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Bodies and Artifacts (ii)—Partch's Corporeality

Harry Partch Genesis of a Music (1974, orig. 1949) For the essentially vocal and verbal music of the individual—a Monophonic concept—the word Corporeal may be used, since it is a music that is vital to a time and place, a here and now.(p. 8) Hmm. I thought corporeal meant something like "relating to a person's body, especially as opposed to their spirit." (-Google) The epic chant is an example, but the term could be applied with equal propriety to almost any other important ancient and near...
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Three Hours of Yo Yo Ma Playing Bach’s Six Cello Suites: Music That “Helps Us Navigate Through Troubled Times”

“Believe it or not, this was the very first piece of music I started on the cello when I was four years old,” said Yo Yo Ma before playing the “Prelude” from J.S. Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series in 2018. That same year, the world-famous cello prodigy released his third recording of all six suites in an album titled Six Evolutions — Bach: Cello Suites. The “two-and-a-half hours of sounds that map humanity in all its triumphs, joys and sorrows,” wr...
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Netflix’ Maid half mir, meinen eigenen Missbrauch zu verarbeiten

Triggerwarnung: Der folgende Artikel beinhaltet Schilderungen von häuslicher Gewalt. Achtung: Der folgende Artikel enthält Spoiler zur Netflix-Serie Maid. Es ist Nachmittag, und ich habe eine Packung Marlboros in der Jackentasche. Ich soll eigentlich gar nicht rauchen, weil die Mutter meines Freundes das nicht mag – aber Zigaretten erinnern mich daran, wie ich richtig ausatme. Ich denke mir also eine Ausrede aus, verlasse das Haus seiner Familie und mache mich auf den Weg zu dem kleinen Ba...
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Encore! Encore! An Hour of the World’s Most Beautiful Classical Guitar

When it comes to encores, most musicians like to slate in a guaranteed crowdpleaser to send the audience out on a high. Conventional wisdom holds that an encore should be short, and change the mood created by the piece preceding it. Classical guitarist Ana Vidovi? takes a different approach. For the last few years, she has concluded most concerts by taking audience suggestions for the piece that will take it on home, viewing it as an opportunity to make an extra connection with fans: It’...
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Beethoven’s Unfinished Tenth Symphony Gets Completed by Artificial Intelligence: Hear How It Sounds

Few symphonies are as well-known as Beethoven’s Ninth, an assertion supported by the fact that it’s no doubt playing in your head even as you read this. Few symphonies are less well-known — at least by Beethoven’s standards — than his Tenth, primarily because he never actually got the thing finished. He did make a start on it, however, and at his death in 1827 left behind notes and drafts composed alongside the Ninth, which had also been commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society. Su...
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"He introduced a descending bassline... 'a common enough progression in jazz, but unusual among folksingers.'"

"It’s actually something you’d get a fair bit in baroque music as well, and van Ronk introducing this into the song is probably what eventually led to things like Procul Harum’s 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' ripping off Bach doing essentially the same thing. What van Ronk did was a simple trick. You play a descending scale, mostly in semitones, while holding the same chord shape which creates a lot of interesting chords. The bass line he played is basically this...  And he held an A minor shape over...
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Why Bach Is So Compelling

To appreciate the music of Bach, it can be instructive to understand both the mechanics and the mechanic: the musical systems, and the man himself – setting aside any received wisdom about his purported brilliance. – Aeon
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Pavel Kolesnikov, the pianist making ‘a palace of sound built by your own imagination’

The Russian star brings his take on Bach’s Goldberg Variations to the Proms, having recently torn the piece apart with choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. He explains his new, ‘tree-like’ twist“Like climbing an infinite stairway, one step at a time.” That is how Pavel Kolesnikov describes working on JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations, one of the outstanding releases of last year. On Friday 10 September, he will perform them at the penultimate night of the Proms.“I’ve never had the chance to ded...
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As we listen to melodies, our brain guesses what's next

EEG recordings reveal that when we imagine melodies, our brains exhibit pretty much the same activity as when we listen to them. When we listen to a melody and encounter a pause, our brains predict what note comes next — and then subconsciously check that against the next note that plays.EEG activity is so closely aligned with melodies that researchers can identify a Bach melody being imagined.It seems that when it comes to the brain, music has its own set of keys to the place. (No pun intended...
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Fredo: Independence Day review – a stark, sombre return to core values

(RCA)The London rapper’s melancholy third studio album may not be a genre game-changer, but his renewed focus results in sharp street portraitureThe second Fredo album in the space of six months begins in portentous style. There’s a reading of an extract from an 1852 speech given by the former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass – a speech that contrasted the celebration of “freedom” on 4 July with the lot of the slave – followed by a churchy sounding organ playing a figure that distinctly...
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Take an Intellectual Odyssey with a Free MIT Course on Douglas Hofstadter’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

