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Tiger King and a bloody mary: Hilary Mantel, Simon Armitage and other writers on lockdown life

Simon Armitage pogos to neo-punk, Anne Enright craves for Cary Grant, The Seventh Seal cheers up Julian Barnes, Diane Evans works out to hip-hop and Jeanette Winterson talks to herself … writers reveal how they’re surviving the corona crisis Continue reading...
Tags: Books, Music, Film, Fiction, Poetry, Cary Grant, Life and style, Meditation, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Classical Music, Craft, Baking, Hilary Mantel, Anne Enright, Social trends

Carpe DM: 60 years of the Dr Martens boot – fashion's subversive smash hit

The humble eight-holed work boot has won over everyone from postal workers to punks, teens to today’s celebrities and influencers. How did it stride to world dominance?Tony Benn wore them. So did Agyness Deyn. Suggs loved them, also Kathleen Hanna and Joe Strummer. And Jordan Catalano. Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and Bella Hadid still do. Once you start looking, Dr Martens are everywhere. Sixty years after launching the eight-hole 1460 boot – on, as the name suggests, the 1 April 1960 – it is an und...
Tags: Fashion, Music, US, Life and style, Punk, Vogue, Women's Shoes, Levi, Martens, Baldwin, Benn, Harrington, Bella Hadid, Kathleen Hanna, Fred Perry, Kaia Gerber

'He didn't even pretend to let us win'… Growing up with the world's biggest stars, by their children

The sons and daughters of John Wayne, John Lennon, Caitlyn Jenner and others tell us what it was like to grow up with a world-famous dadA lot of the happy memories of my father are from the late 1960s at Kenwood, the old Tudor house we had in Surrey, when I was a little boy. Without knowing it, I probably saw some of the greatest musicians in the world come and go through that house. Continue reading...
Tags: Family, Music, Film, John Lennon, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Parents and parenting, Miles Davis, Surrey, John Wayne, Kenwood, Jeff Bridges, Tudor, Samuel L Jackson, Caitlyn Jenner

Zip it, Kim Kardashian – Taylor Swift is the Marmite we're all coming to love

It’s true the singer isn’t everyone’s favourite, but the online pasting she’s been subjected to leaves a very nasty taste in the mouthIn a way I’m glad that Kim Kardashian has reignited a four-year-old feud with Taylor Swift based on an 11-year-old feud with Taylor Swift that was all started by Kanye West, a man who has hardly been involved in it since about 2017. In a way, that’s good.It’s hard not to [gestures at current reality] be constantly thinking about, you know, rather more pressing mat...
Tags: Music, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Celebrity, Youtube, Life and style, Kanye West, Netflix, Culture, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian West

Kanye West likens backlash over support for Trump to racial profiling

Rapper says anger over his views reminds him of racial assumptions he once faced: ‘You’re black, so you’re a Democrat’Kanye West has reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump, whom he has previously called “his brother”, in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal.West says people make assumptions about his political views because of his race, automatically assuming he would disagree with Trump’s views. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Life and style, US news, Kanye West, Culture, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian West, Trump, Wall Street Journal West

Strike a pose! My night at a vogue ball with Malcolm McLaren

In 1988 vogueing was still underground – but the Sex Pistols impresario was ahead of the curve. Our writer remembers a New York evening that would transform pop cultureIt was late September 1988: George Bush was up against Michael Dukakis in the first of their two TV debates. The presidential campaign was hotting up and Dukakis was faltering. I switched off the TV and headed for Bond Street off Broadway, New York City, where Malcolm McLaren was living with Lauren Hutton. We were off to see a vog...
Tags: Fashion, Gender, Music, New York, Celebrity, Life and style, Communities, Society, Dance, Transgender, Culture, Punk, Sexuality, George Bush, Stage, LGBT rights

Body of work: why Billie Eilish is right to stand her ground against shaming

Billie Eilish has done everything right in her career so far, but that’s not enough for a celebrity industry fixated on sex Billie Eilish has given the music industry everything it could possibly want. An authentic new voice that appeals to teenagers and their parents. A debut album that has sold more than 2m copies in the US alone. A decisive stylistic evolution from the preceding decade’s dominant pop mode. A clean sweep of the four key categories at the Grammys. A copper-bottomed streaming su...
Tags: Music, Celebrity, Women, US, Life and style, Society, Music Industry, Body Image, Culture, Pop and rock, Health & wellbeing, James Bond, Young People, Billie Eilish

‘My life is not over. But it feels like it is sometimes’: the Rev Richard Coles on losing his partner

