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Myka 9 & Profound – “Joy & Pain” ft. Blu (Lyric Video)

A-OK All Day Records presents “Joy & Pain”, the new single from Los Angeles emcee Myka 9, featuring fellow LA lyricist Blu. “Joy & Pain” is the lead single from Nine Clouds, Myka’s forthcoming collaboration album with UK producer Profound, who tragically passed away just after the album’s completion. Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Eligh & The Grouch of Living Legends, Blueprint, Lily Fangz, Joaquin Daniels and DJ Essential also appear on the album. Myka redefined the boundaries of rhyme and meter ...
Tags: Videos, UK, La, Los Angeles, Jazz, Kauai, Blu, Profound, Myka 9, Myka, Blu Joy Pain, Lily Fangz Joaquin Daniels

The CEO of guitar icon Fender says the company was looking into an abyss when the coronavirus hit — but now the company expects record 2020 sales

Este Haim of the eponymous LA band Haim checks out an American Professional II bass. Fender The coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns spurred a much-needed revival of the guitar business. Fender had been on track to post robust 2020 sales, but in March it had to idle its factories in the US and Mexico. Unexpectedly, demand for guitars skyrocketed, and now CEO Andy Mooney figures this year could set a record for sales. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fender CEO And...
Tags: Music, Mexico, La, US, Trends, Nike, Guitars, Haim, Fender, Mooney, Andy Mooney, Tech Insider, Stratocaster, Matthew DeBord, Este Haim, Leo Fender

Post Malone Was Almost On The New Fleet Foxes Album

Post Malone’s love of Fleet Foxes is well-documented. He once tweeted “if you don’t like flee foxes then fuck you.” Last year, he sang along to “The Shrine/An Argument” while smoking a cigarette; “This made my day ha,” Robin Pecknold wrote on his Instagram story in response. Well, it seems that that moment was just one small piece of a beautiful friendship. And when Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold went on’s New Arrivals show this week, he revealed that Posty was almost on Shore, the new ...
Tags: Music, News, Instagram, La, Fleet Foxes, Post Malone, Malone, Robin Pecknold, Pecknold, Posty

The 40 Best New Bands Of 2020

In a year when it’s largely been impossible to see live music, a major source of discovering new artists has been eliminated. But music finds a way and plenty of acts have emerged over the last 12 months. Every autumn here at Stereogum, we look at the artists that make us most excited about the future of music and organize them into our annual Best New Bands list, in order to celebrate what they’ve already accomplished and highlight them as someone to keep an eye on moving forward. There are, a...
Tags: Music, UK, New York, London, Washington, La, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Park, Chicago, Stephen Malkmus, Sufjan Stevens, Brooklyn, Williams, Liverpool

All Things Blue – “Lully”

All Things Blue is the LA-based project of India Coombs (aka Blue) and Jon Joseph. Their debut album Get Bit is dropping in December, and the rollout continues today with a stunning new single called “Lully,” a dreamy trip-hop track with traces of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.” In a pinched soprano whisper, Coombs repeats the refrain, “It doesn’t matter anymore,” over a loose, jazzy lope. It’s rad, and as Coombs explains, it’s about unsustainable farming: “My brother sent me an article about farm...
Tags: Music, La, Radiohead, Arizona, Lully, New Music, Coombs, All Things Blue, Jon Joseph, India Coombs aka Blue, Natalia Navarra

Covid Fan Tutti: Opera In Exotic Places

LA’s Pacific Opera Project’s unconventional, often playful productions have included a bilingual “Madama Butterfly” performed in the Aratani Theatre in L.A.’s Little Tokyo; a “Magic Flute” that took its cue from 1990s video games; and at the outdoor Ford Theatres, a version of Mozart’s “Abduction From the Seraglio” staged as an episode of “Star Trek.” Still, the company has done nothing quite like what it is attempting in the parking lot of Camarillo United Methodist Church in Ventura County, a...
Tags: Art, Music, La, Tokyo, Ventura County, Mozart, Ford Theatres, 11.10.20, Camarillo United Methodist Church

Britney Spears will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career, lawyer argues

