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Premature Evaluation: Grimes Miss Anthropocene

It's hard to take anything Grimes says seriously. Over the last few months, she's joked (?) about getting experimental eye surgery so that she can't see blue light, she's said that she didn't Google pregnancy before deciding "sure y not," and she's gotten into a heated debate about retiring … More »
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Pop star, producer or pariah? The conflicted brilliance of Grimes

Claire Boucher has spent a decade battling the press to reclaim her reputation. Dating Elon Musk means she’s never been more controversial – but could her new album set her free?Grimes has always had a tortured relationship with visibility. No sooner had Claire Boucher broken beyond the Montreal warehouse scene at the turn of the 2010s than she was telling journalists that she only fronted her music because she couldn’t afford to hire someone to do it for her. She wanted to be Phil Spector – tho...
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Listen Up

Country-inflected pop, chopped-up Beyonce samples, carnivalesque chaos and more music from this week King Princess: Ohio After performing “Ohio” live with consistency since her first tour, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) finally releases an official recording and music video for the fan-favorite track. Both the song and visuals begin with quiet intimacy, and the latter introduces Straus wearing her theatrical Cheap Queen look. As with …
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The 5 Best Songs of the Week, from Billie Eilish to Monsta X

This Valentine’s Day is a big one for new music: Justin Bieber‘s Changes is out, as is Sam Smith‘s title track of his upcoming album, To Die For. On the rock side, there’s Tame Impala — and The Strokes are back. For rap, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, YG and Pop Smoke are worth the listen; while Bad Bunny and Ozuna continue to feed their fans. (In fact, fans of all these artists will find exactly what they’re looking for in these new projects.) So this week we’re doubling down on songs you either...
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This AI Travis Scott Is A Pretty Good Rapper And Obsessed With Food

Remember when Grimes said that "live music is going to be obsolete soon" because of AI art? Well, it looks like Travis Scott will be the first casualty of the robot wars, as digital agency Space150 has already created a fake Travis Scott song using artificial intelligence that they're calling, yes, Travis Bott. More »
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Shorties (The Top Eco-Fiction Books, An Interview with Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, and more)

The Guardian recommended the top eco-fiction books. Noisey interviewed Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. February's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $2.99 today: Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove by Questlove Kyle Meredith With... interviewed Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers. The Christian Science Monitor and O: The Oprah Magazine recommended February's best books. Stream a new Grimes song. Stream a new song by Moaning. Electric Literature and th...
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Grimes: Delete Forever

Written the night Lil Peep passed away, “Delete Forever” is pretty and airy, despite tackling the topic of opioid addiction. From Grimes’ fifth album Miss Anthropocene, the tune begins with acoustic guitar (reminiscent of “Wonderwall” by Oasis) before the beat kicks in around the 50-second mark. With country-inflected violin and banjo, the song has a different sound from the Canadian musician’s recent releases, but her …
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Grimes – “Delete Forever”

We're a little over a week out from the release of Grimes' new album Miss Anthropocene, the follow-up to 2015's Art Angels. We've heard a good chunk of songs from it already -- "Violence," "So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth," "My Name Is Dark," and "More »
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‘There’s a Wide-Open Horizon of Possibility.’ Musicians Are Using AI to Create Otherwise Impossible New Songs

In November, the musician Grimes made a bold prediction. “I feel like we’re in the end of art, human art,” she said on Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcast . “Once there’s actually AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), they’re gonna be so much better at making art than us.” Her comments sparked a meltdown on social media. The musician Zola Jesus called Grimes the “voice of silicon fascist privilege.” Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh accused her of taking “the bird’s-eye view of b...
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Here Are The Best Things Grimes Says During Her Vogue Makeup Tutorial

Grimes is now no-shit real-deal famous, especially now with Elon Musk and the pregnancy and everything. But it's still pretty funny to imagine a regular viewer of Vogue makeup tutorials stumbling across a Grimes version and wondering who the fuck this lady is. More »
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Here Are The Best Things Grime Says During Her Vogue Makeup Tutorial

Grimes is now no-shit real-deal famous, especially now with Elon Musk and the pregnancy and everything. But it's still pretty funny to imagine a regular viewer of Vogue makeup tutorials stumbling across a Grimes version and wondering who the fuck this lady is. More »
Tags: Video, Music, Elon Musk, Grimes

Elon Musk writes a hit song. Listen now.

Elon Musk released an EDM song on SoundCloud.The track "Don't doubt ur vibe" has racked up millions of listens.Musk said he wrote the lyrics and performed them himself. One of the most fascinating figures of our time, the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has released an electronic dance single on Soundcloud, hoping to make you move and not "doubt your vibe".Musk captures the public's imagination both with his ability to bring to fruition entirely new technologies and his lifestyle. Rubbing shoulde...
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Watch Grimes Explain The Lyrics To “My Name Is Dark”

Now that Grimes has revealed her big personal news, it's back to the promotional trail for Miss Anthropocene, her first album since 2015's Art Angels, which finally drops next month. Today that means breaking down the album's single "My Name Is Dark" for Genius. More »
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Grimes Announces Pregnancy With Instagram Photo

Grimes spent many years creating her upcoming album Miss Anthropocene. Turns out lately she's also been creating life -- not the artificial intelligence that has long fascinated her, but a real-deal old-fashioned human baby. More »
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Madonna, Motown and Mongolian metal: the music to listen out for in 2020

The queen of pop gets intimate, Taylor Swift feels the sunshine and Stormzy takes on the world … plus, classical celebrations begin for Beethoven’s 250th Continue reading...
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Grimes Says Lil Uzi Vert Asked Her To Produce An EP But Never Downloaded The Files

