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6 Event Marketing Tips From The Facebook Live Team

As with everything else that takes place live, Facebook Live moments can be an unpredictable beast, and using the tool successfully means being prepared for mishaps and pitfalls. Here we look at six essential tips from the from the Facebook Live team. _______________________________ Guest post by Ronnie Higgins of Eventbrite You’re backstage before the show when you see your headlining band horsing around. “This is a Facebook Live moment,” you think. You whip out your iPhone, queue u...
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Patreon Raises Some Prices, Reports 100K Creators Earn $500M Yearly

Patreon has added new tier pricing which mean higher fees for many new creators using the fan funding platform. To take advantage of the lower grandfathered rates, creators must Patreon in the next few weeks before the new rates hit in early May. 3 million fans now pay 100,000 creators more $500 million a year on Patreon, It will cross $1 billion in payouts in 2019, six years after launching.  The rate increase has been long anticipated by many who questioned if Patreon could survive a...
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A Formula For Viral Music Marketing [Jack Udell]

For anyone marketing in a social space, a viral hit is the holy grail, but coming up with a teachable formula which accurately quantifies and maximizes the possibility for viral success is no easy task. ___________________________ Guest post by music manager Jake Udell of Art of Manager How do you teach, quantify, and maximize the possibility for virality?  Here’s the best I’ve come up with… Degree of Virality  = The unique way(s) a artist, story, or activation is...
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Glastonbury 2019: Killers and the Cure announced as final headliners

US rockers and goth indie heroes take main-stage honours alongside Stormzy, while Janet Jackson confirms first UK show in yearsThe Killers and the Cure have been announced as the final headliners of the 2019 Glastonbury festival. Brandon Flowers’ Vegas band will headline on the Saturday, and Robert Smith and co on the Sunday. They join the previously announced headliner Stormzy, who will close the Pyramid stage on Friday night.It is the Cure’s fourth time headlining Glastonbury, following slots ...
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Music Industry's Revenue Growth Continues, But There Are Warning Signs

New numbers released by the RIAA show that recorded music revenues have continued to grow over the past year, reaching an uptick of 13% overall. This is good news for an industry which was struggling to stay afloat not long ago, but also carries with it some warning signs, and questions about the future. __________________________ Guest post by Bill Rosenblatt. This article originally appeared on Forbes The RIAA released its  this week. The numbers for 2018 show that the indu...
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The 20 greatest breakup songs ever – ranked!

On the 40th anniversary of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive topping the charts – and as the UK blunders towards its own acrimonious divorce – here’s the definitive list of tear-stained stonkersHip-hop isn’t big on romantic heartbreak, but this is a particularly fine example. There’s a lot of bragging from Guru about how he’s so inundated with offers since his ex packed him in that she’s probably jealous. But somehow, you get the sense he’s protesting too much: “Went home to see my mom and I saw yo...
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CD Baby Adds Low Cost Audio, Banner Ad Placement For Indie Musicians, Labels

CD Baby's marketing platform for independent musicians and labels has added the ability to purchase and run audio ad campaigns on Spotify, iHeart and other music platforms targeting a specific city or region with customized 30-second ads. Users can also target potential fans using banner ads on selected sites, including Rolling Stone, CMT and many niche blogs, sorted by genre with campaigns starting at $50 for audio ads and $20 for banner ads. CD Baby artists get free access to S...
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All the way from London, Paulo Post Future blew our socks off

We were lucky enough to have Paulo Post Future come down from their hometown in London for a very special session with these alt rockers. It was a total treat having these lads come in to play for us and then play at the very first gig in collaboration with RouteNote Sessions afterwards. It was a raucous evening that perfectly finished an amazing day with the boys of Paulo Post Future. All 3 tracks are below so quit waiting around and treat yourself to some great music. ...
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Listen Up

Farewell to Keith Flint, a lost track from Röyksopp, a moving song by Amanda Palmer and more music this week Amanda Palmer: Voicemail For Jill Through her latest track and music video, the unflinching Amanda Palmer directly addresses the fact that abortion is oft-hidden and not easily discussed. She does so with a beautiful piano-driven piece and lyrics that begin with specificity and develop—through impassioned …
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WMG, Dubset Partner To Offer Legal DJ Mixes

Dubset, the music marketplace and rights management database for DJs and artists, has inked a deal with Warner Music Group (WMG). Warner is the latest major label to partner with the platform whose aim it is to equip DJs with new mix and remix distribution and monetization opportunities. Sony signed on with Dubset back in August 2017. Since then Merlin, Tidal and SoundCloud have also partnered with the company. Warner’s deal with Dubset means artists using the Dubset platform are now ...
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Put Your Best Tweet Forward: 2019 Edition

