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‘Then we drank each other’s blood’: Megan Fox’s engagement is the return of the rockstar relationship

Her whirlwind relationship with Machine Gun Kelly has seen them wearing vials of each others blood, tattooing their names on one another and arriving at events chained to one anotherFor most people, just a “yes” or “I will”, suffices. Megan Fox went a little further when the musician Machine Gun Kelly asked her to marry her. “Just as in every lifetime before this one,” she posted on Instagram “and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes… And then we drank each other’s blood.”Kelly p...
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Martin Kemp and Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet look back: ‘We were stern young men who wanted to take over the world’

The bassist and saxophonist recreate an old photo and look back at a mortifying incident in a German saunaPioneers of the New Romantic movement, Spandau Ballet’s career launched in the late 70s within the walls of Blitz, an enigmatic club in Covent Garden known for influencing the sound and style of 80s pop. Formed by London school friends Gary Kemp, Tony Hadley, Steve Norman and John Keeble – and later Gary’s brother and former roadie Martin – Spandau Ballet went on to soundtrack the bombast an...
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‘I’ve been expecting things to fall apart at any moment’: Dan Smith on 10 years of body dysmorphia, burnout and Bastille

He has found critical and commercial success, while behind the scenes the frontman has battled with his self-confidence and severe stage fright. He explains why he still loves being in the bandDan Smith doesn’t know how to switch off. In the decade or so that he has been the creative heart, and frontman, of the band Bastille, he has thought about music constantly. There was a two-week period over Christmas and new year where he thought he had managed not to. Then he went to a double bill at the ...
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‘We’re just little country bumpkins!’: 2022’s hottest band Wet Leg on songs, silliness and their surprise success

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers’ feelgood anthems have beguiled fans. But after playing for fun and turning down record labels to rollerskate – do they finally feel they are a ‘real band’?How does a song by an unknown band get to be listened to 6.5m times? It was hard enough to determine in the olden days, before streaming existed, when we still said “popular” instead of “viral”; it is absolutely baffling now. If anyone knew, Facebook would have written an algorithm for it. That hasn’t stoppe...
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From torment to pleasure: how playing the violin became part of me

A bullying teacher almost made our classical music critic give up playing as a child but when she switched lessons for making music with friends she discovered true delightI had an uncle who, intermittently and not necessarily simultaneously, wore a kilt and played the violin. Each to me was exotic – twin roads to freedom from the dullness of a prosaic, southern English childhood. For a short time I took up highland dancing, with real swords and modest skill. I was seven when I begged to be allo...
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On my radar: Moses Sumney’s cultural highlights

The singer-songwriter on Balenciaga’s visions, the mountains of North Carolina, and the haunting power of Eve’s BayouSinger-songwriter Moses Sumney, 29, grew up between Ghana and California and studied creative writing and poetry at UCLA. His piercing falsetto and genre-defying music have brought him critical acclaim, starting with his self-recorded 2014 EP Mid-City Island, followed in 2017 by his debut album, Aromanticism, and the 2020 double album Græ. Sumney has collaborated with musicians in...
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Flashback – Anastacia: ‘Men would say I looked like a sexy librarian, which was gross’

The singer-songwriter recreates an old photo and talks about tinted glasses, cancer surgery and dealing with lecherous menBorn in Chicago in 1968 and raised in New York, Anastacia Lyn Newkirk is the multiplatinum star known for her mezzo-soprano voice. Anastacia became one of the best-selling female singers of the early noughties with her debut album Not That Kind – featuring the career-defining I’m Outta Love. She went on to release six more albums and had No 1 hits in more than 20 countries. S...
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The person who got me through 2021: LayedBakDFR captured the perfect joy of discovering a great song

I was shaken out of my musical apathy by the rapper, whose video channel shows him listening to others’ tracks for the first timeThroughout the pandemic, I, like many others, found myself turning to familiar music I listened to as a teenager, seeking comfort in 2000s nostalgia playlists and the hollow, monotonous “landfill indie” of the 2010s. It wasn’t that I especially enjoyed listening to music that I’d last heard on student nights at bad nightclubs in York, or that they marked a particularly...
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The person who got me through 2021: Ami Faku sang the break-up track I listened to on a loop

