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Cops Are Trash: Mississippi U.S. Marshal Caught Sucker Punching Handcuffed Suspect On Doorbell Camera

U.S. Marshal in Jackson, Mississippi was caught on a Ring doorbell camera punching handcuffed suspect during a raid and arrest
Tags: News, Jazz, Viral Video, Police Brutality, U.s. Marshals, Jackson Mississippi, SMH, For Your Information, Bolitics, Punching Handcuffed Man

Actor Anthony “AJ” Johnson Of ‘Friday’ And ‘Players Club’ Passes Away At Age 55

'Friday' actor and comedian Anthony "AJ" Johnson was found lifeless inside of a Los Angeles store earlier this month at the age of 55
Tags: News, Los Angeles, Jazz, Johnson, Anthony, SMH, Anthony Johnson, AJ Johnson, R.I.P, For Your Information, Bolitics, Really, Anthony "AJ" Johnson, ` Players Club

Black Ohio Man Finally Free After 21 Years Spent In Prison For Crime That May Have Never Happened

Charges have been dropped against an Ohio man, Ralph Blaine Smith, who served 21 years in jail for a home invasion prosecutors have no evidence occurred.
Tags: Crime, News, Prison, Jazz, Ohio, Arrests, Black Lives Matter, Exonerated, Bolitics, Civil Rights & Social Justice, Black Stories, Ralph Blaine Smith

SMH: Dad Files $1M Lawsuit Against School After Student AND Employee Cut Biracial Daughter’s Hair

In the lawsuit, he alleges racial discrimination, ethnic intimidation, and that his daughter's constitutional rights were violated.
Tags: Lawsuit, News, Lawsuits, Jazz, Hair, Cut, SMH, For Your Information, For Discussion, What The Hell, Bolitics, Really, Biracial

Arguments In Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse’s Murder Trial Set To Begin Tomorrow

KenoshaJudge to hear multiple motions from the prosecution and the defense in Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial today
Tags: News, Shooting, Jazz, Kenosha, SMH, For Your Information, Bolitics, In White Folks News, Kyle Rittenhouse

No Shock There: Investigation Following Elijah McClain’s Death Shows Racial Bias In Aurora Police Department

Aurora Police Department has history of racial bias according to the investigation the ensued following the death of Elijah McClain
Tags: News, Newsletter, Jazz, Black Lives Matter, SMH, Brutality, Aurora Police Department, For Your Information, Bolitics, Race Matters, Elijah McClain

City Of Philadelphia To Pay Rickia Young $2 Million In Damages For Brutal Beating During Summer Of Protest

Rickia Young to be paid $2 million settlement by city of Philadelphia for 2020 police beating during uprising
Tags: News, Jazz, Philadelphia, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter, SMH, Brutality, For Your Information, Bolitics, 2 Million, Rickia Young

Moment 4 Strife: Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At Joy Ann Reid And Meghan McCain After Vaccine “Research” Rant

Nicki Minaj’s anti-vaccine COVID-19 tweets spark reaction from Joy Ann Reid, Meghan McCain and Tucker Carlson
Tags: News, Nicki Minaj, Jazz, Met Gala, Tucker Carlson, SMH, Meghan McCain, Shady, Put on Blast, Anti-vaccine, Out Of Pocket, Bolitics, Joy Ann Reid, Ann Reid, Anti-vax, Anti-vaxx

Dirty Game: Judge Blocks Release Of Alvin Motley’s Shooting Death Video That Shows Security Killing Him Over Loud Music

Shelby County Judge Louis Montesi blocks the public release of the surveillance video that shows a security guard shooting and killing Alvin Motley Jr. over loud music
Tags: News, Shooting, Jazz, Black Lives Matter, Shelby County, SMH, R.I.P, For Your Information, Bolitics, Loud music, Alvin Motley, Alvin Motley Jr, Kroger fuel center, unarmed Black man, Louis Montesi

Racial Profiling And Apple Picking: Connors Farm And Danvers Police Falsely Accuse Black Family Of Stealing 6 Apples

Connors Farm and Danvers, MA police racially profiled a Black couple and falsely accused them of stealing apples while apple picking with their children.
Tags: News, Jazz, SMH, Did You Know, For Your Information, For Discussion, Put on Blast, What The Hell, Out Of Pocket, People Ain't Isht, Bolitics, Race Matters, Really, Get Your Life Together, Connors Farm And Danvers Police, Connors Farm

