brand of fuzzy riffs and vocal harmonies that pluck at your heart matter this is a session we won’t forget. Dive in deep with their amazing RouteNote Session, featuring 3 of their best tracks, and discover a new favourite sound in alternative rock. ...
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Brits in Hot Weather #18: Novacub, Johnny Kills, See Thru Hands, Brooke Bentham, Søren Lorensen

In the blink of an eye, Brits in Hot Weather has come of age. Yes, welcome to the 18th edition of the feature that brings you five songs from five superb British artists. This week we have hyperactive indie pop from Novacub, infectious alt-rock from Johnny Kills, apocalyptic disco-punk from See Thru Hands, the superbly articulate lyricism of Brooke Bentham, and the stunning debut from Soren Lorenson. Enjoy. Keep Reading
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