I’ve spent 12 months of the pandemic obsessively listening to the song Uwrongo, with its line: “This is not working, go home.” I’m very grateful to its singerI was born on a farm in northern South Africa. My parents moved nearer to Johannesburg when I was still a baby. They have a photograph of me at maybe six months old, asleep inside my dad’s guitar case. Just picturing it in my mind makes me feel safe. I can hear my dad playing.When I feel overwhelmed, I need something I can listen to on loop...
Tags: Music, Africa, Life and style, World news, Culture, South Africa, Pop and rock, Health & wellbeing, Johannesburg, Ami faku

The person who got me through 2021: Huey Morgan comforted me amid a deluge of human waste

I had plumbing problems and his radio show transported me from the faecal hellscape in my garden. It became the ideal soundtrack for my pandemic realityIt was spring, and human excrement was pumping into our garden. I watched through the window as a perplexed young plumber with a long metal pole excavated the dark, gurgling drain. As if lockdown hadn’t been bad enough, our kitchen was now heavy with the stench of a thousand flushes. No one knew how to stop it. There was only one thing to do: bre...
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Snow joke: why the Christmas No 1 single is still big business

Tis the season for novelty hits, charity records and, now, songs about baked goods. But though everyone wants a festive No 1, they rarely stay up longer than the tinselFor a nation so obsessed with the Christmas No 1 – as much part of the festive season as overboiled sprouts and Lynx Africa – Britons are awfully sanguine about what they put at the top of the charts each year. Since the chart began in 1952, only 12 Christmas No 1s have had some clear and unambiguous connection to the season: two ...
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Ding dong merrily outside: carol concerts go alfresco as UK Covid restrictions hit

Traditional open-air singing and wassailing plans abound to keep spirit of Christmas alive in Britain this yearClad in mittens and bobble hats, carol singers are moving back to traditional open-air performance this Christmas in response to health concerns. A string of scheduled professional and amateur choral concerts will now take place outside, while many streets are organising door-to-door carolling for charity.Last year, group singing of any kind was deemed unsafe and, as Covid social restri...
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Shane MacGowan: ‘Describe myself in three words? I’m bloody great’

The Pogues frontman on vanity, a horrible heckle and why he became a vegetarianBorn in Kent, MacGowan, 63, won a scholarship to Westminster school, but was later expelled. In 1982, he became frontman of the Pogues; the band’s albums include Rum Sodomy and the Lash and If I Should Fall from Grace with God. MacGowan co-wrote the song Fairytale of New York, which he performed with Kirsty MacColl; released in 1987, it remains a festive classic. He has launched his own line of merchandise on his webs...
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From lockdown treat to Adele’s fridge: Whispering Angel, the supermarket rosé that took over the world

The singer swears by it, it’s all over Instagram, and it has boosted the worldwide rosé market. What is the £19 bottle’s secret?A bag of Babybels, a bowl of leftover dal – even by civilian standards, there is rarely anything glamorous about the contents of my fridge. So it is with a pleasurable shiver of surprise that every time I have opened my fridge over the past week, a bottle of blush-pink Provençal rosé has been casting a rosy glow over my parmesan rinds and Tupperware. Because this is not...
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‘I think I might love myself, finally’: Self Esteem on 2021’s album of the year

Rebecca Taylor talks about her sensational second album as Self Esteem, Prioritise Pleasure, voted best of the year by Guardian critics‘Darkly funny, always invigorating’: our No 1 album of 2021The 50 best albums of 2021: the complete listMore on the best music of 2021Prioritise Pleasure is the Guardian’s album of the year. How do you feel?It’s fucking cool, innit [laughs loudly]. My PR told me at my gig in Manchester and then just walked off, like the ultimate mic drop. Also, I’ve done the doub...
Tags: Music, Women, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Manchester, Self Esteem, Rebecca Taylor

Supermodel Karen Elson on fashion’s toxic truth: ‘I survived harassment, body shaming and bullying – and I’m one of the lucky ones’

