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Peter Jackson’s Mammoth Beatles Documentary Is A Feast For Fans

There is already a movie about the Beatles making Let It Be. It is called Let It Be. Throughout January 1969, a crew led by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg — who had helmed the Beatles’ music videos for “Paperback Writer,” “Rain,” “Hey Jude,” and “Revolution” among other work at the center of 1960s rock — filmed the Fab Four rehearsing, recording, and ultimately giving their final public performance on the roof of their Apple Corps. headquarters in London. The Let It Be movie famously depicts a ba...
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The Beatles: Get Back review – eight hours of TV so aimless it threatens your sanity

In Peter Jackson’s latest epic, the moments of inspiration and interest are marooned amid acres of meandering chit-chat. What a schlepThe Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be and its depressing accompanying documentary were always bugbears among the former Fabs. John Lennon dismissed the music as “badly recorded shit”; Paul McCartney was so horrified by the album that he masterminded a new version in 2003, shorn of the additions by Phil Spector, whom Lennon employed as a producer without telling McCart...
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Elvis Costello’s Musician Father (and Doppelgänger) Performing in 1963

If you were an English boy growing up in the 1960s, and your dad met the Queen mum, you’d come away with some pretty heavy duty bragging rights. What if your dad didn’t just meet her, but commanded her attention for a full three minutes… an event you witnessed on the telly, along with 21.2 million others? That’s what happened to young Declan Patrick McManus, or Elvis Costello as he’s more commonly known these days. Unfortunately, his musician father Ross’s calypso-inflected, Trini Lopez-inspired...
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‘Annoying snobs was part of the fun’: Paul McCartney and more on the Beatles’ rooftop farewell

As Peter Jackson’s TV series Get Back recasts the Fab Four’s final days in a more positive light, the ex-Beatle remembers the responses to their historic gig above the streets of LondonIt’s lunchtime on a cold Thursday in January 1969. After weeks of sometimes difficult rehearsals and recordings, the Beatles and their new songs finally – and spectacularly – collide with the outside world. The occasion is now fixed in their iconography. On 30 January on the roof of 3 Savile Row, the London HQ of ...
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John Lennon Finally Meets & Jams with His Hero, Chuck Berry (1972)

“If you had tried to give rock and roll another name, you would call it Chuck Berry,” says John Lennon by way of introduction to his hero in the clip above from The Mike Douglas Show. The two perform Berry’s “Memphis, Tennessee” and “Johnny B. Goode” (with Lennon’s backing band, Elephant’s Memory, and unwelcome discordant backing vocals from Yoko). The moment was a major highlight of Lennon’s post-Beatles’ career. The year was 1972, and Lennon and Yoko Ono had taken over Douglas’ show fo...
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‘It was John who wanted a divorce’: McCartney sets the record straight on Beatles split

Rock history has painted Paul McCartney as the man who broke up the band. Now he reveals that it was Lennon who was first to look for a way outIt remains the most analysed break-up in rock history: the one that set the template. When the Beatles split more than 50 years ago and Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr went their separate ways, it was McCartney who shouldered most of the blame.But now McCartney is setting the record straight for good. “I didn’t instigate the s...
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Unreleased John Lennon recording sells for £43,000 in Denmark

Song and interview were recorded by Danish schoolboys during Lennon and Yoko Ono’s stay in Thy in 1970A cassette tape recording of an interview by Danish schoolboys with John Lennon and Yoko Ono in which the Beatles star sings a previously unreleased song has been sold at auction in Copenhagen for £43,000.The 33-minute audio track was recorded by four teenagers as part of a report for their school magazine in January 1970, just months before the Beatles announced their breakup. Continue reading...
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Beatles on the brink: the truth about the Fab Four’s final days

The director’s new documentary weaves together hours of unseen footage to dispel many myths about the band’s final weeks. John Harris, who was involved in the project, tells the inside storyOn paper, the idea looked brilliant. In the opening weeks of January 1969, the Beatles were working up new songs for a televised concert, and being filmed as they did so. Where the event would take place was unclear – but as rehearsals at Twickenham film studios went on, one of their associates came up with t...
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Harmony, melancholy and the Everly Brothers’ indelible influence

From Neil Young to Keith Richards, a generation of musicians revered Phil and Don’s haunting music• US music star Don Everly dies aged 84Among the hundreds of hours of outtakes from the recording sessions that eventually became the Beatles’ Let It Be album, there is a version of Two of Us, taped on 25 January 1969. As John Lennon and Paul McCartney harmonise, the latter says to the former: “Take it, Phil”, a reference to Phil and Don Everly, the duo upon whom the pair had originally attempted to...
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Devoted to You: the indelible influence of the Everly Brothers

