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In Conversation: Kim Gordon & Steve Gunn

Kim Gordon has long been one of our most intimidating rock stars. From her work with the legendary Sonic Youth to her side gig Free Kitten and current project Body/Head, she's always been able to wield harsh noise, anti-patriarchal vitriol, and rock star cool with ease. But even though she can summon the feedback to … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Kim Gordon, Steve Gunn, In Conversation

Locked and Loaded: Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud Discuss Their Classic 1988 Hip-Hop Debut

In the late '80s, they rode the cresting wave of the hip-hop duos. Likely born from the synergistic energy produced by seminal acts like Eric B. & Rakim, Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud were one of many rap duos competing for a place at the DJs turntable. They hit one nifty cut out of the park with the snappishly urban strut of "Do the James", a jam that tipped its hat to the legendary James Brown as well as the hyperkinetic basement hip-hop parties that were especially popular in the Bronx at th...
Tags: Google, Feature, Music, Interview, California, Nas, Rap, James Brown, Mtv, Hip-hop, Queens, Eminem, Manhattan, Bronx, James, 1980s

Band To Watch: Fontaines D.C.

There's been something happening in Dublin. Across 2014 and 2015, a group called Girl Band started to generate international buzz thanks to their idiosyncratic blend of noise-rock, post-punk, and techno-inspired rhythms. Here was a new sound, one nobody associated with a specific generation or scene in Ireland. Girl Band then went silent for … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Ireland, Dublin, Band To Watch, Fontaines D.C

Yob and Near-death Metal Experiences

None Riding the tram out to the suburbs of Bordeaux to talk with Yob's Mike Scheidt before their concert in 2018, I resign myself to the fizz and pop of excitatory and anxiogenic processes bustling about in my gut and brain. I'm nervous because, later, when I press 'Record' on the dictaphone I've borrowed to complete my disguise, the first thing I'll tell Mike is that I'm acting under false pretenses: I've never conducted an interview before. Blagging an interview slot just happens to be the be...
Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Bordeaux, Mike, Watts, Yob, Alan Watts, Relapse Records, Candlemass, Profound Lore Records, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Mike Scheidt, Thrill Jockey

Astralingua Stunningly Isolates and Introspects on "Space Blues" (interview + premiere)

None The term "Astralingua" refers to the language of stars and astral planes, and on their latest record, Safe Passage, the "Nomadic space-folk" pair creates invasively introspective and elegant music to exemplify their namesake. Comprised of composer/vocalist Joseph Andrew Thompson and back-up vocalist Anne Rose Thompson, Astralingua ensures that each of the LP's 11 tracks lingers with awe-inspiring sounds and arresting soul, ranking alongside meditative masters like Nosound, the Autumn Cho...
Tags: Music, Interview, Bird, Bob Marley, William Blake, Premiere, Folk, Anne, Joseph, Steven Wilson, Blake, Tori Amos, Cutie, Mojave Desert, Astralingua, Psychedelic folk

Hunt Sales Sings About Love, Hate in "Angel of Darkness" (premiere + interview)

None Hunt Sales returns with a new album, Get Your Shit Together, on January 25 via Big Legal Mess through Fat Possum. The album, released under the name Hunt Sales Memorial, may be pre-ordered now. In addition to work with Todd Rundgren and Iggy Pop (he provides the unmistakable intro to "Lust For Life"), Sales was a founding member of Tin Machine with his brother Tony, David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels. He has also worked with Lowell Fulson, Bootsy Collins, Los Super Seven and has fronted a vari...
Tags: Music, New York, Texas, Interview, America, Rock, Austin, New Orleans, Tigers, Art Blakey, Premiere, Memphis, Iggy, Motorhead, Compton, Todd Rundgren

Foreigners' Rights in Japan: Interview with Activist and Writer Debito Arudou

None Debito Arudou (formerly David Aldwinckle) was born in California and raised in Geneva, New York. After spending a long period of residence in Japan, he became a citizen of that country. Frequently engaged in outspoken activism on the issues of anti-foreigner discrimination and racism in Japanese society, Arudou has written extensively on these topics for various publications, including his regular contributions to the Japan Times newspaper for over 15 years as well his web site Debito....
Tags: Feature, Music, Japan, Supreme Court, Interview, California, France, US, America, Hillary Clinton, United States, Tokyo, States, Republican Party, Vietnam, Johnson

