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Watch Soccer Mommy Make Their TV Debut On Kimmel

Soccer Mommy are just days away from dropping color theory, their second LP and our reigning Album Of The Week. It's insanely good. When I first listened to color theory a few months back, it didn't initially grab me like 2018's Clean did. It struck me as maybe too glossy and … More »
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Buffett Has Cameo in New Huey Lewis Video

Huey Lewis & The News are releasing their first album in 19 years, and last night on Jimmy Kimmel the band debuted the music video for their new song “Her Love is Killin’ Me” which features a slew of celebrity cameos including Jimmy Buffett at the 35 second mark. Get Huey Lewis’ new album ‘Weather’ at #HerLoveIsKillinMe THE VIDEO ft. @JimmyKimmel #BrandonFlowers @CedEntertainer @JimmyBuffett @MichaelKeaton @YNB @Sut_ESPN @BruceBochy @TheCousinSal #AndyGarcia @RayBensonAATW @TopherGr...
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Watch Andy Shauf Play “Try Again” & “Neon Skyline” On Kimmel

Andy Shauf comes from the Canadian hinterlands. He's in his early thirties. He sings in a reedy, conversational voice, and he looks vaguely uncomfortable onstage. He makes oblique but lushly orchestrated indie rock concept albums that are heavy on narrative detail. He is, in other words, not exactly a big-tent sort of artist. And yet … More »
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Watch Big Thief Absolutely Kick Ass On Kimmel

Ever since they embarked on their incredible U.F.O.F./Two Hands two-album run last year, Big Thief have been making the promotional rounds, playing on every TV show that'll have them. Most of the time, when bands do this, it gets boring fast. It does not get boring with Big Thief. The band's … More »
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Watch A Rock-Climbing Caroline Polachek Sing “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” On Kimmel

Lately, Jimmy Kimmel Live has been providing a great forum for culty indie stars who want to make big, theatrical statements on television. Two nights ago, for instance, masked cowboy Orville Peck made his Kimmel debut. And last night, the show featured a strange and unique performance from Caroline Polachek. More »
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Watch Orville Peck’s Theatrical Kimmel Performance

We at Stereogum have not had a lot to say about masked cowboy enigma Orville Peck. I'm not sure why, exactly. Seemed gimmicky, maybe? And it is gimmicky -- this anonymous glammed-out Lone Ranger type singing not-quite-ironic Morrissey-fried versions of old-timey country and rockabilly. But it's clearly something else, too. Since Peck came out of … More »
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Watch The Weeknd’s Bloody, Theatrical Kimmel Performance

Uncut Gems star the Weeknd hasn't announced any plans to release a new album anytime soon. But the Weeknd does have two new singles, one of which hit #1 back in the pre-Roddy Ricch era. When he's been promoting those two songs on late-night shows, the Weeknd has been … More »
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Watch Cigarettes After Sex Step Out Of The Shadows On Kimmel

Cigarettes After Sex's languid dream-pop lends itself to a certain mystique. It's intimate, mysterious music that is arguably better served by never seeing the artist who made it, leaving much to the imagination. I feel the same way about Rhye and other groups in this milieu. But Cigarettes After Sex is also a major indie … More »
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Watch White Reaper Rock Kimmel

It's been a big year for the poppy and rambunctious Kentucky rockers White Reaper, highlighted by signing to Elektra and releasing a very strong LP called You Deserve Love. As a victory lap of sorts, the self-proclaimed world's best American band made their late-night TV debut last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! … More »
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Watch Brittany Howard’s Enormously Entertaining Kimmel Performance

A couple of months ago, Alabama Shakes huge-voiced leader Brittany Howard released Jaime, her tremendous and genre-blurring solo debut. And since that LP came out, Howard has been having a real extended star-is-born moment. Alabama Shakes were already an enormously popular band, of course, and anyone who ever saw them knows that Howard is an … More »
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Tarik Barri, live visualist to Thom Yorke, in videos and a reddit AMA

