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Janis Joplin’s Last TV Performance & Interview: The Dick Cavett Show (1970)

The best celebrity interviewers have the ability to show us how the stars are not like us at all—not only because of the entourages, wardrobes, and bank accounts, but because of the talent for which we revere them —and also how they’re kind of just like us after all: sharing the same insecurities, fears, doubts, forgetfulness, confusion, etc. They are, that is to say, real human beings. Like no other interviewer on network television before or since, Dick Cavett could draw all of this ou...
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The Peanuts Gang Performs Pink Floyd’s Classic Rock Opera in the Mashup “Charlie Brown vs. The Wall“

YouTuber Garren Lazar has hit upon a brilliant idea—take clips from Charles M. Schulz’s universally beloved Peanuts cartoons and cut them together with universally beloved (more or less) popular anthems like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Freebird,” and “Stayin’ Alive.” The huge emotions of these songs suit the oversized feelings of the comic’s characters, who were, all of them, variations of Schulz himself. As Jeff Kinney writes in his introduction to Chip Kidd’s book, On...
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The Opera Database: Find Scores, Libretti & Synopses for Thousands of Operas Free Online

It’s not especially hard to get inexpensive tickets to the opera if you live in, say, New York. But it’s not so easy if you live hundreds of miles from a major opera house. Opera’s rarity, however, does not make it a “more elevated” form than, say, musical theater, argues Anthony Tommasini in The New York Times. Musicals may have market share, and opera may barely sustain itself from a dwindling pool of private donors, but the comic operas of Mozart once played broadly to mass audiences, “and t...
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Polyend is teasing some new thing – and it seems really cool

Polish manufacturer Polyend, who have made everything from elaborate grid sequencers to polysynths to robotic percussion – have something new in store. Now, I’m not one to jump on teasers, but – it seems like they might apply their grid and synth savvy to something that is also a drum machine and sequenced sampler … or thereabouts. Well, you judge: Also, it seems like this thing has a color screen – unless they’re going into software or iPad apps. Elektron have something com...
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Meet The Founders Of Black Women Talk Tech — Where They’re Building The Next Billion-Dollar Business

When Esosa Ighodaro, Lauren Washington, and Regina Gwynn met, they were navigating the challenges of growing and scaling their own businesses, on top of the fact that they were often the only women of color in the room. So in 2017, they banded together to create Black Women Talk Tech — a platform for Black women founders to support one another and help grow each other’s companies into the next billion-dollar businesses. The organization, which has 10 chapters in cities across the country a...
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How Nina Simone Became Hip Hop’s “Secret Weapon”: From Lauryn Hill to Jay Z and Kanye West

In 1996, the Fugees burst on the scene with “Ready or Not,” and most listeners were not ready: for the ominous, eclectic, Caribbean-inflected production, the smooth, sexy menace of Lauryn Hill’s hook (“you can’t hide / Gonna find you and take it slowly”), or the interplay of references in the breakout star’s rhymes. “Rap orgies with Porgy and Bess / Capture your bounty like Eliot Ness,” Hill raps, and then a few lines later, “So while you’re imitating Al Capone, I’ll be Nina Simone / And...
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YouTube will soon let you upload music your own private cloud

YouTube Music have set out their plans to launch a cloud library where users can upload their own music to access from anywhere. Google have released some exciting documents – well the documents themselves aren’t exciting, but what they mean for YouTube is! These documents explained how users can upload their own music files to YouTube Music to access in their own personal cloud library when the feature launches soon. YouTube Music users will be able to upload songs and albums from thei...
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Peanuts Rock: Watch the Peanuts Gang Play Classic Rock Songs by Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey & More

In a very crowded field, Garren Lazar's comical take on Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a stand-out. Comical in the literal sense. Lazar, aka Super G, struck a rich vein when he thought to mash the Rolling Stones’ "Sympathy for the Devil" with footage culled from Charles Schulz’s animated Peanuts specials. And over the last six years, he’s mined a lot of gold, using Final Cut Pro to pair familiar clips of a drumming Pigpen, Snoopy slapping a double bass, and the iconic “Linus And Lucy” sc...
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I’m 30 & This Is How Much I Spent On My Multi-City Trip Through Myanmar

Welcome to Travel Diaries, a Refinery29 series where we tag along as real women embark on trips around the world and track their travel expenses down to the last cent. Here, we offer a detailed, intimate account of when, where, and how our peers spend their vacation days and disposable income: all the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises. This week’s travel diary: A 30-year-old digital marketing specialist from Singapore checks “hot air balloon ride” off her bucket list in ...
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How William S. Burroughs Influenced Rock and Roll, from the 1960s to Today