From Neil Young to Keith Richards, a generation of musicians revered Phil and Don’s ambitious music• US music star Don Everly dies aged 84Among the hundreds of hours of outtakes from the recording sessions that eventually became the Beatles’ Let It Be album, there is a version of Two of Us, taped on 25 January 1969. As John Lennon and Paul McCartney harmonise, the latter says to the former: “Take it, Phil”, a reference to Phil and Don Everly, the duo upon whom the pair had originally attempted t...
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50 years later, these are the most influential albums of 1971

If you could only listen to the popular music of a single year in history, what would you pick? Actually, never mind. The correct answer is 1971 and no other will be accepted, because 50 years later, the music of 1971 remains as vital, as influential, as unsurpassed as ever it was. Sure, the top single of the year was Three Dog Night’s “Joy To The World,” and depending on how you feel about talking bullfrogs that may or may not be your thing. But if you were to spin the AM radio dial that year y...
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‘We have a hostility to being boring’: Sparks, still flying in their 70s

Their Adam Driver musical sent Cannes into raptures and Edgar Wright has made an all-star documentary about them. The Mael brothers explain why they’ll always be hopelessly in love with popIn 1974, John Lennon was startled as he was watching Top of the Pops. He rang Ringo Starr. “You won’t believe what’s on television,” he reportedly said. “Marc Bolan is playing a song with Adolf Hitler.”This was Sparks, performing their glorious pop opus This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us. “It was equidi...
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Rock sideman Earl Slick: ‘Bowie had gone levels into insanity’

He played through extreme drug-taking on Bowie’s Station to Station, and with Yoko Ono weeks after Lennon’s death. The guitarist explains why he’s great at backing legends – and terrible at selling timesharesIt’s not surprising that Earl Slick was in the middle of a tour when the first Covid lockdown began. The guitarist is, by his own account, “the biggest roadhog on the planet”, one of rock’s most celebrated sidemen: his association with David Bowie stretched over five decades; he has played w...
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50 years later, Apple+ offers a fresh look at ‘1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything’

Think about the year 1971 and some things come immediately to mind: the war in Vietnam. the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and, well, after that, the answers can begin to splinter off into a hundred different directions. Danielle Peck, one of the producers and directors of the docuseries “1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything” knows that the date in the title isn’t an obvious marker in popular music’s journey through the 20th century. But Peck, director-producer Asif Kapadia, and the rest...
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Is “Rain” the Perfect Beatles Song?: A New Video Explores the Radical Innovations of the 1966 B-Side

“That one was the gift of God… of Ja actually—the god of marijuana, right? So Ja gave me that one.” The Beatles 1966 Revolver, a mini-masterpiece, contains all the elements that would inform the band’s revolutionary late-60s sound on Sgt. Pepper’s, Abbey Road, The White Album, and Let it Be. The album’s first track, “Taxman,” announced “a sweeping shift in the essential nature of the Beatles’ sound,” writes music historian Kenneth Womack. Its ultimate track, “Tomorrow Never Knows,” was “...
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Watch wonderful new footage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono rehearsing "Give Peace a Chance"

Just a few days before John Lennon and Yoko Ono's historic Bed-In-for Peace in Montreal on May 31, 1969, the couple were chilling out in the Bahamas where this rehearsal was recorded. It's never been seen before. From YouTube: Originally set for New York, the second Bed-In was relocated to the Bahamas after John & Yoko were denied entrance into the U.S. — Read the rest
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Hear the Beautiful Isolated Vocal Harmonies from the Beatles’ “Something”

How many songs did Pattie Boyd — fashion model, photographer, muse, and wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton — inspire? It’s hard to say, since some of the lyrics purportedly written for her, like those in Harrison’s breakout “Something,” may have been for someone else, then diplomatically attributed to Boyd. Or, in the case of “Something” — the first Harrison song to come out as a Beatles A-side single and the song that convinced the world of his formidable songwriting talents — the...
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The Late Ones – “Troubled Ones” (Video)

Conscious reggae/hip-hop hybrid band The Late Ones drop their new music video titled “Troubled Ones“. Formed in Laie, Hawaii, and based in Gardena, California, brothers Tui Avei and Tau Avei, along with their cousin Josh Brunson, are the voices that make up The Late Ones. Rooted in both their Samoan culture and their African-American Heritage, the familial bond between the three members comes through in their harmonies and give-and-take with the mic, while each of them brings their own consci...
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"I had to isolate, using Being Famous as an immense excuse for never facing anything. Because I was Famous, therefore I can’t go to the movies."

