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Krab Kingz Is Another Great Spot in Georgia to Eat

Ever now and then, my wife and I like to venture to different spots to have a date night. We’ve hit up Cabos several times in the past, but we wanted some seafood. We didn’t go out for dinner on Valentines Day because we knew it would be crowded. Last weekend, we hit up the Mall of Georgia and rode around listening to my Valentine’s Day playlist. Instead of our usual spots, we were craving some seafood and decided to head to Krab Kingz. Krab Kingz is located in Lawrenceville, which is right ab...
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Your Weekend Justice #290: Another Thing That Goes Beep

Image: John Morgan via CC …and Red Skull was Italian? – JJ Hawkins In a world where time has lost all meaning, we bring you this episode of Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 Audio Trainwreck. It was recorded last December, our final 2020 recording session. And good riddance. That’s just how 2020 went. Agenda: Fisher-Price vs. GWARBackmasking – a collectionEarly album acquisitionsTalking about albums or turtles or both or…somethingRichard Pryor and Brother David Gard...
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Check the Super Bowl and Valentine Deals at Smokey Bones

February is a hot month for Smokey Bones and its delivery-only brand The Wing Experience.  With the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day around the corner, both restaurants have deals to celebrate.  On the menu for each brand is: Super Bowl: Smokey Bones (Available Feb. 5-7 from -Purchase a Family Feast and get a free bag of donuts -Purchase a BBQ Party Pack and get two free bags of donuts   The Wing Experience (Available Feb. 4-8 at or Uber Eats) Spend $15 at The W...
Tags: Food, Family, Georgia, Jazz, Places To Eat, Mall of Georgia, Smokey Bones, Bonefire, Wing Experience, Fireball Whiskey Wings

Smokey Bones Adds Fireball Whisky Wings to its 51 Flavor Wings

Wing lovers will be breathing fire when they try the new Dragon Wings from Smokey Bones and its pick up- and delivery-only brand The Wing Experience.  Made with the iconic spirits brand Fireball® Whisky, the new wings are available for a limited time beginning this week and just in time for the Big Game. The Dragon Wings feature the agave syrup, honey hot wing sauce, sweet N’ sour, ground cinnamon, ground cayenne and Fireball® Whisky.  The wings taste like a shot of Fireball® with the heat f...
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Mellow Mushroom Offers Gluten Free, Vegan and Keto-Friendly Items

As millions of Americans start the new year resolute to adopt new eating habits, Mellow Mushroom introduces a lifestyle 2021 section to the brand’s online ordering platform,  Mellow guests will find a selection of menu items to accommodate the health and lifestyle needs of a gluten free, vegan or a Keto diet.  With four gluten-free specialty pizzas, vegan pies topped with dairy-free cheese, and Keto-friendly menu items, like the new Naked Ritz Burger, Mellow Mushroom ...
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21 things to look forward to in 2021 – from meteor showers to the Olympics

From finally seeing the back of Donald Trump to being in a football stadium – the new year is full of promiseYou probably found a few things to enjoy about last year: you rediscovered your bicycle, perhaps, or your family, or even both, and learned to love trees. And don’t forget the clapping. Plus some brilliant scientists figured out how to make a safe and effective vaccine for a brand new virus in record time. Continue reading...
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From pandemic postcards to picnics: Guardian readers' tips on keeping friends close

As Zoom fatigue set in, many of you found creative ways to stay in touch with loved onesSome of my friends and I began a lockdown playlist on Spotify, where we would all add one song per day that was either related to how we were feeling or just something we happened to be in the mood for at the time. Music is very emotive: it can create the feeling of your friend’s presence in a way that even a video call or their voice can’t quite manage. We carried on even after the lockdown and did more play...
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Let Smokey Bones Feed You This Holiday Season

Let Smokey Bones do your holiday cooking for you!  The masters of meat have a selection of meals to feed a crowd.  The Family Feast serves 6-8 people and is available with choice of 2 lbs. of sliced turkey breast or pulled pork, 1 qt. of mashed potatoes with gravy, 1 qt. of roasted corn, and two orders of cornbread skillet.  Guests can also choose the Texas-Style Beef Brisket Feast of 2 lbs. of brisket, 1 qt. of mac & cheese, 1 qt. broccoli and one order of cornbread skillet.  Both options ser...
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Check Out the Wing Experience at Smokey Bones

