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What Makes A Great Football Anthem?

According to folk singer Martin Carthy, the football chant can be considered one of the last embodiments of the oral folk tradition. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, Martin Carthy, 06.17.21

Anthony Braxton: Still Pushing At The Edges Of Jazz

“A conversation with him can easily pinball from contemporary politics to ancient Egypt. But what he’s most eager to talk about now is ZIM Music — his latest structural model in a lifelong pursuit to locate clarity within chaos.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Egypt, Anthony Braxton, 06.17.21

Mimicking Clubhouse, Spotify Adds Live Audio Chat Function

The Greenroom app lets any user host or participate in live rooms, as well as record live conversations. – Variety
Tags: Art, Music, 06.17.21

Philadelphia Orchestra To Consolidate With Kimmel Center Under New Organization

“Philadelphia Orchestra president and CEO Matías Tarnopolsky will become leader of the new parent company upon finalization of the deal, and Kimmel president and CEO Anne Ewers” — who initiated and championed the deal — “will retire. … While pressures brought on by the pandemic sparked talks toward the move, the benefits of the new structure are independent from the pandemic shutdown and abrupt disappearance of ticket revenue, leaders say.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Philadelphia Orchestra, Kimmel, Anne Ewers, Matías Tarnopolsky, 06.17.21

Cincinnati Symphony Music Director Louis Langrée To Step Down In 2024

“It’s difficult because I am very happy here. And this orchestra has made me a better conductor. But I can’t just think of myself. I also have to think of the orchestra and its future. I’m convinced that when things are calmer at the end of this pandemic, it will be the time for the orchestra to open a new chapter of its history, which means a new direction and a new face.” – The Cincinnati Enquirer
Tags: Art, Music, Louis Langrée, 06.16.21, Cincinnati Symphony Music

Is Twitch The Future Of Music Streaming (That Pays)?

Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, attracts an average of 30 million visitors a day, and its users watched more than one trillion minutes of content last year, according to the company. – The New York Times
Tags: Amazon, Art, Music, 06.16.21

Has The Jazz Scene Survived The Pandemic?

The tentative return of gigs could not have come soon enough for jazz performers. A 2008 study on the economics of the genre found that 49% of jazz musicians’ income came from live performances. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 06.15.21

Why NYC Was Such A Creative Time For Music In The 1980s

“It was still a gritty city, before gentrification really took over. Artists could afford to live in the city – they didn’t have to scramble to make rent, so they could concentrate on their work. You could afford to experiment.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 06.16.21

Fire Destroys One Of US’s Leading Organ Makers

Sparks from a malfunctioning fan appear to have ignited sawdust at the factory of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders in Lake City, Iowa on Tuesday afternoon, starting a fire that consumed almost everything but part of the exterior walls. Among the instruments Dobson is best known for are the organs at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and Merton College, Oxford; the now-incinerated instrument under construction had been for the historic St. James...
Tags: Art, Music, Angels, US, Los Angeles, Sydney, Philadelphia, Sparks, Kimmel Center, Dobson, Merton College Oxford, 06.16.21, Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Lake City Iowa, St James King Street

Opera Australia Lost A Big Pile Of Money Last Year

“Opera Australia has posted a $7.1 million trading deficit for the year ended December 2020, or almost $6.5 million after bequests are included. … The company received $11.4 million in ‘absolutely critical’ JobKeeper subsidies in 2020. ‘If we hadn’t had that $11.4 million, we would have been potentially looking at a $20 million trading loss, and that would have meant us having to take more drastic action,’ says [outgoing CEO Rory] Jeffes.” – Limelight (Australia)
Tags: Art, Music, Australia, Rory, 06.01.21

New York, New Music: how the city became a hotbed for music in the 80s

In a new exhibition, the city’s more well-known breakout artists are celebrated alongside a richer, and lesser reported, strain of experimental musicIn Kid Creole and the Coconuts’ irrepressible 1980 song Darrio, a klatch of female backup singers bouncingly plead with the titular gentleman to get them into Studio 54. The otherwise obliging Darrio enumerates why he cannot (“That’s the only thing that money can’t buy”), before finally admitting “my kind of heaven is Club 57,” the late-70s/early-80...
Tags: Art, Music, New York, Culture, Art and design, New York Times, Bob Marley, Kingston, East Village, Marx Brothers, Carmen Miranda, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Darrio