The former pop star’s world was shattered when his partner of 12 years died. Three months on, he talks about the ‘madness’ of griefDeath is par for the course for the Rev Richard Coles. Whether it’s pastoral care for the bereaved, discussions about the afterlife with parishioners or being called out to perform the last rites – death comes with the job. But since his partner, the Rev David Coles, died in December, a lot about death has taken Coles by surprise.“I got in the other night,” he says, ...
Tags: Music, Celebrity, Relationships, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Christianity, Death and dying, LGBT rights, Bereavement, Coles, Richard Coles, David Coles

Don Letts: ‘Punk was a refuge from racism’

The DJ and musician, 64, on being black and British, finding a scene, and why punk’s not deadJamaican people love country and western. My first musical memory is sitting at home with my dad, listening to incarnations of what would become reggae on his sound system. But as well as Prince Buster, and Toots and the Maytals, my dad loved things like Welcome to My World by Jim Reeves. It was the storytelling he could relate to.I know the exact moment I wanted music to be my life. I was 14 or 15, it w...
Tags: Music, London, Life and style, Culture, Punk, Pete Townshend, Vic, Buster, Keith Moon, Don Letts, Toots, Jim Reeves

'I cringe when I hear Rihanna now': the songs Guardian writers can't listen to any more

From failed relationships to funeral soundtracks, here are the much-loved tracks that became aural nightmares Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Rihanna, Relationships, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Blondie

Hugh Grant defends Prince Harry: 'The tabloids effectively murdered his mother'

The actor and activist has backed up Harry’s desire to ‘protect his family’, while Stormzy has said there is no ‘credible’ reason to dislike MeghanHugh Grant has defended Prince Harry’s decision to “step back” from formal royal duties and seek a self-financed life based partly in Canada.Speaking on Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy show on Sirius XM, Grant said: “I’m rather on Harry’s side. The tabloid press effectively murdered his mother, now they’re tearing his wife to pieces.” Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Media, Celebrity, Film, Race, Women, Life and style, UK News, World news, Newspapers & magazines, Newspapers, US news, Culture, Canada, Press intrusion, Monarchy

‘The Daily Mail mistook me for Charles II': five celebrities on their famous lookalikes

Bridget Christie, Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Rylan Clark-Neal and Jade Thirlwall channel the famous people they get mistaken forAs a child I was really into old things: vintage clothing, antique furniture, ruins, listed buildings. At weekends, mum and dad would take us kids out in our Bedford van (there were nine of us) to visit stately homes and castles. I can’t recall where it was exactly, but on one of these trips I saw a portrait of Charles II and I remember thinking: that bloke looks like m...
Tags: Music, Celebrity, Life and style, Culture, Stage, Olivier Giroud, Bridget Christie, Bedford, Charles II, Frank Skinner, Little Mix

The Observer Christmas puzzles special: bumper quiz of the year

Test your mettle against our writers’ questions on film, music, politics, theatre and more• Try your hand at the Observer’s literary picture quizWhich of these bestselling novels has not been seen on British stages this year?Life of Pi – Yann MartelThe Line of Beauty – Alan Hollinghurst Grief is the Thing with Feathers – Max Porter Small Island – Andrea LevyA hugely successful revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal transferred from the West End to Broadway this year. Tom Hiddleston's casting in the...
Tags: Utah, Books, Music, Florida, Politics, UK, New York, London, Lana Del Rey, Film, Youtube, Theatre, Christmas, Los Angeles, Life and style, UK News

How to be hopeful: Colum McCann on the broken violin that played in a refugee camp

Music can be a form of resistance – but an unstrung violin didn’t hold much promise. Then it was fixed, a plume of dust rose, and the fiddler began to playIt wasn’t a long journey, really, from East Jerusalem to Bethlehem in the central West Bank, but it went across ancient borders and boundaries and checkpoints. We were on our way, a group of five from the non-profit global exchange group Narrative 4, to the Aida refugee camp in the shadow of what the Israelis call the “separation barrier” and ...
Tags: Books, Music, Israel, Life and style, World news, Culture, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Health & wellbeing, West Bank, Folk Music, East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Colum McCann, Colm, Colm Mac Con Iomaire

The 20 best gadgets of 2019

From a brilliant e-bike to a robot unicorn and a table lamp that doubles as a wireless speaker… the year’s top devicesThere’s more than meets the eye to these generic-seeming glasses. The Bose Frames contain a small pair of hidden speakers and sensors on their arms. In addition to music listening, you can use them to receive calls and interact with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Continue reading...
Tags: Apple, Google, Music, Technology, Life and style, Smartphones, Smartwatches, Cycling, Vinyl, Apple Watch, Siri Alexa, Drones (non-military, Smart Speakers

Selfies, influencers and a Twitter president: the decade of the social media celebrity

