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YG Believes We’re Being Told to Stay Inside Amid Coronavirus Pandemic to Hide New 5G Towers Being Built

YG is the latest celebrity to suggest that there’s a link between 5G wireless network towers and the global coronavirus pandemic. According to the California rapper, government officials all over the world are telling all of us to stay inside so that we are oblivious to the construction of 5G wireless towers … and not because they want us to help slow the spread of COVID-19. YG took to his Instagram stories Saturday (Apr. 4) with his wild conspiracy theory, writing: “They telling us stay in the ...
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Tech Talk :: RE: Suhr Reactive Load IR hum

Author: Suhr Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:20 am (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 3 KH335iCC wrote: Wish somebody would help this gentleman figure out what went wrong. I have ordered mine a few weeks ago, waiting for it to be shipped to the Chinese retailer, and I will be the first one to get it in China, this is an amazing product, and I wish I will not have this same problem then. There is user error someplace but this is not a support forum. Please contact CS from the web...
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Fakt oder fake: Welche Mythen über das Coronavirus sind wahr?

Travelers wearing face masks at Bogota’s El Dorado airport in :Bogota, Colombia, on March 12, 2020. President of Colombia Ivan Duque has declared on Thursday 12th a health emergency to avoid the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the measures include a restriction on large gatherings larger than 500 people and prison visits, football matches will proceed behind closed doors, suspension of transit and disembarking cruise ships. (Photo by Diego Cuevas/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Di...
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Kentucky Resident Who Attended “Coronavirus Party” Defying Social Distancing Orders Now Has Coronavirus

A group of young adults in Kentucky hosted a “coronavirus party” to defy orders from state and federal officials to socially distance, and now one of them has tested positive for coronavirus, Governor Andy Beshear said Tuesday (Mar. 24). Andy Beshear said the partygoers intentionally gathered “thinking they were invincible” and purposely defying guidance from state and federal officials to practice social distancing. “This is one that makes me mad,” the governor said. “We have to be much better ...
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Ich war in der Selbst-Isolation mit einem Mann, den ich erst zwei Wochen datete

Vor ungefähr einem Monat hatte ich ein Hinge-Date. Unser erstes Treffen ging 22 Stunden. Eigentlich wollten wir uns nur auf einen Drink treffen. Aber daraus wurden schnell mehrere. Und nachdem wir die Nacht zusammen verbracht hatten, gingen wir am nächsten Tag gemeinsam Frühstücken und erkundeten dann noch die Stadt zusammen. Man könnte also sagen: Unsere Beziehung war von Anfang an recht unkonventionell. Zwei Wochen später hatte er dann so einen komischen Husten. Damals war COVID-19 abe...
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Long Beach band Wargirl’s European tour cut short amid worsening pandemic

Months ago, up-and-coming Long Beach band Wargirl mapped out a 14-performance tour that included stops in England, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As it turned out, however, the eclectic indie band flew unwittingly into the heart of a pandemic. As the band’s shifting itinerary crisscrossed Europe this month, the novel coronavirus outbreak worsened with each passing day. The stunning scenario in Italy — the country hit hardest by the outbreak outside China with 20,000 cases and early 2,...
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What is Mongolian throat slinging?

I was in college the first time I heard throat singing. A friend, who was then enrolled at the Berklee College of Music, had learned of a bitonal chanting technique from Mongolia and spent months trying to master it before attempting a demonstration one night over dinner. What resulted was a chorus of grunts sounding from a quickly reddening face. It was a far cry from the Youtube clip we pulled up after, which featured a throat singer belting guttural yet smooth, almost vibrational, harmonie...
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Italy’s Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps by 368 to Over 1,800 in Just One Day, Setting New 24-Hour Record

Italy on Sunday (Mar. 15) reported its biggest one-day increase in the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths, according to multiple credible news agencies. The Associated Press reported that Italy recorded nearly 3,600 new cases and 368 deaths in one 24-hour period, as announced Sunday by Italy’s Civil Protection chief Angelo Borelli. In total, Italy has confirmed over 24,000 cases and more than 1,800 deaths. The country, which has been on lockdown since last week, reports that nearly 2,000...
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How to make money on Douyin

