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Yuja Wang Upset Her Audience In Chicago When She Mixed Up The Order Of Her Program (On Purpose)

Because of cultural tradition, each audience brings specific expectations to a performance. Classical listeners, who are steeped in the European performance practices, have been conditioned to want to know as much as possible about the music before a note is sounded. Jazz audiences – who have embraced a more casual, all-American approach to listening – generally sit back and savor the sounds, recognizing standard tunes, enjoying obscure works and realizing that free-flying improvisations ...
Tags: Art, Music, Chicago, 02.25.20

Polonium, The Opera: Work About Poisoning Of Alexander Litvinenko Is Coming

The Life & Death of Alexander Litvinenko, with music by Anthony Bolton and a libretto by Kit Hesketh-Harvey based on the book Death of a Dissident by Litvinenko’s widow, premieres this July at Grange Park Opera in England. Reporter Mark Brown talks to Marina Litvinenko, Anthony Bolton, and Grange Park director Wasfi Kani. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, England, Alexander Litvinenko, Marina Litvinenko, Litvinenko, Grange Park Opera, Mark Brown, Anthony Bolton, Grange Park, Kit Hesketh Harvey, 02.24.20

Anne Midgette: The Placido Domingo Case

“Domingo is, indeed, irreplaceable — because the world no longer has a place for this particular kind of artist, who has done so much to help the field and so much to harm it. And it may well be that without him, the field loses some of its patrons, and some of its funding. It may be, indeed, that the institution of opera fundamentally changes — which is something we should all aspire to if we want this intoxicating, bizarre, glorious art form to continue to be vital, now and in the futu...
Tags: Art, Music, Anne Midgette, Domingo, 02.25.20

AGMA Was Going To Keep Its Report On Plácido Domingo Quiet, And Domingo Was Going To Pay AGMA $500K. Now The Deal’s Off

“The deal they were working on — which called for the union, the American Guild of Musical Artists, to limit its public statements about the inquiry and for Mr. Domingo to pay the union $500,000 — fell apart on Tuesday after details of the investigation were leaked overnight.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Domingo, American Guild of Musical Artists, 02.25.20

Neuroscientists Study Blind Pianist’s Brain And Discover How It Rewired Itself

“Pretty remarkable. His entire brain is stimulated by music. His visual cortex is activated throughout. It seems like his brain is taking that part of the tissue that’s not being stimulated by sight and using it or maybe helping him to perceive music with it. It’s sort of borrowing that part of the brain and rewiring it to help him hear music.” – People
Tags: Art, Music, 02.24.20

Chinese Zodiac 金妍希 KimYeonhee •

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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Thirty-Nine

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Thirty NineThere’s never a shortage of anything for Jon and Rob to talk about and for you to sink your teeth into when you listen.  And as usual, the boys set about trying (key word) to understand to understand a world going insane while discussing things rationally…  On this show,  they dissect the football playoffs; the nasty stanch of politics and of Gwyneth Paltrow’s candle (!); the passings of Neil Peart and Buck Henry; the u...
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Plácido Domingo Sexually Harassed And Abused Power For More Than 20 Years, Inquiry Finds

“The investigation, conducted by lawyers hired by the American Guild of Musical Artists, concluded that the accounts from 27 people showed a clear pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse of power by Domingo spanning at least two decades … when he held senior management positions at Washington National Opera and Los Angeles Opera.” (Domingo has now issued a statement saying “I am truly sorry for the hurt that I caused them.”) – Yahoo! (AP)
Tags: Art, Music, Placido Domingo, Domingo, American Guild of Musical Artists, Washington National Opera, 02.25.20, Los Angeles Opera Domingo

Met Opera Orchestra To Tour For First Time In 18 Years

In late June and early July, music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin will lead the orchestra in concerts at the Barbican in London, the Philharmonie de Paris, and the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in Germany. The singers joining them will be Joyce DiDonato, Christine Goerke, Brandon Jovanovich, and Günther Groissböck. – Playbill
Tags: Art, Music, London, Germany, Barbican, Philharmonie De Paris, Baden Baden, Yannick Nézet Séguin, 02.24.20, Joyce DiDonato Christine Goerke Brandon Jovanovich

The Instrument That Makes The Earth Sing

The Earth Harp is a massive stringed instrument that its inventor, William Close, says makes audiences feel like they’re “inside the instrument” during performances. Indeed, because he has to string the instrument across canyons or from a stage to an upper level of a concert hall or from a large piece of ceremonial architecture to the ground, audiences often are inside the sound. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, William Close, 02.23.20

