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‘Our managers were like: it’s going to be a dud’: how Glass Animals became the biggest British band in the world

The Oxford quartet’s song Heat Waves is the most played globally on Spotify this week, and a curveball amid pop’s solo artists. Frontman Dave Bayley explains how it happenedWith solo artists currently dominating the charts and the zeitgeist, now is not the ideal time to be in a band – unless it’s Glass Animals. This week, the Oxford quartet became the first British group to top Spotify’s global songs chart with their synthpop single Heat Waves, racking up 4.26m plays per day on the streaming pla...
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Shaping The Noises Of Animals Into A Grand Symphonic Sound Installation

Composer-performer and “soundscape ecologist” Bernie Krause has used 5,000 hours of field recordings, made over 50 years and featuring 15,000 species, to create The Great Animal Orchestra, commissioned in 2016 by the Fondation Cartier in Paris and opening this year in the US and Australia in 2023. – Artnet
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Son of Sinéad O’Connor dies at age of 17 after going missing

Irish musician says Shane O’Connor, last seen on Friday morning, ‘was the very light of my life’Sinéad O’Connor’s 17-year-old son has died, two days after he was reported missing.The musician shared the news on social media, writing that he “decided to end his earthly struggle” and asked that “no one follows his example”.In the UK and Ireland, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or email [email protected] or [email protected] In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-82...
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Album Of Actual Bird Calls Makes Top Five On Australia’s Charts

“Songs of Disappearance is surpassing the likes of Abba and The Weeknd – not to mention Christmas favourites Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. Created by BirdLife Australia, the album features the birdsongs of 53 of Australia’s most threatened species.” – BBC
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Bread, wine, mind control: supermarkets could be using music to change our shopping habits

Want people to spend more? Put on some classical music. Want to sell more French wine? Play Edith Piaf. Australian-based expert Prof Adrian North says it’s ‘so weird’ retail stores aren’t exploiting the science For the conspiracy-minded who thought supermarkets were playing particular music to influence us to buy certain products – that is, more expensive ones – I can reveal that’s not the case in Australia. Yet.But the big stores could easily use tunes to change our purchasing habits, according...
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‘Unapologetically truthful and unapologetically Blak’: Australia bows down to Barkaa

After overcoming personal tragedy, the rapper has clawed her way back – with a politically potent debut EP dedicated to First Nations womenBaarka didn’t come to mess around. Born Chloe Quayle, the 26-year-old rapper was a former teenage ice addict who did three stints in jail – during her last, five years ago, she gave birth to her third child.Now the Malyangapa Barkindji woman has clawed her way back from what she describes as “the pits of hell” and is on the verge of releasing her debut EP, Bl...
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Elvis Costello’s Musician Father (and Doppelgänger) Performing in 1963

If you were an English boy growing up in the 1960s, and your dad met the Queen mum, you’d come away with some pretty heavy duty bragging rights. What if your dad didn’t just meet her, but commanded her attention for a full three minutes… an event you witnessed on the telly, along with 21.2 million others? That’s what happened to young Declan Patrick McManus, or Elvis Costello as he’s more commonly known these days. Unfortunately, his musician father Ross’s calypso-inflected, Trini Lopez-inspired...
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The Scheme That Saved Classical Music In Melbourne Is Expanding To The Rest Of Australia

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall streamed 430 performances, with over $1.6 million going to musicians during one of the longest, strictest lockdowns in the world. In 2022, as the Australian Digital Concert Hall, it will transmit 200 programs by performers from Perth to Brisbane to Hobart. – The Age (Melbourne)
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Kelly Lee Owens – “Unity (The Official FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ Theme)”

Kelly Lee Owens released her triumphant sophomore album Inner Song last year, and now the Welsh electronic musician is out here making official sports theme songs. That’s cool! Her new track “Unity” is the theme for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand in a couple years. “‘Unity’ is a song that I put everything I had into it – rising arpeggios, rising basslines…. It’s led with my voice, but I wanted the sense of community brought in with choirs,” O...
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The Wiggles, in their original 1990s line-up, announce reunion tour for "adults only"

childre The original line-up of The Wiggles, the Australian children's musical group that invaded living rooms in the 1990s, are headed out on an arena tour in 2022. No, this isn't a chance for those who grew up Murray, Jeff, Greg, and Anthony to share the, er, magic with their own children. — Read the rest
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PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Madonna: the unseen archives of rock photographer Tony Mott

