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Need To De-Stress? Floating In Salt Water Might Be The Solution

Imagine floating in outer space. It’s pitch-dark and you’re naked. Three-quarters of your body is submerged in skin-temperature salt water that makes it difficult to tell where your body stops and the water begins. It’s so dark, there’s no perceptible difference between closing your eyes or leaving them open, aside from the slight sting of salt air. For some people, this sense of total blankness is rejuvenating . Others opt to press a button to turn the lights on. This is what floating in a s...
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Sony Music Severs Ties With R. Kelly, But Continues To Profit From His Recordings

R. Kelly and Sony have parted ways, according to multiple sources who characterized the split as everything from mutually agreeable to the controversial rapper being shown the door. The split finally comes after months of pressure over the rapper's alleged predatory behavior. and sexual abuse of women, including several minors.  But, before you give Sony a #TimesUp Award... R. Kelly's profitable recording catalog will continue to be distributed by RCA/Sony, and his music is still availa...
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R. Kelly Dropped by RCA Records After Documentary Furor

Kelly, once one of the biggest and most influential stars in pop music, has been dogged by accusations of sexual misconduct since the mid 1990s.
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Sony, R. Kelly Agree To Part Ways

Sony and R. Kelly have agreed to part ways, sources tell Billboard. The news comes on the heels of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which detailed allegations of sexual misconduct against the singer. Reps for Sony and R. Kelly could not be immediately reached. Kelly had been signed to Jive since the beginning of … More »
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R. Kelly’s Manager Surrenders on Threat Charge

Henry James Mason was wanted on charges he threatened a father who accuses the R&B singer of holding his daughter captive.
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Sony & R. Kelly Part Ways

Sony and R. Kelly have “agreed to part ways,” Billboard reports. I guess that’s the polite way of saying they’ve finally dropped his child-molesting ass. Continue reading below… Neither Sony nor R. Kelly have made an official statement yet. According to Variety, Kelly’s back catalog will remain with RCA/Sony and his music is still available on streaming services and digital retailers. Since the airing of Lifetime’s horrifying documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, pressure has been mounti...
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Sony Music Drops R. Kelly As Another Accuser Speaks Out

RCA Records and its parent company Sony Music will drop R. Kelly, Variety reports. The company does not plan on giving a formal announcement in regards to severing their relationship with the artist, but the decision comes after Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly re-opened the discussion around harrowing accusations of sexual abuse against the singer.Many have called for the company to drop the singer, starting a movement titled #MuteRKelly and publicly protesting outside its offices. According to V...
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Embattled By Anti-Semitism Claims, The Women’s March Forges On

The day after Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, Hadas Alterman found herself surrounded by nearly 60,000 people in downtown Oakland. The 29-year-old attorney from California has attended her fair share of civil rights demonstrations, but said that she had never experienced anything like the 2017 Women’s March.“It can be scary to protest in Oakland because often there’s a high, very aggressive police presence. But the atmosphere at the Women’s March in O...
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‘No one cared because we were black girls’: is time finally up for R Kelly?

Women have accused the singer of sexual abuse for decades. So why are they only being listened to now? Blame misogyny and racism – but also the potency of his music“Yo, Pac!” You can almost feel the spittle as Gary Oldman launches into his soliloquy. It is 2012, and he is on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talkshow, reciting from R Kelly’s autobiography with the plummy majesty he later brought to the role of Churchill. “What up, baby?” he utters as the audience collapses in giggles. The joke is twofold: Eng...
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Chance The Rapper Removes R. Kelly Collaboration From Streaming Services

Chance The Rapper recently appeared on Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly documentary series to apologize for working with Kelly. On the final episode of the show, which details the sexual assault allegations against the singer, Chance discussed working with Kelly on his 2015 song "Somewhere In Paradise," saying that "making a song … More »
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Celebrity Doppelgängers That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage. It's almost eerie how much some celebrities resemble each other. Just look at the star of Netflix's Sex Education, British actress Maeve Wiley — she looks just like Margot Robbie. Enough so that when you Google her name, Margot Robbie's name pops up right after it. But these two actresses both share high cheekbones, they aren't related at all, and probably haven't even met (yet.) Yet, the two of them could easily share a passport or star in a madcap series of...
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Protests Target RCA, Sony: 'Drop Sexual Predator R Kelly' - SIGN #MuteRKelly PETITION