LA judge Brenda Penny declines to suspend James Spears from his role in the court conservatorship that has controlled his daughter’s life for 12 yearsBritney Spears is afraid of her father and will not resume her career so long as he has power over it, her attorney said in court on Tuesday.Los Angeles superior court judge Brenda Penny declined to suspend James Spears from his central role in the court conservatorship that has controlled his daughter’s life and career for 12 years, as Britney Spe...
Tags: Music, La, Los Angeles, World news, Australia news, US news, Culture, Pop and rock, Britney Spears, Ingham, James Spears, Samuel D Ingham III, Brenda Penny, yearsBritney Spears

The Number Ones Bonus Tracks: Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack”

Welcome to the Number Ones Bonus Tracks, the addendum to our regular Number Ones column. We at Stereogum recently wrapped up our fundraising campaign, and we’d like to thank everyone who donated to support this site and keep it going. To those All Access donors who pledged $1,000, I promised that I’d write a Number Ones-style column on a song of their choosing, as long as that song charted on the Billboard Hot 100. We’ll publish those once a week for the next couple of months. *** Mark Morri...
Tags: Europe, Music, UK, London, Australia, La, US, America, Atlantic, New Zealand, Miami, Leicester, Detroit, Bobby Brown, Bahamas, ESG

Drakeo The Ruler – “Fights Don’t Matter”

Five days ago, Drakeo The Ruler, overlord of the LA rap underground, got out of jail. Drakeo helped create a strain of jumpy, restless, casually wordy street-rap that’s essentially become the sound of California, but he hasn’t been around to see it. For the better part of two years, Drakeo has been in jail, awaiting trail. He was acquitted on murder charges last year, but then he was arrested again and held without bail on charges of shooting and conspiracy, stemming from the same incident. Last...
Tags: Music, California, La, New Music, Don, Jeff Weiss, Drakeo The Ruler, Drakeo

Mystic Inane – “Peckerwood Nero”

Three years ago my colleague Tom Breihan posted the LA Women mini-LP by a New Orleans punk band called Patsy, noting, "their schoolyard-taunt snarl is one of the coolest things I've heard out of the DIY underground in a minute." Candice, that band's driving force, is also in Mystic Inane, who have a … More »
Tags: Music, La, New Orleans, Patsy, Candice, Tom Breihan, Mystic Inane

Drakeo The Ruler Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Released From Prison Today

Just weeks after the idiosyncratic up-and-coming LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler was acquitted of murder last summer, he was arrested again and held without bail while awaiting trial on shooting and conspiracy charges related to the same incident. Back in June he managed to release Thank You … More »
Tags: Music, News, La, Drakeo The Ruler

Drakeo The Ruler Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Released From Prison Today: Report

Just weeks after the idiosyncratic up-and-coming LA rapper Drakeo The Ruler was acquitted of murder last summer, he was arrested again and held without bail while awaiting trial on shooting and conspiracy charges related to the same incident. Back in June he managed to release Thank You … More »
Tags: Music, News, La, Drakeo The Ruler

Toso – “Black Hearts” (Mixtape Review)

Toso is a Rhode Island native, who is now in Los Angeles and has been making a name for himself in the City of Angels for about 4 years. I recently had the chance to listen to his latest mixtape, “Black Hearts” and two words come to mind; beats and flow. The project is his 7th mixtape, his R-rated take on some well known tracks. “Black Hearts” is 11 tracks long, which is cool because most new artists opt for a shorter EP kind of project, but Toso went relatively old school with the length of th...
Tags: Reviews, La, Los Angeles, Albums, Jazz, Wiz Khalifa, Rhode Island, Mixtape, Album Review, Metro Boomin, Black Hearts, 808 Mafia, Toso, Toso · Black Hearts, Cheda, Toso Black Hearts Mixtape Review

How Rusty Eye made COVID-safe music videos at LA’s legendary Jumbo’s Clown Room

When the pandemic hit back in March, many musical artists pivoted to some sort of livestreaming outlet to perform, chat or release fresh content. Los Angeles-based heavy metal trio Rusty Eye hasn’t gotten in the livestreaming game yet, but the band has been ferociously promoting its new album, “Dissecting Shadows,” which dropped on Oct. 23. It’s a fun and horror-filled record that plays out like a script from a slasher film with cuts like “Mrs. Baylock,” which pays homage to the character from t...
Tags: Music, Mexico, La, Los Angeles, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, Mexico City, States, Randall, Iron Maiden, Rust, Southern California, Anaheim, Sunset Strip, Mrs Baylock

