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Walter Capps—Erikson, Psychohistory, Worldview

Walter Capps"Erik Erikson's Contribution Toward Understanding Religion"in Ideas and Identities: The Life and Work of Erik Erikson (1998) ed. Wallerstein and Goldberger pp. 67-78 were the primary Erikson insight writ large, one could make a compelling case that the religious traditions themselves can be approached as extensions and exemplifications of the lives—indeed, the biographies—of their founders. (69) And in a footnote to a related passage: In making this suggestion, I wish to call atten...
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The Unhappiest Two: The Impossible Demand in Ingmar Bergman's 'Scenes from a Marriage'

None What is it to properly think the relation with the beloved? When asked about our love relationships, we often resort to a description of effects and affects. "S/he makes me feel joy/ anxiety/ bliss/ despair." "I'm happy in his/her presence." "I'm lost without my love." "I'm better off without him/her." This is not thinking the relationship. This is thought trapped in concern with the self. But what if proper care of the self is predicated upon the care for the beloved, for the one that is ...
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Art in the age of digital production

Between 1986 and 1988, the jazz musician and experimental music pioneer George Lewis created the first version of Voyager. Through encountering the music of David Behrman, Jim Horton and others in the 1970s, Lewis became fascinated with the possibilities afforded by using computers in creating music. After spending some time making work that involved compositional programmes in Paris, Lewis returned to the US and began work on Voyager. His aspiration was not simply to use computers as a tool or ...
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'Undertale' and Immanuel Kant: Ethics in Video Games (Feature)

Undertale invokes (consciously or not) the ethics of Immanuel Kant, and in doing so, it ushers in a new era of video games as art. [Author: Kat Smalley]
Tags: Music, Kat Smalley, Immanuel Kant

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