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Euglossine Creates a Gleaming Electronic Vista with 'Psaronius'

"Utah Teapot", named after the famous 3D graphics test model, begins with breezy flourishes before a funky beat takes over, and the song is transformed into a strange, sparse dance track. If the sudden appearance of a standard time signature is Euglossine's bid for mainstream acceptance, he does an immediate 180 with "Dryocampa Messenger Service". It's a song full of random bursts of electronic squalls, in addition to random beats that (thankfully) never quite coalesce into a song-length pulse...
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Marvelous mix of chill-out, ambient, and experimental sounds from DF Tram

My old friend and favorite DJ, DF Tram, pulls threads from from far-out jazz, psych, experimental ambient, spoken word, downtempo EDM, and avant-garde classical to create transgenre ambient mixes. A crate digger of the highest order, he has turned me on to countless artists, tracks, and albums that I'd never hear anywhere else. A collaborator with Alex Patterson, Mixmaster Morris, and Youth, DF Tram has toured with The Orb and performed at the most prestigious electronic music festivals ...
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Hear Jan Wagner’s intimate piano electronics, before they enter a planetarium dome

Maybe now is a perfect time for a moment of calm contemplation – premiering Jan Wagner’s “Kapitel 36” on the eve of a new album and a spatial planetarium premiere. Kapitel, out on March 20 on the Quiet Love Label, is “autobiographical” ambient music. These are spontaneous, personal sketches that began as piano improvisations, but have sometimes had those piano imprints removed – a kind of lost wax approach to composition, piano molds for electronic textures. “Kapitel 36” is an especi...
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Injury Reserve: Injury Reserve (Taylor Skye Remixes)

Essentially a modified reissue of their self-titled debut album from earlier in 2019, Injury Reserve (Taylor Skye Remixes) serves up beloved tracks like “Koruna & Lime” and “Jailbreak the Tesla” with unexpected twists. The raucous, energetic album becomes surprisingly ambient and, at times, nearly unrecognizable, aside from the track’s lyrics. Listening to both versions back-to-back proves entertaining thanks to London-based producer Taylor Skye and Injury …
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Clams Casino: In a Mirror

Clams Casino (aka Michael Volpe) turns to piano and distortion to compose a track featured on his most recent album, Moon Trip Radio. “In a Mirror,” if you’re listening on headphones or stereo speakers, will literally glitch at times, rendering one side’s output null, while amplifying the noise out of the other. It’s all a part of the track’s grand unearthing, as supple piano guides …
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Music that inspired 1980s Japanese environmental music composer Yukata Hirose

Yutaka Hirose is a Japanese composer who was a key figure in that country's ambient/environmental music scene of the 1980s that in recent years has been rediscovered by crate-diggers around the world. Hirose's "NOVA" (1986) is a classic of the genre, a soundscape that Misawa Home Corporation commissioned as a "soundtrack" for the prefabricated houses. While original LPs have sold for hundreds of dollars, WRWTFWW Records have recently reissued the record as an expanded double LP and double C...
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Lapalux feat. Lilia: Limb To Limb

Lapalux (aka Essex-based producer Stuart Howard) previews his forthcoming album, Amnioverse (out 8 November on Brainfeeder), with an ambient, breakbeat-influenced track featuring singer Lilia. Howard’s prowess as a producer, though, lies in fusing influences to form an entirely fresh sound. Throughout the middle section of this track, a crunchy, digital drumbeat juxtaposes Lilia’s airy vocals; later, another layer of industrial, space-like notes chimes in. The …
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Bremer/McCoy's 'Utopia' Is the Soundtrack for an Overcast Day

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10 hours of live drones celebrate Drone Day, a noise round the world

Ready to drone the f*** out? Here’s your own personal all-night chillout stage, full of ten hours of drones. It’s all part of a growing international annual celebration of drone sounds. Oh sure, if you’re American you probably had Memorial Day weekend on the mind last weekend. But there was another holiday, too, dedicated to ambient and experimental music. “Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world,” proclaim the organizers on the site.”The answer comes through tiny ...
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Listen Up

Soulful hip-hop, upbeat disco-pop and more of our favorite new tunes Men I Trust: Norton Commander (All We Need) With a muffled bass line and airy vocals, Men I Trust’s “Norton Commander (All We Need)” is an enveloping, downtempo love song. The Montreal-based trio’s lead Emma Proulx whisper-sings over the slow-burning song—setting an intimate scene. Adding to the laid-back and breezy vibe, the video places …
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New song from Brian Eno's forthcoming expanded edition of "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"

In 1983, Brian Eno with collaborators Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois released "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks," a stunning ambient score for Al Reinert's glorious space documentary "For All Mankind." On July 19, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Eno is reissuing that record accompanied by 11 new tracks -- five composed by Brian Eno, three from Lanois, and three from Roger Eno. The new collection is titled "For All Mankind." Above is a video for one of the new tracks, B...
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Tor Lundvall Explores His Back Pages

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Fave Five: Tor Lundvall's Favorite Albums of All Time

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