A Sense of Contentment: An Interview with Steve Mason

None With every new album, Steve Mason steps further from the enormous shadow cast by the critically lauded, commercially stunted, wholly brilliant the Beta Band. After losing himself in the immediate aftermath of the band's breakup in projects such as King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, Mason started a solo career that began with the introspective, electronica of 2010's Boys Outside and which now sees him release his new album About the Light.Mason's previous album, 2016's Meet the Humans was ...
Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Brighton, Stephen Street, Indie Pop, The Beta Band, Steve Mason, Mason, Indie Rock, Black Affair Mason, Smiths Morrissey Blur Suede

We’ve Got A File On You: Sharon Van Etten

We've Got A File On You is a new reboot of an old-school Stereogum franchise. Once called Annotated Media Guide, these are interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc. Almost 10 years ago, Sharon Van Etten released her debut … More »
Tags: Music, Bruce Springsteen, Interview, Boardwalk Empire, Twin Peaks, Stevie Nicks, David Lynch, Nick Cave, Lcd Soundsystem, Matt Berninger, The National, Shearwater, Sharon Van Etten, Irving Berlin, Tom Petty, John Congleton

Melissa Manchester Looks Back at 1985 and Her Synthpop Experiments

None The 1980s weren't particularly kind to the singer/songwriters who'd emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The recording studio became the producer's fiefdom and the acoustic music that had characterized the work of people like Joni Mitchell and Carole King became passé. Artists affected by these changes either attempted to move with the times or, like Laura Nyro, recorded far less frequently. Acoustic or semi-acoustic pop music was still around, but performers such as Suzanne Vega and...
Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Pop, Atlantic, Manchester, David Bowie, Davis, Madonna, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Duke, Marvin Gaye, Usc, Amos, Arif Mardin

Our Private Prisons: Interview with 'Still' Director, Takashi Doscher

None "I was very much wrestling with the question of time and our modern or not so modern definitions of relationships, love and monogamy, and even sexuality a bit" explains director Takashi Doscher of his narrative feature debut Still (2018). When hiker Lily (Madeline Brewer) loses her way on the Appalachian Trail, she stumbles onto an isolated farm and encounters a seemingly odd couple. While Ella (Lydia Wilson) is happy to take her in, Adam (Nick Blood) is initially less hospitable, and as ...
Tags: Feature, Music, Drama, Interview, Fantasy, Mystery, The Orchard, Lily, Terence Davies, Adam, Davies, Ella, Madeline, Appalachian Trail, John Andrew, Christoph Behl

Director Max Martini on 'SGT. Will Gardner'

None SGT. Will Gardner (2019) is Max Martini's second film as writer-director, a two decade long pause following 1999's Desert Son. Martini, who has appeared in front of the camera across film and television since the '80s, plays here the title character also known as Ghost, an Iraq war veteran suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Setting out on a road trip, he sets his hopes on reconnecting with his young son and former wife. On his journey, he continues to be haunted by flashbacks to the wa...
Tags: Feature, Music, Drama, Interview, Adventure, Iraq, America, War, Rome, Action, Dermot Mulroney, Ptsd, Cinedigm, John Ford, Martini, Veterans Administration

Polite Movies? Not Interested: Karyn Kusama, Phil Hay, and Matt Manfredi on 'Destroyer'

None In one of the most uncharacteristic, gritty performances of her career, Nicole Kidman plays Erin Bell, a grizzled, self-destructive, veteran LAPD officer whose sordid past is revealed piece by tantalizing piece in Karyn Kusama's brutal, uncompromising cop drama, Destroyer (reviewed here on PopMatters). Co-writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi craft a slow-burn story that jumps around and jumbles Bell's timeline, following the emotional flow of her journey rather than its chronology. It's a st...
Tags: Feature, Music, Crime, Drama, Interview, Toronto, Los Angeles, Action, Nicole Kidman, Lapd, Tatiana Maslany, Bell, Telluride, Erin, Phil, Nicole

Bradford Cox Wonders If You’ll Even Listen To Deerhunter’s New Album From Start To Finish

For someone who can be so verbose, Bradford Cox is the first person to admit he doesn't have all the answers -- at this point, he's not even pretending to. More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Deerhunter, Bradford Cox, Lockett Pundt

Mineral’s Chris Simpson On His Band’s New Book, New Music, Ancient Memories, & Enduring Legacy