Misfit Soto – “Lost Angel” (Album Review)

On his latest project “Lost Angel“, SKM member rapper Misfit Soto reflects on his Los Angeles raised battle scars and expressing his consistent growth in the West Coast underground Hip Hop scene.  Known for his incredible producer skills and working with dozens of artist from all spectrums of Hip Hop, he is really putting out a brand driven by complete ambition and consistency.  The LA underground Hip Hop scene is super over-saturated, but for Misfit Soto, he has been able to completely pivot a...
Tags: Reviews, La, Los Angeles, Albums, Jazz, West Coast, Snoop Dogg, Soto, Yung, Misfit Soto, John Rifleman

Ras Kass – “Culture.Vulture” Ft. Masta Ace & Prod. By Hi-Tek (Video)

One of LA’s finest Ras Kass connects with veteran Masta Ace & producer Hi-Tek, releasing his brand new video titled “Black Owned.”The post Ras Kass - "Culture.Vulture" Ft. Masta Ace & Prod. By Hi-Tek (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
Tags: Videos, La, Jazz, Ras Kass, Masta Ace, Hi-Tek, Masta Ace producer Hi Tek

Midnight Sister – “Doctor Says”

Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian (who recently scored the Pepe The Frog documentary Feels Good Man) are two multi-disciplinary LA artists recording under the name Midnight Sister. They'll release their album Painting The Roses, the follow-up to 2017's Saturn Over Sunset, through vaunted indie label Jagjaguwar next year. Today we see the video … More »
Tags: Music, La, Midnight Sister, Juliana Giraffe, Ari Balouzian

FUZZ – “Mirror”

FUZZ, the LA power trio featuring Ty Segall on drums, Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich on bass, and Charles Moothart on guitar, are releasing their third album III at the end of the week. They've already shared two singles from it, "Returning" and "Spit," and now they're giving us one last track before … More »
Tags: Music, La, Ty Segall, Charles Moothart, Fuzz, Chad Ubovich, Joshua Erkman

Rolling Stone Premiere’s Benny The Butcher & Hit-Boy New Video, “Legend”

There is no disputing that Benny The Butcher has arrived.  With anticipation now at a fever pitch, Benny puts a bow on his and Griselda’s genre-shifting year with his new album Burden Of Proof; an album that aligns the best rapper alive, with the hottest producer (Hit-Boy) of 2020. Mastered by Guru, Burden of Proof is The Butcher’s official level up.  After announcing his new album last week with “Timeless” featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean, on the eve of Burden Of Proof’s release, Benny share...
Tags: Videos, News, La, Jazz, Lil Wayne, Rolling Stone, Benny, Sean, Griselda, Benny the Butcher, Burden of Proof, Rolling Stone Premiere, Sean Rick Ross Freddie Gibbs Conway, Machine Westside Gunn Queen Najia, Dom Kennedy Burden Of Proof

World Be Free – “Acceptance”

Up until this past March, the LA road warriors of Terror were probably the most beloved and reliable touring institution in hardcore. And since Terror can't really tour now, vocalist Scott Vogel seems to be using his considerable energy to fuel some other projects. A couple of months ago, Vogel reunited with Buried Inside, his … More »
Tags: Music, La, Despair, Terror, Vogel, Scott Vogel, Strife, World Be Free, Youth of Today, Chain of Strength

Sad13 – “Paint’s Peeling” (Rilo Kiley Cover)

In the years since their 2013 breakup, Rilo Kiley have pushed their way into legendary status. The eternally sharp LA band inspired entire generations of indie rockers -- especially young women who write artfully and honestly about going through shit. Today, Rilo Kiley have reissued their own self-titled 1999 debut, and we're also … More »
Tags: Music, La, Speedy Ortiz, Sadie Dupuis, Sad13, Rilo Kiley

Q&A With Los Angeles Based Hip Hop Duo REASON OVER TREASON

Much respect REASON OVER TREASON for the dope debut EP. Before getting into the new EP, for the readers who don’t know, how long have you guys been making music? Divine: We started making music about 5 years ago. Osirius: Yep about 2015. What are some of the major takeaways, positive or negative, growing up in South Central Los Angeles? How has the city embraced your music so far? Divine: I was born and raised outside of Boston and moved to LA back in 2006. My East Coast foundation is the energ...
Tags: Amazon, La, Boston, Los Angeles, Jazz, East Coast, South Central Los Angeles, Q&A Interviews, Spinrilla, LA My, Osirius, REASON OVER TREASON, Diamond Vol, Gangstarr Eric B Rakim, Kane AZ Nas, Marcus Hunter