Twitter can be a loud and crowded section of the internet, so getting a handle on how to be heard (sometimes literally as a musician) above the din is key to marketing success on the social media platform in 2019. Here we look at the best practices, tips, and tricks for how to make it happen. _____________________________ Guest post by Victoria Morris, Interactive Marketing at The Orchard. This article originally appeared on The Daily Rind. There can be a lot of noise on Twitter, whi...
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100 Million Use Paid Music Streaming Services In US [MusicWatch]

Fresh off the release of RIAA revenue numbers MusicWatch shared its year-end numbers assessing the size of the US streaming market and how music listening is evolving. Among the internet using population 13 and older MusicWatch reported a record 165 million streamers in 4Q, based on listening at least one hour in the prior week. MusicWatch noted that, for the first time, the number listening to a paid service in the US exceeded 100M. This includes those who personally pay for the subscr...
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March 2019 Playlist: Cherry Poppin’ Laceys

Of the several different types of music lovers out there, my favorites are the obsessive ones. The investigative biographers, the encyclopedic anthology experts, the meticulous playlist librarians, etc. The ultimate dream is to seek out and find every type of obsessed music lover and get them to share their overflowing knowledge and passion for music with us plebs. I’m pleased to announce that we have suckered a meticulous playlist librarian, Lacey, into tracking her musical obsessions over the ...
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How To Pull Off A Great Looking Music Video On A Budget

Producing a music video for free simply isn't going to happen, but creating a great looking, quality product while actually sticking to budget and not leaving your band destitute is significantly more achievable. Here we look at how. ____________________________ Guest post by Gideon Waxman of Soundfly's Flypaper Making a great music video will cost you money. There’s no two ways about it. But it is possible for you to obtain a memorable, high-quality music video whilst sticking to a ...
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Bandsintown Big Break Showcase Returns To SXSW 2019

Concert discovery platform Bandsintown returns to SXSW with its second annual Big Break Showcase, the festival’s only fan data-driven official showcase. It will be held o Wednesday, March 13th from 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM on the rooftop of Maggie Mae’s on 6th Street. This year's Bandsintown Big Break Showcase will feature live performances by R&B singer Adrian Jean, LA rock duo KOLARS, critically acclaimed indie-pop group illuminati hotties, R&B vocalist Herizen, Portland’s Reptaliens, and...
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The latest RouteNote Session saw Matthew Gordon Price encapsulate the whole studio

Our most recent live session saw us joined by Matthew Gordon Price for his unique blend of alternative folk and rock. It’s a beautiful session filled with passion from Matthew and his talented cohorts. Do yourself a favour and listen now. Matthew Gordon Price FacebookSpotify Routenote Sessions FacebookYouTubeSpotify The post The latest RouteNote Session saw Matthew Gordon Price encapsulate the whole studio appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
Tags: Music, Rock, Indie, Live Music, Alternative, Matthew, Folk, Independent, Sessions, RouteNote Music, Independent Artist, Independent Music, Routenote Sessions, Live Sessions, Matthew Gordon Price, Matthew Gordon Price FacebookSpotify Routenote

Listen Up

Solange's new record, a hopeful and political anthem, a tribute to Talk Talk's Mark Hollis and more Solange: Sound of Rain Released at midnight, Solange’s superb fourth full-length album When I Get Home is a lush sonic exploration. Sprawling across 19 tracks (some of which are just brief interludes) the record is all written, performed and executive produced by Solange, but includes contributions from Dev …
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Proven Ideas To Sell More Music Merchandise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Merchandise sales is one of the top income streams for most musicians, when its done well.  The folks at RushOrderTees often remind their clients that great merch accomplishes many things. For the band, it generates revenue and serves as promotional material. For fans, it provides a piece of memorabilia they can get excited about and show off. via RushOrderTees   [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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LUME: Edge of My Seat

From Brighton singer/songwriter LUME comes “Edge of My Seat,” a song to follow her 2018 EP titled Tip of Your Thumb. The track pulls from multiple genres—hip-hop sits somewhere inside, pop synths and indie melodies flow throughout. While it’s a breezy tune, it still bears some complexity—and optimism, as she sings of being bound for bright lights.  
Tags: Music, Design, Pop, Culture, Brighton, Indie, Listenup, Indie Pop, Lume

Could The Proliferation Of Indie Streaming Platforms Be Harming Unsigned Artists?

