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Aimee Mann weds ‘Bachelor No. 2’ and ‘Magnolia’ albums together for Black Friday Record Store Day reissue

Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann says it was just luck that she was working on songs for the album that became “Bachelor No. 2,” while her friend the writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson was writing the screenplay for “Magnolia.” “We were both starting our creative processes at the same time,” Mann says recently from her home in Los Angeles. “And so we were talking about the themes that we were writing about. “I remember him coming to the studio a couple of times while we were recording,” she says. ...
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What The Music Industry is Thinking

Distribution is in free fall today. Artists are releasing singles daily, weekly, and monthly. Over-saturation and noise are real issues today. It’s more challenging to get the word out with everyone fighting for attention. We are living in an attention economy. Other advise such as Jimmy Iovine that quality, not quantity should be barometers. The breakout artist of the year was Billie Eilish (Interscope). But she didn’t oversaturate with content. Everything she put out was good followed by spe...
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Jimmy Iovine: The Music Business’s Looming Problem

“Margin. It doesn’t scale. At Netflix, the more subscribers you have, the less your costs are. In streaming music, the costs follow you. And the streaming music services are utilities — they’re all the same. Look at what’s working in video. Disney has nothing but original stuff. Netflix has tons of original stuff. But the music streaming services are all the same, and that’s a problem.” – The New York Times
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Stevie Nicks Is Getting An Honor No Woman Ever Has From The Rock Hall — & It All Started With This Song

This weekend, Stevie Nicks will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She becomes the first woman to have the honor twice (following 22 men who have been double-inducted) — her first induction came as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998. This time, it’s about her solo career and individual contributions.There’s a picture of Stevie Nicks hanging on my living room wall that I’ve had since I was a little girl in the ‘80s. It means a lot to me because it was taken by a beloved, late friend o...
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Stevie Nicks Is Getting A Honor No Woman Ever Has From The Rock Hall — & It All Started With This Song

This weekend, Stevie Nicks will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She becomes the first woman to have the honor twice (following 22 men who have been double-inducted) — her first induction came as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998. This time, it’s about her solo career and individual contributions.There’s a picture of Stevie Nicks hanging on my living room wall that I’ve had since I was a little girl in the ‘80s. It means a lot to me because it was taken by a beloved, late friend o...
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Dr. Dre Bragged About Daughter Getting Into USC “All On Her Own” As If $70 Million Donation Didn’t Help

At a very young age, most of us are taught that it’s not kind or wise to brag. Unfortunately, hip-hop is a genre where nearly 90% of the talent and material consists of nothing more than stunting on your peers, your enemies and hell, even your own family.But Dr. Dre is a whole-ass 54-year-old billionaire who, for the most part, keeps his mouth shut, head down and minds his business.So when Dre posted a mocking post on his Instagram account that highlighted the fact that his daughter, Truly Young...
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Apple Music Shuts Artist-To-Fan Social Platform Connect, Redesigns Artists Pages, Radio

Apple Music is shutting down its  Connect artist to fan social platform.  Apple's previous attempt at building a music focused social network, iTunes Ping, launched and shutters in months. Apple began notifying artists that they could no longer post on Connect amd previously posted content was being removed from the For You section and Artist Pages on Apple Music.  Previously uploaded content will be searchable until May 24, 2019.   When Apple Music launched in 2015, Apple Music executi...
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‘Til Today: 25 Years After Her Solo Debut, Aimee Mann Looks Back

Before she had no luck at all, Aimee Mann had beginner's luck. She hit it big at the age of 24 with one of the first songs she ever wrote, "Voices Carry," a top-10 hit for her band 'Til Tuesday. Despite its superficial new-wave signifiers, "Voices Carry" wasn't merely a vacuous byproduct of the Me … More »
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Ups and Downs A Big Push From A Major Record Label

Dave Lopez, lead guitarist from the band Flipsyde joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on the Music Biz Weekly podcast to share the band’s story of being discovered and signed by Jimmy Iovine to Interscope Records. One song got them discovered and signed. Now, looking back 13 years later Dave shares the ups and downs of being a major push on a major label. Flipsyde is a rap/R&B/rock band from Oakland, California. Flipsyde currently consists of singer/guitarist Steve Knight, lead guita...
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Apple's Beats By Dr. Dre Partners With NBA

Apple owned headphone Beats, co-founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, has announced a global marketing partnership that makes it the official headphone, wireless speaker and audio partner of the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League and USA Basketball. For Beats’ 10th anniversary, the multi-year deal will leverage an extensive roster of NBA stars including LeBron James, Draymond Green, James Harden, Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum and Karl-Anthony Towns.  “Beats revolutionized the music industry and ha...
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Does Anyone Listen To Beats 1? Zane Lowe Won't Say

