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7 Highlighter Sticks To Try If You Love Glossier's Haloscope

When Glossier first launched in 2014, no one really cared about minimalism — at least, millennials weren't talking about it yet. Then, the straight-to-consumer beauty brand began to redefine what it meant to want a less-is-more look. And while Glossier fans love the all-purpose balm and tinted brow gel, it was the sweat-in-a-stick highlighter, Haloscope, that secured the first cult-like following for the brand.What about this highlighter stick is so special? What does it do that the hundreds up...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York City, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Sephora, Elizabeth Holmes, Westman, Gucci Westman, Haloscope, Sephora Makeup, Violet Grey Similar, Chanel Baume Essentiel

The Real Reason Elizabeth Holmes Always Wears Dark Eye Makeup

Elizabeth Holmes' face is everywhere right now: on the front page of newspapers, in tabloids, shown alongside press coverage of the two documentaries and full-length biopic that will soon make the now-disgraced Theranos founder even more inescapable.When someone is dominating the news cycle to the extent that Holmes is right now, it's hard not to take a closer look at the way they style themselves for public consumption. In Holmes' case, that means black turtlenecks, dyed blonde hair, and a Fre...
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Lady Gaga Is Bringing Pink Eyeshadow Back In A Big Way

When it comes to eyeshadow and eye makeup, celebrities are getting real comfortable with the unexpected. Over the past year alone, we've seen unlikely shades like yellow, green, blue, and even red pop up on red carpets with the nonchalance of just another been-there-done-that smokey eye. Now, it seems that pink is making a major comeback. One quick glance at Lady Gaga 's glam meets dreamy makeup look of petal-pink eyeshadow studded with dainty rhinestones is all the proof we need.As with any bo...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, London, Bbc, Kylie Jenner, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Collins, Elizabeth Holmes, Cardi, Hale, Boynton, Bobbi Brown, JO Baker, Lily Collins, Lucy Hale

Is A Strong Community The Secret To Success For Female Founders?

Women might be starting business in record numbers, but they are still struggling to raise money at the same rate as men. According to a 2018 study from PitchBook, companies with female founders only received 2.3 percent of venture capital last year. There's a lot of work to be done to even the playing field for women entrepreneurs, but there are a growing number of organizations trying to fix this problem. Rebecca Minkoff, co-founder and creative director of her eponymous clothing line, starte...
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Aidy Bryant's Shrill Looks Had To Be Custom-Made Because Plus Fashion Is A "Dead Zone"

Aidy Bryant’s wardrobe in the new Hulu series Shrill is full of fun, feminine, and bright pieces — that you won’t find anywhere online.“Almost everything I wear they made from scratch,” Bryant said during a recent talk with Charlotte Zoller, senior social media strategist at plus-size fashion brand Eloquii.The talk was captured on Bryant’s Instagram stories, and she pointed out that the above-the-knee sequin show-stopping dress from episode 3 and another red frock from the show are among the cu...
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Cleared Of Allegations Of Inappropriate Conduct By FOX & NatGeo

Update: Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been cleared of allegations of inappropriate conduct by FOX and NatGeo, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. His respective shows on the two networks, Cosmos and Star Talk, will return to the air."The investigation is complete, and we are moving forward with both StarTalk and Cosmos," FOX and Nat Geo said in a statement. " StarTalk will return to the air with the remaining 13 episodes in April on National Geographic, and both FOX and National Geograph...
Tags: Facebook, Fashion, Music, Fox, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Watson, Pluto, National Geographic, Elizabeth Holmes, Nat Geo, Bucknell University, Tyson, American Astronomical Society, Cosmos, Patheos, Ashley Watson

The New $5 Mousse That Is Giving Our Curls LIFE

Branded - Pantene: ShortCuts - Curl Mousse If you're anything like us, you have a running list saved IG folder of all the latest celeb-approved hair trends you've been dying to try. (Rhinestone bobby pins, anyone?) And while there are plenty of variables we can't control when testing out a bold new look (humidity, rain — we're looking at you), we can control the products we use to maximize our curls. Our most recent drugstore fave? Pantene Curl Mousse, a cloud-like styling foam that def...
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You Won't Believe How Much Elizabeth Holmes Has Changed

Once upon a time, Elizabeth Holmes was America's youngest self-made female billionaire and the head of biotech company Theranos, which promised new blood-testing procedures that would revolutionize health care. But, beginning in 2015, the cracks in Holmes' tech empire and veneer of prestige started to show, with reports trickling out that the level of technology she championed was "exaggerated" at best. In 2018, Holmes was formally indicted on charges of fraud, and now faces upwards of 20 years...
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The Wigs & Extensions Celebrity Hairstylists Actually Use

