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Considering Tape-In Extensions? Read This First

Extensions are complex. First of all, there are hundreds of hair types to choose from depending on the look you're going for — long, short, curly, and every color you can imagine. And if you thought picking out the right extensions was hard enough, the methods used to install them are equally unique.You have a few options: The sew-in method, which actually sews wefts of hair to your natural hair; clip-ins that are fastened with barrette-like attachments; micro links, which are individual extens...
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Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman Might Go To Jail, But That Doesn't Mean Their Careers Are Over

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have gone AWOL. The two actresses at the center of the college admissions scandal have posted their bail ($1 million and $250,000, respectively) after being charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. Loughlin has also been removed from her current projects on Netflix and Hallmark. The final nail in the coffin? Social media. Both women have now scrubbed their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts, and Huffman has also taken down...
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Lady Gaga Is Bringing Pink Eyeshadow Back In A Big Way

When it comes to eyeshadow and eye makeup, celebrities are getting real comfortable with the unexpected. Over the past year alone, we've seen unlikely shades like yellow, green, blue, and even red pop up on red carpets with the nonchalance of just another been-there-done-that smokey eye. Now, it seems that pink is making a major comeback. One quick glance at Lady Gaga 's glam meets dreamy makeup look of petal-pink eyeshadow studded with dainty rhinestones is all the proof we need.As with any bo...
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9 Braided Looks You Can Totally Pull Off If Your Hair Is Short

When you commit to short hair, you commit to a look. If you have hair that falls above the ears, you have fewer styling options than someone with waves cascading down their back. That's just a fact. But just because your strands are short doesn't mean your hair routine has to be one note. You can get in on cool styles — like braids — even when it's tough to put your hair into a ponytail.Of course, some of the most viral braided looks we double tap on Instagram are done with long hair. But for t...
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These Japanese Chicanas May Challenge What You Think About Cultural Appropriation

The 90s Inspire Fashion For These Japanese Chicanas In the 1990s, Mexican Americans in East Los Angeles found themselves a surprising fanbase a five thousand miles away. Propelled by the international popularity of lowrider cars and movies like Selena, Mi Vida Loca, and Cheech and Chong, a community of Japanese people in Nagoya fell hard for Chicano culture. Among them were women who found something appealing in the style of that scene: Masculine workwear, big hoop earrings, bold makeup, ...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Paris, Nagoya, East Los Angeles, Chong, Cheech, Ayaka, Selena Mi Vida Loca

Knockout Prom Hair Inspiration From Hollywood A-Listers

When it comes to a big fancy event, like prom, it's never too early to start planning your outfit. It's smart to get ahead of the game, so you're not scrambling at the last minute to find a dress or someone to give you a blowout. Plus, planning every little detail is an instant mood booster, and it builds excitement about dressing up and dancing until dawn.To help check one thing off your to-do list early, we've rounded up our favorite celebrity hair looks of the year, all of which fit the mood...
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Ben Affleck Loves His Back Tattoo, Thank You Very Much

Out of all the celebrity tattoos in Hollywood, the massive phoenix on Ben Affleck's back reigns supreme as the one we've been most fixated on for the longest. Nearly four years since the ink was first unveiled — accidentally, captured by paparazzi — Affleck has talked frankly about the much-discussed piece for the very first time. Guess what? He loves it, and doesn't really care what you think.On today's episode of Ellen, Affleck sits down with the comedian and talk-show host to promote his lat...
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The One Thing You Never Noticed About Elizabeth Holmes' Look

Between not one, but two upcoming documentaries, the podcast The Dropout, and Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie, an adaptation of the bestselling book about her rise and fall, the entire world can't stop talking about Elizabeth Holmes.Many questions have been posed about the woman behind the once-famed, now-infamous biotech company Theranos — including why she always wears that turtleneck, why she really talks like that, and her dog Balto's well-being. But just as important to her image as the Ste...
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The Best Celebrity Hair Changes Of 2019 — So Far

Back in the day, mood rings were our way of expressing how we really felt. Now, switching up our hair is how we outwardly display what's going on inside (although we wouldn't turn down rocking an adult mood ring, TBH). If we're going through a stressful phase, it's all ponytails and grease-disguising headbands. If we're trying to bring sunshine into our lives, we make an appointment for highlights. And if we need a complete revamp, a transformative cut is on the to-do list.Clearly our favorite ...
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Hal Blaine (1929-2019)

Hal Blaine, a prolific Los Angeles session drummer most closely associated with the Wrecking Crew, a tightly knit group of studio musicians in the 1960s and '70s who added a professional studio sound behind thousands of recordings by pop-rock groups and stars, died on March 11. He was 90. Hal played on 40 #1 hit singles, 150 top-10 hits and performed on more than 35,000 recorded tracks. He was the drummer on the Grammy's "Record of the Year" for six years straight, from 1966 to 1971. These six...
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Kristen Bell Is The Latest Celeb To Get 2019's Hottest Haircut