He’s partied with Queen. Tom Petty had his email. Now one of Australia’s most accomplished rock photographers has been digging through his negativesRock’n’roll photographer Tony Mott has led the kind of life that for the rest of us seems like a surreal dream. Travelling with Paul McCartney. Partying with Queen. He has photographed everyone from Prince to Rihanna to Marianne Faithfull. But when he talks about his work, what’s clear is his unbridled passion and affection for music and its creators...
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Fever Turns 20

In 2001, nearly 15 years into her music career, Kylie Minogue met a period of reclamation. On her eighth studio album Fever — released 20 years ago today internationally and Feb. 26, 2002 in the United States — Minogue reached her definitive cyber-groove era, launching the most noteworthy Australia-to-America disco export since the Bee Gees took over the pop charts in the late 1970s.
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Sex Education: Aimee Lou Wood spricht über sexuellen Missbrauch ihrer Rolle

Triggerwarnung: Der folgende Artikel enthält potentiell verstörende Geschichten von sexuellem Missbrauch. Der folgende Artikel enthält keine Spoiler zu Staffel 3 von Netflix’ Sex Education. Sex Education hat schon immer versucht, verschiedene Facetten von Sex und Selbstfindung zu beleuchten – sowohl im Guten als auch im Schlechten. Und in ihrer dritten Staffel, die seit letzter Woche auf Netflix zu sehen ist, setzt sich die Serie mit einer Storyline rund um sexuellen Missbrauch ausei...
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Here’s The First-Ever Piano With 108 Keys

The instrument, designed and handmade by Wayne Stuart of Stuart & Sons in Australia, has a nine-octave range, two octaves more than a standard grand piano and about the same as most pipe organs. – Classic FM
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In Australia: Thousands Of Newly Canceled Gigs And Musicians Calling It Quits

With Australia reeling from the Delta strain, major festivals including Splendour and Bluesfest have been cancelled for the second year running, with an estimated 7,000 gigs and live events cancelled each week. – The Guardian
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‘To dive into yourself is scary’: the anxiety and awesome alt-rock of Liars

For 20 years, Angus Andrew has made Liars one of rock’s most interesting, slippery acts – and by microdosing drugs to help understand his fears, he’s written his masterpieceOne night, Angus Andrew woke to a blood-curdling scream. Rushing out into the darkness of the bush around his house in a remote part of Australia’s Ku-ring-gai Chase national park, he encountered a giant python attacking a kangaroo. “You could hear the kangaroo trying to breathe, I tried to bash the snake off it but my wife w...
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Reviving Australia’s First Major Oratorio, 85 Years After Its Last Performance

Charles Packer’s The Crown of Thorns premiered in Sydney in 1863 and was considered a masterpiece, sung every year at Eastertime by Australian choral societies — until everyone dropped it after 1936. Then, a few years ago, a collector found a score in a secondhand bookshop. – ABC (Australia)
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‘The happiest song on earth’: 20 tracks to cure a bad mood

To help readers through the latest lockdowns, Guardian Australia staff nominated the songs that never fail them. The resulting playlist is … well, derangedWhat’s your happy song? Join us in the commentsGood as Hell by Lizzo Continue reading...
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Opera Australia Lost A Big Pile Of Money Last Year

“Opera Australia has posted a $7.1 million trading deficit for the year ended December 2020, or almost $6.5 million after bequests are included. … The company received $11.4 million in ‘absolutely critical’ JobKeeper subsidies in 2020. ‘If we hadn’t had that $11.4 million, we would have been potentially looking at a $20 million trading loss, and that would have meant us having to take more drastic action,’ says [outgoing CEO Rory] Jeffes.” – Limelight (Australia)
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Sing about war and cluck like a chicken: tips from the pros on how to win Eurovision

After an enforced hiatus, the contest is back. As the hopefuls don their sequins, here’s how to succeed at the gloriously OTT pop jamboreeTo some, it’s a cultural cringefest. To others, it’s the World Cup of music. But no matter your spin, the Eurovision Song Contest remains one of the world’s most-watched television programmes, with the last edition, in 2019, attracting more than 180 million viewers. Founded in 1956, it has inspired and outlasted countless reality singing franchises owing to it...
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Honouring the song 1: where does the song come from?

