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Lady thoughts

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but all of our things are shit..

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Lady thoughts

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deep dark fears

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Ponder about it..

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The Church..we trust!

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Lady thoughts

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Snek is life and life is pointless.

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The Latest Celebrity Autopsies on Tape: Five Comic Books that Deserve a Film Adaptation

Since Generation X filmmakers came of age, comic books have been the driving narrative force behind every other piece of media in existence. Black Panther won three Oscars and Marvel’s overall box office take makes it wealthier than some continents. Unfortunately, as happened in the 1990s, the marketplace is becoming saturated with product of questionable merit. While the aforementioned Black Panther is a good movie in its own right, there are things like Suicide Squad that dilute the genre. Not...
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Love and Politics Go Awry in James Sturm's 'Off Season'

None Three things I strongly suspect are true about graphic novelist James Sturm: he is or has been married, he has kids, he doesn't have a dog head. Of the three, I'm least certain of the last. I also really, really hope he didn't vote for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton in 2016, but honestly I have no idea. The latter comment is oddly central to Off Season, a graphic novel set in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, which both frames and represents the marital turmoil of...
Tags: Comics, Music, Florida, Review, US, Book Review, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Hillary, George W Bush, Barry, Clinton, Al Gore, Suzie, Jill Stein, Sturm

THE BUREAU: Part Twelve, "Conclusion" — with My Experience Giving Up Alcohol (and Kickstarter for a Print Copy)

Greetings - The Bureau has now concluded. I'd like to thank you for reading. (and Boing Boing for the serialization) Catch up on all twelve installments here. It's 6:30pm and your day is officially complete. Here is your playlist for the final episode, "Your Heart Sings" Would you like a copy of the book? The Bureau is now on Kickstarter. Here's the video for the campaign — includes some scenes of Harry's Loft, my recording space in Austin, where the music for the series was recorded. This c...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, News, Austin, Kickstarter, Comic, Donald Trump, Bureau, Ethan Persoff, Thebureau

Rikke Villadsen's Idiosyncratic 'The Sea' Sets the Imagination Adrift

None As much as I enjoy US and UK comics, some of the best English-language work is coming from other countries right now. Certainly Drawn & Quarterly and Koyama Press have proven Canada's oversized presence, and though Fantagraphics is stationed in Seattle (which is sort of Canada?), some of their most exciting releases feature international authors. This month Fantagraphics debuted Danish artist 's first English-language comic, The Sea. Though I would be content to read a translation of a w...
Tags: Comics, Music, UK, Review, US, Canada, Denmark, Seattle, North Sea, Fantagraphics, The Sea, Koyama Press, Graphic fiction, Rikke Villadsen, Villadsen

Michael DeForge's 'Brat' Challenges the Act of Reading Comics

None Sometimes I think I'm reading Michael DeForge the wrong way. His Instagram strip, Leaving Richard's Valley, is coming out as a book collection from Drawn & Quarterly soon, but I'm catching up on Brat, released last fall from Koyama Press. It's a story of an aging celebrity, a former juvenile delinquent renowned for acts of vandalism as art installations. She's still appreciated by her now middle-aged followers. But I'm not sure "story" is the best word to describe these graphic narratives....
Tags: Comics, Music, Review, South Park, Book Review, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Charles Schultz, Richard, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Valley, Brat, Koyama, Michael DeForge, DeForge

THE BUREAU: Part Eleven, "Your Supervisor Disintegrates" — with a Gysin Dream Machine, an Altman Brain Machine, and Other Hallucinatory Hardware

Aloha, Office Participant! This is the second to last installment of the Bureau series. Today has you pondering life's meaning. Meditation is a helpful way to consider our role in the world and find deeper connections and ideas. Regrettably, the modern world is very loud and tangentially distracting, particularly with notification-driven devices. A long attention span to properly meditate can be very difficult to achieve. Let's begin by pressing play to enjoy some kaleidoscopic peace of mind: ...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, Technology, Hardware, News, Austin, Brain, David, Comic, Marseilles, Mitch, Sxsw, Bureau, Adafruit, Brion Gysin

Nathan Gelgud's 'A House in the Jungle' Plays with Perception

None A recluse grows addictively hallucinatory pineapples in a jungle near a small but expanding town where he sells them through an organic supermarket in order to pay a guru to transport him to the world of his visions. While that plot may sound plenty odd, it only touches the surface oddity of Nathan Gelgud's graphic novel, A House in the Jungle. There are also inexplicable bags of garbage and then dead dogs that appear on the reclusive Daniel's property—which technically isn't his property,...
Tags: Comics, Music, Review, Book Review, House, Daniel, Daniels, Koyama Press, Nathan Gelgud, Nathan gelgus, A house in the jungle, Gelgud