The leader in casual dining BBQ, Smokey Bones announces its increased investment and full promotional support for its fully virtual brand ‘The Wing Experience.’ Based off the positive response to its launch in 2019, The Wing Experience re-launches today with dedicated packaging, new boneless wings, a dedicated online ordering and delivery platform, and a category-leading fifty flavor offerings. The Wing Experience now operates in 61 locations across 16 states. Beginning this week, the Wing...
Tags: Food, Global, America, CMO, Georgia, Wings, Jazz, Buffalo, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lawrenceville, Mall of Georgia, QSR, Places to visit, James O'Reilly, Smokey Bones, Wings Experience

Havana Hoagie Coming to the Mellow Mushroom Menu in November

Mellow Mushroom is whetting the appetites of its guests this November with new menu items. From Munchies to salads to its famous stone baked pies and a Cuban-inspired hoagie, the menu offers something for everyone. The Teriyaki Wings are already a hit in my household, so I know the added items are awesome. The new items include:   Avocado Smash– Made fresh to order, a blend of avocados, salt, garlic and lime served with fresh bruschetta made from diced Roma tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh basi...
Tags: Food, Facebook, Georgia, Jazz, Roma, Havana, Suwanee, Places to visit, Mellow, Mellow Mushroom, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, Anne Mejia, Teriyaki Wings, Havana Hoagie

James Blunt: ‘My body has not been a temple. I’ve put it through painful experiences’

The singer talks about sharing rations with the Russians, after-party toasties and his mum’s signature dishI was an army brat who lived on army patches – in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Germany and as far afield and exotic as Yorkshire. Every two years we’d move with my father’s helicopter pilot’s job and I’d knock on doors and ask, “Do you have any children of a similar age?”. If so, you’d make a best friend for two years; then never see them again. In Cyprus my best friends were Canadians. In Germany th...
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty-Four

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty Four Of course, as soon as one week ends, the next blends right in as we continue to ride out the pandemic.  Jon and Rob get right to it with the latest happenings in Rob’s home base of New York with the mishandling of everything by New York City’s mayor; Tropical Storm Isaias leaves a wake of fast destruction in its wake and legendary columnist Pete Hamill dies.  UConn cancels its football season; Big 10 football is also nixed...
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With Attica and the Avalanches we ate, drank and tried to be merry partying for Melbourne

Spirits are low but this one-night-only virtual event reminded us of what’s waiting out there: fancy food, great music and dumb trendsSmiling can actually make you happier. Right? That’s what we’ve heard from social researchers and Nat King Cole and passive-aggressive family members for decades. The idea goes back more than a century. In 1872 Charles Darwin wrote: “Even the simulation of an emotion tends to arouse it in our minds.”In 2020 the science no longer fully backs this up. But it’s what ...
Tags: Food, Music, Australia news, Culture, Food And Drink, Charles Darwin, Victoria, Melbourne, Nat King Cole, Attica, The Avalanches, Coronavirus outbreak

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty-Three

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty Three This latest edition of Radio City…  finds Jon and Rob, yet again, pondering the happenings in New York City, as things unravel further under deBlasio’s mayorship.  Sports takes center stage as several baseball teams have to stop play due to positive coronavirus testing; the NHL gets back to playing, followed closely by the NBA resuming; the usual political mishigas, while Jon and Rob have some fun with “In Our Heads”. Eve...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Film, New York City, Sports, Current Events, Nba, Rob, NHL, Popdose, Rob Ross, Jon

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty-Two

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty TwoThe country is firmly gripped in a pandemic, political and social upheaval and a relentless heatwave.  Yet, Jon and Rob are here to, once again, offer a salve on an open wound with thought, humor, patience and (above all else) rationality.  Hence, the vibe of this particular episode is one of positivity and as upbeat as one could wish for, with all things being considered in reality.Listen in as Jon and Rob mull over the ...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Film, Sports, Current Events, Fleetwood Mac, Rob, Seattle, Major League Baseball, Paul Weller, Popdose, Rob Ross

