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Billie Eilish Music Video Implements Anime Style

Western singer Billie Eilish (who people may only know due to her hawking merchandise using an artist’s Love Live! art without their permission) has paid tribute to the anime medium with their latest music video as the art-style is used throughout it, likely earning them praise from fans. Eilish’s single “My Future” and the accompanying […]
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The Dream Of The Late ’90s Is Alive With Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike was born at the end of 1995, and so was his musical aesthetic. Fike, a singer, guitarist, and rapper from Naples, Florida, looks like a hypermodern rap-adjacent pop star -- he has an Apple logo tattooed on his face where many people put a teardrop, rocks a loosely androgynous style highlighted by a … More »
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Billie Eilish – “My Future”

Remember when Billie Eilish swept the big four Grammy categories? Can you believe that happened this year? The ceremony occurred almost exactly six months ago, but it feels like a different lifetime. It's in the past; meanwhile Eilish is focused on what's ahead. More »
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Juice WRLD’s Posthumous Album Is Haunting And Bittersweet

The last track on Juice WRLD's new album is a 30-second spoken-word snippet called "Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven." This is an unsettling title because Juice WRLD is dead. The superstar sing-rapper born Jarad Higgins passed away last December, just days after his 21st birthday, from an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine. So when … More »
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This ska-jazz cover of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme is everything

I'm a little late to the party as I've just discovered the fantastic world of YouTuber Pickitup's ska covers! K.K. Slider himself would be impressed by his ska-jazz cover of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme. Now, if that's not your thing, Pickitup's got a huge catalog of other ska/[insert music genre here] covers on his channel Ska Tune Network that are sure to delight. From his Patreon: I have been given this gift and love for music, and i've chosen to do the most important thing I c...
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Call him ‘El Roth’: Van Halen legend David Lee Roth says he’s changed his name

David Lee Roth has changed his name. The former Van Halen front man now wants to be called “David L. Roth” or “El Roth.” The change was inspired by the current movement in the music industry to disown words having to do with the slavery that existed in the South — which comes in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that rose up after the death of George Floyd. Roth made the announcement via social media, posting a piece of artwork he’d created, showing a giant frog by a tiny human, with t...
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Billie Eilish granted restraining order over man who repeatedly visited home

New Yorker Prenell Rousseau behaved erratically outside pop singer’s Los Angeles home seven times on two days in MayA US judge has awarded pop singer Billie Eilish a restraining order against a man who repeatedly visited her family home.Prenell Rousseau, 24, who lives on Long Island, New York, appeared outside Eilish’s Los Angeles home seven times on 4 and 5 May, before being arrested and sent back to New York, a court was told. A temporary restraining order was taken out, which has now been ext...
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Four Years And One Remix Later, SAINt JHN’s “Roses” Is A Global Smash

For months it's been approaching from afar, like some dot on the horizon growing larger as it comes careening into focus. Remixed into an electronic party track by a Kazakh DJ named Imanbek, "Roses," a 2016 track from Brooklyn rapper SAINt JHN, was barreling out of obscurity and into the spotlight. First it began climbing … More »
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RMR Has It

It was the giddiest kind of what the fuck: a black man in gold fronts, a ski mask, and a bulletproof vest, surrounded by peers wielding all manner of guns, passionately crooning about hating police and getting revenge on ex-lovers, to the sound of... Rascal Flatts? The artist's name was RMR, pronounced "rumor" -- fitting … More »
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Camila Cabello, Chris Martin, Khalid, Tove Lo, & More Cover U2’s “Beautiful Day” For The Class Of 2020

During Sunday's virtual graduation ceremony that was put on by the Obamas, Bono introduced a cover of U2's "Beautiful Day" that was organized by Finneas O'Connell, brother to Billie Eilish. The cover included contributions from Coldplay's Chris Martin, Camila Cabello, Ty Dolla $ign, Cynthia Erivo, Khalid, Leon Bridges, Noah Cyrus, and Ben … More »
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Alec Benjamin Is A Fascinating Voice In Modern Pop, Literally And Figuratively