Why This SF Symphony Cellist Is Eager To Perform In-Person Again

Whether you’re singing along with “Messiah” or rocking with Metallica, the common auditory input of the rhythm and melody, plus the visual input of musicians and conductor, causes our brains to “entrain” or synchronize to this shared sensory awareness. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, Metallica, 06.16.21

‘Midcentury Modern’ Was A Thing In American Classical Music, Too

“Composers from that same time period, say, the ’30s to the ’60s — the likes of Walter Piston, Roy Harris, Elliott Carter, George Perle, Harold Shapero, Roger Sessions, and others neglected for decades by America’s musical institutions — have been experiencing an uptick in interest of late, particularly at summer festivals and in recording projects.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
Tags: Art, Music, America, San Francisco, 06.14.21

New Study: What Accounts For The Lack Of Women In Jazz?

Among audiences, the government survey data showed that more men than women report attending jazz concerts, and that the gap is larger for jazz than for rock. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, 06.15.21

Marin Alsop Is Proud Of Her Baltimore Symphony Tenure — And Frustrated, Too

“If I had it to do all over again, I would not have tried so hard to move the BSO out of the Ivory Tower. Sometimes you have to say, ‘OK, this is not where people want to go. Try to enjoy the orchestra and community as much as you can.’ … I didn’t have problems with any one individual. It’s more about an ethos and a philosophy of how you want to exist in a community. I had pushed as hard as I could push.” – The Baltimore Sun
Tags: Art, Music, Marin Alsop, BSO, 06.11.21

New Report: Music Industry Has A Diversity Problem

While the report’s tone and conclusions are unambiguous — in just one telling example, across 70 major and independent music companies, just 13.9% of top executives across were from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, 4.2% were Black, and 13.9% were women — its wording is polite. – Variety
Tags: Art, Music, 06.15.21

Josquin Desprez Was Europe’s First Superstar Composer — But We’re Still Not Sure Which Pieces Were Really His

The problem is that, as one wag put it a few years after the composer’s demise, “Now that Josquin is dead, he is putting out more works than when he was still alive” — the height of his fame, in the decades after 1500, coincided with the birth of music printing and the utter lack of copyright law, and many publishers found they could juice sales by slapping the great man’s name on other people’s music. Alex Ross spent much of this spring sitting in on Zoom seminars with two of the world’s top J...
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Alex Ross, Joshua Rifkin, Josquin, 06.14.21, Josquin Desprez, Jesse Rodin

Sony Writes Off Artists’ Debts

This means that groups and single artists who were still trying to pay back debt – and thus were not eligible for royalties – can now start earning money from streaming. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Sony, 06.11.21

Juilliard Students Lead Music, Dance-Filled Protests Over Tuition Hikes

After a planned protest in one of the school’s buildings, the students “were barred from the Diamond building, and the school told them that it was investigating an incident that included reported violations ‘pertaining to community safety.’ On Thursday, about 20 students continued their tuition protest on the sidewalk outside, waving placards and accusing the school of using heavy-handed tactics to quell dissent.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 06.11.21

Tania Leon Wins 2021 Pulitzer for Music

The Pulitzer citation describes Stride as “a musical journey full of surprise, with powerful brass and rhythmic motifs that incorporate Black music traditions from the US and the Caribbean into a Western orchestral fabric.” – NewMusicBox
Tags: Art, Music, US, Caribbean, Tania León, 06.11.21

Conductor Grant Llewellyn, Late Of North Carolina Symphony, Makes His Way Back From A Stroke

Last summer, back home in Wales after completing his 16-year term in Raleigh, he suffered what turned out to be a three-day stroke that severely impaired the use of his right arm and leg. After a month’s hospitalization and six months of physical therapy, though he can’t hold a baton, he is back working with the Orchestre national de Bretagne, his ensemble in Rennes, France. “The irony of my situation is that I can conduct Beethoven symphonies but I can’t get out of bed. I can’t tie my shoelace...
Tags: Art, Music, Wales, Beethoven, Raleigh, Rennes France, 06.11.21

As Marin Alsop Leaves The Baltimore Symphony, Why Aren’t There More Maestras At Top US Orchestras?