3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success

With the Covid-19 restrictions beginning to ease, you might be planning to meet up with friends and family for the first time in months. Rather than risk being indoors, you want to organize a gathering that remains outdoors, safe, and secure for those individuals who might be a little nervous venturing out once again. What better soiree to enjoy than a barbecue? If you are blessed with plenty of outdoor space, you might be keen to host some al fresco dining. Meeting up with your nearest and dear...
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Check Out the Newly Added Wings from Mellow Mushroom

Just in time for fall and the start of NFL football season, Mellow Mushroom has added two new flavors to its chicken wings menu lineup.  New Teriyaki and Hoisin wings will be available at all locations starting Aug. 18. Mellow Mushroom’s oven roasted wings are double-baked for a crispy and flavorful wing without the use of a fryer or added oils.  The new Teriyaki wings have a sweet flavor Teriyaki sauce is known for, while the Hoisin wings are both sweet and salty for those wing-lovers who wan...
Tags: Food, Facebook, NFL, Jazz, Mellow Mushroom, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, Anne Mejia, Mellow Mushroom Wings, Teriyaki Wings, Hot Mild Barbecue Jerk Sweet Thai Chili

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty-One

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty One The beauty of doing Radio City… for Jon and Rob is the natural flow and vibe of each show.  So for this installment, the boys do a freeform episode – no pre-planned talking points, just topics and thoughts that came to the fore and to their minds during the span of the week.  Among some of the items brought to light, the addition of Nick Cannon to the anti-Semitic rising tide; Rob’s take on several documentaries seen on ...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Film, Sports, Current Events, Rob, Pbs, Popdose, Rob Ross, Nick Cannon, Jon, Radio City

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Sixty

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Sixty Another week of ups and downs in a world spinning out of control, so you know Jon and Rob will try and navigate a rational way through the insanity.Among the topics on this latest installment of Radio City…, a pro football player’s unrelenting anti-Semitism doesn’t go unnoticed; Rob discusses the new Monkees live album (!); more legendary chains closing (in what seems to be a sadly ongoing series); Jon and Rob touch on polit...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Film, Sports, Current Events, Rob, Popdose, Rob Ross, Jon, Radio City, Jon Grayson, Michael Parr

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Fifty-Nine

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Fifty Nine   As weeks blend into one another, once again, Jon and Rob are at it – never at a loss for good conversation, interesting topics and rational observations.  On this episode of Radio City…, the boys wish Ringo a happy 80th birthday (!), as they say sad farewells to Hugh Downs, Ennio Morricone and Charlie Daniels; on Rob’s home front, dining in restaurants at 50% in New York City is now halted by deBlasio… ...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Film, New York City, Current Events, Rob, Ringo, Popdose, Rob Ross, Charlie Daniels, Jon, Radio City

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Fifty-Eight

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Fifty Eight   Even though Jon and Rob are still (wisely) sequestered at home, there is no shortage of madness outdoors to keep the boys thinking and talking.  On this latest installment, you get a lot of bang for your buck.Listen in as they opine on topics ranging from the passing of Bob, the cat who was the star of “A Street Cat Named Bob”.  He was 14 years old and the second film, “A Gift From Bob” is due to be released later...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, New York, Greece, Film, Sports, Current Events, Rob, Bob, Biden, Steve Coogan, Popdose

Things to do – online and in-person – in the San Fernando Valley and LA area, July 30-Aug. 6

    Dance instructor Leslie Ferreira teaches how to perform the Cumbia dance style. The online event is part of the Music Center’s summertime Digital Dance DTLA series. (Photo courtesy of the Music Center)   Take a chance on new cultural and educational experiences, July 30-Aug. 6.   EVENTS   Drive ‘N Drag: Winners from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and more fan-favorite drag queens entertain, July 31- Aug. 2 (change from previous dates; show times vary). Check website for participating personalit...
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Smokey Bones Build on Successful BOGO Offers Program

