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BOSSIP Summer Movie Guide: “A Quiet Place II” Will Remind You Why Other People’s Disobedient Kids Are THE WORST!

BOSSIP editors Alex and Janeé discuss "A Quiet Place II," the sequel to John Krasinski's thriller starring Emily Blunt, which explores a future where terrifying creatures destroy everything that makes noise. In the newest installment, the Abbott family revisits the day the world changed -- and their fate after losing their patriarch and leaving their home.
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Mondo – The Art Of Soundtracks Book Review

Following the success of The Art of Mondo comes another visually stunning and deliciously “pop” collection of art inspired by the soundtracks of films, video games, and more. Mondo: The Art of Soundtracks highlights the all original art created exclusively for Mondo’s vinyl releases by world renowned artists for soundtracks to films, tv, and video games. Featuring stunning new takes on classic and modern material, this collection reinvigorates the bygone era of unique and collectible vinyl re...
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The Activist: reality TV show to be ‘reimagined’ as documentary after backlash

CBS says it will drop X-Factor-style competition from celebrity-fronted show after widespread criticismA reality TV show that planned to pit activists against each other in an X-Factor style contest judged by celebrities is to be drastically “reimagined” after it sparked a backlash from campaigners.The Activist, which had been due to air in the US in late October, prompted incredulity among many campaigners and elsewhere when its format was revealed last week, with many labelling it a “tone-deaf...
Tags: Music, Reality TV, Television, Usher, Media, Activism, Film, US, World news, US news, Culture, Television & radio, Television industry, Global development, Cbs, US television industry

BOSSIP Exclusive: Vampires Take A Bite Out Of The Big Easy In “Black As Night” [VIDEO]

Amazon Original "Black As Night" follows a teenage girl in New Orleans on a mission to rid the city of vampires after her drug-addicted mom becomes the latest victim of the undead.
Tags: News, Film, Vampires, New Orleans, Jazz, Arts & Entertainment, Shook Ones, Hollyweird, Bossip Exclusives, New Movie, Keith David, Amazon Original Black

Hurry up and wait: the joys of slow culture

In the streaming age, sleeper hits such as Schitt’s Creek and The Morning Show have replaced quick successes, confirming culture is a marathon not a sprintModern Toss on the art of the slow burnIf one thing guarantees a TV hit in 2021, it’s a lukewarm reception. Take Ted Lasso, a sitcom about a perky, naive American football coach transplanted on to British soil. Its first season premiered last summer to barely any fanfare – but little by little came mass critical reconsideration. The show ended...
Tags: Music, Television, Film, Culture, Television & radio, Schitt's Creek, Schitt, Ted Lasso

Cedric The Entertainer Reveals Michael Jackson Once Called Him Unexpectedly And Says THIS Is The Line He Used To Try To Woo Halle Berry

Cedric The Entertainer is a guest on "The Carlos Watson Show" this week and when he was asked about the best perk of being famous he recalled how Michael Jackson once called him out of the blue to encourage him. He also spoke about flirting with Halle Berry after discovering their dressing rooms were near each other.
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Homebody or hellraiser: Our autumn arts preview has you covered

From online comedy to cinema’s new blockbusters to all-night rave festivals, a look at the cultural highlights for all levels of commitmentNew streaming gems to enjoy from within the comfort of your own four walls. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Culture, Art and design, Stage

Red Or Blue Pill Predicaments: Watch The Trailer For ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Starring Keanu Reeves & Yahya Abdul-Mateen

The highly-anticipated Warner Bros. film directed by Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections, will be released theatrically and on HBO Max on Dec. 22, and it features some familiar faces as well as a host of newcomers to the film franchise. The first trailer for the film already has fans excited.
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Dune review – blockbuster cinema at its dizzying, dazzling best

Denis Villeneuve’s slow-burn space opera fuses the arthouse and the multiplex to create an epic of otherworldly brillianceDune reminds us what a Hollywood blockbuster can be. Implicitly, its message written again and again in the sand, Denis Villeneuve’s fantasy epic tells us that big-budget spectaculars don’t have to be dumb or hyperactive, that it’s possible to allow the odd quiet passage amid the explosions. Adapted from Frank Herbert’s 60s opus, Dune is dense, moody and quite often sublime –...
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The Velvet Underground: Get a First Glimpse of Todd Haynes’ Upcoming Documentary on the Most Influential Avant-Garde Rockers

To the question of the most influential band formed in the 1960s a list of easy answers unfolds, beginning with the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones. As three of the makers of the best-selling records of all time, those bands all lay fair claim to the title. But even within the commercial dynamo of postwar America, it was also possible to exert great influence without topping the charts, or indeed without even reaching them. This is proven by the story of avant-garde rocke...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Film, College, America, History, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Cannes film festival, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Seoul, Todd Haynes, Nico, Eno, Reed

The Wicked Scene in Amadeus When Mozart Mocked the Talents of His Rival Antonio Salieri: How Much Does the Film Square with Reality?

