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Peter Jackson’s Mammoth Beatles Documentary Is A Feast For Fans

There is already a movie about the Beatles making Let It Be. It is called Let It Be. Throughout January 1969, a crew led by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg — who had helmed the Beatles’ music videos for “Paperback Writer,” “Rain,” “Hey Jude,” and “Revolution” among other work at the center of 1960s rock — filmed the Fab Four rehearsing, recording, and ultimately giving their final public performance on the roof of their Apple Corps. headquarters in London. The Let It Be movie famously depicts a ba...
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50 years after the Beatles broke up, these Fab Four books have new stories to tell

In the first half of this year, only two bands sold at least one million album units: the Korean boy band BTS and a British foursome that has had three top ten albums, including a Billboard No. 1, in the last three years … even though they broke up 50 years ago. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles. They remain the one band with endless staying power and an audience insatiable for more, more, more. This year marks a half-century since the band parted ways – yet paperback writers continue cr...
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She loved him: Linda McCartney’s 1960s letters about Paul revealed

In three handwritten notes, the late photographer writes about her budding romance with the BeatleHer marriage to Paul McCartney was one of pop’s great love stories for almost 30 years. Now, previously unpublished letters written by Linda Eastman in the 1960s reveal her excitement about dating the Beatles star and being commissioned to photograph “groovy” bands of the day.In June 1967, weeks after she had begun dating McCartney, Linda photocopied an American gossip column that had a sentence abo...
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Jim Morrison Declares That “Fat is Beautiful” …. And Means It

There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance in a young rock god giving voice to the fat pride movement some four decades after his death. Years before social media amplified celebrity weight gain coverage to the realm of national news, The Doors’ lead singer, Lizard King Jim Morrison, was the subject of intense bodily scrutiny. The musician’s drug of choice—alcohol—swiftly added some extra cushioning to the sexy, shirtless young lion image photographer Joel Brodsky managed to capture in 1967. ...
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The Number Ones: Paul & Linda McCartney’s “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”

In The Number Ones, I'm reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart's beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present. More »
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Behold Moebius’ Many Psychedelic Illustrations of Jimi Hendrix

The 1995 release of posthumous Jimi Hendrix compilation Voodoo Soup has divided fans and critics for over two decades now. But whatever its merits, its cover art should hold an honored place in every Hendrix fan’s collection. Drawn by the legendary cult comic artist Moebius from a photograph of Hendrix eating soup in France , it captures the sound Hendrix was moving toward at the end of his life—his head exploding in flames, or mushroom clouds, or pink psychedelic bronchial tubes. The image com...
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Mary, Peter and Aretha

At The Wall Street Journal, it was a busy writing week. For my "House Call" column, I interviewed photographer Mary McCartney, daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney (go here). Mary talked about her family's secluded stays in western Scotland when she was a child in the 1970s, and she told me the story behind the famous photo of her as a baby inside her father's shearling jacket (above). The famous image was used on the back cover of Paul's first solo album, McCartney, in 1970. For the Life...
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Is Stella McCartney The Queen Of Sustainability?

Recently, the idea of being self-made has been called into question. A sudden peak of interest in the concept, which is rarely used to challenge powerful men, made a conversation with Stella McCartney feel all the more auspicious.After launching her eponymous fashion label in October 2001 under a 50/50 venture with luxury conglomerate Kering, the daughter of Beatles member Paul McCartney saw immediate success with her eco-friendly ready-to-wear, men's, and accessories lines. Despite doubters a...
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Paul McCartney Shows You How to Make Mashed Potatoes (1998)

10 minutes of Macca making mash. That’s what’s on the menu today. The clip above was shot back in December 1998, only eight months after Paul McCartney lost his wife Linda to breast cancer. Devastated by the loss, McCartney stayed out of the limelight for most of that year. And only with this show did he start entering public life again. A chance to remember Linda, an opportunity to experiment with this new thing called the internet, the show let Paul field questions from fans worldwide,...
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BOXSET REVIEW: PAUL MCCARTNEY, “Pure McCartney” (various editions)

  What can you really say that hasn’t already been said about Paul McCartney?  This isn’t some “rock critic” trying to dissect the now 46-year solo career of the greatest (still living) pop musician of all time; this is simply an assessment of a very fine, albeit flawed, comprehensive compilation of the man’s works, picked by him. I plumped for the 4-disc, hardcover book edition of Pure McCartney and it is, indeed, quite a treasure trove that goes from 1970’s McCartney all the way to 2013’s Ne...
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