In 1979, mathematician Kurt Gödel, artist M.C. Escher, and composer J.S. Bach walked into a book title, and you may well know the rest. Douglas R. Hofstadter won a Pulitzer Prize for Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, his first book, thenceforth (and henceforth) known as GEB. The extraordinary work is not a treatise on mathematics, art, or music, but an essay on cognition through an exploration of all three — and of formal systems, recursion, self-reference, artificial intelligence, e...
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Hear Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos Played on Original Baroque Instruments

“Subtle and brilliant at the same time, they are a microcosm of Baroque music, with an astonishingly vast sample of that era’s emotional universe.” — Ted Libbey  The portfolio, the demo, the head shot, the resume…. These are not materials made for general consumption, much less the praise and admiration of posterity. But not every applicant is Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote his six Brandenburg concertos, in essence, “because, like pretty much everyone throughout history, Bach nee...
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‘I’m working through 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’: readers’ WFH playlists

Some of you went classic rock; others Iranian ambient. And yet others took on epic challenges that will take years to complete … here’s what you’ve been listening to while working under lockdownIf I need to concentrate on something really thorny, I go for Bach every time. It seems to allow my brain to work at a high level and I do almost all my best work to Bach. András Schiff or Angela Hewitt playing keyboard works, and Hilary Hahn on violin. Beethoven’s late quartets and Schubert lieder are g...
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Bach, But Make It Upside Down

Another creative moment borne from boredom during the pandemic: “Dan Tepfer plays the first of Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations. The piano is a Disklavier, which can record and play back. When he finishes, Tepfer taps a button on his iPad, triggering the piano to play back what he’s just recorded with the notes inverted, as if the score were turned upside down.” And if you’re skeptical, know that Anthony Tommasini of the NYT approves. – NPR
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Andras Schiff Embraces Historical Instruments

Admirers and critics alike may say, “At last!” This is a strong about-face. “He proudly played Bach on modern pianos; referred to fortepianists with an interest in Schubert as mere ‘specialists’; and told a New York Times interviewer in 1983, ‘I’ve heard some ghastly things done in the name of authenticity.’ Time and experience, though, have brought about a wholesale change in his attitude, and Schiff has transformed into an eager evangelist for the use of historical keyboards.” – The New York ...
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DOWNLOAD MP3: Tasty Bach – Skryf Die Tots ft. Vigro Deep & Mr JazziQ

Download another latest track by Tasty Bach – Skryf Die Tots ft. Vigro Deep & Mr JazziQ Tasty Bach hits the genre stronger as he involves Vigro Deep and Mr JazziQ on a new track titled Skryf Die. They move the groove forward on this new Amapiano track from Tasty Bach’s EP titled Slow Cheetah. Vigro Deep handles the Piano so well once again just like he did on his album titled […] The post Tasty Bach – Skryf Die Tots ft. Vigro Deep & Mr JazziQ appeared first on Fakaza. DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE The p...
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A Sound Check In Inglewood

How’d the dry run for the YOLA concert hall go? “It would be hard to imagine a less proper acoustic assessment, or a better real world one. The ensemble of student string players spent the pandemic practicing at home and taking instruction via Zoom. Yet their assignment, on only their third time back together, was the tricky first movement of Bach’s Fourth ‘Brandenburg’ Concerto. This also happened to be their introduction to a new hall with a startlingly lively presence unlike any venue they’d...
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Wendy Carlos Demonstrates the Moog Synthesizer on the BBC (1970)

We can break popular music into two periods: before the Moog and after the Moog. Upon its debut in 1964, that synthesizer made a big splash in the small but long-established electronic-music world by, among other innovative qualities, being smaller than an entire room. Over the next few years, inventor Bob Moog (whose previous line was in theremins) refined his eponymous brainchild to the point that it became accessible to composers not already on the cutting edge of music technology. Bu...
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Listen to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” Played on a 1914 Fairground Organ

To truly appreciate the spectacle of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” played on a 1914 Hooghuys fairground organ, we recommend you read Angus Harrison’s 2016 VICE essay, “Why Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ Is the Saddest Record Ever Made“: Make no mistake. This song is about the dancing queen, but it is most definitely not sung by her. Herein lies the tragedy. Our narrator has realized that she is no longer the Dancing Queen. She is no longer young, no longer sweet, no longer 17. Now, instead, she watches...
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Hear the First Song Recorded on the Yazh, a 2,000 Year-Old Indian Instrument

In ancient Hindu mythology, the Yali appears as a chimera, part lion, part horse, part elephant. It was carved into stone pillars to guard temples, and its form adorned an instrument called the yazh, whose sound “once filled the halls and temples of southern India,” Livia Gershon writes at Smithsonian. “Over time, however, the Tamil musical tradition all but vanished,” along with the royalty who filled those ancient halls. “A distant cousin of the harp,” notes Atlas Obscura, the yazh was...
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Hear the First Recorded on the Yazh, a 2,000 Year-Old Indian Instrument