Meat-loving Smokey Bones fans can start their week off on the right foot with BOGO offers Monday through. Following its successful Monday BOGO Wings and Wednesday BOGO Pulled Pork Platters, Smokey Bones creates a new BOGO Tuesday offer to celebrate National Grilling Month. Every Tuesday enjoy a ½ BBQ Chicken platter for $15.99- $16.49. All buy one, get one offers are good for call-in, online, and dine-in orders. The offers include (prices may vary):   Monday:        Wings – Available as buy ...
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Mellow Mushroom Takes a Trip Through Time for Way Back Wednesdays

You may have heard of #throwbackthursday, but Mellow Mushroom is introducing Way Back Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday, starting now – September 2, Mellow Mushroom will offer the Way Back Wednesday meal package for only $19.74 – in honor of the year Mellow Mushroom was founded. The Way Back Wednesday package includes one small cheese pizza, one small pepperoni pizza, and choice of pretzel bites or a regular Caesar salad.  The offer is good for online orders only and can be placed at order.mellowmu...
Tags: Food, Facebook, Georgia, Jazz, Places To Eat, Atlanta Georgia, Caesar, Mellow Mushroom, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, Anne Mejia, Each Mellow Mushroom, Georgia Each Mellow Mushroom

Three NYPD Cops Say They Were “Poisoned” With Bleach in Their Milkshakes at Shake Shack

Three NYPD officers were hospitalized after allegedly ingesting bleach that had put been put into their milkshakes at a Shake Shack location in New York City, ABC News reports. The situation went down Monday (Jun. 15) when the three officers hit up a Shake Shack in Lower Manhattan and began to feel sick while drinking their milkshakes. A statement released by the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said that it was believed that the officers had ingested bleach. “At some point durin...
Tags: Food, New York, News, Cops, Police, Restaurants, New York City, Fast Food, Jazz, DEA, Nypd, Abc News, New York Police Department, Shack, Poisoned, Harrison

Try Out the Best Wings Ever from the Air Fryer

One of the things I love to do when I have time is cook. A few months ago, my love for BBQ country style pork ribs in the air fryer was highlighted. I’ve also talked about baked potatoes in the air fryer also. This past week, wings were on the menu. My family and I are huge fans of wings and we also baked them in the air fryer also. Our favorite is the Buffalo flavored wings and the lemon pepper. We prefer to eat the ones from our air fryer over any restaurant any day of the week. Below is h...
Tags: Food, Featured, Walmart, Jazz, Lemon, Kroger, Spike, Sweet Baby Ray, Kroger Publix, Buffalo Wing Sauce, Spike Lemon Pepper, Buffalo Wing Sauce How

Jashin-chan Dropkick Masters the Art of Cooking

Jashin-chan Dropkick has rewarded faithful viewers with another salvo of comedic content, introducing angel idols, more scenes with new Chinese girl Kyon-Kyon as well as some heartfelt cooking with Medusa and Yurine (where Jashin-chan is fried alive). Omake:
Tags: Food, Music, Comedy, Dancing, Anime, Nomad, Idol, Image Gallery, Monster Girls, Yurine, Dropkick, Jashin, Jashin-chan Dropkick, Kyon Kyon

Will the Food Habits of Scallion Nation Outlast Quarantine?

The Great Depression and other hardships made lasting changes, but the recent boom in sourdough starters, vegetable gardening and buying local may not be as permanent.
Tags: Food, Music, News, Shah, Khushbu, Scallions, Carla Lalli, Quarantine (Life and Culture

Smokey Bones Offering Medical Professionals and First Responders Discount

As a thank you to those on the front line who are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, Smokey Bones is offering medical professionals and first responders 25 percent off their order*.  The offer is good at all Smokey Bones restaurants and is available for call-in and carryout and takeout. “Our communities must pull together right now to support one another,” said CEO James O’Reilly.  “We want to do what we can to give back to our first responders and hospital workers who are on the front lines figh...
Tags: Deals, Food, Jazz, James O'Reilly, Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones Offers Free Kids Meal with Order

As a thank you to the moms, dads and caregivers, who are taking care of our children, helping them with online learning and working at their own jobs, Smokey Bones is offering a Kids Eat Free deal with any entrée order.  The offer is good for call-in orders and placing an order on the Smokey Bones website.  Visit to find the nearest location. Limit one free kid’s meal per entrée.  Options from the kid’s menu include chicken fingers, cheeseburger, grilled chee...
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