Douyin is China’s TikTok and is huge among China’s youth population, with over 400 million users. We can help get your music on the platform and earn revenue every time your track is used. Douyin and TikTok are the largest social media platforms in the world right now, with TikTok alone boasting an incredible 1.5 billion users. We can help you capitalize on that, by publishing your music on TikTok and Douyin. Much like Instagram stories, creators can use your music and for each play you’...
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When the Show Must Go On, Even Amid a Coronavirus Outbreak

Learning to perform without live audiences, or sometimes even theaters, as artists adapt to trying circumstances.
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Coronavirus Patient From China Went to North Star Mall in San Antonio for 2 Hours Before Returning to Quarantine

A woman who evacuated Wuhan, China and tested positive for the coronavirus in San Antonio, Texas was released from quarantine over the weekend after federal officials believed she was in the clear. However, officials said Monday (Mar. 2) in a news conference that the woman was returned to isolation after testing “weakly positive” for the virus, and while she was out of treatment for around 12 hours, she went to a local mall and hotel. According to officials, the woman met the criteria for releas...
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BTS Cancels Seoul Concert Series as South Korea Grapples With Coronavirus Outbreak

(SEOUL, South Korea) — K-pop superstars BTS canceled an upcoming concert series in South Korea’s capital as the country that exports entertainment worldwide tries to contain a soaring virus outbreak. It follows a near-shutdown of entertainment in hard-hit parts of China, the world’s second-biggest economy and second-biggest box-office market. BTS, which performed at the Grammys and at New York’s Grand Central Terminal for “The Tonight Show” in recent weeks, is seen as an emblem of South Kor...
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DC’s National Symphony Cancels The Rest Of Its Asia Tour

Three weeks ago, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the orchestra cancelled three concert dates in China that were part of a planned eight-concert tour of East Asia March 3-12. Now the orchestra has withdrawn from the remaining five dates, all in Japan. – The Washington Post
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China Mac – “The Arrival”

Rising Hip Hop artist China Mac releases his new highly anticipated single titled “The Arrival“. 
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Why The Coronavirus Isn’t A Pandemic

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Darko Bandic/AP/Shutterstock (10566897b) A health worker wears protective suit at the infectious disease clinic in Zagreb, Croatia, where the first coronavirus case in Croatia is hospitalized, . Croatia confirmed its first case of coronavirus in a man who had been to Milan, the capital of Lombardy, Italy Virus Outbreak, Zagreb, Croatia – 25 Feb 2020 Since coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, it has taken over headlines. And with a...
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The Opera Database: Find Scores, Libretti & Synopses for Thousands of Operas Free Online

It’s not especially hard to get inexpensive tickets to the opera if you live in, say, New York. But it’s not so easy if you live hundreds of miles from a major opera house. Opera’s rarity, however, does not make it a “more elevated” form than, say, musical theater, argues Anthony Tommasini in The New York Times. Musicals may have market share, and opera may barely sustain itself from a dwindling pool of private donors, but the comic operas of Mozart once played broadly to mass audiences, “and t...
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Boldy James – “Surf & Turf” (Feat. Vince Staples) Video

The Detroit rapper Boldy James has been making stark, dead-eyed street-life music for a long time now; we put him in our old Mixtape Of The Week column way back in 2012. A couple of weeks ago, Boldy James released The Price Of Tea In China, a truly excellent new album produced entirely … More »
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Is NetEase Music safe?

NetEase Music is one of China’s big three in streaming, with over 800 million users. Is the streaming service safe for users and artists? China’s restricted and monitored internet has sparked much controversy over the last few years, but is your information safe on NetEase? We never ask for or send any of your personal information to our partner stores. We only require your music, metadata and a PayPal email address to safely send revenue directly to. As for NetEase’s users, the service is...
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UK’s 2021 work visa for European DJs, musicians poses challenge to cultural exchange

Europe’s cultural integration has made it an oasis for electronic music and music exchange. That makes new hard-line British policy a potential setback. The bright spot: by announcing the policy now, and introducing legislation, there is an opportunity for examination and (hopefully) change, before the policy becomes law. Updated: already, here’s one action for change. The Musicians’ Union is fighting for a passport for artists. You can add your name to the petition and, if you choose, don...
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Who made and owns TikTok?