The rise of the audiovisualist: Tarik Barri regularly takes the stage with Thom Yorke and contributed to the Grammy-nominated Anima. And now, here’s his work and the chance to ask him anything. Tarik will hit the infamous Reddit AMA on the Radiohead channel Tuesday the 26th, if you’ve got burning questions. But let’s have a look first at his work: A video interview on his work, on the fantastic live visual QA documentary series Psst: Perhaps the best way to see his partnersh...
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Watch DJ Shadow Perform With De La Soul On Kimmel

Pioneering Bay Area producer DJ Shadow teamed up with De La Soul on "Rocket Fuel," the first single from his new album Our Pathetic Age. And last night, they teamed up again, performing live together for the first time ever to do "Rocket Fuel" on Jimmy Kimmel Live joined by turntablists … More »
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Watch The Black Keys Play “Lo/Hi” & “Go” On Kimmel

This past summer, the Black Keys returned, after a five-year absence, with the new album "Let's Rock" -- quotation marks theirs. Five years is a long time, especially when you're two aging dudes in an old-school rock band. But the Black Keys are still a big enough deal to command the outdoor festival … More »
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Watch Sharon Van Etten & Jeff Goldblum Perform “Let’s Face The Music And Dance” On Kimmel

Earlier this month, actor Jeff Goldblum released his second album worth of jazz songs, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. He records with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, and the album boasts guests vocals from Fiona Apple, Miley Cyrus, Anna Calvi, Inara George, and Sharon Van Etten. Goldblum's song with Van Etten, "Let's Face The Music … More »
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Billie Eilish, Chance The Rapper, Green Day, & Cardi B Did Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest ‘Mean Tweets’

One of our finer recurring late-night comedy bits is Mean Tweets, the Jimmy Kimmel Live series in which cameras capture celebrities' reactions as they read less-than-flattering comments about themselves from the Twitter masses. This thing is still funny, even though the participating stars now often come off like they're trying very … More »
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Watch Kesha Perform “Raising Hell” With Big Freedia On Kimmel

Kesha is releasing a new album at the beginning of next year, High Road, the follow-up to 2017's Rainbow, which saw the pop star take a turn toward empathetic ballads. Her new single, "Raising Hell" -- which came out last week -- tries to combine that side of Kesha with the … More »
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Kanye West Filmed An Awkward Carpool Karaoke On An Airplane

In retrospect, it was inevitable. Kanye West's Sunday Services had to, somehow, join forces with James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. The content gods demanded that these two difficult-to-escape human beings would link up to jam their two respective enterprises down our collective throat at the same damn time. It happened last night. More »
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Watch Brockhampton Perform “Sugar,” Freestyle About A Bad Jimmy Fallon Movie On The Tonight Show

Last night was an action-packed evening in late-night TV. Jimmy Kimmel had a surprise Kanye West appearance, and he also aired a comedy bit with his competitor Jimmy Fallon. As for Fallon, he hosted a whole lot of rappers on his show. Last night's Tonight Show musical guests were Brockhampton, who recently released … More »
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Kanye West Makes Surprise Kimmel Appearance To Promote Jesus Is King, Then Says That He’s Still “Fixing Mixes” On It

What, you thought the new Kanye West album would be out when Kanye West said it would be out? No. No no no. That's not how this works. Kanye West has been working on his gospel album Jesus Is King for a while now, and he's already blown past two release … More »
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Watch The National Play A Dramatic “Where Is Her Head” On Kimmel

If you've been to see the National enough times, you know how those shows can start. The band will start up with one of their churning, cinematic drones, and frontman Matt Berninger will do some heavy brooding. He'll pace around nervously, and he'll take his time to get into what he's doing, to loosen up. More »
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Watch David Byrne & The Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ Stunning Performance Of “One Fine Day” On Kimmel

Every so often, Jimmy Kimmel takes his late-night talk show east, taping a week of shows at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music. When he does that, he likes to invite New York luminaries onto his show. On Monday night, he got a sit-down audience with Bruce Springsteen. Last night, Kimmel's two interview subjects … More »
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Watch Bruce Springsteen Talk Family History, Cheech & Chong On Kimmel

If you're a late-night host and you're going to tape a week of shows in Brooklyn, it would be good to lead off with someone who's a god in the New York metropolitan area. Jimmy Kimmel did that. Every so often, Jimmy Kimmel Live takes over the Opera House at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music … More »
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Morris Day shares memories of Prince (and some imagined conversations) in new memoir ‘On Time’