When honouring the origins of any song, you need to be as precise as you can about where the song came from.  It might be hard to find out, but there is no excuse for being lazy and saying something like “This song is from Africa.” Here are some things to consider when tracing a song’s origins. Last week I wrote an introduction to honouring the origins of songs: How to honour the source of a song (and why it’s important). I outlined five areas that need to be considered when trying to accura...
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Stephh V – “Lover”

Stephh V out of Australia is back with a brand new single expressing how she’s been feeling lately, “Lover“.The post Stephh V – “Lover” first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Back From The Brink Of Collapse, Australia’s Leading Professional Vocal Ensemble Is Hard At Work

Just two years ago, out of cash, The Song Company entered liquidation bankruptcy; it was rescued by a donor a month later. Then came 2020 and the pandemic, with Australia undergoing unusually strict lockdowns. Those measures worked, and with the country reopening, the ensemble has reorganized itself, started a professional apprenticeship for young singers, and is doing both mainstage programs and “Salon” concerts in small spaces. – Limelight (Australia)
Tags: Art, Music, Australia, 04.27.21, Song Company

The Fascinating History Behind Gaga Ball

Gaga ball is a fast-paced, entertaining, and extremely fun game that originated in Israel back in the 1970s. With an addictive nature, this game quickly spread throughout the country, and, eventually, the world. This high-energy game keeps every player engaged, focused, and physically active through the sport’s fast-paced nature. How do you play Gaga ball? Gaga is played in a large fenced-in or blocked-in area, typically in the shape of an octagon or hexagon. The ‘pit’ consists of a flat wal...
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Dirty Honey were riding high when the pandemic shut things down. Here’s what they did next

Two weeks after rock band Dirty Honey played back-to-back sold-out shows at The Parish at House of Blues Anaheim and El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, the coronavirus pandemic shut the country down. The L.A.-based quartet — vocalist Marc LaBelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian and drummer Corey Coverstone — had a massive 2019, coming out hot with the single “When I’m Gone” off of its independently released self-titled EP. The band made history that year, becoming the only unsigned art...
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Mista Monk Releases Debut Album “Muti” With Inkswel

The son of a mixed-race Zimbabwean mother and white Australian father, Liam Monkhouse aka Mista Monk was born and raised in Katherine, a rural town in the Northern Territory, far from both his African roots and the urban environment most hip-hop evokes. But rap music spoke to the young Monk’s fledgling sense of a mixed race identity, with his hometown being a strange dichotomy of Ocker Aussie and Indigenous culture. These cultural crossroads and their broader implications have informed his ...
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When Daft Punk went to Wee Waa: the strangest album launch of all time

The tiny Australian town was surprised but got into the spirit, selling daft pork sausages and random access rissoles while celebrating a dusty agricultural show it will never forgetIn April 2013 word got out that Daft Punk planned to launch their album Random Access Memories from a regional Australian town barely anyone had heard of.Dubbed the “cotton capital” of Australia, the small town (population 2,000) with the evocative name of Wee Waa in the Narrabri shire of New South Wales was not much...
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When Daft Punk went to Wee Waa: an ode to the strangest album launch of all time

The tiny Australian town was surprised but got into the spirit, selling daft pork sausages and random access rissoles while celebrating a dusty agricultural show it will never forgetIn April 2013 word got out that Daft Punk planned to launch their album Random Access Memories from a regional Australian town barely anyone had heard of.Dubbed the “cotton capital” of Australia, the small town (population 2,000) with the evocative name of Wee Waa in the Narrabri shire of New South Wales was not much...
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DJ Steve Aoki talks diversifying his Dim Mak record label with new Latin imprint

World-renowned DJ and record producer Steve Aoki is always looking for ways to expand his music empire. Over the summer, with the live events industry at a stand still due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, Aoki decided to launch Dim Mak En Fuego, the Latin imprint of his popular Dim Mak record label. He signed Aquihayaquihay, an all-male M-Pop (Mexican pop) group from Monterrey and Guadalajara, Mexico, and Andrekza Andreina, a pop and hip-hop singer from San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuel...
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Opera Australia Sued Over COVID-Related Job Cuts, Alleged ‘Intimidation’

“Opera Australia has paid out tens of thousands of dollars in confidential settlements to musicians it sacked at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country’s most heavily subsidised performing arts company is now preparing for a federal court battle with one of the musicians refusing to settle, alleging Opera Australia management has created a culture of ‘intimidation, bullying and antagonism’.” –
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