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Spotify stays quiet about launch of its voice command ‘Hey Spotify’ on mobile

In 2019, Spotify began testing a hardware device for automobile owners it lovingly dubbed “Car Thing,” which allowed Spotify Premium users to play music and podcasts using voice commands that began with “Hey, Spotify.” Last year, Spotify began developing a similar voice integration into its mobile app. Now, access to the “Hey Spotify” voice feature is rolling out more broadly. Spotify chose not to officially announce the new addition, despite numerous reports indicating the voice option was show...
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How to put music on your Instagram Story and customize it

You can put music on your Instagram Story alongside photos or videos. Shutterstock You can put music on your Instagram Story by tapping the sticker icon in your Story and selecting "Music" from the list of options. There's a lot of music to choose from — you can scroll through Instagram's recommended list of songs, or search for your own song. Music clips can only be 15 seconds long, but you get to choose which 15 seconds of the song to include in your Instagram Story. Visit Business Insi...
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How to download music on your iPhone, so you can listen even without an internet connection

There are several ways to download music on your iPhone, including through iTunes and Apple Music, or with a music streaming app. With an Apple Music subscription, you can download songs to your iPhone with just a few taps. If you have music on your computer, you can transfer it to your iPhone using iTunes or Apple Music. Some streaming apps like Spotify also let you download music to listen offline. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. With the rise of streaming se...
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How to play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone, without having to keep the app open

You can play YouTube in the background on your iPhone with a Premium subscription. Mateusz Slodkowski/Getty Images To play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone, you'll need to sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription.There used to be a way to play YouTube in the background using the iPhone's built-in Safari app, but this method no longer works.YouTube Premium costs $11.99 per month for a standard account, and lets you play music when the app isn't open, among other features.Vis...
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"I don't want to touch an object," I found myself saying, socially distancingly.

The sun was rising, and 3 young women... ... had asked me if I'd take a picture of them — the kind of request I've always happily agreed to. And here I was being stand-offish, in the manner of a person with OCD because they wanted to hand me their phone. It's covid19world, and we're all OCD now, so I couldn't go along with that, and I knew they'd understand. Actually, they'd probably have understood in pre-covid19world and simply regarded me as a person with a disability to be treated with empa...
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How to download music on Pandora for offline listening

Taking your music offline is super useful for listening on the go without eating up your data allowance or if you’re going into dead zones. With Pandora Premium, it’s easy to download tracks and whole albums. Pandora pioneered online radio way back in 2005. Specializing in personalized listening experiences, today Pandora offers a bunch of features making it a worthy competitor in the online streaming market. Here’s how to take your music offline on iPhone and Android. Note, this featur...
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Get to know: Spotify Mobile’s fresh new look

Spotify have updated their mobile apps with a fresh new look that cuts down on words and makes streaming easier. Spotify has a new design for their app on iOS devices that they say will make streaming music even more streamlined than ever. Their new interface has brand new button designs and actions to play music. Here are the new designs to get to know if you’re listening to Spotify on iOS: Simpler and more universal Shuffle Play button Spotify’s new green “shuffle play” ...
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Pandora’s new Apple Watch app is now live

Pandora can now stream music from an Apple Watch all on it’s own without having to connect to an iPhone. Earlier this week we reported on Pandora’s update for their Apple Watch app. Now the new app is live on Apple Watches the world over, eliminating the need for an iPhone connection to stream music or even to download the app. Before, as with many Apple Watch apps, the device needed to connect to your iPhone to use the app fully. Now Pandora joins Apple Music as the only streaming serv...
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Stream Pandora on Apple Watch without an iPhone

Pandora’s upcoming app for Apple Watch gives you unlimited music streaming from your wrist with no extras needed. One of the minor annoyances of streaming music with Apple Watches has been that it still requires a connection to your iPhone to handle it. So other than being able to see what you’re streaming without reaching into your pocket there wasn’t much point. Pandora’s new standalone music app for Apple Watch makes streaming a solely watch-based experience. As long as your Apple Wa...
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Eventide’s iOS effects are quietly becoming must-have tools