When Alec Benjamin sings, people listen. This isn't necessarily because he has something meaningful to say, though I'd argue that Benjamin is a more substantial lyricist than your average lite-pop singer-songwriter. No, the initial reason folks stop what they're doing and pay attention when this guy opens his mouth is because his voice is kind … More »
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Billie Eilish Blasts All Lives Matter In Passionate Statement

In the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of white cops and the ensuing protests across the country, Billie Eilish has taken to social media to express her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and blast the "All Lives Matter" slogan in a lengthy statement. “I’ve been trying to take this week … More »
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Billie Eilish richtet sich mit einem emotionalen Kurzfilm an alle Bodyshamer

Mit ihrem kurzen, aber aussagekräftigen und emotionalen Film, der am 27. Mai releast wurde, wendet sich Billie Eilish an alle Bodyshamer – sprich an Menschen, die andere aufgrund des äußeren Erscheinungsbildes mobben, demütigen, beleidigen oder diskriminieren. Die 18-Jährige hat bereits in der Vergangenheit offen darüber gesprochen, welche Auswirkungen die prüfenden Blicke der Öffentlichkeit auf sie haben. In einem Interview mit Dazed sprach sie kürzlich über die Kommentare, die Leute ...
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Billie Eilish richtet sich mit einem emotionalen Kurzfilm an alles Bodyshamer

Mit ihrem kurzen, aber aussagekräftigen und emotionalen Film, der am 27. Mai releast wurde, wendet sich Billie Eilish an alle Bodyshamer – sprich an Menschen, die andere aufgrund des äußeren Erscheinungsbildes mobben, demütigen, beleidigen oder diskriminieren. Die 18-Jährige hat bereits in der Vergangenheit offen darüber gesprochen, welche Auswirkungen die prüfenden Blicke der Öffentlichkeit auf sie haben. In einem Interview mit Dazed sprach sie kürzlich über die Kommentare, die Leute ...
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Watch Anthrax & Suicidal Tendencies Members Cover Billie Eilish

Kids that would have been super into Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies are now probably just listening to Billie Eilish, along with everyone else. Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Suicidal Tendencies bassist Ra Diaz are evidently fans, too, because they've teamed up to cover Eilish's "Bad Guy" for Benante's quarantine cover series. More »
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Radiohead’s “Spectre” Played Against the Title Sequence of the 2015 James Bond Film, Spectre

Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR — code name 007 — is both cool and uncool. Though hardly a setter of youthful trends, he has always embodied masculine competence and unflappability of a relatively timeless and quintessentially British kind. Thanks to the long-running Bond film series' efforts to gradually increase the character's complexity, the Bond who first appears in Ian Fleming's 1953 novel Casino Royale may at first look simple, even cartoonish to readers of the 21st century. But d...
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Kehlani Was Good, And Now She’s Great

With one quatrain buried deep into her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn't, Kehlani Parrish offers what could be a mission statement for her career so far: "I got bodies I'ma take to the grave/ I got girls I wanna give my last name/ No regrets, don't got no shame/ Playin' no games, … More »
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The Benevolent Celebrity Livestream Parade Is So Bleak

Livestreams suck. Livestreams have always sucked. There are exceptions -- when your favorite artist logs on, when something incredibly charming and unexpected happens -- but in general, watching musicians perform onscreen from home is underwhelming and sometimes depressing. By necessity, the format has become a mainstay of the music industry during the coronavirus pandemic, which … More »
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Together At Home Highlights: Watch Billie Eilish, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, & More

Yesterday was the One World: Together At Home concert, which was organized by Global Citizen and Lady Gaga as a fundraiser to support the World Health Organization and the healthcare workers that are fighting to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It went on for a long time, with six hours of livestream pre-show and … More »
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Get Used To Hearing Songs Like Powfu’s Simplistic Sadboi Hit “Death Bed”

Have you acclimated to the new normal yet? Have you come to accept it, made peace with it? Oh! No, no, no -- not the paralyzing isolation and anxious fatigue that come with social distancing, self-quarantine, and a looming global pandemic. I mean, sure, that too, but I'm referring to the new normal represented by … More »
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Star-Studded Lineup Set For One World: Together At Home Charity Special