With 1.5 billion users, this makes TikTok the most popular social media app in the world right now, but who owns the short form video sharing app and is your personal information on the app safe? TikTok is the number one (non-gaming) app in the world, but the app largely remains a mystery to those outside of Gen Z. After the death of Vine in 2016, ByteDance were quick to fill the void with a similar short form video app, largely focused around lip-syncing. Chinese company ByteDance, ...
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Miff Mole: Miffology

The jazz trumpet dates back to Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. The saxophone can be traced to Sidney Bechet and Frankie Trumbauer. And the piano dates back to Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton. As for the jazz trombone, it starts with Miff Mole. [Photo above of Miff Mole] Mole is arguably the pioneer of the solo jazz trombone style. Born in New York in 1898, Mole began on the piano and switched to trombone at age 15. A member of the Original Memphis Five, founded in 1917 by pianist Phil ...
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Cómo subir mi música a QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo, Xiami y Xiaomi gratuitamente y hacer dinero al mismo tiempo

RouteNote se ha asociado con Kanijan el cual distribuye a las principales tiendas en línea y servicios de streaming en China (Incluyendo QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo, Xiami y Xiaomi). Simplemente dirígete a la sección “My Content” , selecciona tu lanzamiento que quieras editar y añade a Kanijan como una Tienda Asociada y da en guardar.  Esto está disponible para todos los artistas de RouteNote tanto en las versiones gratuitas como Premium. Estamos seguros que Netease es uno de los jugadores clav...
Tags: Music, China, Xiaomi, NetEase, QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo, How To / Support / FAQs, China Incluyendo QQ Music Kugou Kuwo Xiami, una Tienda Asociada

Cómo subir tu música a Netease gratuitamente y hacer dinero

RouteNote se ha asociado con Kanijan los cuales trabajan con Netease Music para que los artistas de RouteNote estén disponibles en sus servicios los cuales son utilizados por más de 100 millones escuchas activos chinos mensualmente.  Simplemente dirígete a las sección My Content, selecciona tu lanzamiento que quieras editar y añade a Kanijan como un Store Partner y dale en guardar.  Este servicio está disponible para todos los artistas en RouteNote tanto en uñetas gratuitas como en Premiu...
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As Virus Tightens Grip on China, the Art World Feels the Squeeze

Movie theaters have closed, art fairs have been canceled and orchestra performances called off as the epidemic has curtailed travel and foot traffic on the mainland and beyond.
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Cómo hacer dinero de tu música en más de 30 tiendas y servicios de streaming chinos gratuitamente.

Con RouteNote puedes distribuir y monetizar tu música en las tiendas y servicios de streaming en China a través de Kanijan y subir tu música completamente gratis.  Kanjian es el hogar más grande de música independiente en el continente asiático, ya que tienen más de un millón de canciones, 5,000 disqueras y más de 40,000 artistas. Estamos seguros que sabes que en RouteNote puedes subir tu música a las mejores tiendas como iTunes, Spotify y Tidal gratuitamente, pero probablemente  no sepas qu...
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In quarantined China, concerts and clubs are going online as a safe place to meet

Even in the capital Beijing, once-crowded streets are now empty, as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak forces people at home. The solution for live musicians: turn to streaming. Streaming was already a popular hangout for Chinese musicians and artists across the region, before the viral shutdown of public space. That already included experimental artists looking to reach one another in their niche. The difference is, now online interaction in China is essential because people are effectively...
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Rock Me Amadeus: Will The 2021 Cadillac Escalade Have The Chops?

As the 2021 Cadillac Escalade prepares to enter the market, the shoes to fill are big.For over 20 years, the Cadillac SUV has served as a status symbol and cultural icon.Engineers and designers were specific in their approach, especially with the interior.Super Cruise, an OLED display, and a Night Vision system are among the tech features. One of the biggest curve balls: a Duramax turbo-diesel engine will be available for 2021. did you know Escalade is a reference to...
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Boldy James & Alchemist Are Back in the Kitchen on ‘The Price Of Tea In China’

Featuring Benny the Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, and more.
Tags: China, Albums, Jazz, Alchemist, Boldy James, Boldy James amp, Benny the Butcher Freddie Gibbs

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