Hairstylists weren't joking when they told us the chin-length bob would dominate 2019. Last week, Mandy Moore took her mid-length hair to a chin-grazing bob. Jordyn Woods debuted a similar look after returning from a two-week Instagram hiatus. Irina Shayk also got an A-line bob for the Oscars. Sense a trend here? The timeless haircut is never not popular in salons and in Hollywood — and for good reason. There's something equally sophisticated and edgy about hair that sits right below your chin....
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Instagram, Kristen Bell, Mandy Moore, Bell, Cho, Irina Shayk, Jordyn Woods, Jenny Cho

Lucy Hale Confirms The Biggest Hair Color Trend In Hollywood

Typically Hollywood brings out the blonde in everyone. But lately, platinum is fading and brunette is taking over as the most popular hair color among celebrities.In February, both Charlize Theron and Emilia Clarke showed up to the Oscars with their typically blonde hair dyed chocolate brown, with Katherine Langford following suit days later. And now in March, Lucy Hale has confirmed that Hollywood's most definitely going through a bit of a Brunette-aissance, let's call it.On this weekend, Ha...
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KiKi Layne Stole Our Hearts In If Beale Street Could Talk — & She's Only Getting Started

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Black Women To Know, From Kamala Harris To City Girls

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How Many Times Has Jennifer Lopez Been Engaged? How Many Times Has She Been Married?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged. The couple, who have been dating since 2017, announced the happy news by posting the same photo on Instagram—an image of their hands, with Lopez wearing a massive diamond engagement ring.This engagement is far from the first for J.Lo, who has been proposed to numerous times over the years.J.Lo has been engaged five times, as far as public knowledge is concerned, and her and A-Rod’s future wedding will mark her fourth marriage.Lopez was married to Oj...
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Captain Marvel Broke A Glass Ceiling You Can’t See Just By Watching The Movie

Captain Marvel is shattering glass ceilings one after another. As Brie Larson takes to the skies to protect Earth from malicious alien warfare as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first-ever woman superhero in Captain Marvel, she will be doing so scored by the music of Pinar Toprak — the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first-ever female composer.Toprak tailored a strong resume for this gig: among other credits, she assisted on Danny Elfman’s score for Justice League and worked on music for the first ...
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How to get tickets to Diana Ross’ 75th birthday party in Los Angeles

The music industry is pulling out all the stops for icon Diana Ross’ 75th birthday. Earlier this year, Ross performed “Best Years of My Life” and “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 10 and her career was quickly recapped in a video narrated by Grammy host Alicia Keys. Ross will spend Tuesday, March 26, the date of her actual 75th birthday, at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles for a special Happy ...
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Why Did Hollywood Make Classical Music The Theme Music Of The Bad Guys?

For Hollywood, classical music has become the trademark of villains. On screen, orchestral melodies accompany the meditations of mad geniuses and pouting serial killers. Norman Bates practices the Moonlight sonata in Psycho II. Sociopath Lou Ford relaxes to Richard Strauss throughout The Killer Inside Me. Alex Forrest, in Fatal Attraction, plots her revenge while listening to Madama Butterfly. – American Scholar
Tags: Art, Music, Hollywood, Richard Strauss, Norman Bates, Alex Forrest, 03.04.19, Lou Ford

Don Fagerquist: Eight By Eight

The octet plays a special role in the evolution of jazz, especially on the West Coast in the 1950s. Record labels loved octets because they saved them money without compromising much on sound. Jazz fans loved them because eight instruments seemed to be the maximum number the ear could hear distinctly. Octets also meant a lower risk of recording mistakes and re-takes. [Photo at top of Don Fagerquist] The octet wasn't a modern invention. The configuration dates back to the 1930s, when leaders wa...
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Q&A With New LA Based Female Hip Hop Artist La Brea

We are extremely excited to have featured your debut single “Getting Money”, being an artist we never of heard before this, please tell us who is La Brea? Where are you from? How did your Hip Hop brand come about? What does the name La Brea mean to you? La Brea, is a breath of fresh air for the New West, Bringing a very unique flow to the streets. I’m Originally from Lakewood, CA and my brand came out about by having high expectations for my self, I knew one day I would be a legend so I figured...
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This Celeb-Favorite Blowdryer Is 25% Off Right Now

While blowdryers are a dime a dozen, a great one is not easy to come by. And when you do find a fantastic blowdryer with rave reviews, you have to be prepared to drop hundreds of dollars. But what if you could find the hot tool you've been lusting after on sale? Well, right now you can get one of the most popular blowdryers in Hollywood for less than $200.Celebrity hairstylist, Harry Josh, who has worked with A-listers like Gisele and Karlie Kloss, is currently offering his coveted hair tool c...
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Chanel Just Served Up The Dreamiest Half-Up Bridal Hair