Toronto Has Vacant Buildings, And Musicians Need Cheap Performance Spaces

Is this a city-led marriage made in heaven? One city councillor claims, “If we lose the DIY spaces we lose the next generation of live musicians.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Music, Toronto, 02.23.20

A Conductor Stops The Opera Twice When Audience Cellphones Ring

Carlo Rozzi, conducting the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff on February 22, stopped Verdi’s Les Vêpres Sicilienes twice – and he wasn’t afraid to go directly to the audience about why. Said a member of the audience, “He got a warm round of applause after he stopped and ticked off the audience member. Both incidents were right at the beginning of the show and all was well after that.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Cardiff, Welsh National Opera, Verdi, Said, 02.23.20, Carlo Rozzi

The Vibrant Electronic Music Of Video Game Soundtracks

They’re different from the quality of movie soundtracks, many of which don’t stand alone, and they’re “a marvelous untapped source of experimental instrumental electronica. … The context of gameplay encourages compositions that are melodically specific, sharp-edged, and hummable.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Music, 02.22.20

Technology Recreates The Sound Of 500-Year-Old Singing In The Hagia Sophia

This is a rather unbelievable story. “When [the two researchers] met, Pentcheva started telling Abel about the Hagia Sophia – how we couldn’t really understand the experience of worshipers there unless we could hear the music the way they did. And as she talked, Abel started to feel a prickling of excitement. They could recreate what that music would sound like. If only they could get in the Hagia Sophia and pop a balloon.” (Note: They did.) – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Sophia, Abel, 02.22.20, Pentcheva

How Pianist Igor Levit Hacked The Attention Economy And Made Himself Into A ‘Thought Leader’

“Levit’s career is a stark demonstration of the dissolving boundaries between art and commerce, journalism and public relations, particularly in Germany. … He is a friend to media personalities and politicians. Journalists ask his opinion on climate change, the rise of the far right, books, the ideal body weight. He works with artists and comedians, performs at the Bundestag in Berlin and for the Greens. In England, he’s enraged Brexiteers; in the U.S., he’s ‘The Pianist of the Resistance.'” Hi...
Tags: Art, Music, England, Germany, Berlin, Igor Levit, Bundestag, Levit, 02.20.20

50 Brand-New Scores In Three Years: Sydney Symphony Announces Major Commissioning Project

The project, called “50 Fanfares”, will encompass chamber works as well as short fanfares and full orchestral scores commissioned from 50 Australian composers and premiered through the 2020, ’21 and ’22 seasons. – Limelight (Australia)
Tags: Art, Music, Sydney, 02.21.20

The Whitney Houston Hologram In Concert Is… Kinda Creepy

The result, at least in what producers were careful to call a dress rehearsal, is intermittently convincing. The hologram gets some of Houston’s physical tics right, and the lip-syncing — if that’s the right word for it — looks pretty real; detailed visual touches like that rippling fringe aid in the suspension of your disbelief. It certainly helps too that the live band cooks. But… – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Houston, Whitney Houston Hologram, 02.20.20

Royal Philharmonic Research: How Technology Is Bringing Classical Music A Bigger Audience

‘Technology is playing a huge role in shaping the future of how people engage with orchestral music,’ says James Williams, managing director at the RPO. ‘At the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, we see it as an essential role to respond to this change, and to evolve and develop – be it through online content or programme notes that appear live on your phone. Indeed, last year we reached around 17m people worldwide through Spotify alone, and these numbers continue to grow each year.’ – Rhineg...
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, James Williams, 02.18.20

He Was One Of Sudan’s Most Beloved Musicians — Then He Went Silent For Decades And Was Even Thought Dead

In the 1970s and ’80s, Abu Obaida Hassan’s singing and skill on the Nubian tambour thrilled Sudanese listeners and even gained attention overseas. Then the imposition of a stern version of Sharia law and the 30-year dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir squashed the country’s music scene, and Abu Obaida withdrew from public view. In 2016, a Western record producer went looking for him and found him by sheer dumb luck, and with Bashir now ousted, fans are rediscovering Abu Obaida’s sound. – The Guardia...
Tags: Art, Music, Sudan, Bashir, Omar al Bashir, Abu Obaida, Abu Obaida Hassan, 02.18.20