"I can’t go to the theater. But then sitting in this [Hong Kong hotel] room, taking baths, which I noticed Yoko did, every time I got nervous — I must have had about 40 baths — I’m looking out over the Hong Kong Bay, and there’s something ringing a bell. It’s like, what is it? And then I just got very, very relaxed. And it was like a recognition: this is me! This relaxed person is me!.... I rediscovered [in Hong Kong], the feeling I used to have as a youngster, walking in the mountains of Scotla...
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Phil Spector defined the toxic music svengali – a figure that persists today

Spector, who has died aged 81, created a culture of cruelty that was seen by the music industry as a symptom of genius. It’s a scenario that has played out again and againThe list of abuses Phil Spector doled out to his ex-wife Ronnie Spector is horrifying. He threatened to display her dead body in a glass-lidded gold coffin if she ever left him; he wouldn’t let her wear shoes in the house in case she ran away, and he put barbed wire and guard dogs around his mansion to make sure that she couldn...
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'David was terrified': the inside story of how Bowie and Lennon met

A new BBC interview with producer Tony Visconti retells the awkward encounter that led to the creation of David Bowie and John Lennon’s US No 1 FameDavid Bowie and John Lennon first met in scenes more reminiscent of an awkward children’s playdate than a summit of two of rock’s greatest ever stars, according to a new interview with music producer Tony Visconti.Speaking on the programme Bowie: Dancing Out in Space, airing on BBC Radio 4 and 6Music on 10 January to mark five years since Bowie’s dea...
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Pop in 2020: an escape into disco, folklore and nostalgia

Amid the chaos of the pandemic and with the future so uncertain, the pop music that resonated was glittery, danceable and comfortingly familiarPop music has the ability to be more reactive to current events than ever. Advances in technology mean that the famously swift musical responses of rock’s past – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Ohio, in the US Top 20 within weeks of the Kent State massacre that inspired it; the hastily cobbled-together tributes to Elvis Presley and John Lennon that appeare...
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Calexico – “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” (John Lennon & Yoko Ono Cover)

In 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono band recorded the single “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” with the Harlem Community Choir. The track is both a holiday standard and a protest song, and it stands as the best Christmas single from any ex-Beatle. (Sorry, “Wonderful Christmastime.”) Next month, Arizona indie veterans Calexico will release Seasonal Shift, their first-ever Christmas album. We’ve already posted first single “Hear The Bells,” and now Calexico have also shared their take on “Hap...
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The Number Ones So Far

In January of 2018, I was killing time at the gym while my kids were finishing up a swimming class, and I was idly clicking around Tom Ewing’s Popular, a writing project that’s been going on for well over a decade. Ewing has been writing funny, incisive, personal reviews of every song ever to hit #1 on the UK charts, and it’s been one of the best things on the internet for a long time. I found myself wondering about #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, our own American pop chart. Was there a lis...
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Watch Tame Impala Cover Nelly Furtado

Tame Impala have given quite a few remote performances throughout the pandemic, mostly performing originals from their divisive 2020 album The Slow Rush (not everyone liked it as much as me) but sometimes slipping in a cover like “Jealous Guy” for John Lennon’s 80th birthday. In a new Annie Mac Session for BBC Radio 1, they’ve added another cover to the pile. This time their choice of material is not an obvious Kevin Parker inspiration like John Lennon. In its synth-pop trio incarnation, the g...
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Watch the Rolling Stones' first live performance of "Sympathy For The Devil" — with a dancing John Lennon

The above video comes from the Stones' concert film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, which was designed to be an actual circus. Filmed in 1968, the video was never actually released until 1996, and also features performances by The Who, Jethro Tull, Yoko Ono, Marianne Faithfull, and Taj Mahal. — Read the rest
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'We were lucky people didn't throw tomatoes': Klaus Voormann on his Beatles and Plastic Ono days

He played with the Fab Four in Hamburg, inspired their moptops, drew the famed Revolver cover, and gigged with Yoko Ono. As his illustrations are published, the great musician relives his fabulous escapadesIn September 1969, the bass player and artist Klaus Voormann, who had recently left Manfred Mann, received a phone call from John Lennon. There was nothing unusual in that. Voormann had known the Beatles for nine years and was part of the band’s tight inner circle. It was Voormann’s own band, ...
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Watch Sean Ono Lennon Cover “Isolation” For His Dad’s 80th Birthday

Since quarantine began, we've gotten a lot of John Lennon covers. Besides Gal Gadot's now-infamous star-studded "Imagine" singalong, we got renditions of the topical "Isolation" from Dirty Projectors and Superorganism, plus more versions of other Lennon songs from and the like. More »
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