In ancient Hindu mythology, the Yali appears as a chimera, part lion, part horse, part elephant. It was carved into stone pillars to guard temples, and its form adorned an instrument called the yazh, whose sound “once filled the halls and temples of southern India,” Livia Gershon writes at Smithsonian. “Over time, however, the Tamil musical tradition all but vanished,” along with the royalty who filled those ancient halls. “A distant cousin of the harp,” notes Atlas Obscura, the yazh was...
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Watch Preciously Rare Footage of Paul McCartney Recording “Blackbird” at Abbey Road Studios (1968)

Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” competes with Lennon’s “Julia” as the most tender song on the Beatles’ White Album and maybe in the band’s entire catalogue. Inspired by a Bach piece that McCartney and George Harrison learned to play when they were young, its finger-picked acoustic guitar has the sound of a folk lullaby. But the song’s shifting time signatures and delicate melody make it something of a tricky one: recording sessions at Abbey Road involved a series of 32 takes, most of them f...
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AI Software Creates “New” Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Doors & Amy Winehouse Songs: Hear Tracks from the “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”

What would pop music sound like now if the musicians of the 27 club had lived into maturity? Can we know where Amy Winehouse would have gone, musically, if she had taken another path? What if Hendrix’s influence over guitar heroics (and less obvious styles) came not only from his sixties playing but from an unimaginable late-career cosmic blues? Whether questions like these can ever be given real flesh and blood, so to speak, by artificial intelligence may still be very much undecided. O...
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Winner of Grove Music’s 2021 spoof article contest

It’s April Fool’s Day, which means the time has come to reveal the winner of the 20th anniversary edition of Grove Music Online’s Spoof Article Contest.This year’s expert judges include:Deane Root, Editor in Chief of Grove Music Online, and Professor of Music emeritus, Director and Fletcher Hodges, Jr. Curator of the Center for American Music, University of Pittsburgh, has been immersed in Grove style since he worked under Stanley Sadie on the first New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.Mu...
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Hear J.S. Bach’s Music Performed on the Lautenwerck, Bach’s Favorite Lost Baroque Instrument

If you want to hear the music of Johann Sebastian Bach played on the instruments that actually existed during the stretch of the 17th and 18th centuries in which he lived, there are ensembles specializing in just that. But a full musical revival isn’t quite as simple as that: while there are baroque cellos, oboes, and violas around, not every instrument that Bach knew, played, and composed for has survived. Take the lautenwerck, a category of “gut-stringed instruments that resemble the h...
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Hear For Yourself The Difference Between A $5,000 Cello, A $180K Cello, And A $1 Million Cello

Wendy Law uses the same bow, in the same room with the same microphone, to play the opening of Bach’s First Cello Suite on a contemporary instrument by Jay Haide, a 19th-century English cello by Thomas Kennedy, and an early 18th-century instrument by Alessandro Gagliano, the first great luthier in Naples. – Digg (YouTube)
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Yo-Yo Ma plays cello in vaccine waiting room in Massachusetts – video

The renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma gives an impromptu performance in a vaccine waiting room in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, after having just received his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. He performs Ave Maria and the prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite No 1 to the small number of patients waiting to receive the dose. Ma, who played for about 15 minutes, is a part-time resident of the area and wanted to ‘give something back’ to his community, according to a local paper, the Berkshire Eagle Continue r...
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The World’s Largest Bach Website Brought To You By A Computer Engineer In Tel Aviv

The Bach Cantatas Website, founded 20 years ago by Aryeh Oron, includes texts from Bach’s sacred works in multiple languages, discographies, history and analysis of each piece, and many other resources. It gets 15,000-20,000 hits a day and is used even by the likes of John Eliot Gardiner and Masaaki Suzuki, two of the world’s leading Bach conductors. – Haaretz (Israel)
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Watch “The Stroke,” a Hand-Animated Music Video Where the Visuals Came First & the Improvised Music Second

The idea of a film score seems clear enough. Writers, directors, and editors make a visual story, then composers enhance it with songs, cues, and themes. But things are never so straightforward in practice. Music is always a part of the process, whether in the screenwriter’s choice of accompaniment (Tarantino chooses film music as soon as he has an idea for a film), the director’s mood during filming, or the “temp score” editors use. Musicals are obvious exceptions, but on the whole, story ...
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How Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” Created the “Blueprint for All Electronic Dance Music Today” (1977) House, trance, techno—any DJ playing a four-on-the-floor groove can drop Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder’s “I Feel Love” into a set and instantly mesmerize the crowd. It has been happening since 1977. The disco hit doesn’t just hold up as a classic moment of nostalgia: it’s still one of the greatest dance tracks ever produced. “‘I Feel Love’ was and remains an astonishing achievement,” Jon Savage writes at The Guardian. “A futuristic record th...
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