Chris Simpson doesn't think he's ever met a casual Mineral fan, but the potential for millions of them briefly existed in the minds of people like Sylvia Rhone, Jimmy Iovine, and Clive Davis. Even your parents can probably name the careers shepherded by these legendary A&Rs: Santana, Bruce Springsteen, 2Pac, Eminem, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Metallica, … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Premiere, Mineral, Clive Davis, Chris Simpson, Sylvia Rhone Jimmy Iovine, Santana Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel Aerosmith Metallica

Have Patience: An Interview with Jane Weaver

None Though she has roots that run through the music history of Manchester and helped to shape some of the sounds associated with popular British music of the last two decades, Jane Weaver is just now taking her own turn in the spotlight. Her last three releases -- The Silver Globe (2014), The Amber Light (2015), and Modern Kosmology (2017) -- channel some of the styles she's explored since the late 1990s. But it is a trilogy of records that evokes a singular vision. Across these releases, she ...
Tags: Feature, Music, UK, England, London, Sweden, Interview, America, Manchester, Kendrick Lamar, Kate Bush, Yemen, Drift, Folk, Kraut, Kevin Parker

Artist To Watch: SASAMI

Sasami Ashworth is determined to make it. In a sense, she already has. She's scored short films and commercials, taught in an elementary school, and collaborated in the studio with artists like Vagabon, Hand Habits, and Wild Nothing. And for two-and-a-half years she was a member of Cherry Glazerr, playing the synths that leveled out … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Band To Watch, Sasami, Cherry Glazerr, Sasami Ashworth

Porter's Head: Rapper Porter Ray on His Latest Hip-Hop Opus, 'Eye of the Beholder'

None His talent caught the eye and ears of a kindred spirit, Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and Digable Planets, who clearly saw much of himself in the young upstart. Indeed, Porter Ray possesses a similarly skewed vision of hip-hop upheld by his far more experienced mentor. But Ray is wise beyond his years, exhibiting a firm sense of self which translates effortlessly in the recording studio. Butler, also an A&R at Sub Pop Records, brought the young rapper onboard at the label in 2015. Ray'...
Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Toronto, Mountain, Rap, Hip-hop, Middle East, Montreal, Seattle, Shell, Pacific Northwest, Watercolor, Ray, Shabazz, Porter

The High Strung Release a Jubilant Song as Singer Reflects on Success of 'Bird Box' Adaptation

None The new year is off to an auspicious start for the High Strung and one of their novelist singers. Quiet Riots, the Detroit indie rock royalty's eighth studio album, is on the cusp of release, prefaced by a DIY video for energetic lead single "If You Wanna Roll". In conjunction with that, the recently released film adaptation of singer-songwriter Josh Malerman's debut novel Bird Box is all the rage, with the Internet going mad over the Sandra Bullock-starring apocalyptic horror narrativ...
Tags: Music, Interview, La, Earth, Rock, Netflix, Bob Dylan, Sandra Bullock, Michigan, Detroit, Premiere, Mark, Johnny Cash, Upper Peninsula, Allison, Bullock

Mary Bragg Plays by Her Own Golden Rules on "Fixed" (interview + premiere)

None Mary Bragg knows the precise moment that motivated her to write the song "Fixed".Waiting on the ramp with her fourth-grade class to enter the cafeteria and go through the lunch line at Swainsboro Elementary School in Georgia, she felt uneasy while hearing the main topic of conversation."My classmates were talking about how much they weighed, and I weighed 30 pounds more than anyone else on that ramp," said Bragg, who grew up to become an accomplished Nashville singer-songwriter. "Consi...
Tags: Music, Florida, Texas, Interview, Georgia, Nashville, Oxford University, Shakespeare, Americana, Premiere, University Of Georgia, Kristin, Jimmy, Rosanne, Bluebird Cafe, Bragg

Deezer’s CEO wants to make their mark in 2019

Deezer have held their own whilst rivals like Spotify and Apple Music dominate music streaming and after their best year yet they’re on track to carve their niche this year. French music streaming service Deezer has successfully managed to carve out success, battling against streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. They didn’t launch in the US until 2016 but have still managed to gain a dedicated user-base and continue expanding around the world despite being, as CEO Hans-Holger Albrec...
Tags: Spotify, Business, Music, Interview, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, US, Egypt, Expansion, Middle East, Brazil, Streaming, Stream, Lebanon, Latin America