She has been at the top of the industry for decades. Now she’s speaking out about the dark reality of life behind the scenes When Karen Elson was a young hopeful trying to make it in Paris, a model scout took her to a nightclub. After long days on the Métro trekking to castings that came to nothing, and evenings alone in a run-down apartment, she was excited to be out having fun. The music was good and the scout, to whom her agent had introduced her, kept the drinks coming. She started to feel t...
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Rockin’ around the Christmas streams: why festive music is bigger than ever

As they chase a wildly lucrative market with their new Christmas albums, Gary Barlow, Jamie Cullum, Leona Lewis and more explain the financial – and emotional – pull of a seasonal hitIn July 1968, the visionary US guitarist John Fahey – whose albums, with names such as Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes, hadn’t exactly been money-spinners – was out the back of a record store. “I saw all these cartons of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas,” he later recalled. “The clerk said it always sells o...
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The 20 best gadgets of 2021

From smartphones to folding skis, the year’s top gizmos selected by tech experts from the Guardian, iNews, TechRadar and WiredCutting-edge tech is often super-expensive, difficult to use and less than slick. Not so for Samsung’s latest folding screen phones. The Z Fold 3 tablet-phone hybrid and Z Flip 3 flip-phone reinventions are smooth, slick and even water-resistant, packing big screens in compact bodies. The Fold might be super-expensive still, but the Flip 3 costs about the same as a regula...
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House of Gucci review – Lady Gaga murders in style in true-crime fashion house drama

Ridley Scott’s pantomimey soap entertainingly tracks fractures in the fashion world as Patrizia Reggiano plots to kill her ex, Maurizio GucciRidley Scott’s fantastically rackety, messy soap opera about the fall of the house of Gucci is rescued from pure silliness by Lady Gaga’s glorious performance as Patrizia Reggiani, the enraged ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the fashion-house founder Guccio Gucci. She singlehandedly delivers the movie from any issues about Italianface casting: only s...
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Glennon Doyle: ‘So many women feel caged by gender, sexuality, religion’

Glennon Doyle’s memoir inspired Adele – but do we all need to be ‘untamed’?The marriage wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel right any more. The lightbulb moment came when she realised she needed to think about what she truly wanted, rather than about what society had trained her to think she wanted. Also, she became aware that remaining in an unhappy marriage meant she wasn’t being the parent she wanted to be: following her heart would cause heartbreak to her family now, but it had a noble pur...
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Fashion’s own ‘black widow’: the true story of the house of Gucci murder

As film starring Lady Gaga enters cinemas, a former police officer recounts the moment he arrested Patrizia ReggianiEven when she was being escorted to prison, Patrizia Reggiani was determined to go in style, wearing dark sunglasses and a fur coat. “I told her: ‘Look, you’re going to prison and this fur coat is hugely expensive’,” said the former police officer Carmine Gallo. “And so we left the coat with her mother and I lent her my green jacket, which she promised to give back.”Gallo never saw...
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‘I considered having kids with Brad Pitt’: Melissa Etheridge on music, motherhood and coming out

Eighteen months after she lost her son to opioid addiction, the singer-songwriter has released a new album. She talks about her troubled childhood, the happiness she has found with her wife – and her refusal to grieve‘Helloooooh! How are you? I’m good, I’m good.” It takes me about three seconds to warm to Melissa Etheridge. The American singer-songwriter has been through hell in the past few years, but you won’t find her moaning. For someone who has endured so much – Etheridge lost her 21-year-o...
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A moment that changed me: ‘After 102 days in intensive care, I finally came home’

A year after I left hospital, I’m still getting over the Covid that almost killed me. But I’m not going to waste another minute of my lifeI was in a wheelchair when they brought me home at the end of September 2020. I had been in intensive care for 102 days. For the first two months my wife, Plum, had not been allowed to visit, instead receiving daily reports on my condition – recurrent delirium, two heart attacks, stents, kidney dialysis, pneumonia, memory loss and tracheotomy – all brought on ...
Tags: Health, Music, The Beatles, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, NHS, Coronavirus