Sleeping While Black: Rayshard Brooks’ Widow Sues Atlanta, Killer Cops For Shooting, Kicking, And Refusing To Help Him

The widow of Rayshard Brooks, is suing the city of Atlanta and the officers involved in his killing, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan. The suit claims Rolfe refused to offer medical aid to Brooks and kicked him after shooting him twice in the back.
Tags: Crime, News, Shooting, Atlanta, Lawsuits, Jazz, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter, Hate Crimes, Brooks, SMH, Rolfe, Did You Know, For Your Information, For Discussion, People Ain't Isht

F Their Freedom: Howard Stern Mocks Dead Conservative Radio Hosts Who Railed Against COVID-19 Vaccine [Audio]

Howard Stern mocks dead radio hosts who railed against COVID-19 vaccine
Tags: News, Jimmy Kimmel, Jazz, Howard Stern, Bolitics, In White Folks News, Anti-vaxx, COVID-19, Covid-19 Vaccine

No Shock There: Donald Trump Is Sad That Statue Of Racist Robert E. Lee Was Removed In Virginia

Donald Trump releases statement lamenting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia
Tags: News, Virginia, Jazz, Donald Trump, Richmond Virginia, Robert E. Lee, SMH, Bolitics, In White Folks News, Race Matters, Confederate Statues

Whites Are Whiting: Tennessee Man Charged With Attempted Murder Of Black Neighbor Following Racist Confrontation

This should be charged as a hate crime, no? A 61-year-old white man in Clarksville, Tennessee named Steven Andrew Russell has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies according to ClarksvilleNow. Russell was charged with attempted murder, tampering with
Tags: News, Tennessee, Jazz, Hate Crime, Arrests, Hate Crimes, Clarksville Tennessee, SMH, Bolitics, In White Folks News, Race Matters, Steven Andrew Russell, ClarksvilleNow Russell

Dislike: Facebook Apologizes For Artificial Intelligence System “Recognizing” Black Men As Primates In Viral Videos

Facebook apologizes for racist algorithm using news video about Black men to suggest more "primate" videos for users
Tags: Facebook, News, Jazz, Primates, Racist, Black Men, SMH, For Your Information, What The Hell, Bolitics, Race Matters, Really, Racist Algorithm

Conservative Larry Elder Says Slave Owners Deserve Reparations Because “Their Property” Was Taken Away

Larry Elder appears on The Candace Owens Show saying slave owners deserve reparations over confiscated property after Civil War and 13th Amendment
Tags: News, Jazz, Reparations, SMH, Larry Elder, What The Hell, Bolitics, In White Folks News, Race Matters, Really, Candace Owens, Slave Owners, The Candace Owens Show

KKKopping Pleas: Capitol Rioter Known As ‘QAnon Shaman’ Faces 4 Years After Pleading Guilty

Jacob Chansley, known as the 'QAnon Shaman' from the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots, pled guilty to a felony charge and agreed to a 4-year sentence. The former Navy sailor was originally facing 28 years for 6 charges.
Tags: Crime, News, Navy, Kkk, Jazz, Court Case, Arrests, Cry Me A River, SMH, For Your Information, For Your Viewing Pleasure, For Discussion, What The Hell, Out Of Pocket, People Ain't Isht, Bolitics

Get Them ALL: Ex-Brunswick Georgia District Attorney Jackie Johnson Criminally Charged With Obstruction In Ahmaud Arbery Case

Ex-Brunswick prosecutor Jackie Johnson has been criminally indicted for obstruction and violating her oath in Ahmaud Arbery murder case
Tags: News, Jazz, Arrests, Black Lives Matter, Brunswick, SMH, Brunswick Georgia, For Your Information, Shady, Put on Blast, People Ain't Isht, Bolitics, Jackie Johnson, Ahmaud Arbery, Brunswick prosecutor, Gregory McMi

#BlackLivesMatter: 3 Killer Cops And 2 Pathetic Paramedic Indicted In 2019 Police Brutality Death Of Elijah McClain

3 cops and 2 paramedics indicted by grand jury for 2019 police brutality death of Elijah McClain in which he was put in a chokehold and injected with ketamine
Tags: News, Colorado, Jazz, Arrests, Black Lives Matter, Brutality, For Your Information, Bolitics, Race Matters, Elijah McClain, 3 Cops 2 Paramedics, Grand Jury Indictment