Paul Kelly: Interviewing an Australian Icon

None If you're not from Australasia, you might have heard of Paul Kelly. You might not have. He's toured overseas extensively, yes, though as he tells us, "when we tour America, we play in little clubs. I love that." It's not surprising that discrete, hole-in-the-wall venues suit Mr. Kelly. Despite a career spanning four decades, he has none of the arrogance that is seemingly required for international stadium tours. So perhaps it stands to reason that those north of the equator may not be ...
Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Australia, America, Rock, Mick Jagger, Dylan Thomas, Kate, Gravy, Memphis, Alice, Australasia, Sylvia Plath, Paul Kelly, Kelly

Greg Edwards On Failure’s Four-EP LP, Replacing James Iha In A Perfect Circle, And More

Tracking Down is a Stereogum franchise in which we talk to artists who have been out of the spotlight for a minute. More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Failure, Greg Edwards, Tool, Autolux, James Iha, A Perfect Circle, Tracking Down

Wayne Coyne Reviews 2018

Wayne Coyne is always busy. Whether working on official albums or a smattering of side projects, the Flaming Lips -- the band he's now been a part of for 35 years -- never seem to stop moving. "With us, it's always like five things at one time," he says from his home in Oklahoma City, … More »
Tags: Music, Elon Musk, Beyonce, Interview, Andy Dick, Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, Oklahoma City, Post Malone, Tom Petty, 2018 In Review

Black Humour's Tender Touch: An Interview with 'Mug' Director Małgorzata Szumowska

None Małgorzata Szumowska's Mug (Twarz, 2018) tells the story of construction worker Jacek (Mateusz Kościukiewicz), whose three loves are heavy metal, his girlfriend and his dog. Following a disfiguring accident on a construction project to build what will be the tallest statue of Jesus anywhere in the world, he undergoes the first facial transplant in Poland. Mug was the recipient of the Silver Bear Jury Grand Prix at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, shadowing the success of Szumow...
Tags: Feature, Music, Drama, Interview, Italy, Poland, Jesus, Alex Ramon, Mug, Jacek, Polish Film Institute, Film feature, Twarz, Polish film, Małgorzata szumowska, Mateusz kosciukiewicz

The Allure of 'Mountain': An Interview with Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti

None Mountain (2017) is a musical collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) and filmmaker Jennifer Peedom. Exploring the alluring force mountains hold over the imagination of humankind, Willem Dafoe narrates the words written by Peedom and British writer Robert Macfarlane. The ACO and their Artistic Director, Richard Tognetti, appeared at The Barbican, London in October of this year for a live performance of Mountain, ahead of their scheduled return to the venue in 2019 and ...
Tags: Feature, Music, London, Interview, Documentary, Sports, Mountain, Canada, Banff, Picasso, Bernard Herrmann, Mountain Climbing, Pierre Boulez, Werner Herzog, Jen, Jennifer

Phoebe Bridgers Reviews 2018

Phoebe Bridgers won a lot of people over quickly. Amidst releasing her debut Stranger In The Alps last year, she immediately made her presence known: A gifted singer-songwriter often diving into confessional, melancholic depths while maintaining a sometimes-dry, sometimes-quirky sense of humor online and elsewhere. She was gifted, and she was interesting. We wound up … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Alps, Weezer, Jason Isbell, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Elliott Smith, Julien Baker, Boygenius, 2018 In Review

Open Mike Eagle Reviews 2018

Right now, it certainly seems as if Open Mike Eagle can't be stopped. Since he got started in earnest at the beginning of this decade, he's never really taken a break from releasing projects in various forms. His run of albums and EPs since 2014, in particular, has shown the arc of an artist getting … More »
Tags: Music, Beyonce, Interview, Kanye West, Open Mike Eagle, Toto, A Star is Born, 2018 In Review

Lindsey Buckingham Reveals Stories Behind His Solo Songs And Whether He’ll Ever Rejoin Fleetwood Mac

"It certainly has been ... a surprising year," Lindsey Buckingham joked from the stage at Manhattan's Town Hall last week. Fleetwood Mac's erstwhile singer and guitarist is playing shows in support of Solo Anthology, a career-spanning collection that's somehow his first-ever hits package 37 years into a successful solo career. The just-released 6xLP version of … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Manhattan s Town Hall

Snail Mail Reviews 2018

Snail Mail was already having a quick ascension. Last year, when Lindsey Jordan was just 18, she garnered a ton of buzz and acclaim for her reissued 2016 EP Habit, eventually earning her a deal with Matador for her full-length debut. She seemed like one of the indie world's bright new stars, and … More »
Tags: Music, Beyonce, Interview, Toto, Snail Mail, A Star is Born, Lindsey Jordan, Lil Tay, 2018 In Review

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