This is Pleasing: Harry Styles sets out to ‘dispel the myth of a binary existence’

The musician’s newly launched beauty brand is an extension of his trailblazing look With Lady Gaga, Pharell Williams, and Selena Gomez all in on the act, the marker of success in 2021 is not a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it’s the launch of a beauty line. Trust Harry Styles to blow the rest out of the water.Yesterday, the boyband star turned cultural and style juggernaut announced the launch of Pleasing – described as a “life brand”. Styles’s first business venture includes a range of nail polis...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Makeup, Women, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Beauty, Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, Hollywood Boulevard, Lady Gaga Pharell Williams

Broken covers: collector puts world’s worst album art on show

Steve Goldman’s first rule is ‘it has to make me laugh’, and he is sharing the fun with public in HuddersfieldThere’s the album cover with the band as rabbits, or the one with a harmony duo walking out of water dressed only in their underwear and ties, but surely the most baffling is the concert guitarist pictured in dinner jacket and no trousers.Why? “I’ve no idea, sorry,” says Steve Goldman, who owns about 300 records that can lay claim to having some of the world’s worst cover art. Continue r...
Tags: Music, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Exhibitions, Huddersfield, Collecting, Steve Goldman

Dennis Bovell: ‘I’m still angry about the six months I was jailed, wrongfully’

The reggae musician and producer, 68, talks about Bob Marley, Linton Kwesi Johnson, police intimidation, impressing his dad and writing songs in prison to vent his angerMy very first memory is meeting my dad. I was small and because he worked in America, I only knew him from the photo that sat on the mantelpiece. It’s because of my dad that I made every effort to become a musician. He said to me, “You should find a decent job, because if you make music, you’ll never eat a decent meal in a decent...
Tags: Music, America, Life and style, Culture, Reggae, Bob Marley, Dennis Bovell, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Bob Marley Linton Kwesi Johnson

Moby: ‘I have been accidentally celibate for six years’

The musician on his hair (or lack of), Fox News and his great love: a tiny dog named BagelBorn in New York City, Moby, 56, became a global star with his 1999 album, Play; his records have now sold more than 20m copies. His latest, Reprise, is a collection of orchestral recordings of his classic hits; Gregory Porter covers his song Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? on his new album Still Rising. Moby lives in Los Angeles.What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?Being argumentative. Continue re...
Tags: Music, New York City, Los Angeles, Life and style, Culture, Fox News, Gregory Porter, Moby

Aimee Mann: ‘Any woman my age is traumatised by growing up in the 60s and 70s’

As she releases an album inspired by Girl, Interrupted, the US indie icon reveals how a childhood kidnapping and her repressive southern childhood left her with PTSDIn Los Angeles, it’s early and overcast. “It has that six-in-the-morning feel,” says Aimee Mann, eternally droll, from a home office wallpapered in fruity foliage. “So it’s been hard to get going.” Drab weather demands good knitwear, and Mann has paired thick-rimmed round glasses the size of ashtrays with a brown woollen sweater vest...
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‘Oh my god, we can’t do this!’ Inside Levi’s sexy, hit-making ads of the 90s

The musicians and execs share the pitches, punch-ups and phone calls behind the adverts that took Stiltskin, Babylon Zoo and Mr Oizo to No 1 – and flipped music and advertising’s relationship on its headAmid black and white Ansel Adams-style cinematography, two Amish sisters spy on a topless man bathing in a Yosemite river. Suddenly, a peaceful choral soundtrack gave gives way to bone-shaking guitar: Inside, the debut single by Scottish grunge band Stiltskin.Thus began one of the strangest cultu...
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Springsteen and Obama on friendship and fathers: ‘You have to turn your ghosts into ancestors’

Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen discuss their dads, their unlikely friendship, and second careers – as podcast hosts President Barack ObamaGood conversations don’t follow a script. Like a good song, they’re full of surprises, improvisations, detours. They may be grounded in a specific time and place, reflecting your state of mind and the current state of the world. But the best conversations also have a timeless quality, taking you back into the realm of memory, propelling you forward toward ...
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