Apple a master at dribbling out music users stats at just the right moment, like during a product launch, investor call or just as the media seems ready to crown Spotify the winner of the streaming wars. Buts it has never even hinted at how many people actually listen to its much touted Beats 1 live DJ powered streaming radio station. Last year, Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson declared that, “Beats 1 is the biggest radio station in the world.” But is it?  Beats 1 streams in “mor...
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Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine Must Pay $25M To Ex-Beats Partner, says Court

A Los Angeles jury awarded Steven Lamar $25,247,350 on Wednesday, ruling that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine had not paid him royalties due for design work on three models of Beats headphones - the Studio 2 Remastered,  Studio 2 Wireless and Studio 3. Dre and Iovine had argued Lamar was only owed royalties on the first model. A 2007 deal signed between Lamar and Beats named one headphone, but with the qualifier the the deal also "embodies the Headphone Design with minor cosmetic modificati...
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Dr Dre's Beats ordered to pay $25m to ex-partner

The rapper and his music mogul partner Jimmy Iovine have lost a case brought by Steven Lamar who claimed he was owed royaltiesA jury has found that Dr Dre, music mogul Jimmy Iovine and their headphone company Beats Electronics owe a former partner $25.2m in royalties. Related: Dr Dre to make Marvin Gaye biopic with rights to singer's catalogue Continue reading...
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Apple Music look to TV and Films as they pass 50 million users

Apple Music is fast approaching Spotify in it’s subscribers as Tim Cook talks on their impressive numbers and investing in TV shows and movies. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook spoke to Bloomberg Television recently in an interview that shed some light on their incredibly fast growing music streaming service, Apple Music. Particularly notable was their subscriber count which shows their gain on Spotify showing no signs of slowing. Cook revealed in the interview that Apple Music now has over 50 million u...
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Spotify, Apple Music and The Future Of Ad Supported Streaming [Zach Fuller, MIDiA]

Musicians and labels have long been skeptical of Spotify's free ad-supported tier, primarily because returns a lower per stream rate than Spotify's, Apple Music's or other paid subscription tiers. But according to MIDiA's Zach Fuller, a  recent makeover and the latest revenue stats show that Spotify is, at least somewhat successful, repositioning free streaming is not a replacement for retail but a replacement for radio.   __________________________ By Zach Fuller of MIDiA ...
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How Spotify Can Suck Less For Streaming Than YouTube

New numbers have revealed that YouTube is more popular than every other streaming service combined, and while there's some suspicion regarding these numbers, there remains a great deal that Spotify could do to make itself a little more user friendly to consumers. ______________________________ Guest post by David Gerard of Rocknerd YouTube streams more music than Spotify, Apple Music and every other audio streaming platform combined — at least, according to the International ...
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Apple Music Passes 40M Subscribers, New Global Head Of Music Named

Apple Music now has 40 million subscribers, according to an internal memo obtained by Variety. That's up from 38 million reported just a month ago, continuing a new user growth rate that appears to exceed Spotify and other streaming competitors.  8 million of the 40 million users are on a 90 day free trial. The internal memo was written by Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue to announce the promotion of Oliver Schusser to VP of Apple Music & International Content, unif...
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Meredith Gardner Exits Capital, Named Maverick SVP Digital

Maverick Management has appointed veteran label exec Meredith Gardner to the role of Senior Vice President of Digital. In her new posting, Gardner will lead the company’s digital team as well as consult on digital marketing strategies for Maverick’s client roster.  She will be based in the company’s Los Angeles offices and report to Maverick president Greg Thompson. Maverick's substantial management roster includes, Paul McCartney, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Shania Twain, Britney Spears...
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$1B Deal Combines Music Streamers Saavn, Jio Music

Indian conglomerate and telecom giant Reliance is merging its digital music service JioMusic with rival Saavn music, which it is acquiring for $104 million in cash and stock.The combined companies will be worth an estimated $1 billion. When Saavn is combined with Jiomusic, which has about 16 million songs under license from both domestic and international labels, the new company will be a major player in the country’s streaming music market. Saavn’s three co-founders Rishi Malhotra, Par...
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REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

In this cycle back through a crowded week of music business happenings and shakeups, we revisit the music industry's bump in revenue, Jimmy Iovine's step back at Apple Music, YouTube's clarification of its promise to frustrate users, and more. Music Industry Revenue Up 16.5% In 2017, says RIAA 'First On SoundCloud' Launches To Support New Artists Jimmy Iovine IS Stepping Back At Apple Music, says WSJ  YouTube Clarifies Promise To 'Frustrate' Music Users M...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, Riaa, WSJ, Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, Music Business, Music Tech, Owen Davie, Iovine, Apple Music YouTube, Marvin Gaye Estate Wins, WSJ YouTube, 3M Blurred Lines Appeal Tax Change

So, What’s Popping On The UK Pop Charts These Days?