Pity the ghost of Antonio Salieri, “one of history’s all-time losers — a bystander run over by a Mack truck of malicious gossip,” writes Alex Ross at The New Yorker. The rumors began even before his death. “In 1825, a story that he had poisoned Mozart went around Vienna. In 1830, Alexander Pushkin used that rumor as the basis for his play ‘Mozart and Salieri,’ casting the former as the doltish genius and the latter as a jealous schemer.” The stories became further embellished in an opera...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Film, College, History, Vienna, Ross, Mozart, Simon Callow, Alex Ross, Abraham, Shaffer, Wolfgang, Josh Jones, Marriage of Figaro, Pushkin

Sex Pistols win legal fight against Johnny Rotten over songs

High court judge rules that Paul Cook and Steve Jones are entitled to use material in Pistol TV seriesThe former Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten, has lost a high court attempt to block the punk band’s songs from being used in a forthcoming drama series.The group’s former drummer, Paul Cook, and guitarist, Steve Jones, sued the band’s ex-singer, whose real name is John Lydon, to allow their songs to feature in Pistol, a TV series directed by Danny Boyle. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Television, Film, UK News, Culture, Television & radio, Punk, Danny Boyle, Sex Pistols, Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook, John Lydon

Splitting Ownership and Display/Consumption

I wrote about NFTs last week and said this in that post: But when a party emerges online that anyone is invited to attend and the 500 person group picks up a punk with a party hat and they all change their social network avatar to this, well that got my attention. Fractional/collective ownership is something we have been interested in at USV for a while. It fits well with our thesis about expanding access. We have an investment in Otis that is providin...
Tags: Art, Games, Music, Film, Trends, USV, Crypto, Albert, Otis, Air Jordan, Hanel Baveja, MakingNick Grossman

Hear 45 Minutes of Funky Old Soundtracks from 1960s-70s Japanese Films & TV Shows

The life of a Japanese film composer in the 1960s and 70s was very different from their American counterparts. “For Hollywood movies, there is a three-month period to write the music after the film has been finished,” says legendary film and television composer Chumei Watanabe. When Watanabe first began working for Shintoho studios, “at first, they gave us five days. Of course, it would usually be shortened…. One time, there was a Toei movie being filmed in Kyoto. The next day was the re...
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Aaliyah: ‘Her sound is the R&B blueprint’

She died in a plane crash 20 years ago – but her records still sound like the future. As they finally hit streaming services, fans and acquaintances explore Aaliyah’s enduring appealTwenty years ago this month, the R&B superstar Aaliyah died at 22 after the badly overloaded plane she and her entourage were travelling in crashed taking off from the Bahamas, where she had been filming the video to her song Rock the Boat.From the almost shockingly sparse Are You That Somebody? to the addictive robo...
Tags: Books, Music, Film, Culture, Pop and rock, R&B, Aaliyah, Timbaland, Detroit, Bahamas, George Michael, Katy B, R Kelly, Ciara, Frank Ocean, Tinashe

Bowie, bed-hopping and the blues: the wild times of Dana Gillespie

She tamed Keith Moon, got laughed into bed by Bob Dylan and went to a young David Bowie’s house for tuna sandwiches – but the blues singer’s 72 albums are what really define her“No one has understood how deeply rooted in music I am because they got distracted by my tits,” Dana Gillespie complains.Now 72, the singer and songwriter’s curvaceous figure ensured she regularly appeared in both tabloids and films from the 1960s to 80s but, she says, this was a mere sideline: music was always her missio...
Tags: Music, Film, Germany, India, Culture, Austria, Britain, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Blues, Michael Caine, Gillespie, Bowie, Dana Gillespie, Keith Moon, Bob Dylan David Bowie Mick Jagger

The Sparks Brothers review – Edgar Wright’s giddy tribute to the Gilbert and George of pop

The fanboy director’s exhaustive doc follows Ron and Russell Mael over their 50-year career as pop’s great arch humoristsOver a whopping two hours and 20 minutes, film-maker Edgar Wright consummates a gigantic act of fanboy love for the glam art-pop duo Sparks, who hailed from California but found fame in Britain on Top of the Pops in the 1970s. Fronted by brothers Ron and Russell Mael, Sparks have continued recording and touring through good times and bad while amassing a fanatical following. R...
Tags: Music, Film, California, Culture, Britain, Pop and rock, Music Documentary, Edgar Wright, Sparks, George, Gilbert, Ron, Russell, Leos Carax, Russell Mael, Documentary films