We can't be the only ones who saw Solange on the cover of When I Get Home and thought, I want her hair. The soft waves falling down her back ignited our celebrity hair envy, and it wasn't the first time. For years, we've lusted after all kinds of styles, from floor-grazing braids to mid-length lobs. But recently, we realized it's easy to get all the looks we love IRL, because the celebrity secret to amazing hair — which is not so secret, really — is weave. We're talking bundles and bundles of e...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Danai Gurira, Brazil, Solange, Kylie Jenner, Dorsey, Elizabeth Holmes, Kendall, TSD, East India, Sturdivant Drew, Kendall Dorsey, Kerry Washington Jessica WilliamsThe, Chris AppletonThe, Jennifer Lopez Kim

Is Kylie Jenner Bringing Kendall Into Her Makeup Dynasty? — Here's What We Know

There's no pumping the brakes for Kylie Jenner and her billion-dollar makeup empire. Just off officially reaching seven figures and dropping a product expansion at Ulta stores, Jenner has hinted that there are more exciting launches on the way for Kylie Cosmetics.Recently, the mogul went live on Instagram to answer some of her followers' questions. When one follower asked, "Can we also get a collab with Kendall?" she made the shh gesture with her finger, winked at the camera, and explained why...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Estee Lauder, Kylie Jenner, Jenner, Elizabeth Holmes, Kim Kardashian West, Kylie, Colton, Kendall, Kardashian Jenner, Ulta, Kendall Kylie, Kylie Cosmetics, Nordstrom Kylie

The One Thing You Never Noticed About Elizabeth Holmes' Look

Between not one, but two upcoming documentaries, the podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie, an adaptation of the bestselling book about her rise and fall, the entire world can't stop talking about Elizabeth Holmes.Many questions have been posed about the woman behind the once-famed, now-infamous biotech company Theranos — including why she always wears that turtleneck, why she really talks like that, and her dog Balto's well-being. But just as important to her image as the Ste...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, France, New York City, Cher, Elizabeth Holmes, Holmes, Colton, Michael Christian, Orly, WWD, Larry Busacca Getty, Yonkers New York

Hannah B. Gets Real About Having Acne On The Bachelor

Hannah Brown has come a long way from her painfully awkward one-on-one date with Colton Underwood. The beauty queen turned Bachelorette, who started the season saying she was obsessed with "being perfect," is finally letting her guard down for cameras. And the result is some of the most refreshingly honest moments in the show's history — starting with her acne struggle.In a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, the 24-year-old revealed she recently went on Accutane, a powerful and controversial...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Elizabeth Holmes, Don, Brown, Colton, HANNAH, Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, Alastin, Colton Underwood

Bachelorette Hannah B. Gets Real About Having Acne On The Show

Hannah Brown has come a long way from her painfully awkward one-on-one date with Colton Underwood. The beauty queen turned Bachelorette, who started the season saying she was obsessed with "being perfect," is finally letting her guard down for cameras. And the result is some of the most refreshingly honest moments in the show's history — starting with her acne struggle.In a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, the 24-year-old revealed she recently went on Accutane, a powerful and controversial...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Elizabeth Holmes, Don, Brown, Colton, Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, Alastin, Colton Underwood

Meet William Singer, The Ringleader At The Center Of The College Bribery Scandal

There's a new Billy McFarland in town, and his name is William Singer. Today, news broke of a $25 million nationwide college-acceptance fraud scandal, implicating at least 33 parents (among them, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, a famous fashion designer, and prominent real estate investors and CEOs); nine coaches at Yale, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest, and Georgetown; two exam administrators; one exam proctor; one college administrator; and three people who organized the operation.At the cente...
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You Can Now Get Hulu For Free With Spotify Premium

We didn't think last year's Spotify-Hulu deal could get any better, just did. Starting today, you can now get ad-supported Hulu for free with your Spotify Premium account, all for $9.99 per month. That means tons of podcasts, 40 million songs, and more than 85,000 episodes of TV, movies, and original content.If you're new to both services, you can sign up for the new offer here and get the first 30 days for free, after which you'll be billed $9.99 per month. And if you already have Spo...
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How To Wear Blazers Like Our Instagram Crush Nnenna Echem

