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Band To Watch: Real Lies

It all started with an A4-sized piece of paper. It was posted in a London shop window, and it advertised a “must-see property”: a detached, five-bedroom house for rent. The house was nestled in between the East and West Reservoirs in Woodberry Down, so the words “has lake” were scrawled on the page in pencil. As soon as Kev Kharas and Tom Watson spotted the ad 12 years ago, everything was about to change.
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Band To Watch: W.H. Lung

W.H. Lung don’t fit in, and they’re fine with it. “We’ve not really found our place,” singer Joe Evans says, with far more acceptance than you’d usually hear in such a statement.
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Band To Watch: Horsegirl

When Penelope Lowenstein received invitations to see Nora Cheng and Gigi Reece, her two best friends and Horsegirl bandmates, graduate from their respective high schools, she was faced with a dilemma: Both events were scheduled for the same day. One of the upsides to the pandemic, however, is that virtual options are increasingly available, so she did what any good friend would and figured out a way to celebrate them simultaneously. While Reece’s high school graduation unfolded on her phone, Low...
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Band To Watch: One Step Closer

My first attempt to reach Ryan Savitski could not have come at a worse time. “Yo man! I’m actually walking into that Green Day / Fall Out Boy concert rn,” the One Step Closer frontman texts back. We got time zones mixed up, but beyond that, shots fired at Weezer. In yet another glaring example of the discrepancy between Music Twitter and Actual Life, online I’ve mostly seen Hella Mega Tour set up alley-oop dunks about washed bands and their washed fans. But let’s just take a step back and recogn...
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Artist To Watch: Fatboi Sharif

It is a rainy evening in Rahway, New Jersey, and Fatboi Sharif is trying to get me fucked up. “We’re getting you drunk at work, bro,” the local-hero rapper says with a devilish grin. He and I are backstage at his show in a parking garage that functions as a stage, drinking Christian Brothers Brandy. Dark liquor isn’t always my thing. The taste makes me shiver like I’m at the North Pole. I’m a lightweight, so I usually stick with a Modelo and a shot. Sharif isn’t a lightweight. He’s a burly man, ...
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Band To Watch: Militarie Gun

When everything went to shit, Ian Shelton drove straight to his practice space and emerged with his new hardcore band Militarie Gun.
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Band To Watch: For Your Health

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Artist To Watch: Shygirl

Shygirl isn’t ashamed to feel shameful, or gross, or uncomfortable, or nasty, or even cunty. Her music might not be the first choice for a family barbecue, but it covers a whole spectrum from endearing to pleasurable. “I don’t think any feeling is invalid or shameful,” she says over the phone from her home in East London. “I can laugh at myself. It’s not to feel shame about being embarrassed or feeling awkward. They’re all experiences, and they make me human.” Born Blane Muise in South London,...
Tags: Music, UK, South London, Destiny, East London, Band To Watch, Bodega, Muise, Sega Bodega, Navarette, Shygirl, Blane Muise, Björk Aphex Twin Moloko, Salvador Navarette, Coucou Chloe, Baddie Bovine Bonk

Band To Watch: Hannah’s Little Sister

On first introduction, Hannah’s Little Sister resemble a handmade tchotchke from childhood. The Liverpool-based quartet write tongue-in-cheek art-rock with the abundant energy of theater kids, and every visual they roll out is giddy enough to match. The music video for their first single looks like warped home footage from a 14-year-old’s birthday party. Their debut EP — the MediaFire-friendly EP.mp3, due out November 20th on Heist Or Hit — flaunts a Photoshop 101 job that’s charming in its cut-...
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Band To Watch: Record Setter

Record Setter had been playing shows for six years, and Judy Mitchell doesn’t remember a single person singing along. She doesn’t really remember many people showing up, period -- mostly friends around the Denton, Texas DIY scene and the bands that would indulge these Reddit lurkers to let off steam and accidentally wreck their equipment … More »
Tags: Music, Reddit, Band To Watch, DENTON Texas, Record Setter, Judy Mitchell

Artist To Watch: Ela Minus

When Ela Minus released her single "they told us it was hard, but they were wrong." in April, it sounded like it had been written just weeks before. Arriving in the early thick of quarantine, the song struck a chord in a time that was confusing and frightening but also increasingly infuriating as, once more, … More »
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Artist To Watch: Bartees Strange

"You know, I’ve always been kind of busy," Bartees Strange says over the phone. He pauses for a second, underscoring just how much of an understatement "busy" is -- the Washington DC-based musician was, until late August, holding down a full-time day job directing communications and marketing at a climate change non-profit, all while releasing … More »
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Band To Watch: Silverbacks

If you sat down with any Dublin rock musician in the last year, it wouldn't take long to pull some thoughts out of them about how their city's music scene had suddenly become a point of fascination for the international press. There's been a burgeoning moment, interesting young guitar bands coming out of the UK … More »
Tags: Music, UK, Dublin, Band To Watch, Silverbacks, Daniel Fox

Band To Watch: Snarls

Snarls’ music is as much about self-preservation and baring teeth as their name suggests, even though that wasn’t the point. One day someone blurted out "The Snarls" at practice. From there they dropped "the," and the Ohio-based band had the perfect moniker to contain their roaring emo pop-punk fusion. More »
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Band To Watch: Porridge Radio

If you live in the British coastal town of Brighton, it's hard not to feel the ever-present draw of the sea, for better or for worse. For Dana Margolin, the pebbly beach and great watery beyond that signal the end of Brighton’s city center became particularly entangled with her life around the time she was … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Brighton, Band To Watch, Porridge Radio, Dana Margolin