It can be difficult to know what to do sometimes with adding machine heir and Naked Lunch and Junky author William S. Burroughs. In the trickle-down academese of contemporary jargon, he is a “problematic” figure who doesn’t fit neatly inside anyone’s ideological comfort zone, what with his unrepentant heroin addiction, occult weirdness, conspiracy mongering, and extensive firsthand knowledge of criminal underworlds. There was no one better qualified to midwife the counterculture. NME’s L...
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Electronic Musician Shows How He Uses His Prosthetic Arm to Control a Music Synthesizer with His Thoughts

The techno-futurist prophets of the late 20th century, from J.G. Ballard to William Gibson to Donna Haraway, were right, it turns out, about the intimate physical unions we would form with our machines. Haraway, professor emeritus of the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, proclaimed herself a cyborg back in 1985. Whether readers took her ideas as metaphor or proleptic social and scientific fact hardly matters in hindsight. Her voice...
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Premature Evaluation: Grimes Miss Anthropocene

It's hard to take anything Grimes says seriously. Over the last few months, she's joked (?) about getting experimental eye surgery so that she can't see blue light, she's said that she didn't Google pregnancy before deciding "sure y not," and she's gotten into a heated debate about retiring … More »
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New Digital Archive Will Bring Medieval Chants Back to Life: Project Amra Will Feature 300 Digitized Manuscripts and Many Audio Recordings

Among historians of European Christianity, it long seemed a settled question that Irish Catholicism, the so-called “Celtic Rite,” differed significantly in the middle ages from its Roman counterpart. This despite the fact that the phrase Celtic Rite “must not be taken to imply any necessary homogeneity,” notes the Catholic Encyclopedia, “for the evidence such as it is, is in favour of considerable diversity.” Far from an insular religion, Irish Catholicism spread to France, Germany, Switzerland...
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Want to Get Into Jazz? Listen to These 10 Albums First

Jazz music has an interesting history and a fascinating, multi-layered ethos. But even without knowing all that context and background, people instinctively feel that it’s just plain cool. Given that most of us would like to be little more cool, a lot of folks would like to get more into jazz music. But, they don’t really know where to begin.  If you Google “jazz music for beginners,” up will come myriad lists of jazz albums and tracks for the would-be aficionado to sample. But here’s the prob...
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15 years since YouTube launched they lay out their plans for 2020

Can you believe it’s been a whole 15 years since YouTube’s website went live? We’ve come a long way. February 14th, 2005. The internet was well established but still in the early days of much of the established worldwide web we have today. Social sites like Facebook were just getting started and YouTube’s website went live for the first time. It was a simple yet brilliant idea. A website where people could easily post and share videos – a world of possibility. No doubt even the wisest o...
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Bob Marley’s Redemption Song Finally Gets an Official Video: Watch the Animated Video Made Up of 2747 Drawings

Whoever Bob Marley was singing for, it could sound like he’s singing for all of us. Of course, this is received opinion, on the other side of almost 50 years of Marley worship since the Wailers crossed over to a rock audience with Catch a Fire and Clapton’s cover of “I Shot the Sheriff.” Calling Marley an icon is perhaps ironically accurate in ways he would never condone. In death he has become a brand. Though he wrote some beautiful love songs, Marley also didn’t water down his message ...
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Watch the Grateful Dead Slip Past Security & Play a Gig at Columbia University’s Anti-Vietnam Protest (1968)

In 1968, the Vietnam War was not a catalyst for protests but a sort of nexus for all other injustices--the part contained elements of the whole: racism, class war, capitalist profiteering, imperialism. It was symptom and cause, much like climate change feels today. In April of that year, one inflection point happened on New York’s Columbia University campus. The University wanted to build a military gym, not on campus, but in Morningside Park, a public space that bordered on Harlem. The ...
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Google Assistant has your back for a romantic day this Valentine’s Day

Google have made it simple to tell your Google Assistant to change the vibe and make things romantic on the international day of romance. With your Smart Speaker you can simply ask it to play something appropriate this Valentine’s Day. Save the shuffling around on your phone or computer looking for the right song or playlist and let Google do the work while you get cosy with your loved one. If you have Smart colour changing lights then Google will bring the whole vibe down to a Valentin...
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The End Of Music Snobbery

The much-discussed “death of the snob” in the internet era explains part of the shift on display. Even though some High Fidelity–style shops catering to vinyl collectors have survived the extinction of big-box retailers, streaming and downloads have chipped away at the super-listener’s pretexts for arrogance: special knowledge (entire discographies are now explorable with a click), special access (few B sides can hide from Google), and curatorial chops (algorithms can DJ your life). – Th...
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David Bowie Became Ziggy Stardust 48 Years Ago This Week: Watch Original Footage

For all the not-quite-believable material in the annals of 1970s rock history, is any more difficult to accept than the fact that Ziggy Stardust first materialized in the suburbs? Specifically, he materialized in Tolworth, greater London, at the Toby Jug pub, whose storied history as a live-music venue also includes performances by Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, and King Crimson. There, on the night of February 10, 1972, David Bowie — until that point known, to the extent he was k...
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How to play Spotify on Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+, Clock and more