You know them well: Those people whose Instagram feeds are on point, all the time. Their aesthetic is so cohesive that when you see their photos, you immediately recognize them. And whether that's thanks to a certain filter or their unmistakable style, it leaves you double-tapping again and again. With our new column, Shop The Aesthetic , we're unpacking everything you need to get the look of your favorite social media star. Consider this a recipe for Insta-success.If Nnenna Echem looks familia...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Instagram, Calvin Klein, Solange, Elizabeth Holmes, Nnenna Echem, Nnenna, Those Black Turtlenecks?How Black Cowboys

I Have $90K In Student Loan Debt & I’m Struggling To Pay It All Back

This week's episode of Money Diaries: The Podcast is a really tough one. Our caller is not spending $300 a month on wine or lamenting the fact that her husband doesn't want to take a beach vacation. Alex is 29 and has $90,000 in student-loan debt. She's also woefully underemployed, helping to care for her disabled mother, and doesn't see a future where she's earning enough money to make a dent in her debt."It was kind of embarrassing and shameful," Alex says of her ballooning debt. "But we have...
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What Was Elizabeth Holmes Trying To Prove With Those Black Turtlenecks?

Elizabeth Holmes is the subject of not one but two documentaries, new podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie (Adam McKay’s big-screen adaptation of Bad Blood, the bestselling book about her rise and fall by The Wall Street Journal ’s John Carreyrou). The face behind the once-famed biotech company Theranos first came into the public eye after Carreyrou drew attention to the holes in her blood-testing start-up and essentially proved that Holmes had lied about its true capabilitie...
Tags: Apple, Fashion, Music, Jennifer Lawrence, Steve Jobs, Calvin Klein, Solange, Wall Street Journal, Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, Adam Mckay, Issey Miyake, Holmes, JP Yim Getty Images, Theranos Holmes, John Carreyrou

The Jonas Brothers' Glow-Up Was Worth The Wait

On October 30, 2013, the Jonas Brothers broke the news to Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts that they were breaking up the band. Now, nearly six years later, the trio — Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas — is officially back with a brand-new single. After the midnight drop late last night (or early this morning), the world is abuzz with the potential upcoming tour and that star-studded music video.As excited as we are for what's to come, it's hard not to feel nostalgic, especially considering h...
Tags: Europe, Fashion, Music, Mtv, Broadway, NICK, Nickelodeon, Elizabeth Holmes, Joe, Priyanka Chopra, Kevin, Robin Roberts, Recording Academy, DNCE, Jonas Brothers, Nick Joe

Definitive Proof That Solange Is The Beauty Icon We Don't Deserve

Solange is a lot of things: daughter, mother, wife, singer, artist, actress, director. But on that list should be one more title: beauty icon. With the singer's latest album drop upon us, we figured it was time to celebrate the fact that, without Solange, we'd lose our will to try some of the most boundary-breaking looks... and we have photographic proof.Whether she's making a statement with a new hair color or avant-garde eyeshadow, the star is hitting the top of our lists for one reason: She ...
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Selena Gomez's Mysterious Foot Tattoo Finally Gets The Instagram Post It Deserves

Selena Gomez might've gone on a social media hiatus last year, but the former queen of Instagram is officially back to giving fans what they want (read: regular content). Unfortunately, Gomez isn't here to tease the third season of 13 Reasons Why, but she did just announce a musical collaboration with Benny Blanco, Tainy, and J Balvin called "I Can't Get Enough. "While some people might see Gomez's latest photo and notice what seems to be the world's largest pillow (by the way, where can we buy...
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See How This Restorative Treatment Is Made — & Why It's So Good

Branded - How Stuff Is Made: Pantene Ever wonder how some of your fave beauty products are made? Us too, which is why we stopped by Pantene 's labs in Mason, Ohio to get all the deets on how our latest obsession — the brand's new Intense Rescue Shots — came to be. Because, after all, there's a lot you can't tell just from looking at the shiny, finished product up on shelves. Find out exactly how they make the tiny, restorative treatment so good in the video above.Like what you see? How ab...
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This Is What Elizabeth Holmes Looked Like Before She Was Elizabeth Holmes

Before Forbes pronounced her the world's youngest self-made billionaire, before the bombshell story in the Wall Street Journal, before she faced up to 20 years in prison for massive fraud and conspiracy, and even before she purchased a Siberian husky for several thousand dollars and then told everyone he was a wolf (adopt, don't shop), Elizabeth Holmes was a 25-year-old Stanford dropout with a visionary idea, a bizarre fixation on Steve Jobs, and a mousy brown bob.A decade ago, as a series of v...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Steve Jobs, Stanford, Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Holmes, Forbes, Issey Miyake, University of British Columbia, Holmes, Bernie Madoff

So — Is Theranos Still Around?