"RCA/Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R Kelly" read the banner flying over the Los Angeles offices of RCA and Sony on Friday.  It's the latest escalation in a growing protest movement to force record label RCA and corporate parent Sony to cut ties with Kelly, after repeated reports of predatory behavior and sexual abuse. R. Kelly is a serial sexual predator who's gotten away with abusing Black women and girls (yes, teen girls) for decades.Add your name to demand RCA records drop R. Kelly once a...
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What Would It Take To Mute – And Prosecute – R. Kelly?

After a six-part documentary series on Lifetime in which dozens of women and women’s families came forward to accuse the singer of abusing and molesting young women and teenage girls, prosecutors say he’d be hard to try because “bringing a case is difficult without cooperating victims.” – The New York Times
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This Week In Music Commentary

This week in music commentary, Lady Gaga pulls her R. Kelly collabs from digital shelves, we look at whether robots will ever top the charts, plus how music and video could pull Apple's chestnuts out of the fire. Lady Gaga Pulls R. Kelly Collaboration From Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and More How To Sell Out A Show [Kosha Dillz] Will Robot's Top The Chart? Musician's Voice In Age Of AI How Music and Video Will Rescue Apple [Mark Mulligan] [Author: Owen ...
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Megyn Kelly Is Officially Not Coming Back To NBC

Update: Megyn Kelly and NBC have officially severed their relationship. The two entities reached a separation agreement that they announced late on Friday, January 11."The parties have resolved their differences, and Megyn Kelly is no longer an employee of NBC," the network said in a statementWhile the terms were not disclosed, multiple outlets report that she will be paid out the remainder of her $69 million contract, to the tune of some $30 million.This story was originally published on Octob...
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Why It Could Be Hard to Mute R. Kelly

Many people have called for repercussions against the R&B star following a documentary about his treatment of women, but legal and commercial hurdles stand in the way.
Tags: Music, News, Sex Crimes, Kelly, Sony Music, R, Radio Corp of America, Women and Girls, Documentary Films and Programs, Surviving R Kelly (TV Program

Why It Could Be Hard to #MuteRKelly

Many people have called for repercussions against the R&B star following a documentary about his treatment of women, but legal and commercial hurdles stand in the way.
Tags: Music, News, Sex Crimes, Kelly, Sony Music, R, Radio Corp of America, Women and Girls, Documentary Films and Programs, Surviving R Kelly (TV Program

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Denies All Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against The Vocalist

R. Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct against the vocalist. In an interview with the Associated Press published on Friday, Greenberg says that the abuse allegations made in the Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly are false, also noting that neither he nor Kelly have seen … More »
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R. Kelly Reportedly Having Panic Attacks Over “Surviving R. Kelly” Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series is reportedly taking a toll on R. Kelly, TMZ reports.According to the gossip site, the singer-songwriter has been so stressed out about the whole situation that he’s been suffering from severe panic attacks, which started in the days leading up to the 6-episode series airing last week and has continued even afterward. TMZ reported that one attack was so serious that he had to seek treatment at a hospital.“Surviving R. Kelly” documented in great ...
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Trap Glazed: We Made R. Kelly A Predator

Update: From January 3 to January 6, Lifetime aired a documentary called Surviving R. Kelly, which catapulted the controversial rapper and all the troubling allegations against him back into the spotlight. The following story was originally published July 26, 2019.On Monday, R. Kelly released a 19-minute song. Let the absurdity of that sink in. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised as this is the same man who dragged his R&B opera, “Trapped in the Closet,” out for three parts, 33 “chapters,” and a ...
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R. Kelly’s Daughter Says He’s A “Monster” In New Statement