Morris Day never intended to write a memoir about his life as a close friend and collaborator of Prince, and if the Purple One had not tragically died in 2016 of an accidental drug overdose Day is quick to say he’d have no book to talk about. “Not now,” Day says, laughing at the thought of what Prince — famously private, notoriously controlling — would have thought it if he were still here. “Maybe later, maybe 10 years from now, but not now.” That the book arrived at all is a feat. Day’s manager...
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Watch Thom Yorke Play An Intense, Trippy Three-Song Set On Kimmel

A few months ago, Radiohead main man Thom Yorke released his new solo album ANIMA. Right now, Yorke is on tour across North America, playing shows with the band he's calling Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. It's just three people -- Yorke, regular collaborator Nigel Godrich, and visual artist Tarik Barri. Our own … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Jimmy Kimmel, Radiohead, Elton John, North America, Thom Yorke, Kimmel, Nigel Godrich, Yorke, Tarik Barri

Watch Anderson .Paak & Smokey Robinson Sing “Make It Better” On Kimmel

Earlier this year, Anderson .Paak pulled off a pretty amazing flex when he got Smokey Robinson to sing on "Make It Better," a warm midtempo glide of an R&B song. Last night, Anderson .Paak pulled off another flex when he got Smokey Robinson to come sing the song with him on Jimmey Kimmel … More »
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2 Chainz & Amerie Perform “Rule the World” on ‘Ellen’

2 Chainz released his latest album Rap Or Go To The League back in March. The Atlanta rapper’s fifth studio album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 album chart. “Rule the World” is the current single making a steady impact on radio, featuring Ariana Grande. The song, of course, samples Amerie’s 2002 hit-song “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.” This week, 2 Chainz appeared as musical guest on The Ellen Show where he performed the record with Amerie. Watch the moment below. Continue after the jum...
Tags: Television, Jimmy Kimmel, Atlanta, Jazz, Ncaa, Ellen, 2 Chainz, Chainz, Performances, Amerie, Amerie Watch

It’s Specials Day In Los Angeles Today

Calling all LA-area rude boys and rude girls: Get your skank on! In the city of Los Angeles, today is officially "The Specials Day," honoring two-tone ska icons the Specials. The celebration will kick off today with an official commemorative certificate presentation at City Hall at 10AM PT. Founding members Terry Hall, Lynval Golding, and Horace Panter will … More »
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Album Stream: YG ‘4 REAL 4 REAL’

YG experienced a personal blow earlier this year, as frequent collaborator and close friend Nipsey Hussle was gunned down back in late March. In honor of his fellow Los Angeles native, the Compton star releases his new studio album, 4 REAL 4 REAL. The album, which features the epitaph “In Loving Memory of Nipsey Hussle” on its cover, includes the singles “Go Loko” with Tyga and Jon Z, and “Stop Snitchin.” The follow-up to last year’s Stay Dangerous LP is tracks, featuring appearances by Ty Do...
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YG Performs “Go Loko” with Tyga & Jon Z on ‘Ellen’

YG’s new album 4REAL 4REAL drops tonight shortly after midnight. Leading up to its release, the Compton star appeared on The Ellen Show as musical guest this week. Joined by Tyga and Jon Z, the trio performed their “Go Loko” single for the studio audience. Transforming Ellen’s set to look like the song’s music video with cactuses and a mariachi band, watch the fun below. Continue after the jump…. Previously: YG Unveils 4 Real 4 Real Album Cover YG Performs “Go Loko” with YG & Jon Z on...
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Ciara Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Ciara’s new album Beauty Marks released last week, featuring appearances by Kelly Rowland, Macklemore and Tekno. The R&B singer is currently on a promo run, paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (May 17). The Atlanta entertainer served as musical guest, performing for the show’s Mercedes-Benz concert series on the outdoor stage. On-air, CiCi gave live rendition of her latest single “Thinkin’ Bout You.” Off-air and streamed live on YouTube, fans got to watch her medley set of “Set” ...
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