THE BUREAU: Part Ten, "Your Death" — with a Turing Machine, Bouncing Ball Envelope, and Other Randomized Voltage

Greetings - It's 2019! Let's hope this new set of twelve months is one of good random events to offset the odd occurrences of 2018. Two installments remain in your day at The Bureau, and today you end on Death. This is a random event, though explainable, based on the narrative path of the last few hours. An ending is just one of two possible variables, the other being a continuation. In computer terms, this is a binary decision between ones and zeroes, which often means true or false, or yes...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, News, Digital, Manchester, Brighton, Comic, Alan Turing, Turing, Bureau, Tom, DMC, PCB, Tom Whitwell, Computing Machinery and Intelligence

THE BUREAU: Part Nine, "Your Sandwich Speaks!" — with SBaGen-based Digital Drugs for New Year's Eve

Happy Upcoming New Year. The Bureau is a story focused on how we spend our time on this planet, and following this weekend is the annual clock reset for most countries locked on Pope Gregory's calendar: New Year's Eve. To help set the mood properly, here's a little Alan Watts: Now Alan's getting a little deep here, but questioning time's absolute definition is a nice thing to consider. Of course, mind-shifting substances can help with these perceptions. Drugs, used responsibly and with purpo...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, News, Drugs, Comic, Alan, Bureau, Todd, Jim Peters, Alan Watts, Pope Gregory, Thebureau, Sbagen, Digital Drugs

'The Best American Comics 2018' Beautifully Showcases the Diversity and Creativity of the Medium

"When it comes to art there is nothing more limiting than only valuing work that gives you more of what you already know you like." - Bill Kartalopoulos"Looking toward the blurry future, I'll bet that comics as a medium will influence our changing definitions of literature and film, and we will start to see hybrid forms develop. Cartoonists, as masters of both words and pictures, are likely to be amongst the innovators and authors of future forms of storytelling." - Phoebe GloecknerThe 13th ins...
Tags: Comics, Music, Review, Book Review, North America, Guy Delisle, Ferris, Phoebe Gloeckner, Fantagraphics, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Bill Kartalopoulos, Gloeckner, Emil Ferris, Geof Darrow, Gabrielle Bell, Best American Comics

THE BUREAU: Part Eight, "The Bombing of Building Number Four"

Welcome back to The Bureau. The Bureau is a complete soundtrack of a nine hour day at your job, beginning at 8:55am. Each music track is paired with a comic book panel. If new to story, a few highlights from the first seven installments: A Buzzing Supply Cabinet at 9:19 An Introduction to Your Job Responsibilities at 10:32 A Peaceful Napkin Dispenser at 11:26 A Bold Clarinet Performance at 11:47 Revelry at 12:38 Rainfall at 1:27 Psychic Brain Attack at 2:25 Today: A Helicopter Ride at 3:42 Here'...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, News, Comic, Bureau, Thebureau

Graphic Fiction 'Roaming Foliage' Digs into the Undergrowth

None It's difficult to describe the exceptional weirdness of Patrick Kyle's Roaming Foliage. For once, the adjective "unique" is accurate. I've literally never read anything like it. Explaining why that's such a wonderful thing -- not just for Kyle but for comics generally -- will take some explaining. First, consider the physical book. It's the height of a standard graphic novel (picture anything from Marvel, DC, Image, etc.), but it's oddly wider—which, for me, recalls the dimensions of a ch...
Tags: Art, Comics, Music, Review, Fantasy, Book Review, House, Calvin, Kyle, Hobbes, Koyama, Wile E Coyote, Koyama Press, Patrick Kyle, Graphic fiction, Nathan Gelgud

THE BUREAU: Part Seven, "Lockdown in the Building, News of an Active Shooter Near the Cafeteria" — with Mr Quintron's Circuit-Bent Guitars

Welcome back to The Bureau. This week will be a holiday segment. Above the fold you'll see this week's comic and playlist, and you can catch up here on the current story. While the main office building gets covered in gasoline and the intruders pounce upon The Brain, we're reminded of this time of year and the basic need of giving thanks and appreciations. Part of this series has been to acknowledge electronic instruments that impact our lives positively. We've already highlighted the work of ...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, News, Chicago, Austin, Mtv, New York Times, Comic, New Orleans, Radio Shack, Denver, Musical instruments, WFMU, VCA, North Avenue