#NoDAPL: Obama Administration Rules Dakota Access Pipeline To Be ReRouted

Finally! Dakota Access Pipeline ReRouted Native Americans are celebrating after a federal order was given to reroute the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. As previously reported the people of the Sioux tribe have been vigilantly guarding their sacred Standing
Tags: News, Obama, Jazz, Dakota, SIOUX, For Your Information, Bolitics

Protesters Shut Down KKK Donald Trump Celebration March [Video]

In North Carolina, a KKK march was planned to celebrate Donald Trump winning the presidency. When anti-KKK protesters heard of the shindig, they decided to come out in multitudes. The outcome was the KKK supposedly shutting down their festivities. Kudos.
Tags: Video, News, Entertainment, Viral Videos, Kkk, Jazz, North Carolina, Donald Trump, Bolitics

Trump’s Cabinet: Ben Carson Nominated For Housing And Urban Development Secretary

Ben Carson Nominated For Housing Secretary Looks like Ben Carson will be joining Trump’s cabinet after all! Donald Trump has tapped former neurosurgeon and GOP presidential nominee Ben Carson to lead the HUD reports NY Times. Carson has absolutely
Tags: News, Gop, Jazz, Hud, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Trump, Did You Know, For Your Information, For Discussion, Bolitics, Really

We’ll Miss You: Unemployment Drops To 9-Year Low Under President Obama’s Administration

Unemployment Drops To 9-Year Low Under President Obama Contrary to what the Republicans would have you believe, the American economy has improved since President Obama took office. According to White House reports, unemployment dropped to a 9-year low under the
Tags: News, Obama, White House, Jazz, Did You Know, For Your Information, For Discussion, Bolitics

Retired Corrections Officer Details Being Beaten & Tortured By Police Mistaking His Identity [Video]

Ronald Lanier describes police unlawfully attacking him while shopping at the grocery store in Garden City. Unprovoked, Ronald say the cops snuck up on him, beat him, treated him like a slave without question, and refused to accept he was
Tags: News, Viral Videos, Jazz, Out Of Pocket, Bolitics, Crazy Videos, One-Time

Watch These Ignorant Longtime Trump Supporters Throw Around Outright Lies! [Video]

Trump supporters talk to CNN about false accusations they believe to be true. Alisyn Camerota cannot digest the level of ignorance displayed here.
Tags: News, Entertainment, Cnn, Viral Videos, Jazz, Donald Trump, Trump, Alisyn Camerota, SMH, Bolitics

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Calls Charlamagne The Devil For Befriending Racist Troll Tomi Lahren

Peter Rosenberg Says CThaGod Is “Bad For The Culture” Because Of Friendship With Tomi Lahren We celebrated when “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah eviscerated ignorant blonde “Blaze” host Tomi Lahren for all the world to see… But Tomi has
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Jazz, Trevor Noah, The Breakfast Club, Tomi, Peter Rosenberg, Multi, Tomi Lahren, For Your Information, Hi Hater, Hip-Hop Beef, Put on Blast, Hot 97, Power 105.1, Bolitics

#JoeMcKnight: Witness Says Gasser Screamed At Body “I Told You I Was Going To F*** You Up”

Witness Says Robert Gasser Screamed Violently At Joe McKnight’s Dead Body We are all still collectively enraged, confused and completely incredulous at the events surrounding the road rage murder of former NFL running back Joe McKnight. The man who
Tags: News, Shooting, NFL, Jazz, Gasser, SMH, People Ain't Isht, Ballers, Bolitics, Jesus Take The Wheel

No Pulled Punches: Snoop Dogg Gets At Colin Kaepernick For Hypocritical Castro Support [Video]

Snoop Dogg Addresses Colin Kaepernick’s Hypocrisy For Supporting Fidel Castro Snoop Dogg sat with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports 1’s ‘Undisputed’ to talk Colin Kaepernick and his revolutionary protest. Shannon makes some very valid point about Kaep.
Tags: News, Colin Kaepernick, Viral Videos, Jazz, Shannon Sharpe, Snoop Dogg, Shannon, Fox Sports, Skip Bayless, The Side-eye, Ballers, Bolitics

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