When scrolling through bridal hair looks, it's easy to pin the top contenders into two camps — up or down — and then proceed to agonize over which vibe most represents you. Am I a boho bride? A classic bride? A sexy bride? A minimal bride? You can take a Buzzfeed quiz (or 10) to figure out where you land, or you can find your sweet spot somewhere in the middle with a half-up hairstyle that manages to look romantic and modern all at once.A far cry from the messy, clipped-up versions of the '90s,...
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Rachel “Minnie” Sharp: Quick Facts to Know About Luke Perry’s Ex-Wife

Luke Perry, the heartthrob actor known for his roles on Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale, passed away on March 4th and we’re learning more about the people who were closest to him, including his fiancée, his two kids, and his ex-wife, Rachel “Minnie” Sharp. RELATED: Luke Perry Dies at 52 After Suffering “Massive” Stroke Here’s what you need to know about Luke Perry’s ex-wife and the mother of his children, Rachel Sharp: Luke Perry and Rachel Sharp were married for 10 years before they divorced ...
Tags: Celebs, Hollywood, Scotland, Los Angeles, United States, Beverly Hills, Pop Culture, Sharp, Jazz, Mel Gibson, Vegas, Ruth, Wendy, Luke, Rachel, Perry

Sophie Perry: Quick Facts You Need to Know About Luke Perry’s Daughter

Sophie Perry is the only daughter of heartthrob actor Luke Perry, who died Monday (Mar. 4), five days after suffering a massive stroke. RELATED: Luke Perry Dies at 52, Actor Never Recovered From “Massive” Stroke Luke Perry—who rose to fame as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hill 90210 and more recently was known for his latest role as Fred Andrews on Riverdale—leaves behind a family to cherish his memories, including his fiancée, Wendy Bauer, his children, son Jack Perry and daughter Sophie Perry, and th...
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Anya Taylor-Joy Dyed Her Hair In A Chipotle Bathroom Once

The average 22-year-old takes great pleasure in anticipating days off. An inclement weather advisory that cancels classes or closes the office? Score. A three-day weekend due to a national holiday that you totally forgot about? Winning. But Anya Taylor-Joy, who you might recognize from thriller films like Split and the upcoming Marvel project The New Mutants, is looking to fill her calendar as much as possible. The actress has racked up nearly 26 movie credits in the last four years. Yeah, you ...
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The Steamiest, Sexiest Movies Of All Time

The sexiest movies aren't necessarily lurking in the adults-only section of HBO — or in the deleted archives of one's browser history. Often, the steamiest films are mainstream. Whether a flick actually features a crazy-hot love scene or a more innocent tryst between a forbidden couple, it's perfectly acceptable to find these movies tantalizing. Let's be real: That was totally the filmmaker's point.As a celebration of the sexiest films to ever grace the big screen, we've rounded up a collectio...
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8 Breakout Nail-Art Trends That Will Be Huge This Spring

Nail art has come a long way since a toothpick-dotted flower made your middle school dance outfit feel extra special. Now most salons feature at least some sort of design option — a simple dot of glitter at the cuticle or a half dip — if not an entire menu of color-coordinated choices. Nail art is officially mainstream, but that doesn't mean it has to be predictable.This season's coolest looks in particular are pretty, wearable, and most importantly, fresh. From a new spin on florals to unexpec...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Hollywood, Green, Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Nails Inc, Tenoverten, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Skyy Hadley, Betina Goldstein, Nadine Abramcyk

Luke Perry Dies at 52, Actor Never Recovered From “Massive” Stroke

Luke Perry, the heartthrob actor who rose to fame on the hit series Beverly Hills 90210 and more recently starred on The CW’s Riverdale, died Monday morning (Mar. 4) at the age of 52 years old.According to TMZ, Perry was surrounded by his family and close friends as he passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, California, where he’d been since last Wednesday morning (Feb. 27) after suffering a “massive” stroke while at his home in Sherman Oaks.When paramedics arrived at his house Wednesda...
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THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry) Announce Tour Dates

Hollywood's all star team is back. The post THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry) Announce Tour Dates appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Music, Hollywood, Johnny Depp, Tour Dates, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, The Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp Alice Cooper Joe Perry

Sophie Turner Has Upgraded Her Beauty Look & You've Hardly Noticed

One can’t help but look at Sophie Turner ’s red-carpet beauty style — dotted with romantic loose waves and braided updos — and think she must have grabbed at least a little inspiration from Sansa Stark. Then again, with hair like that, she has no reason not to.What really separates the actress's look from her on-screen persona's is the way she uses modern makeup to give classic styles a fresh twist. It’s a trick Turner has mastered almost from day one: take what looks good on you — in her case,...
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