As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, there have already been plenty of charitable causes, whether specific to a paralyzed music industry, or part of the broader fight to help people out while life remains ground to a halt. Chances are, there will only be bigger, more ambitious fundraisers to come. And insofar as you can … More »
Tags: Music, Kacey Musgraves, Kerry Washington, News, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Stevie Wonder, David Beckham, Chris Martin, Elton John, Paul Mccartney, Idris Elba, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Green Day

Stuck At Home? Dua Lipa Will Bring The Dance Club To Your Living Room.

Future Nostalgia was meant for the club. This much is clear. Even before she released lead single "Don't Start Now" last fall, Dua Lipa was talking about taking inspiration from the disco era: "I feel like you could dance through the whole record," she told The Face. The British pop star has been … More »
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‘The Voice’ found this Orange County singer after he’d spent years of paying his dues

Nine words and 17 seconds. That’s all Roderick Chambers had to sing of the Brian McKnight song he’d chosen for his blind audition on “The Voice” to convince judge Nick Jonas to hit his button, spin his chair, and change Chambers’ life forever. Now picture what that was like for Chambers: You just got something you’d dreamed about for years, but there’s still more than a minute of the song to sing, and millions of viewers are watching. Rock singer Tom Petty and his wife Dana arrive at the wor...
Tags: Music, Florida, TV, Hollywood, Nick Jonas, La, Los Angeles, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, Mtv, Alaska, Long Beach, Rob, Party, John Legend

Watch Billie Eilish & Finneas Do An Acoustic “Bad Guy” On The Living Room Concert For America

Last night was supposed to be the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards, but the ceremony was postponed after large gatherings were restricted in California due to the coronavirus pandemic. In its place, the company aired what they called the iHeart Living Room Concert for America, which was hosted by Elton John and featured a number of … More »
Tags: Video, Music, California, America, Elton John, Billie Eilish, iHeartRadio Awards, Finneas, Living Room Concert For America

Socials Distance: Can Indie Artists Quit Twitter Or Instagram Without Hurting Their Careers?

Over the last decade, myriad factors have (for better and worse) upended the culture surrounding "indie" music. Its dissemination and overall makeup have been altered, especially as "indie" as a term has come less to represent a previously established ethos and more a programming-friendly marketing term. But few elements of modern life have so thoroughly … More »
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Free: Austin City Limits Opens Up Video Archives During COVID-19 Pandemic

Austin City Limits--an PBS music program recorded live in Austin, Texas--has decided to open its archives "as a gift to music fans during the current live music moratorium." They write: "Starting March 23, the perennial television series will make fan-favorite episodes from the recently broadcast Season 45 available for streaming, in addition to the entire slate of programs from the previous two seasons of the acclaimed concert showcase. Over 35 ACL installments will be available to stre...
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Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey Headlining Coronavirus Charity Concert On Sunday

The iHeartRadio Music Awards were supposed to happen this weekend, and like everything else, the ceremony has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, iHeartMedia is hosting the TV-special equivalent of all these livestreams we've been seeing lately. More »
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Chilly Gonzales Explains Why Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Is So Effective

Pianist and music theory whiz Chilly Gonzales continues to deconstruct the mechanics that make contemporary pop hits tick in his Pop Music Masterclass series for Germany's 1LIVE Radio. After taking on Lil Nas X earlier this month, the latest episode focuses on Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy." Gonzales gets into the syncopation in the … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Germany, Chilly Gonzales, GONZALES, Billie Eilish

Grammy Museum debuts free digital content with Billie Eilish, Brandi Carlile, X and more

Since the global spread of coronavirus has forced the cancellations or postponements of live concert events across the country, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles officially launched its free Digital Programs Series via this week. The Grammy Museum, which is a non-profit organization that opened at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles a dozen years ago, is uploading never-before-released video interviews taped inside its 200-seat Clive Davis Theater every Monday, Wednesday and Saturd...
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