From Gyneth Paltrow to Trump, today’s stars speak directly to their fans. But are they really controlling their message? I have a friend, Adam, who is an autograph seller – a niche profession, and one that is getting more niche by the day. When we met for breakfast last month he was looking despondent.“Everyone takes selfies these days,” he said sadly, picking at his scrambled eggs. “It’s never autographs any more. They just want photos of themselves with celebrities.” Continue reading...
Tags: Twitter, Music, Technology, Media, Taylor Swift, Instagram, Celebrity, Internet, Social Media, Life and style, World news, Newspapers & magazines, US news, Blogging, Kanye West, Culture

Scooter Braun pleads for resolution with Taylor Swift following death threats

Owner of label embroiled in dispute over master recordings says he has been trying to contact singer for six monthsScooter Braun, the former manager of Taylor Swift – whom she accused of forbidding her to perform her own music – has asked her to resolve their dispute.In a lengthy message posted to Instagram, Braun says his family have received “numerous death threats” in the wake of the dispute with Swift, including a phone call to his wife threatening the safety of their children. He posted a s...
Tags: Business, Music, Taylor Swift, Celebrity, Law, Life and style, World news, Music Industry, US news, Culture, Pop and rock, Intellectual Property, Swift, Braun, monthsScooter Braun, Instagram Braun

Sounding it out: ‘Listening to white noise put my life back on track’

Megan Nolan was searching for a way to switch off the stresses of modern life. Then she discovered white noise. Here, she charts how the flat frequencies helped her copeLate last year Spotify presented me with my Top 100 most listened to tracks of 2018 and, as ever when I’m presented with some unknown version of myself, I couldn’t wait to analyse it. Like a dog returning to its vomit, nothing fascinates me more than my own alien excretions. I could spend the rest of my life contorting my brain t...
Tags: Health, Music, London, Life and style, Society, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Culture, Ireland, Health & wellbeing, Ariana Grande, Dublin, Leonard Cohen, Megan Nolan

'All the hood rats would jam with us': Grandmaster Flash, AJ Tracey and other artists on the generation gap

What difference does a decade or two make in the worlds of music, kids’ TV and poetry?Grandmaster Flash – born Joseph Saddler on New Year’s Day, 1958 – is often credited as one of the pioneers of hip-hop, but his achievements are as much in the field of engineering as they are in music. It was Flash who invented the slipmat that allowed records to be manipulated by DJs; who used solder and Super Glue to give decks a separate headphone channel, so they could hear the record they were cueing up; a...
Tags: Books, Music, Poetry, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, Blue Peter, AJ Tracey, Joseph Saddler

Tories subverting the music of protest | Brief letters

Forced to eat kasha | Catherine the Great | Derby County | Hands to dinner | The Who’s Baba O’RileyAs someone who was forced – and I do mean forced – to eat kasha as a child (Super bowl, G2, 3 October), I can confirm that both I and my brother have suffered a lifetime’s trauma because of it. Offered it for breakfast a few years ago in Minsk, he fled the room – and my son ran after him and took up smoking that day. I was trapped and forced to eat their portions. This is the first time I have been...
Tags: Food, Europe, Music, Politics, Television, Russia, Football, Conservatives, Life and style, UK News, World news, The Who, Culture, Television & radio, Derby, Derby County

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West name fourth child Psalm

Reality TV star and musician ‘blessed beyond measure’ with arrival of baby boyKim Kardashian West and her husband, the musician Kanye West, have named their new child Psalm after its recent birth via surrogate.Kardashian West posted a picture of the boy on social media with the caption “Psalm West”. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Reality TV, Celebrity, Life and style, World news, US news, Kanye West, Culture, Television & radio, Kim Kardashian West, Kardashian West

Jordan, the face of punk: 'The things I wore made people apoplectic'

She was the rubber-knickered peroxide bombshell who put the sex into the Pistols. Now she’s written a memoir of her years causing outrage at the heart of punk There’s a photograph of Jordan Mooney, standing outside the clothes shop Sex, that perfectly encapsulates her extraordinary impact. Sex was Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s London boutique, which sold their designs along with fetishwear. It is also where in-house band the Sex Pistols were incubated.Jordan was more than a shop assist...
Tags: Books, Fashion, Music, London, Celebrity, Life and style, Society, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Young People, Vivienne Westwood, Autobiography and memoir, Sex Pistols, Jordan, Social history

Troye Sivan: 'I have to get comfortable with being effeminate'

The former YouTuber turned musician and actor talks about sudden stardom, queer pride and life as a showmanTroye Sivan models circus styleTroye Sivan is posing in full view of the street, delighting the small groups of teenagers who stop outside the photo studio to gawp. Some of them know who he is. The rest can tell he must be Someone. The South African-born Australian, 23, is as luminous as a cherub and has no qualms about giving it his best Rodin: foot perched on a starry plinth, trousers gap...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Taylor Swift, Youtube, US, Life and style, Culture, Nicole Kidman, Ariana Grande, Men's Fashion, Rodin, Troye Sivan, Robyn, Bloom, Sivan, Lucas Hedges