“When she took the position in 2007, she was the first female music director of a top-tier American orchestra. She was, it seemed certain then, the avatar of a new generation of women on important podiums. … But when she departs this summer, the field will go back to the way it was before she came: 25 major orchestras … with no female music directors. Alsop and her Baltimore appointment are often referred to as trailblazing, but so far she remains alone on this particular trail.” – The New York...
Tags: Art, Music, Baltimore, Marin Alsop, Alsop, 06.11.21

How Toronto’s Royal Conservatory Of Music Survived The Shutdown

With now over 60,000 students having taken online practical and theoretical exams, it became a sink-or-swim moment testing RCM’s ability to keep anxious students engaged and motivated. –Ludwig Van
Tags: Art, Music, Toronto, RCM, 06.08.21

How You Perform A 75-Minute Score In Complete Darkness

Percussionist Sam Wilson of Riot Ensemble writes about Georg Friedrich Haas’s Solstices, in which he has the hardest job: “A pianist can feel where their keys are even if the music is extremely complex; a violinist has a constant physical connection with their instrument; a trumpet player always knows where the valves are. For me, holding up four sticks to hit a vibraphone in the dark was a challenge. … This required some serious focus and some particularly motivational pep talks into the mirro...
Tags: Art, Music, Haas, Sam Wilson, Georg Friedrich Haas, 06.09.21

Latest Hot Music Market: Meditation Apps

With no dance floors or concert halls to fill, many listeners turned toward gentler, unobtrusive music to help quiet their restless minds. In response, artists who might not have publicly ventured into this sometimes esotericterrain now feel emboldened to do so. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 06.08.21

Another US Classical Radio Station To Leave The Air

Northeast Indiana Public Radio purchased the license for 94.1 FM in 2002 for $1.8 million and has been operating it since then as Classical 94.1 WBNI. But NIPR never raised enough money to cover both running costs and debt service from acquiring the frequency, so the broadcaster is now selling 94.1 FM — for $350,000 — to a licensee which will operate it as “Rhythm and Praise” with an Urban Gospel format. – Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly
Tags: Art, Music, US, NIPR, 06.05.21, Northeast Indiana Public Radio

Rethinking The Orchestra Business

The Symphony’s shift to a customer-centric approach is also reflected in their departure from sending the industry standard “killer offer” coupons to first-time audiences in an attempt to bring them back. It seems simple on the surface, but offering a cash voucher instead of a discount coupon is a dramatic shift in messaging from the egocentric “Please come back!” to the customer-centric “Thanks for coming! Let us help you afford another concert.” – Culture for Hire
Tags: Art, Music, 05.27.21

Uncertain But Hopeful, Carnegie Hall Announces Reopening Plans

“The upcoming season will be more modest than usual: about 90 concerts, compared with a typical slate of 150, though more may be added depending on the state of the pandemic. With the virus still raging in many parts of the world and variants circulating, Carnegie said it planned to require concertgoers to show proof of vaccination. It has not yet decided whether to mandate masks inside its three spaces.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, Carnegie, 06.08.21

What Ails The Classical Music Industry

“The problems have built up over at least the last half century and they cannot be solved overnight. But there are a host of strategies—many already being implemented successfully by some of the more forward-looking organizations.” – Nightingale Sonata
Tags: Art, Music, 06.07.21

Experiments In Opera: Philip Glass At The Circus

The revelation of “Circus Days and Nights” is existentially simple and direct. Cut through a thin layer of tawdriness and cheap tinsel that may be on its surface, and you discover that a circus can exist only thanks to absolute trust. The life of every acrobat lies in unerring balance. Balance is the religion of circus life. Trust and balance, of course, are the two essential things our polarized societies need to regain. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, 06.07.21

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