Following the airing of the shocking six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, a number of celebrities have taken to social media to share their thoughts. On Thursday, the "Ignition" crooner's estranged daughter Buku Abi (given name Joann Kelly) took to her Instagram story to speak out, according to E! News. More »
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Mathew Knowles Explains How He Protected Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child From R. Kelly

Mathew Knowles played absolutely ZERO games when it came to protecting his daughter and her bandmates from alleged sexual predator R. Kelly.In an interview with the UK newspaper Metro, Knowles revealed the steps he and his wife at the time, Tina Knowles, took to ensure that Destiny’s Child was safe around R. Kelly in the mid-1990s when the allegations of his sexual misconduct first surfaced.Knowles—who managed Destiny’s Child—said Kelly submitted a song for the group’s debut album, but he turned...
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Lady Gaga Pulls R. Kelly Collaboration From Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and More

Lady Gaga is pulling her 2013 collaboration with R. Kelly “Do What U Want” from iTunes and all streaming services, as fallout from sexual assault allegations brought to forefront by a new Lifetime docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly." “I stand behind these women 1000%, believe them, know they are suffering and in pain and feel strongly that their voices should be heard and taken seriously,” Gaga said on Twitter.  ”What I am hearing about the allegations against  R Kelly is absolutely horrif...
Tags: Music, Lady Gaga, Music Business, R. Kelly, Gaga, Major Labels, Bruce Houghton, Kelly, Lady Gaga Pulls R Kelly

‘I Stand Behind These Women 1000%.’ Lady Gaga Apologizes for Working With R. Kelly

He appeared on her song 'Do What U Want (With My Body)'
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Lady Gaga Apologizes For Working With R. Kelly, Will Remove Song From Streaming

In the days after Lifetime debuted their documentary series Surviving R Kelly, celebrities who have recorded with the R&B singer or supported him publicly are being asked to account for their silence. The miniseries features over 50 interviews, some of which are with R. Kelly’s accusers, family members, and friends, but few celebrities make an … More »
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Fresh abuse investigations launched after R Kelly documentary

Prosecutors in Chicago and Atlanta appeal for new information after allegations of abuse are made in documentary about R&B star, who has long denied wrongdoingFresh investigations have been launched into allegations of sexual and physical abuse against R Kelly by prosecutors in Chicago and Atlanta, after the airing of Surviving R Kelly, a documentary that contained claims of abuse by the R&B singer.Chicago prosecutor Kimberly Foxx urged any potential victims of Kelly to come forward, saying: “Th...
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R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation In Atlanta After Surviving R. Kelly

After watching Lifetime's poignant Surviving R. Kelly documentary, many viewers took it upon themselves to take action. The Fulton County District Attorney's phone lines became flooded with residents demanding something be done regarding R. Kelly's decades of alleged abuse of minors. The DA's office listened to the public outcry, as More »
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Facebook Removes Page Created To Discredit R. Kelly Accusers

Facebook has removed a page dedicated to discrediting women who have accused R. Kelly of sexual abuse. The page, entitled Surviving Lies, was apparently created in response to Lifetime’s recently released six-part documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which details the singer’s decades of alleged misconduct through over 50 interviews with accusers, family … More »
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R. Kelly Streams Jump After Damning Documentary Airs

R. Kelly streams increased significantly after the airing of a  Lifetime docu-series that included interviews with victims and former friends Johnny Legend and Wendy Williams chronicling his alleged history of sexual abuse, including of underage girls. A rep for Spotify told The Blast that the “Ignition” singer’s streams were up 16% since Lifetime aired part 1 of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Thursday night.  The jump comes after Spotify virtually banned, and then in a reversal simply "downgra...
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Paul Kelly: Interviewing an Australian Icon

None If you're not from Australasia, you might have heard of Paul Kelly. You might not have. He's toured overseas extensively, yes, though as he tells us, "when we tour America, we play in little clubs. I love that." It's not surprising that discrete, hole-in-the-wall venues suit Mr. Kelly. Despite a career spanning four decades, he has none of the arrogance that is seemingly required for international stadium tours. So perhaps it stands to reason that those north of the equator may not be ...
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