Lately, Elizabeth Holmes and her biotech company, Theranos, have been on the minds of many.The bizarre story — which has been transformed into a book, a documentary, a podcast, and, soon, a feature film — continues to shock people around the globe. And many are wondering: What's going on with Theranos today?The blood-testing company, which at one time was valued at over $9 billion, officially closed in September 2018, after failing to find a buyer. The Wall Street Journal has reported that any ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, California, Walgreens, SEC, Wall Street Journal, Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, Ventura, Holmes, Safeway, Ramesh, Balwani, John Carreyrou

Keep Track Of The Theranos Scandal With This Detailed Timeline

Though the biggest scandal on people’s radar these days is Fyre Festival, there’s another one that's been brewing in the public's consciousness: Theranos.The story of the once famed biotech startup, founded by Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes, eerily echoes the quicksand-like trajectory of Billy McFarland’s doomed festival. And it’s the subject of a recently premiered HBO documentary by Alex Gibney, called The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley.Worth over $9 billion at its zenith, blood...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hbo, Stanford, Cms, Walgreens, Palo Alto, Austin, Pennsylvania, Medicare, Fda, Newark, Rupert Murdoch, Alex Gibney, Wall Street Journal, David Taylor

9 Questions You Should Ask In An Informational Interview

Sorry, career advisers of the world, but asking for an informational interview is one of the most awkward tasks of your adult life.Yes, yes, we know these “casual” conversations with the people who work at our dream companies or hold our dream jobs are a great way to get our foot in the door, and maybe even find out about openings before they're listed on job-search boards. Still, composing the email asking to meet? We'd rank it up there with telling someone you just want to be friends.But mayb...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Linkedin, Elizabeth Holmes, Don, Konstant, Aronstein, Elana Konstant, Barnard College s Beyond Barnard

I'm A Development Manager In Real Estate — & I Kinda Regret Getting My Architecture Degree

In our series My 6-Figure Paycheck , women making more than $100,000 open up about how they got there and what exactly they do. We take a closer look at what it feels like to be a woman making six figures — when only 5% of American women make that much, according to the U.S. Census — w ith the hope it will give women insight into how to better navigate their own career and salary trajectories.Today, we chat with a real estate development manager from Seattle. Previously, we spoke to a behaviora...
Tags: Fashion, Music, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Seattle, Elizabeth Holmes, Charleston, U S Census

The Weird, Rambling Career Path Of Ted Bundy, Law Student Turned Murderer

Content warning: The following post contains depictions of violence.If we learned anything from bingeing all of Netflix’s psychological-thriller series You, it’s that people are never what they seem. In You, Joe Goldberg is a seemingly harmless and good-looking bookkeeper who leads a double life as a super creepy stalker. But IRL, it can be even harder to see a killer for who they are, especially if they take on a friendly demeanor and a relatively normal job. Such is the story of Ted Bundy, th...
Tags: Utah, Fashion, Music, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Netflix, Nelson Rockefeller, Republican Party, Orange County, Elizabeth Holmes, Bundy, University of Washington, University of Utah, Marie Kondo, Joe Goldberg

How Much Is Former CEO & Scammer Elizabeth Holmes Actually Worth?

The mystery surrounding former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is as intoxicating as it is fascinating. Perhaps you know Holmes from Bad Blood, the award-winning book chronicling her epic, real-life Silicon Valley scam — and the basis for an upcoming movie directed by Adam Mckay and starring "America’s Sweetheart" Jennifer Lawrence. Or maybe you've heard of the two forthcoming documentaries on this glamorous fallen darling of the biotech world. Or, if you’re anything like us, you just live and br...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Jennifer Lawrence, America, Silicon Valley, Orange County, Stanford University, Elizabeth Holmes, Forbes, Adam Mckay, Holmes, Marie Kondo, SEC Holmes, Caroline Calloway, Scammer Elizabeth Holmes, Anna Delvey Billy McFarland

17 Valentine's Day Gifts That You Can Both Enjoy (Wink Wink)

Although entirely appropriate, the perfect S.O. Valentine's Day gift isn't bouquets, cards, or chocolates. Instead, the ultimate love token for this upcoming holiday is one that packs a more unique, dual-purpose punch — a.k.a. a present that both parties (givers and receivers) can enjoy (separately or together).If you find yourself coupled up on February 14, seize the opportunity to get creative and experimental with your gift giving and mood setting. Whether you and your boo want to get sexy, ...
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