"God's Plan" rules the world. Drake's dominant single is #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart for an eighth straight week, and its ubiquity extends well beyond the United States. Although the song hasn't caught on in Asia or Africa and is only a minor hit in Latin America, it's the most popular track globally … More »
Tags: Apple, Asia, Music, UK, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Africa, Logic, Jimi Hendrix, United States, Justin Bieber, Paloma Faith, Jennifer Lopez, Diplo, Iggy Azalea, Selena Gomez

Jimmy Iovine IS Stepping Back At Apple Music, says WSJ

Just weeks ago, Jimmy Iovine squashed rumors that he's exiting Apple Music. Now, in what may be a face saving move good for both the veteran music exec and Apple, it appears his role will be reduced to consultant. From the Wall Street Journal: "Apple is losing the public face of its music operations, just as its streaming service is finding its beat. Executive Jimmy Iovine will transition into a consulting role in August and step back from daily involvement with the company’s streamin...
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Apple headphones could be on the way, betraying Beats

Beats headphones have been a household name for headphones for years, but their owners Apple may be creating their own to rival them. Apple bought Beats by Dre back in 2014, acquiring the high-end audio manufacturers founded by rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine – both now executives at Apple. They’ve been pushing Beats headphones ever since, but new rumours suggest that Apple could be bringing out their own headphones to rival them. In an article by Bloomberg ‘people familiar with the product’s ...
Tags: Apple, Music, Audio, Equipment, Bloomberg, Development, Headphones, Leak, Rivalry, Beats, Earphones, Bose, Leaked, Jimmy Iovine, Rumours, Dre

Apple Music gaining on Spotify with 1 million+ new subscribers a month

Apple may not be at Spotify’s level yet but considerable growth shows Apple Music is here to stay in music streaming. Apple have been fairly quiet about their music streaming service since Jimmy Iovine revealed they had reached 30 million subscribers at the end of September last year. Now talking on it for the first time 5 months later Apple reveal they’ve added 6 million subscribers since then, over 1 million a month. Wall Street Journal reported the growth first revealing that they now have ...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, US, Streaming, Stream, Wall Street Journal, Growth, WSJ, Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, Subscribers, Digital Music News, Music Stores

Apple Music Passes 36M Subscribers, Up 6M In 5 Months

Apple Music now has 36 million paid subscribers, up 6 million since an informal announcement from exec Jimmy Iovine of 30 million less than 5 months ago.  Spotify has more than 70 million paid subscribers.   _______________________________________ Apple Music has passed 36 million subscribers worldwide.  In the U.S. Apple Music subscribers are growing 5% monthly, compared to 2% monthly growth for Spotify, according to the Wall Street Journal, who first reported Apple's milesto...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, Streaming, Wall Street Journal, Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, Music Business, Music Tech, Digital Music, Bruce Houghton

Under Music Modernization Act Songwriters Lose Unclaimed Royalties, Meaningful Ability To Litigate

As our week long look at the Music Modernization Act continues, some see major problems, despite bipartisan support in Congress and endorsements from virtually every major music and tech trade group. Among the critics are respected music industry attorneys Nicole Haff and Cassie Daum  ___________________________________________________   Guest post by Attorneys Nicole Haff and Cassie Daum of Smith, Gambrel & Russell, LLP On December 21, 2017, the Music Modernization Act o...
Tags: Music, Congress, Ibm, Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, Music Business, Indie Labels, Ascap, Bruce Houghton, Southern District of New York, D.I.Y, Songtrust Partners, Publishing & Songwriting, Nicole Haff, Cassie Daum, Smith Gambrel Russell LLP

TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts: Spotify IPO Worries • Free NOI Lookup • More

Topping the charts on Hypebot this week, we had frequently read articles covering the arrest of rapper Kodak Black following an Instagram post, the fear instilled in the music industry and Wall Street following Spotify's IPO, the same streaming platform's ominous path to profitability, and more. Rapper Kodak Black Arrested Following Instagram Post  Spotify IPO Frightens Music Industry and Wall Street Spotify Has 4 Paths To Profitability, None Of Them Good For Labels, Artist...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Jimmy Iovine, Music Business, Music Tech, Kodak Black, Owen Davie

Apple Music Adds Free Analytics For Artists

Apple Music has added free streaming data for artists. For now the program is in beta, as Apple plays catch up with Spotify, Pandora and YouTube, who have all offered artists robust analytics for years. _____________________________________ Several thousand artists who have tracks on Apple Music and iTunes. have been given beta access to Apple Music For Artists.  A new dashboard will show artists current  plays, spins, iTunes song and album purchases, as well as key milestones, like cu...
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Qobuz To Bring Ultra Hi-Res Audio Streaming To U.S.

Spotify, Apple Music and other music streamers have been eyeing high resolution streaming music as a way to charge some users more.  While they consider following Tidal and Deezer's lead into Hi-Res, French streamer Qobuz, which calls itself “ the highest resolution music streaming service in the world,” is launching in U.S. ______________________________ French audio streaming service Qobuz, which touts itself as “ the highest resolution music streaming service in the world,” is co...
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