Going Out Looney: Other WarnerMedia Properties That Could’ve Been in “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

“Never reference a good movie in the middle of your crappy movie.” – Tom Servo, Experiment 822: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank Space Jam: A New Legacy was released this month. It’s by far the worst movie I’ve seen in 2021 and may be one of the worst ever. I, like many people, saw the original when I was a child. It’s not a masterpiece but it was at least charming and had emotional stakes for its characters. Additionally, there was no padding. It was a tight 90 minutes and made actual jokes.   But ...
Tags: Music, Hbo, Obama, Film, Harry, Trinity, Magic Mike, Lebron James, Warner, Warner Bros, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Casablanca, Sam, Jason, Larry David

Idris Elba: ‘I used work to exorcise my demons’

The actor was working as a bouncer when he got a small part in a new show called The Wire. Two decades on, he’s a blockbuster fixture. The Suicide Squad star talks about fighting for his big break, losing his dad, and why acting helped him out of a ‘dark, weird junction’“I appreciate my quiet time, I really do,” Idris Elba tells me, “but I didn’t choose a career in quiet time.” At 48, his life seems relentlessly full of activity, projects, causes, releases. He’s the star of an imminent summer bl...
Tags: Music, Television, Drama, Film, France, Africa, Rap, Culture, Television & radio, Belgium, Suicide Squad, Idris Elba, Luther, The Wire, Elba, TV crime drama

Neil Young Plays “Hey, Hey, My, My” with Devo: Watch a Classic Scene from the Improvised Movie Human Highway (1980)

For Neil Young fans, the words “Human Highway” can mean one of three different things, two of which are so unlike the third, it’s as if they came from different artists. First, there’s “Human Highway,” the song, one of Young’s gentle acoustic rags, with Nicolette Larson’s soft vocal harmonies and lots of banjo and fiddle. It landed on 1978’s Comes a Time but debuted five years earlier, nearly becoming the title track for a , a legendary follow-up to Déjà Vu. None of this has anyth...
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‘Everyone was going full pelt’: how Giddy Stratospheres captured indie’s hedonistic 00s

The euphoria and tragedy of the 00s indie music scene are the subject of Giddy Stratospheres. Is it accurate? Klaxons, the Long Blondes, New Young Pony Club and more look back – and give their verdictIf you ever ran for a dawn train after a narcotic all-nighter in 2007 with The Rat by the Walkmen pounding through your liquified brain and a hip flask of “breakfast vodka” in your pocket, expect flashbacks from the opening moments of Giddy Stratospheres, director Laura Jean Marsh’s debut film set a...
Tags: Music, Film, Culture, Indie, Marsh, Boosh, Klaxons, Dirty Pretty Things, Long Blondes New Young Pony Club, Laura Jean Marsh, Dolly Rockers

Casablanca Beats review – Morocco’s answer to Fame strikes a chord

A group of talented teens push the boundaries of their religious society by putting on a concert in Nabil Ayouch’s earnest filmFranco-Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch has made a likable, high-energy youth movie that could almost be called the Moroccan answer to Fame and which features that time-honoured plot device: putting on a concert.Using nonprofessionals playing docu-fictionalised versions of themselves, Ayouch has created a drama revolving around an arts centre for young people that he himse...
Tags: Music, Musicals, Film, Africa, Religion, World news, Rap, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Morocco, Islam, Festivals, Cannes film festival, Nabil Ayouch, Ayouch, Drama films

‘We have a hostility to being boring’: Sparks, still flying in their 70s

Their Adam Driver musical sent Cannes into raptures and Edgar Wright has made an all-star documentary about them. The Mael brothers explain why they’ll always be hopelessly in love with popIn 1974, John Lennon was startled as he was watching Top of the Pops. He rang Ringo Starr. “You won’t believe what’s on television,” he reportedly said. “Marc Bolan is playing a song with Adolf Hitler.”This was Sparks, performing their glorious pop opus This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us. “It was equidi...
Tags: Music, Film, John Lennon, Culture, Pop and rock, Giorgio Moroder, Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver, Adolf Hitler, Ringo Starr, Cannes, Edgar Wright, Ed Sullivan, Sparks, Marc Bolan, Shaun of the Dead