Artist To Watch: Squirrel Flower

No matter how vulnerable or genuine a musician’s work is, when they get up on stage there is always an added performative element. Whether under their own name or an alias, they’re recreating a past state of mind -- one that still might be fresh, but is reconstructed nonetheless. Ella O’Connor Williams considered this when … More »
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Band To Watch: Slow Pulp

Do you remember being small in a big confusing world? Do you remember feeling excitement for the first time or being cognizant of how clothes fell on your body for the first time? Not many people do, or most of us don’t dare to think back on it. For shoegazey Madison rockers Slow Pulp, this … More »
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Band To Watch: Sass

Part of Sass' origin took place at a party in a Minneapolis apartment complex turned personal palace that has 35 rooms and seven bathrooms, all lavishly dedicated to the 1960s. (Really, it's quite something.) It was in one of those rooms that Stephanie Murck met Willem Vander Ark. Murck had been involved with … More »
Tags: Music, Minneapolis, Interview, Premiere, Band To Watch, Sass, Stephanie Murck, Willem Vander Ark Murck

Band To Watch: Injury Reserve

"Jailbreak The Tesla" is an evocative title, one that can work as a mantra for the Phoenix hip-hop trio that created it. "That was kind of the idea of Injury Reserve," says Nathaniel Ritchie, the rapper also known as Ritchie With A T -- "taking this thing that's supposed to be this futuristic modern car, … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Tesla, Amine, Sxsw, Phoenix, Band To Watch, Ritchie, Injury Reserve, Parker Corey, Nathaniel Ritchie

Band To Watch: Black Midi

Throughout SXSW last week, there was one question everyone invested in this year's crop of emerging indie names seemed to be asking: "Have you seen Black Midi yet?" … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Sxsw, Band To Watch, Black Midi

Band To Watch: Disq

Plenty of bands have long histories, forged from bonds of friendship formed in a distant childhood past. Shared upbringings, shared surroundings -- these can provide good raw material for a couple artists to come together and define their identity within and against the rest of the world. In the case of Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Band To Watch, Raina, Disq, Isaac deBroux Slone

Artist To Watch: Mdou Moctar

Ever since the Malian "desert blues" band Tinariwen began to build an international audience at the dawn of the millennium, a steady stream of Saharan guitar music has been making its way around the world. The list of renowned Tuareg rock acts has grown to include the likes of Algeria's Imarhan, Niger's Kel Assouf, and … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Algeria, Premiere, Band To Watch, Kel Assouf, Mdou Moctar, Imarhan Niger

Band To Watch: Fontaines D.C.

There's been something happening in Dublin. Across 2014 and 2015, a group called Girl Band started to generate international buzz thanks to their idiosyncratic blend of noise-rock, post-punk, and techno-inspired rhythms. Here was a new sound, one nobody associated with a specific generation or scene in Ireland. Girl Band then went silent for … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Ireland, Dublin, Band To Watch, Fontaines D.C

Artist To Watch: SASAMI

Sasami Ashworth is determined to make it. In a sense, she already has. She's scored short films and commercials, taught in an elementary school, and collaborated in the studio with artists like Vagabon, Hand Habits, and Wild Nothing. And for two-and-a-half years she was a member of Cherry Glazerr, playing the synths that leveled out … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Band To Watch, Sasami, Cherry Glazerr, Sasami Ashworth

Artist To Watch: Ellis

Linnea Siggelkow. L.S. Ellis. It's as simple as that. And the Hamilton, Ontario musician's songwriting is just as intuitive, a raw yet graceful breed of indie rock with a dream-pop splendor and a brooding slowcore soul. More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Premiere, Album Stream, Band To Watch, Ellis, Hamilton Ontario, Linnea Siggelkow L S Ellis

Band To Watch: Club Night

Let’s just make something clear: While motorized scooters have infiltrated just about every major city in America to entertain drunks, endanger pedestrians, and undermine mass public transportation, watching kids throw Birds and Limes off a building or lighting them on fire is not funny. Nor is seeing a dog take a shit on these Uber-funded … More »
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Artist To Watch: Sir Babygirl

Sir Babygirl lives up to the excess of her name. Kelsie Hogue, the mastermind behind the fledgling project, admits that her music can be a lot. "I want to do pop escapism," she tells me at a café in Brooklyn, where she's recently moved from New Hampshire. She hasn't really had time to settle into … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Brooklyn, New Hampshire, Premiere, Band To Watch, Babygirl, Sir Babygirl, Kelsie Hogue

Band To Watch: David Nance Group

Last time David Nance Group toured through my town, the venue was a laundromat that hosts DIY shows. So opening for Jack White last month was a pretty big deal for Nance and his band of Omaha rock 'n' rollers. When I reached him by phone two weeks ago, Nance was still revved up from … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Omaha, Jack White, Premiere, Album Stream, Band To Watch, Nance, Juice WRLD, David Nance Group

Band To Watch: Florry

In 2003, Chloë Sevigny would endure the biggest controversy of her career, the Riot Grrrl group Bratmobile would officially break up, and Sheridan Frances "Francie" Medosch would still be in diapers. When I call the 17-year-old via video chat, she is sitting on the floor of her bedroom in Berwyn, PA … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Premiere, Berwyn, Tour Dates, Band To Watch, Chloe Sevigny, Bratmobile, Florry, Francie Medosch, Sheridan Frances Francie Medosch

Band To Watch: The Other Years

Nestled deep in the mountains of West Virginia, there is a creek that runs through a mountain. Over hundreds of millions of years the water has slowly cut through rock and soil to create a network of caves popular among hikers, spelunkers, and adventurers. They're called the Sinks Of Gandy Creek, and Heather Summers visited … More »
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