Without anyone really making much fuss about it, we suddenly live in an age when we can run effects more or less however we want. Eventide is a company known for hardware first. But they’ve taken that DSP power and moved it to a variety of platforms. So you can buy a reverb box, or a whole advanced studio rack, or you can buy something like the H9 that’s a stompbox-style pedal that runs whatever effects you like. Or you can buy desktop plug-ins – outright or by subscription. The breakthro...
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You Can Put Spotify on a Sleep Timer, So No More Waking Up to Turn It Off

If you love listening to music in bed but dread getting up to turn it off (or even waking up to shut it from from your bed), TikTok user shared a hack that will change everything. He shared the simple way iPhone users can set a timer for when they want their Spotify music to automatically turn off - perfect for those who don't want to drain their phone's battery or get up in the middle of the night. Follow these easy steps ahead to put your music on a sleep timer: Open Spotify on your phon...
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Use Siri to listen to music on Pandora’s newly dark app

With the launch of iOS 13, Pandora have decided to get in on the phone with some new features for music streaming on Apple devices. Apple launched their new iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads last month. Pandora have updated their music streaming app to enhance what they can do on the new software. Pandora are letting listeners see the app “in a whole new light” with Dark Mode. This new colour scheme lets you switch to a darker theme that’s great for browsing in the evening and gentler on the...
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Turn your iPad or iPhone into a scriptable MIDI tool with Mozaic

Its creator describes it as a “workshop in a plug-in.” Mozaic lets you turn your iOS device into a MIDI filter/controller that does whatever you want – a toolkit for making your own MIDI gadgets. Oh yeah and it’s just US$6.99, which is absurd but awesome. The beauty of this, of course, is that you can have whatever tools you want without having to wait for someone else to make them for you. Developer Bram Bos has been an innovator in music software for years – he created one of the first drum ...
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How to add your music to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

We show you how to add music to your Apple mobile devices. This includes wired, wireless, and recent cloud techniques. All accomplish the same goal of letting you listen to your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want. The post How to add your music to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch appeared first on Digital Trends.
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iPhone owners can finally hear the highest-quality streaming music on Tidal

If you're an iPhone owner who is after the highest possible audio quality from your streaming library, you now have the best option out there: Tidal's Masters Quality Audio (MQA) is now available on iOS. The post iPhone owners can finally hear the highest-quality streaming music on Tidal appeared first on Digital Trends.
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MidiWrist aids instrumentalists by giving Siri and Apple Watch control

Grabbing the mouse, keyboard, or other controller while playing an instrument is no fun. Developer Geert Bevin has a solution: put an Apple Watch or (soon) iPhone’s Siri voice command in control. We’ve been watching MidiWrist evolve over the past weeks. It’s a classic story of what happens when a developer is also a musician, making a tool for themselves. Geert has long been an advocate for combining traditional instrumental technique and futuristic electronic instruments; in this case, he’s a...
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Put an authentic sounding mellotron in your iPhone

You don’t need to carry around a massive keyboard to play a mellotron on the go. This app puts the same level of quality into your iOS devices. Brought to you in partnership with Streetly Electronics, the inventors of the mellotron, Streetlytron includes a massive collection of 90 tapes, with 65 drawn from Streetly’s Production Masters – exactly the same tapes that ship with their $8,000 M4000 unit. Completing the sample sets are our own very popular ‘Caitlin Downie Soprano’ and ‘Clare Lin...
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Play a classic Cornish organ on your phone

In the ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’, in a small Cornish village there is a classic Cornish pipe organ. That organ is also in the app store. At RouteNote we love music and we love our home county – Cornwall. So you can imagine our excitement when these things are combined. Without further adieu, let us introduce you to a classic Cornish sound that is just waiting to come out of your iOS devices. The ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’ in the Cornish village of St. Just in ...
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Apple AirPods 2 rumours: Deeper bass and more sensors

The follow up to Apple’s popular wireless earbuds are on the way and we have new rumours about what they might feature. A report from My Smart Price has suggested some of the new features we can expect from Apple’s 2nd generation of AirPods. The AirPods are expected to launch later this year, though details of what they’ll be introducing are scarce there are new rumours to get excited about. The information given to My Smart Price comes from one of their ‘trusted sources” so may not be ...
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AudioKit’s amazing Synth One is now on iPhone free