Opera Performed By And For The Deaf? These Folks Are Giving It A Try

Victory Hall Opera in Charlottesville is working on a production of Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites with Deaf performers acting the roles in American Sign Language alongside singers. The first workshops are happening at the end of this month. Reporter Thomas Floyd talks with the leader of Victory Hall Opera and stage director Alek Lev. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Charlottesville, Poulenc, Thomas Floyd, 02.18.20, Alek Lev

An Open-Ended, Ambiguous, Multi-Perspective Opera Made To Resist Reduction

Yuval Sharon: “If there was a straightforward message, there would certainly be simpler and more direct ways to communicate it than by creating this enormous operatic experience. Opera’s power lies in its complexity and its ability to create complication, to help us experience complex visions of the world. It’s something we need more and more desperately and why I think opera has an underestimated political power. Reducibility, along with didacticism, has been something all of us have ac...
Tags: Art, Music, Yuval Sharon, 02.17.20

John Eliot Gardiner On Period-Instrument Beethoven

“What you get in a period orchestra are three things: greater individuality of timbre, more transparency of texture and an increased dynamism once all the instruments are stretched to their absolute maximum capacity of volume and expressivity. If you attempt that with a modern symphony orchestra, there will always be a certain comfort factor, a plushness, which, I feel, doesn’t help the listener to savor all that is most original in the score. It can sound a tad too comfortable.” – The New York...
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, John Eliot Gardiner, 02.14.20

How Musicians Are Starting To Grapple With The Climate Impact Of Touring

“It seems to me that the only solution commensurate with the scale of the problem is fundamentally changing the way musicians work. We have to stop seeing it as reasonable that we’d play in Barcelona one day, London the next, and New York two days later. And stop seeing it as reasonable that, at a big festival in Barcelona, fifty thousand out of the hundred thousand people there have flown from the U.K. to attend.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Music, New York, London, Barcelona, 02.18.20

The Journey of Being

 “The Journey Of Being” was screened as part of “Immersive Art Festival”, at “Atelier des Lumieres” in Paris, France. Using 140 video projectors and a spatialised... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Art, Videos, Music, Experimental, Projection, Paris France, Atelier des Lumieres

The NYT’s Classical Music Critic Hosts A House Concert

Zachary Woolfe: “For someone who’s never grown quite used to my late-night subway journey home after an opera, it was hard to turn down a performance that would take place a few steps from bed.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, ZACHARY WOOLFE, 02.14.20

NYT’s Classical Music Critic Hosts A House Concert

Zachary Woolfe: “For someone who’s never grown quite used to my late-night subway journey home after an opera, it was hard to turn down a performance that would take place a few steps from bed.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, ZACHARY WOOLFE, 02.14.20

Can The Worldwide Vinyl Boom Recover From The Apollo Factory Fire?

A billion dollar industry dependent on one factory in California? That’s physical manufacturing, so perhaps not. The factory, where 75 percent of the world’s blank lacquers were made, burned in early February. “Pressing plants and mastering engineers are assessing the future. Some have expressed fear that the fire will disrupt the global production of new album releases and slow the seemingly endless supply of reissues that major labels churn out.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, California, Los Angeles, 02.14.20

After Robert Massey Has One Year As CEO, The Louisville Orchestra Moves Him On

Massey claims the separation of ways was a mutual decision and adds that “the job was not what he expected when he came to Louisville a year ago from Florida, where he had been the president and CEO of the Jacksonville Symphony for four years.” – Louisville Courier Journal
Tags: Art, Music, Florida, Louisville, MASSEY, Jacksonville Symphony, Robert Massey, 02.14.20

When Airlines Break Musicians’ Instruments

The stakes are high. Not only does a musician have an emotional connection to their instrument, but a break, even if it is repaired to pristine condition, can bring down a valuable instrument’s price. It is also highly likely that a musician traveling with an instrument is on their way to their next gig. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 02.14.20

This Composer Just Made History At The Oscars. Get To Know Her Music With These Seven Pieces

Hildur Guðnadóttir is actually three-quarters of the way to an EGOT: she has an Oscar (and a Golden Globe) for her score to The Joker and an Emmy and a Grammy for her music for HBO’s Chernobyl. “But it’s on her own, and in the occasional duo or trio setting, that Guðnadóttir has established her signature sound: a moving fusion of ambient drone and contemporary classical that places an emphasis on her exceptionally controlled tone; she’s capable of conjuring entire worlds out of just a few caref...
Tags: Art, Music, Hbo, Golden Globe, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Guðnadóttir, 02.11.20

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