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'Ashes to Ashes' Is the Second Half of Chris O’Leary’s Deep Dive into all Things Bowie

For those who have ever wondered if a blog can become a book, Chris O'Leary would respond with a hearty yes: his blog, Pushing Ahead of the Dame yielded two books. The current edition, Ashes to Ashes, begins in 1976, as David Bowie and Iggy Pop are planning to escape the dregs of life in Los Angeles and set up shop in Berlin. O'Leary adds a quick note to bring the reader up to date, had they missed his first volume, Rebel Rebel (Zero Books, 2015) covering Bowie's creative work from 1964 to 1976....
Tags: Music, New York, Review, Berlin, America, Los Angeles, Experimental, Book Review, Pop, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Nile Rodgers, Electronic, Blackstar, Repeater, Simon

The Confounding Case of Charlie Megira

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Tags: Feature, Music, Experimental, Numero Group, Charlie megira

Mournful drone sounds of a repurposed HP test device

Hainbach continues to make beautiful sounds with esoteric or forgotten gear – this time, the “saddest drone machine,” a used HP 3782A Error Detector telco device. It’s wonderful sometimes the things esoteric gear makes. In the earlier, more analog age, a lot of telecommunications worked in the audible spectrum with tones you can hear. In this case, this HP device produces a set of patterns that sounds surprisingly musical, if melancholy: Hainbach doesn’t include the description, but surpri...
Tags: Music, Experimental, Tech, Hp, Drone, Retro, Vintage, Ambient, Music Tech, Sound-design, Test Equipment, ECL, CEPT, Hainbach, DIY + Unusual

Design, meet music: gorgeous graphic scores from LETRA / TONE fest

Nine designers created graphics scores. Next, nine musicians will interpret them. LETRA / TONE festival is one of the more compelling experiments in festival programming – an adventure in crossing media. Here’s what it looks like. Now, in these here parts, we’ve been fans of visual-musical synesthesia, from live visuals and VJing to graphics. LETRA / TONE makes that connection in the score. Curator (and composer/musician) Hanno Leichtmann had the idea. Five years ago, I covered one of the earl...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Design, Germany, Berlin, Inspiration, Experimental, Events, Festivals, Artists, Stories, Schneider, Magda, Electronica, Electronic-music, DE

SOMA’s Ether is a high-sensitivity ear for your electromagnetic world

Electronics are redefining what “sound” means – by remapping other signals into our audible spectrum. The latest is SOMA’s invention Ether, a “microphone” for electromagnetic fields. If that sounds familiar, this one’s a bit different than some EMF devices that came before. Here’s a look at the new Ether. It’s a new creation from SOMA Laboratory, the same Russian instrument builder who have give us the gorgeous “organismic” LYRA synths. (I covered them in the Russian Synthposium write-up last ...
Tags: Mobile, Music, Hardware, Russia, Experimental, Tech, Gear, Soma, Recording, Ambient, Music Tech, Sound-design, Vlad, Lyra, EMF, Jonáš Gruska

Markers Challenge the Boundaries of Drone Music on 'Heaven in the Dark Earth'

None Heaven in the Dark Earth by Markers Jason Carty and Jadie Cox are two excellent musicians that came into prominence through the London math rock scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The two have participated in many impressive acts that range from alternative rock and hardcore punk, all the way to complex math rock and post-hardcore. However, in coming together now with their new project Markers, the duo leaves behind much of the aggression and immediacy of their previous works in fav...
Tags: Music, London, Review, Experimental, Drone, Music Review, Ambient, Electronic, Cox, Markers, Carty, Jason Carty, Jadie Cox

Teeth of the Sea Return with Their New Alchemical Experiment 'Wraith'

None It is a difficult task to alter one's musical identity from one record to the next. But still, there are some bands that have been able to achieve such magical results, like the Melvins or the noise powerhouse Wolf Eyes. Teeth of the Sea, the psychedelic, experimental band from London, appear to take a cue from such acts, and throughout their discography they have been able to evolve and mutate. Their works have found them experimenting with straight psychedelic rock motifs, noise elements...
Tags: Music, London, Review, Experimental, Jazz, Jack, Music Review, Electronic, Neo-psychedelia, Melvins, Hiraeth, Teeth of the sea, Rocket recordings

Ecstatic Material Furthers the Experimental Vision of the Outlands Network

Ecstatic Material is the latest live installment from the Outlands Network, a UK-based experimental music touring body. The mission of Outlands is to bring to the front adventurous, open-minded and genre-defying acts, and in its relatively short existence it has produced impressive events featuring the likes of Matana Roberts, Yonohana Variations, Kyoka, and Grischa Licthenberger among others.So 2019 starts strong for Outlands with Ecstatic Material, a study in the combination of the immaterial ...
Tags: Music, UK, Review, Experimental, Manchester, Salford, Harrison, Dillon, Keith Harrison, Beatrice Dillon, Outlands, Event review, Ecstatic material, Copper sounds, Outlands network, Matana Roberts Yonohana Variations Kyoka

Nova Scotia's Joyfultalk Share a Stunning New Video for Their Trancey Track "Peace Fight" (premiere)

None Joyfultalk is the musical partnership of instrument creator Jay Crocker and Shawn Dicey. The pair work out of a small hamlet in the remote hinterlands of Nova Scotia's south shore and that magnificent natural environmental plays an outsized role in the aesthetics of Joyfultalk. Their brand of naturalistic ambient electronic music evokes the very waterways and landscapes of their world, seemingly born from nature, but hewed into something warm and entrancing by these two brilliant musicians...
Tags: Music, San Francisco, Experimental, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Premiere, Ambient, Reykjavik, Ottawa, Electronic, Crocker, South Shore, Guelph, CALGARY AB, EDMONTON AB, Constellation Records

ZVI Delivers Limited Run New Single, "Dear Pink" and Covers Portishead's "Undenied" (premiere)

None ZVI is the far-reaching solo project of Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Sabbath Assembly, Psalm Zero) and will release the album Deer Pink this spring via Nefarious Industries. But before that happens, ZVI brings forth an extremely limited 7" single (out February 22) with the LP's title track on the A-side and a cover of Portishead's "Undenied" on the flip. One of the 100 copies may be ordered via Bandcamp or Nefarious Industries."Dear Pink" builds slowly, moving us from passages that threaten to fad...
Tags: Music, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Experimental, Brooklyn, Portland, San Diego, Premiere, Seattle Wa, Queens NY, Bandcamp, Kayo Dot, Portishead, Zvi, Ron Varod, Buchla

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