The largest free and open-source iOS music app in history, the fully featured, professional Synth One is now available on iPhone’s totally free. The Synth One app is a massively capable synthesizer made for iOS devices that is fully functional and free to download. Now the app, created by sound designers and consultants who have worked with M83, Rihanna, Kanye West, and many more, is available free for iPhone users. AudioKit’s Synth One has been in development for 3 years for the iPhone...
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Synth One is a free, no-strings-attached, iPad and iPhone synthesizer

Call it the people’s iOS synth: Synth One is free – without ads or registration or anything like that – and loved. And now it’s reached 1.0, with iPad and iPhone support and some expert-designed sounds. First off – if you’ve been wondering what happened to Ashley Elsdon, aka Palm Sounds and editor of our Apps section, he’s been on a sabbatical since September. We’ll be thinking soon about how best to feature his work on this site and how to integrate app coverage in the current landscape. But ...
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Fall of the iCurtain: Apple brings iTunes to Samsung smart TVs

Surprise move signals wider opening up of Apple ecosystem as tech firm seeks new revenueApple has announced that iTunes films will be available on Samsung smart TVs, ending the company’s insistence that users buy an Apple TV to watch their purchases on a big screen.Fifteen years after Steve Jobs launched iTunes for Windows, quipping that he was “giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell”, the move signals a wider opening up of the Apple ecosystem, with TV manufacturers including Sony, LG a...
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Tech We’re Using: ‘The Effects Cannot Be Overstated’: When Tech Invaded Media

Jim Rutenberg reflects on the convergence of technology with media, and how that has changed his consumption habits and coverage. (Warning: iPhone addiction ahead.)
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Everyone can DJ on iOS with djay’s new free app

8 years of djay on iOS making DJing easy and fun for anyone on their smartphones, they are re-releasing the app so it’s free for everyone. For 8 years Algoriddim has been bringing DJing to the masses through their phones with their paid app djay. Now they’re re-inventing the experience and opening it up to more people by making it a free experience and enhancing it with a bunch of new features. Gone are the old djay apps on iOS offering a $10 iPhone app and a $20 app for DJing on the iPad th...
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djay makes DJing on iOS free replacing their old app

8 years of djay on iOS making DJing easy and fun for anyone on their smartphones, they are re-releasing the app so it’s free for everyone. For 8 years Algoriddim has been bringing DJing to the masses through their phones with their paid app djay. Now they’re re-inventing the experience and opening it up to more people by making it a free experience and enhancing it with a bunch of new features. Gone are the old djay apps on iOS offering a $10 iPhone app and a $20 app for DJing on the iPad th...
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Video Surfaces of Click Farm Used To Inflate Spotify, Youtube, Rating Numbers

This is how a band like Threatin inflated their numbers. The post Video Surfaces of Click Farm Used To Inflate Spotify, Youtube, Rating Numbers appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Spotify's Official Apple Watch App Is On Its Way—And Missing Key Features

One of the big selling points of smartwatches is the ability to control apps without needing to pull out your phone. However, due to the absence of an official Apple Watch app, adjusting music in Spotify using Apple’s smartwatch always felt kind of clunky. Now that’s changing. Spotify is finally gracing Apple Watch…Read more...
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Akai return to mobile with iMPC’s powerful, beatmaking sequel

Akai Professional have been making digital music creation quality at an affordable price for years and the follow up to their brilliant beat-making app takes that power on the road. There are innumerable music making apps on mobile devices these days, putting the power of music creation in the hands of anyone with a smartphone and allowing them to take that potential anywhere. When it comes to music making apps though, there is definitely a cream of the crop and Akai’s iMPC has sat nicely in...
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Spotify is coming to an Apple Watch near you

Apple Music and Spotify may be head to head rivals but Apple’s digital watch is currently testing Spotify for a music streaming experience you don’t have to reach for. Despite their ongoing rivalry for the top spot in music streaming Spotify’s iOS app has begun beta testing on Apple Watch for certain testers. The app is currently limited just to playback but it suggests that Spotify is on the way for Apple Watch users and will open up more music streaming options for Apple Watch owners inste...
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Tune in to the radio with these headphones

Who says FM radio is a thing of the past? Definitely not Blackloud who have just launched their new headphones which go beyond just playing music but tune into the music for you. Blackloud’s new wired earphones for iPhone go against what many new headphones try to achieve. As everyone tries to get more and more digital and technological with Bluetooth connections, analysis of your surroundings, even touch screens – Blackloud have looked to the past and built an antenna into their cable so you ...
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