From wireless earbuds to clocks, Samsung have some interesting new devices on the way and you can use them with Spotify. Spotify have announced a new range of products coming this year with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Buds+. Spotify partnered with them in 2018 to be their native music service provider so you can bet that Spotify is coming to all of these new products. Here’s how you can use Spotify with each of these upcoming devices from Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ...
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Google’s brand new live music platform for artists helps them track and plan concerts

Millions of people come to Google for details and tickets for live concerts and they’re using all that data to help artists and labels out with DEMAND. DEMAND is a new data analytics platform from Google’s lab team for experimental projects, Area 120. They saw the amount of data on live music that was coming through searches and website clicks and thought; There must be something we can do with this! So they did and now their new platform DEMAND is available to provide unique insights i...
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When Miles Davis Discovered and Then Channeled the Musical Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

After the release of Bitches Brew in 1970, Columbia Records pushed Miles Davis to play a series of dates at the Fillmore West and East supporting major rock bands like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the Grateful Dead, and the Steve Miller Band. Miles “went nuts,” Columbia’s Clive Davis later remembered. “He told me he had no interest in playing for ‘those fucking long-haired kids.’” The reaction does not reflect Miles’ attitude toward all the music enjoyed by long-haired kids, especially—it...
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In quarantined China, concerts and clubs are going online as a safe place to meet

Even in the capital Beijing, once-crowded streets are now empty, as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak forces people at home. The solution for live musicians: turn to streaming. Streaming was already a popular hangout for Chinese musicians and artists across the region, before the viral shutdown of public space. That already included experimental artists looking to reach one another in their niche. The difference is, now online interaction in China is essential because people are effectively...
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Chick Corea’s 16 Pieces of “Cheap But Good Advice for Playing Music in a Group” (1985)

Jazz instrumentalists who “play the changes” have learned to make improvisation look easy. In live performance, the audience shouldn’t see the years of study and practice behind what Willie Thomas calls at Jazz Everyone, “a system that combines the basic jazz language with the important music theory concepts” and at the same time “allows a player to focus on how the music fits the tune and not the chord symbols and scales that often incumber performance.” That may seem like a wordy explanation,...
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The Woman Who Invented Rock n’ Roll: An Introduction to Sister Rosetta Tharpe

When people would ask her about her music, she would say, “Oh, these kids and rock and roll — this is just sped up rhythm and blues. I've been doing that forever.” - Gayle Wald, author of Shout, Sister, Shout!: The Untold Story of Rock-and-Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe What do rock and roll pioneers Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard have in common, besides belonging to the inaugural (and all male) class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees? They were all deeply i...
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Daphne Oram Created the BBC’s First-Ever Piece of Electronic Music (1957)

To the question of who created electronic music, there can be no one answer. The form's emergence took decades, beginning with the earliest electronic instruments in the late 19th century, developing toward the first music produced solely from electronic sources in the early 1950s, and arriving at such artistic destinations as Wendy Carlos' 1968 album Switched-On Bach. Driving this evolutionary process were artists of a variety of nationalities and musical sensibilities, a group includin...
Tags: Google, Music, Television, College, History, Bbc, Kent, Seoul, Glenn Gould, Facebook Twitter, Bach, Oram, Wendy Carlos, Colin Marshall, Pauline Oliveros, Jean Giraudoux

YouTube Music might soon allow you to upload songs to library

One of the popular Google Play Music features is to allow users to upload songs they own to their library. According to 9to5Google, the company is working on a new version of YouTube Music that brings this functionality to the app. The report noted this new feature is another step towards migrating Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. In January, sleuths at 9to5Google also found evidence of a song locker in a beta version of the YouTube Music app. [Read: How Google used AI to supercharge Ma...
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Big Twins & DirtyDiggs – “No Hesitation” (Video)

Queensbridge’s own Big Twins heads to sunny L.A. to visit his collaborators, production duo DirtyDiggs, in their appropriately grimy new video for “No Hesitation.” The video stems from the emcee’s collaborative EP with Dirty Diggs, whose past work includes credits with Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Camp Lo. The project, Queensbridge, features guest appearances from Planet Asia and Godfather Pt. III, among others, and serves as the followup to Twins’ great 2018 album, Gr...
Tags: Google, Videos, Asia, Jazz, Twins, Diggs, Dirtydiggs, Big Twins, Roc Marciano Westside Gunn Conway The Machine

YouTube Premium & YouTube Music hit 20 million paying users

Alphabet CEO (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai announce YouTube’s latest milestones regarding their premium services. As of Q4 2019, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have gained a combined total of 20 million subscribers. Whilst Spotify still lead the party with 113 million paying users, YouTube and Apple Music have made serious gains in the industry in the last five years, with the latter announcing 60 million paying users as of June 2019. YouTube TV has also made great strid...
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