THE BUREAU: Part Six, The History of Telepathic Infant-Based Mind Control of U.S. Presidents

Welcome back to The Bureau, a weekly series on Boing Boing that pairs a comics story with an electronic music soundtrack. Each panel is timed to occur in real-time, covering an entire day at your job. If you're new to the story, please check in with your manager, as you'll want to catch up on an eventful morning of work. You clocked in at 8:59am, then dealt with a vending machine at 10:28am. You were assessed on your collating at 10:58am, then saw a vision of Abraham Lincoln at 12:03pm. Follow...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, Hollywood, News, White House, Best, New York Times, Comic, Radio Shack, Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick, Bell Labs, Harry Truman, Fdr, Bureau

THE BUREAU: Part Five, "The President Has Been Shot!" — with an RF Nomad Shortwave Radio Receiver

Welcome back to The Bureau, a weekly comics and audio series on Boing Boing that pairs an electronics music soundtrack with timestamped comic book panels — telling you a story of a single day at your job. If new to the story, your day began early, first clocking in at 8:55am. You were forced to make a decision at 10:18am, then had an outstanding sandwich at 11:14am, and heard a loud shot of gunfire at 12:34pm. This week greets you with reaction to the news. It appears the President has been shot...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, Texas, News, Fcc, Radio, Comic, Secret Service, Bureau, Moog, TV Radio, Thebureau, Shortwave Radio, Russ Hoffman

THE BUREAU: Part Four, "The Appearance and Assassination of President Jung Thug"

Each week of The Bureau has an electronic music soundtrack for each panel. Here is this week's playlist: On the subject of Killing Thug President Thug, is of course, a work of complete fiction. Born under the harsh unloving glare of his father, Slumlord Sigmund "Fred" Thug, young Jung grew up covered in money but without the nurturing warmth that many humans require for sustainable organ function. Subsequently, at age five Jung's heart collapsed. This was an emergency situation where the na...
Tags: Feature, Comics, Music, Hollywood, News, United States, Comic, Bureau, Jung, Gremlin, Thebureau, Jung Thug, Sigmund Fred Thug

THE BUREAU: Part Three, "Assessing Others" — with a Metasonix D-2000 Vacuum Tube Drum Machine

Welcome back to The Bureau, a story told to you in real-time, through comics and electronic music. Each comics panel has a corresponding music track. If you press play on this week's soundtrack at 10:53am, you'll find music to follow your experience through 11:39am. Previous installments had you clocking in at 8:55am, and receiving an announcement at 10:03am. Here's this week's playlist: The music for this week is largely built on Metasonix modules, particularly the D-2000 drum machine. Addi...
Tags: Apple, Feature, Comics, Music, News, Berlin, Chicago, Comic, Electronic Music, Jack Kirby, Musical instruments, Bureau, Korg, Synthesizers, Susan, Eric

THE BUREAU: Part Two, "The President Is Visiting at Noon!" — with Soma's Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer

The Bureau is a comics and music project that tells you a story in real-time. If you missed the first post last week, you have clocked in late. The posts appear here on Boing Boing at the time of day the story is occurring, with a timed soundtrack, covering electronic music for every comics panel. This is Part Two. View all Bureau installments Here is this week's playlist. Press play at 10:03am: FEATURED ITEM: THE LYRA-8 ORGANISMIC SYNTHESIZER Each week we'll also be spotlighting instrumen...
Tags: Europe, Feature, Comics, Music, News, Russia, Comic, Poland, Moscow, Soma, Bureau, Vlad, Lyra, Organismic, Vlad Kreimer, Thebureau

Welcome to THE BUREAU - A Story Told in Comics and Electronic Music. PART ONE: "Clocking In and Sitting Down"

THE BUREAU is a story, told to you in real time, through comics and modular/electronic music. Each comics panel has a corresponding music track, timed to match the indicated time clock in each panel. INSTRUCTIONS: The Bureau can played at any time, day or night, but for maximum entertainment, press play at 8:55am on the playlist below. Be sure to clock in a 8:59, The music will follow along, including your trip down the hallway at 9:09, your encounter with the supply cabinet at 9:19am, and an ...
Tags: Feature, Post, Comics, Music, News, Comic, Bureau, Thebureau

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