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La Dispute’s Long, Hard Road To Panorama

La Dispute were in a rut. After playing together (give or take a few members) for close to 15 years, the post-hardcore experimentalists were too stuck in routine and familiarity with each other to come up with ideas for their upcoming album. In search of something -- anything -- to jump-start their songwriting process, bass … More »
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The Social Experiment’s Nico Segal & Nate Fox Talk Intellexual, Their Great New Album Out Today

Admittedly, the name Intellexual is a bit of a forehead-slapper, but hear me out here: The record is good. Like, really good. You'd expect as much from Nico Segal and Nate Fox, guys who played a key role in crafting Chance The Rapper's euphoric sound and who count Frank Ocean ("U-N-I-T-Y"), Kanye West ("Ultralight Beam"), … More »
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Melodic Rock Evolves: An Interview with Idlewild

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Weyes Blood Shows Us How She Made The Striking Cover For Her Exquisite New Album

As Weyes Blood, Natalie Mering has spent her career making more than just records: She’s created fully immersive experiences. The singer-songwriter has been self-releasing albums since she was 15, initially using the moniker "Wise Blood" from the Flannery O’Connor novel for her songs. For her self-released debut album The Outside Room, released in 2011, Mering … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Flannery O'Connor, Weyes Blood, Natalie Mering

The Story Behind Every Song On Priests’ New Album The Seduction Of Kansas

In the beginning of 2017, Priests released their debut album Nothing Feels Natural. It was a long-awaited confirmation that this was one of the most exciting young rock bands of our time, and it wound up ranking towards the top of our list of the best albums of that year. Just under two … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Kansas, Priests, Footnotes

Charlotte Gainsbourg, After Rest

Coffee with Charlotte Gainsbourg seems like it should take place in black and white. There’s something distinctly classical about the 47-year-old, almost as if she walked out of the frame of an old film and into the streets of contemporary New York. But when we meet a few blocks from her apartment in the West … More »
Tags: Music, New York, Interview, West, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Finding Yourself at Last: An Interview with the Drums

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Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Pop, Indie Pop, The Drums, Synthpop

These sustainable headphones are making a debut just in time for Earth Day

The Exodus headphones are The House of Marley’s first release in its new 2019 line of eco-friendly audio products, and trust us when we say they are everything you’d want in a pair of headphones. Made from materials like FSC-certified wood, stainless steel, recyclable aluminum and soft natural leather, the Exodus headphones allow you feel good about your purchase while having a comfortable listening experience. The House of Marley doesn’t stop at headphones, either — the company also creates tu...
Tags: Music, Design, Review, Interview, Interviews, Africa, Earth, Headphones, Marley, Bob Marley, FSC, Green Products, Cnet, Green Technology, Eco-friendly, Earth Day

Titus Andronicus Construct An Obelisk

Patrick Stickles does everything with intention. Having now released music via his Titus Andronicus project for over a decade, Stickles long ago proved that even in his work's most aesthetically raw moments, there are layers of thought at play. So, while it may come as some surprise that he's announcing a new album called An … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Patrick Stickles, Bob Mould, Titus Andronicus, Stickles

Carol Hall: The Final Interview

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Tags: Feature, Music, Interview, Pop, Broadway, Singer-songwriter, Musical Theatre, Carol Hall

The Drums Find Vulnerability In Brutalism

Is there a 2010s indie band more misunderstood than the Drums? When Jonny Pierce's once-Brooklyn-based indie-pop project first emerged at the top of the decade with their indelible self-titled debut, it was with a wave of hype brought on by the typically mouth-foaming British music press and the local ubiquity afforded by notching multiple CMJ … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Brooklyn, The Drums, Jonny Pierce

Advice To Labels: When Reissuing Vinyl, Take The Extra Step

The resurgence of vinyl has breathed new life into a number formerly overlooked albums, bringing hitherto forgotten artists out of the woodwork. When it comes to these fresh pressings, however, it's important that labels take the time (and money) to invest in top notch audio quality. ___________________________ Guest post by Larry Jaffee of Making Vinyl The vinyl revival has provided a new lease of life for countless underappreciated albums that originally fell through the cracks. ...
Tags: Music, Interview, Guest Post, Andy Warhol, Sussex, Philly, Mancini, Bowery Electric, Rodriguez, Mayfield, Beggars Banquet, Gaye, David Shire, Martha Schwendener, Larry Jaffee, Portishead Morcheeba

Caracara Keep Getting Better

When William Lindsay arrived at Drexel University in 2010, Philadelphia still lagged behind his hometown of Columbus as far as music scene credibility went. The Caracara frontman recalls a vibrant "pay-to-play" scene dominated by an early incarnation of Twenty One Pilots, "The coolest band that was crushing those 200-cap shows." Metalcore and its mutant toxic … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Philadelphia, Columbus, Premiere, Album Stream, Drexel University, Will Yip, Metalcore, Caracara, William Lindsay

The Ballad(s) Of Laura Stevenson

For someone who’s perpetually ahead of the curve, Laura Stevenson rarely seems to get the praise she deserves. The New York-based singer-songwriter has spent the past decade penning the type of songs that you can't help but hold close to your heart, occasionally wiggling them loose to share them with people close to you. There’s … More »
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The Story Behind Every Song On Strand Of Oaks’ New Album Eraserland

Today, Tim Showalter returns with Eraserland, his sixth album as Strand Of Oaks. It almost didn't happen. As the touring behind 2017's Hard Love was coming to a close, Showalter found himself defeated. After the wild journey from his 2014 breakthrough HEAL to its follow-up, something didn't click. Unsatisfied with his … More »
Tags: Footnotes, Interview, Emma Ruth Rundle, Jason Isbell, My Morning Jacket, Strand Of Oaks, Tim Showalter

Band To Watch: Injury Reserve

"Jailbreak The Tesla" is an evocative title, one that can work as a mantra for the Phoenix hip-hop trio that created it. "That was kind of the idea of Injury Reserve," says Nathaniel Ritchie, the rapper also known as Ritchie With A T -- "taking this thing that's supposed to be this futuristic modern car, … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Tesla, Amine, Sxsw, Phoenix, Band To Watch, Ritchie, Injury Reserve, Parker Corey, Nathaniel Ritchie

Band To Watch: Black Midi

Throughout SXSW last week, there was one question everyone invested in this year's crop of emerging indie names seemed to be asking: "Have you seen Black Midi yet?" … More »
Tags: Music, Interview, Sxsw, Band To Watch, Black Midi

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