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Hololive Rhythm Heaven Remix 10 Utterly Outstanding

The Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Tengoku) franchise, a bizarre series about timed button presses and music, has received a Hololive-themed tribute as one artist has redrawn the entirety of Rhythm Heaven Fever’s reputed “Remix 10” using Hololive characters, certain to earn the artist endless praise. “Remix 10” of Rhythm Heaven Fever is famous for being highly […]
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IdolMaster Cinderella Girls 10th Anniversary Animation Action-Packed

IdolMaster Cinderella Girls, a smartphone game spinoff of the main franchise that has its own myriad of idols, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a slew of content and videos, with the special anniversary animation being of indescribable quality as the idols battle in a fictional setting. The explosive anniversary animation from Cygames Pictures that […]
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The 20 best gadgets of 2021

From smartphones to folding skis, the year’s top gizmos selected by tech experts from the Guardian, iNews, TechRadar and WiredCutting-edge tech is often super-expensive, difficult to use and less than slick. Not so for Samsung’s latest folding screen phones. The Z Fold 3 tablet-phone hybrid and Z Flip 3 flip-phone reinventions are smooth, slick and even water-resistant, packing big screens in compact bodies. The Fold might be super-expensive still, but the Flip 3 costs about the same as a regula...
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Chrono Trigger Jazz Album Open for Pre-order in Japan

As part of an ongoing Square Enix jazz album series, the legendary Chrono Trigger had its music remixed with a jazz twist, which is certain to intrigue fans of jazz and Chrono Trigger both. The Square Enix Store made the announcement, which also announced a pre-order bonus song: The tracks announced for the album: “Peaceful […]
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Kantai Collection’s Suzuya Polishes Multiple Guns at Once in Sex Animation

Kantai Collection, one of the first titles to popularize the whole “collect tons of girls through gacha” premise, is still holding strong as a dedicated fan has made use of MikuMikuDance to produce an erotic creation starring Suzuya, the ship girl being assaulted by multiple “guns” at once and sure to intrigue those who enjoy […]
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IdolMaster: Starlit Season DLC Has Even More Idols for Nude Mods

An assortment of new items, stages, and content is being made available to idol-raising simulator IdolMaster: Starlit Season via some new DLC, perhaps most important however is the inclusion of three new idols: Kaede Takagaki, Kotoha Tanaka, and Mamimi Tanaka, as modders are probably excited to make them nude. All the new DLC that producers […]
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Genshin Impact’s Girls Infatuated With Both Sex & Music in Ero-MMD

A MikuMikuDance animator has used Genshin Impact as inspiration once more as their latest tribute to the erotic community has three beauties, Eula, Rosaria, and Signora, dancing whilst having sex, bound to have fans of the Chinese gacha game labeling such actions as out of character (something that will likely matter little to the majority […]
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IdolMaster Starlit Season Naughty Mods Nearing Perfection

The modding scene for IdolMaster Starlit Season has yet to grow tired of the game’s stupendous idols as yet another nude mod has come about, in addition to some other unique mods that will make the game far more lewd for those who prefer watching the girls humiliate themselves. A different nude mod that some […]
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IdolMaster Starlit Season Bug Decapitates the Precious Idols

A video showing off a rather strange bug that plagues IdolMaster Starlit Season has generated sizable attention as the error makes the idol performances far more strange and detached from reality, with there at least being the additional benefit of each idol’s pantsu being visible. The video of the bug in action, with the tweet […]
Tags: Games, Music, Bugs, Dancing, Errors, Anime, Simulation, Idol, Bandai Namco, Pantsu, [email protected]

IdolMaster Starlit Season Mod Restores Bouncy Breast Physics

IdolMaster fans upset with IdolMaster Starlit Season’s lack of breast physics will be pleased to know they have been reinstated thanks to the diligent efforts of caring modders, the modding scene once again coming through for moments when the developer/publisher refuses. The mod is said to not look as good on flat-chested idols, but will […]
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Persona Composer Departs Atlus to Develop Own Game