Grimes has guested on songs by lots of different artists -- Janelle Monáe, Bring Me The Horizon, Doldrums, Troye Sivan, Bleachers, Jimmy Urine -- but she seems to have bad luck where rapper collaborations are concerned. She recorded a feature for A$AP Ferg's 2016 Skrillex collab "Hungry Ham" but was eventually replaced by … More »
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Shorties (Two Interviews with Deborah Levy, An Interview with and Performance by Angel Olsen, and more)

The Creative Independent and New York Times interviewed author Deborah Levy. Angel Olsen visited World Cafe for an interview and live performance. Largehearted Boy's list of "best books of 2019" lists has collected 869 year-end lists so far. Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting year-end "best of 2019" music lists. December's best eBook deals. Stream a track from Mark Kozelek's forthcoming spoken word album. Bookworm interviewed cartoonist Chris Ware. Comin...
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Grimes Debuts “4ÆM” At The Game Awards, Will Portray Pop Star Lizzy Wizzy In Cyberpunk 2077

Ethereal is one of those words music critics overuse to the extent that editors often caution their writers to avoid it entirely. Grimes feels differently. Earlier this week she posted a new playlist and manifesto arguing that "ethereal" should be an officially recognized genre on streaming platforms. More »
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Holly Herndon Wades Into Grimes & Zola Jesus’ Debate About Live Music & AI

Grimes, Zola Jesus, and Devon Welsh (formerly of Majical Cloudz) were at the center of a crackling Twitter debate about artificial intelligence and live music this past week. Now Holly Herndon, someone eminently qualified to contribute to the conversation, has done just that. More »
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Grimes Responds To Zola Jesus Calling Her “The Voice Of Silicon Fascist Privilege”

Grimes was the guest on theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll's Mindscape podcast this week, where she talked about the intersection of music and technology and the possibilities of AI creating music. And like a lot of things that Grimes does, her appearance has proven to be somewhat controversial. More »
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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This week's countdown is below, and you can listen to a playlist of all our 5 Best Songs on Spotify. More »
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Shorties (Elena Ferrante's New Novel Reviewed, New Music from Grimes, and more)

The Guardian reviewed Elena Ferrante's new novel, The Lying Life of Adults. Stream a new Grimes song. November's best eBook deals. Largehearted Boy's list of "best books of 2019" lists has collected 253 year-end lists so far. Librairie Drawn and Quarterly and Bryan Washington listed the best books of the 2010s. Julia Jacklin covered Avril Lavigne's "I'm with You." Ann Patchett talked to the Los Angeles Review of Books about her latest novel, The Dutch House. Stream a new ...
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Grimes – “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth”

Grimes has released a new song, "So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth," the latest single from her upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene, which still does not have a release date. It's purportedly the third single that will be included on the album, following "We Appreciate Power," which came out almost a year ago, and … More »
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The 20 Best Music Videos Of The 2010s

In the very early days of this century, people would still sometimes watch music videos on television. MTV's Total Request Live was in its halcyon era in 2000, and the show wouldn't be cancelled until 2008. Meanwhile, YouTube debuted in 2005, changing the way everyone experienced the music video. So the 2010s are the first … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Beyonce, List, Canada, Mtv, Kendrick Lamar, Grimes, Solange, Lady Gaga, Jamie xx, Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator, Asap Rocky, Migos, The Little Homies

The 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s

A decade is an arbitrary measurement. They seem confined, these neat little symmetrical 10-year runs, but it's only in hindsight that we define them, that their signifiers and trends and shorthand become codified. In reality, there are bleeds, the timbre and events of one chunk of time sliding over the border into another. If you're … More »
Tags: Music, Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lorde, Rihanna, Future, Father John Misty, List, Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, Kanye West, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Ariana Grande

Karen Havelin's Playlist for Her Novel "Please Read This Leaflet Carefully"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Karen Havelin's Please Read This Leaflet Carefully is a poignant and profound examination of life and illness. Kirkus wrote of the book: "Chronic pain takes center stage in this f...
Tags: Music, Iraq, US, David, Grimes, Norway, Florence, Belle, Morrissey, Oslo, Robyn, Mountain Man, Kirkus, Don, Atomic Books Comics Preview, Laura

Highlights From ASCAP Expo 2019

ASCAP began its 2019 "I Create Music" Expo with the announcement that total revenues for 2018 topped $1.227 billion, an increase of 7% over the previous year. $1.109 billion in royalties were paid to member songwriters, composers and publishers, up 10% year-over-year. Highlights Atlanta power players including producer Don Cannon (2 Chainz, Lil Uzi Vert, Jeezy), Capitol Music Group SVP of Global Creative Amber Grimes and Tunde Balogun of LVRN, the multi-faceted team behind D.R.A.M., ...
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Grimes Discusses The Idea Of Retiring From Making Albums And Touring

Grimes is making a new album. It's called Miss_Anthropocene. She announced it on Instagram last month. It'll be her first since 2015's Art Angels, which was a great album, even if Grimes herself doesn't think so. But lately, Grimes has been doing a lot of things that don't seem … More »
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Here’s The New Song Grimes Hid On SoundCloud

In an Instagram post yesterday promoting her new Cultured cover story -- the one where she says her 2015 masterpiece Art Angels is a "piece of crap" -- Grimes teased, "I hid an ambient psychedelic song somewhere on SoundCloud I doubt u can find it but if u can I dunno, … More »
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Grimes Calls Art Angels A “Piece Of Crap” And “A Stain On My Life”

Grimes has given another interview about her upcoming new album, Miss_Anthropocene. In this one, which was done with Cultured magazine, she has some harsh words for her last album, Art Angels. "The last album was a piece of crap," she said. "I feel like people really misread it and … More »
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