Annie Leibovitz on the shots that made her

She captured America’s most tumultuous moments and its biggest stars. The great photographer relives her Rolling Stone years – and the time she set fire to Patti SmithAnnie Leibovitz is standing by a photograph she took of Pont Neuf in Paris. It’s a swirling panoramic shot of the famous bridge, taken when she was a student and would roam the city’s streets camera in hand. One day, with a thrill, she realised she was standing where her idol, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once stood to take his own ghost...
Tags: Art, Photography, Music, Media, Celebrity, America, Life and style, Society, World news, Newspapers & magazines, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Magazines, The Rolling Stones

10 of the strangest star cameos in video games

Rami Malek’s slasher horror, Bowie as a cyberpunk hacker, streetfighting Carmen Electra, and John Hurt down and dirty … improbable roles for A-listersIt’s no longer unusual to see big-name actors in video game roles – and usually it works out fine. Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls, Kristen Bell in Assassin’s Creed and Charles Dance in Witcher 3 were all perfectly cast, bringing their talent and star quality to fitting roles, and featured prominently in those games’ promotion. But sometimes, famou...
Tags: Games, Music, Celebrity, Film, Malcolm McDowell, Tim Curry, Life and style, Culture, Television & radio, David Bowie, Ellen Page, Kristen Bell, Retro games, John Hurt, Mark Hamill, Bruce Willis

Mountain maestros: the Alpine retreat that stages world-class concerts

At Schloss Elmau in southern Germany top classical musicians ‘play to stay’, so guests can enjoy performances between spa sessions, yoga and amazing views We were halfway to the spa when something stopped us. We’d been padding along in slippers and pastel-coloured towelling robes, staring idly at the snowy mountains outside. And then we heard it. The sound of a violin: a few snatched phrases, soaring, uplifting, broken up by short periods of silence. Somebody with considerable skill was practisi...
Tags: Travel, Music, Germany, Life and style, Culture, Classical Music, Istanbul, Spa Breaks, Europe Holidays, Alps Holidays, Germany Holidays, Schubert, Schloss Elmau, Brahms Schumann

The 20 greatest breakup songs ever – ranked!

On the 40th anniversary of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive topping the charts – and as the UK blunders towards its own acrimonious divorce – here’s the definitive list of tear-stained stonkersHip-hop isn’t big on romantic heartbreak, but this is a particularly fine example. There’s a lot of bragging from Guru about how he’s so inundated with offers since his ex packed him in that she’s probably jealous. But somehow, you get the sense he’s protesting too much: “Went home to see my mom and I saw yo...
Tags: Music, UK, Relationships, Life and style, Rap, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Culture, Pop and rock, Bob Dylan, Hip-hop, Indie, R&B, Carly Simon, Elvis Costello, Folk Music, Kelly Clarkson

Chris Grayling’s terrible cost to the nation | Brief letters

Chris Grayling | Otto Warmbier | Michele Hanson | Words for toilet | A Beatles BrexitThe likely cost of £2.7bn to the taxpayer due to Chris Grayling’s incompetence will ring hollow to the parents of disabled pupils in Leicestershire and across the country, who have been informed that their council can no longer provide transport to special schools and colleges post-16 due to lack of funds. The implications for these families, who already face substantial additional burdens of care due to cuts in...
Tags: Music, Politics, North Korea, The Beatles, Life and style, Society, World news, US news, Disability, Asia Pacific, Homes, Chris Grayling, Kim, Interiors, Donald Trump, Brexit

Katy Perry shoes removed from stores over blackface design

The pop star’s designs are the latest to be accused of using racist caricatures, following backlash against Gucci, Prada and MonclerKaty Perry Collections, the fashion line by the pop star, has removed footwear after they were accused of using blackface.The sandals and loafers, designed with a face featuring prominent red lips, are no longer on sale at retailers including Walmart. A spokesperson for the company told TMZ: “In order to be respectful and sensitive the team is in the process of pull...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Race, Walmart, Life and style, US news, Culture, Katy Perry, Gucci Prada, MonclerKaty Perry Collections

'Grace Kelly seemed like an angel': Clive James and others on their first crushes

With Valentine’s Day in view, the veteran author and more come clean about their crazy, stupid, teenage lovesGrace Kelly’s career began as a 10-year cluster of roles for US television, but we didn’t see those in Australia, so her first movies made a terrific impact. She arose out of nowhere. I was still wearing short trousers, but I fell romantically in love with her when she arrived at James Stewart’s apartment in Rear Window and crossed the room fluttering. Hitchcock did something to the camer...
Tags: Books, Music, Media, Film, Australia, Relationships, US, Life and style, Debbie Reynolds, Culture, Julie Burchill, James Stewart, Clive James, Frank Ocean, Grace Kelly, Olivia Laing

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