As the major streaming platforms continue to bludgeon each other in hopes of gaining an industry monopoly, unsigned artists are seeking better, independent options for sharing their music with the general public - unfortunately, all these smaller platforms face a number of shortcomings. _______________________________ In this new post to MusicThinkTank, contributor Ghostly Beard tackles the issue unsigned artists face in the proliferation of indie streaming platforms, even as they seek ...
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Listen Up

From classic hip-hop to a reissue and a remix in our musical round-up this week Tertia May: In My Head Premiering on Wonderland, Tertia May’s “In My Head” is a dreamy, dusky approach to jazz—complete with polished, hip-hop-influenced production from Subculture. Soulful and rich, the song sees May maneuver between almost spoken-word to stirring, soaring vocals. Combining elements of soul, hip-hop, house and beyond, May …
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129 Members Of US Congress Renew Assault On Musicians With The 'Local Radio Freedom Act'

Broadcast radio lobbyists and a bipartisan coalition of 124 members House members and 5 senators are backing the latest edition of the Local Radio Freedom Act, which would continue to limit the royalties that radio stations pay on recordings. To put this in context, the United States is one of a handful of countries including North Korea and Ir an, who do not require radio stations to pay any performance royalties to the artists who made the music that makes up the bulk for their program...
Tags: Music, Diy, North Korea, US, America, Music Industry, United States, House, Indie, Musicians, Music Business, Nab, Broadcast & Satellite, Musician, Bruce Houghton, Gordon Smith

Wet: Old Bone (Jim-E Stack Remix)

NYC-based band Wet’s single “Old Bone” was a plucking tune with an emphasis on lead singer Kelly Zutrau’s vocals. But the remixed version, by Jim-E Stack, leans into the track’s core rhythm. With an upbeat drum and looming synths, the guitar is replaced by darker, distant strumming. Zutrau’s vocals are buried under a bit of distortion, but still bear the same raw emotion. Catch Wet on …
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Indie, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Wet, Jim, Kelly Zutrau, Remixes, Jim-E Stack, Zutrau

Sam Cohen: Something’s Got A Hold On Me

Danger Mouse has once again teamed up with BK-based singer/songwriter/producer Sam Cohen, for the latter’s upcoming LP The Future’s Still Ringing In My Ears. With a ’60s psychedelic vibe, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” (premiering today on Stereogum) draws from that golden age of protest songs, describing a bleak view of the USA: “The future’s been a terrific disappointment / it’s not one thing specifically …
Tags: Music, Usa, Design, Culture, Indie, Listenup, New Music, Danger Mouse, Sam Cohen, Psych, Psych Rock

Carolina Cove are back to melt you away

We bring you a gift from far away lands. This is a very specific gift made with your ears in mind. We bring you the blessings of Carolina Cove and their track Burden. They got our chops going with their cover of Sigrid’s Stranger’s on Monday and now we are ready to burst with excitement to show you the full session. Here’s two-thirds for now… Carolina Cove FacebookSpotify Routenote Sessions FacebookYouTubeSpotify The post Carolina Cove are back to ...
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Soundcharts Launches New Music Data Platform With Unlimited Team Access

Music analytics platform Soundcharts has launched a new version with new pricing. Under the plan, users can share data access with their entire team at no additional cost. Every plan comes with unlimited users and is based on the number of monitored artists, starting at €19 / $21.50 USD per month for a single artist. The release also includes new features and data sources:  Artist Overview: real-time dashboard on over 2 million artists, including social media, geo-tracked radio plays,...
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If You Aren’t Posting Your Pre-Order Link, You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy

Posting everyday to promote a new release is fine. But if you aren’t posting a pre-order link, then you are making your fans jump through unnecessary hoops. Listen and learn from music marketing experts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on this week's Music Biz Weekly podcast. . [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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What Musicians Should Ask Themselves Before Hiring A Publicist

Sure every wants to be successful, but the route to success tends to vary wildly across the industry, and while the help of a publicist can do wonders for advancing the career of some artists, hiring one before you're ready, or when it's simply not right fit, can be a huge setback. _______________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix Publicists can do a lot for your career, but only if you’re ready to work with them. Every artist wants to find success in t...
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Carolina Cove blow us away with their incredible version of Strangers by Sigrid

We’ve been so excited to bring you Carolina Cove and here they are in all their glory with this incredible cover of Sigrid’s Strangers. Carolina Cove bring their Americana sound to the South West and pierce the bubble with their unique meld of rock and pop sounds. You’re going to like this and stay tuned for the next two tracks from the session coming out this week. Carolina Cove FacebookSpotify Routenote Sessions FacebookYouTubeSpotify The post Carolin...
Tags: Music, Band, Rock, Pop, Indie, Cover, South West, Routenote, Session, RouteNote Music, Strangers, Sigrid, Live Session, Carolina Cove, Sigrid s Strangers Carolina Cove

The Ryan Adams allegations are the tip of an indie-music iceberg

So-called alternative musicians pride themselves on being more enlightened than their rock counterparts, but in my years of writing about them, I have found no end of ‘beta male misogyny’I wish I could say I was surprised by the New York Times report detailing allegations that the singer-songwriter Ryan Adams offered to mentor young women, before pursuing them sexually and turning nasty after they turned him down. His ex-wife, the musician and actor Mandy Moore, described him as “psychologically...
Tags: Music, World news, Culture, New York Times, Indie, Sexual Harassment, Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams, Phoebe Bridgers, Adams, MeToo Movement

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