Stevie, Gladys, Nina … Summer of Soul uncovers a festival greater than Woodstock

As the US boiled with violence, 1969’s Harlem cultural festival nourished spirits with soul, jazz and gospel. Now, Questlove has turned lost footage of it into a brilliant, pertinent documentaryIt’s 29 June 1969, and at Harlem’s Mount Morris park (now Marcus Garvey park), the 5th Dimension are about to take the stage. The Los Angeles group are already stars, thanks to hits including Up, Up and Away and Aquarius, from the musical Hair, which topped the Billboard charts that spring. But their pop-...
Tags: Music, Film, US, Los Angeles, Soul, Culture, Pop and rock, Jazz, R&B, Black, Harlem, Woodstock, The Roots, Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr, Marcus Garvey

Heavenly Reyna Releasing New Single - "Exit" July 21st!

Heavenly Reyna Releasing New Single - "Exit" July 21st! Pop Prodigy Heavenly Reyna is releasing the piano-driven     Pop prodigy Heavenly Reyna is releasing the piano-driven acoustic version of her much anticipated upcoming single "Exit" on July 21st and pre-sales are open now on Spotify and all music outlets. She is also releasing a beautiful, touching acoustic Youtube video with it!   Heavenly has been going viral on Twitch with over 2 million channel views and with global audience of 3...
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How we made: Car Wash by Rose Royce

‘This will never be a hit, we told each other – we are literally singing about a car wash!’I was singing in a band called the Jewels and was spotted and recommended to Norman Whitfield. I had no idea he was a legendary Motown songwriter and producer. I went to meet him at his mansion in Beverly Hills and said: “Sir, why do you have all these gold and platinum records on your walls?” He dropped to the floor and laughed for 20 minutes. Later everyone went: “The Norman Whitfield? The Temptations? M...
Tags: Music, Comedy, Disco, Mississippi, Film, Culture, Beverly Hills, Dance music, Marvin Gaye, Biloxi, Rose Royce, Norman Whitfield, Comedy films

Raffaella Carrà, Italian cultural institution and LGBT icon, laid to rest in Rome

Thousands in streets to mourn television star, actor and singer as funeral is broadcast live on TVIn Italy’s week of mourning for Raffaella Carrà, one image summed up her universal appeal: a rainbow flag – the symbol of the LGBT movement – next to her coffin in a Catholic church.Carrà, who died on Monday aged 78, was a cultural institution in her home country and regarded as its “best-loved woman”. The queen of light-entertainment TV, she also acted and topped the music charts of Europe and Sout...
Tags: Europe, Music, Television, Film, World news, Rome, Culture, Pop and rock, Italy, South America, Carra, Raffaella Carra

John Challis: ‘The Rolling Stones rhythm section were big fans of Only Fools and Horses’

The actor best known as Boycie on his school skiffle band, novelty Christmas single, early days as an estate agent and being called backstage by Bill Wyman I grew up with the skiffle artists of the 50s such as the Vipers and Lonnie Donegan. You could play most of the songs if you had a guitar, so we formed a band: Johnny and the Bandit. That sort of music was banned at my school, so we had to practise in the changing rooms. The acoustics were good because it was quite echoey. We had a couple of ...
Tags: Music, Comedy, Television, Film, Culture, The Rolling Stones, Television & radio, Serbia, Johnny, Lonnie Donegan, Vipers, Bill Wyman, John Challis, TV Comedy, Boycie

Annette review – Adam Driver magnificent in wild Cannes opener

Driver and Marion Cotillard brim with nervous energy in this bizarre musical collaboration between Leos Carax and the Sparks brothers, which kicks off this year’s film festivalLeos Carax is the sly anarchist of French cinema whose sorties are sadly few and far between. Now he has broken cover with this barking mad fantasia, an almost entirely sung-through musical tragedy created with Ron and Russell Mael from Sparks, a band once thought to be relegated to YouTube clips of 70s Top of the Pops but...
Tags: Music, Musicals, Film, Culture, Pop and rock, Festivals, Cannes film festival, Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver, Cannes, Viz, Edgar Wright, Sparks, Marx, Ron, Annette

Raffaella Carrà, Italian entertainment icon, dies aged 78

Star of music, TV and film who had UK Top 10 hit in 1978 with Do It, Do It Again had been suffering an undisclosed illnessRaffaella Carrà, the pop singer and actor who was an entertainment icon in her native Italy, has died aged 78.Her long-term partner, Sergio Iapino, announced her death, saying: “Raffaella has left us. She has gone to a better world, where her humanity, her unmistakable laugh and her extraordinary talent will shine forever.” He said she had been battling an unnamed illness for...
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