Shoji Meguro, the composer for several Atlus titles, has announced he will be leaving the company to develop his own indie game, reassuring the fans that he will continue to create music for Atlus, however. Kodansha recently uploaded a video of the accomplished composer announcing his departure as well as the fact that he’s been […]
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IdolMaster Starlit Season Nude Mod Public Release Coming

A nude mod for IdolMaster Starlit Season is coming for those not willing to donate to a Patreon page, stripping the idols of all their clothes and forcing them to do their usual idol dancing, no doubt a fantasy IdolMaster fans have had for a while (which they can now witness). The proper public release […]
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ResetEra Celebrates the Death of Dragon Quest Composer Koichi Sugiyama

Koichi Sugiyama, the legendary composer for the Dragon Quest franchise, has passed away at the age of 90 as a result of septic shock, his departure from this world naturally being relished by the Internet’s most detestable individuals. Sugiyama was described as the oldest video game composer by Guinness World Records, and it is said […]
Tags: Games, Music, Politics, Usa, Internet, Racism, Obituaries, Guinness World Records, Anime, Koichi Sugiyama, Dragon Quest, Sugiyama

The Schitt’s Creek Monopoly game is simply the best… at least as far as Monopoly games go.

If you’ve been missing your “Ew, David!” fix, or Moira’s capacious vocabulary (see what I did there?), I give you the ultimate family game night board game: The brand new Schitt’s Creek Monopoly game. Let’s just say that if you are ever going to get me to play Monopoly, this is the version that will […]
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Sex-Laden HMV Preferring Nude Video Game Girls of the 3D Sort

Lovers of erotica and all things lewd who want a different form of stimulation need look no further than this HMV as it compiles a variety of sexual animations set to music, possibly serving as an effective way of informing watchers to the many works of Bouquetman on top of providing sexual satisfaction. The handy […]
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Ninjala Announces Creepy Hatsune Miku Collaboration

Free-to-play multiplayer action title Ninjala has seemingly scored a lucky break as they managed to secure a collaboration with the legendary Hatsune Miku, the in-game models of both her and her many Vocaloid friends being a tad creepy and sure to throw some fans of the virtual diva off slightly. All sorts of Vocaloid-themed items […]
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Bunny Ears Minase Iori Kicks High in IdolMaster: Million Live Theater Days

IdolMaster: Million Live Theater Days has implemented a whole slew of new content to keep players preoccupied as the latest event introduces new cards for two idols that has them dressed as bunnies, such cuteness sure to have fans quite mesmerized. The new event is called “Platinum Star Tail~ Secret Jewel Miwaku no Kongouseki” and […]
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IdolMaster [email protected] Music Video a Brilliantly Extravagant Performance

The IdolMaster series has celebrated its 15th anniversary by releasing a spectacular animated music video that features idols from several of the game’s different groups, sure to simultaneously induce nostalgia and astonishment due to the MV’s abundance of visual effects and wonder. The concept movie was a combined effort between animation studios Cloverworks and Studio […]
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Splitting Ownership and Display/Consumption

I wrote about NFTs last week and said this in that post: But when a party emerges online that anyone is invited to attend and the 500 person group picks up a punk with a party hat and they all change their social network avatar to this, well that got my attention. Fractional/collective ownership is something we have been interested in at USV for a while. It fits well with our thesis about expanding access. We have an investment in Otis that is providin...
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8-Bit Trip 2: stop-motion Lego tribute gets a sequel

It's been more than a decade since the original 8-Bit Trip, but Rymdreglage hasn't been sleeping. Hello, finally, we are done with this video, we have been working on it for around 9 years (not full time). We hope you enjoy it. — Read the rest
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Meishou Dotou Meekly Bounces Into Uma Musume

Uma Musume has introduced quite the brood mare as the smartphone title has recently unveiled the sweet Meishou Dotou, a rather shy girl lacking in self confidence (but not so much in the chest region) that will have players more than eager to help boost her sense of self worth. The bouncy pony girl’s first […]
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IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage Adds Haruhi Content & Dance