Fuzz – “Spit”

In addition to his million other bannds and projects, Ty Segall plays drums in the LA riff-rock power trio FUZZ with Meatbodies' Chad Ubovich on bass, and Charles Moothart (aka CFM) on guitar. FUZZ returned this summer with "Returning," the lead single from their first new album in five years, III, produced by … More »
Tags: Music, La, Ty Segall, Cfm, Charles Moothart, Fuzz, Meatbodies Chad Ubovich

Tory Lanez Released A Whole Album About The Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Story

The entire saga of Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion continues to get sadder and weirder. In July, Megan Thee Stallion was shot multiple times outside a party at Kylie Jenner's house. The same night, LA police arrested Tory Lanez on a concealed weapons charge. Witness reports claimed that Tory had … More »
Tags: Music, La, Tory, Kylie Jenner, Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion

How the team behind Slipknot singer Corey Taylor’s virtual Forum concert aims to make history

Back in 2001, vocalist Corey Taylor headlined The Forum in Inglewood for the very first time with his Iowa-based metal band Slipknot. It was just two weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Now, nearly two decades later, Taylor has played The Forum numerous times with his various bands and will headline the iconic venue once again in a time of uncertainty. This time, he’s going solo and performing with an all-new live band for the venue’s first glob...
Tags: Music, La, Virginia, New York City, Sacramento, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, Iowa, Ohio, World Trade Center, North Carolina, Taylor, Slipknot, Concerts, Corey Taylor

REASON OVER TREASON – “How to Cut a Diamond, Vol. 1” (EP Review)

Los angles Born project and Duo REASON OVER TREASON release their latest EP “How to Cut a Diamond, Vol. 1” a 2020 drop produced by Devine Milk and written by Osirius South central raised rapper. I was impressed with the slick look of the cover art it matched perfect with all the expectations.   As we dive into the album I can see this is one to anticipate as the 9 track album was cultivated by the two. Track one started with a production with a sonic sound merged with Hip-Hop boom bap and Eg...
Tags: Reviews, La, Albums, Jazz, Jedi Mind, Osirius, REASON OVER TREASON, Diamond Vol, Osirius South, Reason for Treason, Devine Milk

Hus Kingpin – “Wavo in LA” (EP)

Hempstead veteran Hus Kingpin is jackin’ for beats on his new EP Wavo in LA. The post Hus Kingpin – “Wavo in LA” (EP) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
Tags: La, Albums, Jazz, Hempstead, Hus Kingpin

Mary Lattimore – “Silver Ladders”

In a couple weeks, Mary Lattimore is releasing her latest album, the Neil Halstead-produced Silver Ladders. She's shared two tracks from it so far, "Sometimes He's In My Dreams" -- which made our best songs of the week list -- and "Pine Trees." Today, the LA-based harpist is releasing … More »
Tags: Music, La, Mary Lattimore, Neil Halstead, Pine Trees Today

D.A. Stern – “2 Drink Minimum” (Feat. Fat Tony & Colleen Green)

D.A. Stern is a longtime NYC producer and engineer now based in LA. He's got a fun project called Mmxxtape dropping next week, an EP full of covers (two by "Weird" Al Yankovic and one by Frank and Nancy Sinatra) and collaborations with the likes of Vampire Weekend's Chris Tomson (aka Dams Of The West), … More »
Tags: Music, La, Colleen Green, Frank, Tony, Al Yankovic, Stern, Nancy Sinatra, Chris Tomson, Fat Tony, D.a. Stern, Thaddeus Ruzicka

Stream Militarie Gun’s Ferocious, Hugely Impressive Debut EP My Life Is Over

Ian Shelton, it would seem, has taken the pandemic as a challenge. The Seattle-born and LA-based Shelton is one of the most creative people currently working within the hardcore world. He's a part-time member of Self Defense Family, and he's also the mastermind behind the powerviolence squad Regional Justice Center. Regional Justice Center had to … More »
Tags: Music, La, Seattle, Shelton, Regional Justice Center, Ian Shelton, Militarie Gun, Regional Justice Center Regional Justice Center

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