The IdolMaster franchise is collaborating with the legendary Haruhi as smartphone game IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage has been gifted both songs and outfits for players to try out, the combination of IdolMaster and Haruhi being something that enthusiasts likely never expected to see. Both the classic “Hare Hare Yukai” and “Bouken Deshou Deshou?” were […]
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‘Limits are non-existent in the metaverse!’ Video game concerts become big business

This weekend, tens of millions will watch and interact with an Ariana Grande avatar for a concert in video game Fortnite – the latest in a growing, lucrative marketA shimmering Ariana Grande emerges from the starry night sky as she begins to run through her biggest pop hits. Dressed in a glistening sequinned two-piece and rocking a towering ponytail with hints of neon pink, the superstar is both levitating and incandescent.Literally. This isn’t Grande’s latest festival outing, nor is the pop sta...
Tags: Games, Music, World news, Culture, Pop and rock, Ariana Grande, Fortnite

Touhou Danmaku Kagura Total “Rhythm Hell” Game

The Touhou franchise has now dived into the realm of rhythm games as Touhou Danmaku Kagura has officially launched for smartphones, tasking players with timing a horde of button presses coming at them at a speed that will resemble the equally abundant bullets from the mainline entries. The game is developed by AQUA STYLE and […]
Tags: Games, Music, Trailer, Smartphones, Anime, Music Games, Image Gallery, Touhou, Gacha, Casuals, Touhou Danmaku Kagura Total, Touhou Danmaku Kagura

757 Episodes of the Classic TV Game Show What’s My Line?: Watch Eleanor Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong, Salvador Dali & More

What would the host and panelists of the classic primetime television game show What’s My Line? have made of The Masked Singer, a more recent offering in which panelists attempt to identify celebrity contestants who are concealed by elaborate head-to-toe costumes and electronically altered voiceovers. One expects such shenanigans might have struck them as a bit uncouth. Host John Charles Daly was willing to keep the ball up in the air by answering the panel’s initial questions for a Myst...
Tags: Facebook, Games, Music, Politics, New York, Science, Television, Youtube, College, America, Broadway, Salvador Dalí, Francis, Dick Cavett, Louis Armstrong, Steve

Genshin Impact HMV Breeds All the Perfect Women Without Rest

Those obsessed with the attractive and unique females present in Genshin Impact might be enthused at the idea of watching them all have sex simultaneously, something this HMV accomplishes by compiling various erotic animations from artists, and sure to easily have something for every type of individual. The sexually rigorous HMV contains such noticeable Genshin […]
Tags: Games, Music, Parody, HMV, Artists, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, Oshiri, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, Genshin Impact

Uma Musume’s Gold City the Definition of Cute & Capable

Gold City is one of the latest sporty horse girls to gallop her way into the gacha-laden Uma Musume, the pretty prancer sure to be the next highly coveted collectible amongst players either to see how effective she is in-game, or merely because of her adorable appearance. A video showing off the hotpants-wearing Gold City: […]
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Pokemon Bidoof Day Song Parodies Outdated Meme Song

The official Pokemon YouTube account has shared a special song for the arrival of “Bidoof Day” (an unofficial holiday meant to celebrate the Pokemon known as Bidoof), parodying the song used for the infamous “rickroll” meme and certain to amuse the franchise’s younger demographic who probably weren’t even alive when rickrolls were common. The Bidoof […]
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Bake Off to Inside No 9: what to watch instead of the Euros

A football-free cultural guide to the week ahead, from comedy podcasts to Sean Bean dramasListen, I’m with you. I have no interest in Euro 2020 either. But luckily, over the years I’ve perfected the art of finding other things to do. Here’s a day-by-day alternative viewing guide for the first week of the tournament (after that, you’re on your own). Continue reading...
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Bluegrass Super Mario World

How perfectly suited the Athletic theme from Super Mario World is to bluegrass! Here the Hit Points performs a videogame classic at Grand Adventures Comics and Games in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The arrangement is by Matt Menefee, Eli Bishop and Jake Stargel, based on Koji Kondo's low-fi SNES original.
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