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Bauer airs Coldplay concert across 13 European radio brands

Bauer has broadcast an exclusive Coldplay concert on 13 of its radio brands around Europe from London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Stations in eight countries took the feed including Absolute Radio and Hits Radio in the UK, plus Today FM in Ireland, with a total potential audience of 40 million. During the gig, the band was joined on stage by Fleur East, after Chris Martin invited the singer and Hits Radio presenter to perform the track ‘Human Heart’ with them. Paul Keenan, President of Bauer Me...
Tags: Europe, Music, UK, London, Industry, Radio, Ireland, Chris Martin, Slovakia, Fleur East, Bush, Bauer, Paul Keenan, Bauer Media Audio, Absolute Radio and Hits Radio

PRS for Music appoints Head of Inclusion and Employee Experience

Colin Campbell-Austin has been appointed as Head of Inclusion and Employee Experience at PRS for Music. Reporting into Chief People and Transformation Officer, Suzanne Hughes, with the support of a newly created Diversity and Inclusion and Culture Coordinator role, Colin will be an advocate for all employees. He will be leading on PRS for Music’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy, as well as employee experience strategy, acting as an ambassador for the organisation’s culture and ...
Tags: Music, UK, London, People, Radio, EDI, Telegraph Media Group, Colin, PRS for Music, People Development, Diversity in Media, Andrea Czapary Martin, Colin Campbell Austin, Suzanne Hughes, VA Consultants, Mentall

Band To Watch: Real Lies

It all started with an A4-sized piece of paper. It was posted in a London shop window, and it advertised a “must-see property”: a detached, five-bedroom house for rent. The house was nestled in between the East and West Reservoirs in Woodberry Down, so the words “has lake” were scrawled on the page in pencil. As soon as Kev Kharas and Tom Watson spotted the ad 12 years ago, everything was about to change.
Tags: Music, London, Tom Watson, Band To Watch, East, Woodberry Down, Real Lies, West Reservoirs, Kev Kharas

Two On-the-Spectrum Vignettes

Ericsson and Pool Peak (2016) Francesca Happé and Pedro Vital, two researchers at King's College London, compared autistic children who develop savantlike abilities with autistic children who did not develop such abilities. They found that the autistic savants are much more likely than the nonsavants to be very detail-oriented and prone to repetitive behaviors. When something captures their attention, they will focus on it to the exclusion of everything else around them, retreating into their o...
Tags: Psychology, London, Autism, Jazz, Practice, Connor, Peak, Ericsson, Donny, Noël, King s College, Bartok, Greig, Francesca Happé, Stefan Kac, Savants

K-boom! How the unstoppable stars of K-pop went gunning for the art world

First came K-cinema, then K-pop and K-TV. Now South Korea’s young stars are conquering the world with K-art. But what do their dark visions say about their nation’s psyche – and ours?Ohnim is having a blue period, just like Picasso. Over Zoom from a gallery in Seoul, the Korean rapper Song Min-ho, better known as Mino to K-pop fans but Ohnim in the art world, shows me a painting he finished the previous evening in collaboration with artist Choi Na-ri. It depicts a blue crouched figure, like a de...
Tags: Art, South Korea, Music, London, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Pop and rock, Sculpture, Korea, Installation, Exhibitions, Seoul, Rodin, Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi

Jim-E Stack – “2nd Round” & “FFBH”

Producer and Bon Iver/Perfume Genius/Empress Of collaborator Jim-E Stack is releasing a surprise EP today. The new Promotional Only is available only as a free CD from pop-up vending machines in New York and London this week. Listen to two shapeshifting instrumental tracks from the EP, the warm and clangorously rhythmic “2nd Round” and “FFBH,” below.
Tags: Music, New York, London, New Music, Jim-E Stack

Watch Rick Astley & Blossoms Cover Smiths Songs In Manchester

Last month, Rick Astley announced that he planned to team up with indie-pop outfit Blossoms for two Smiths cover shows. Well, Astley and his backing band have officially made good on the first show, playing a round of Smiths songs at Albert Hall in the beloved post-punk band’s own hometown of Manchester. (Bold!) If you don’t live anywhere near Manchester (or tomorrow night’s location, London), worry not: there’s plenty of fan-shot footage of Astley and Blossoms performing “What Difference Does I...
Tags: Music, London, News, Manchester, The Smiths, Smiths, Johnny Marr, Blossoms, Albert Hall, Rick Astley, Astley

Stream London Punk Band Game’s Frantic, Feverish New EP Legerdemain

On the same day that the Chisel and Big Cheese both put out new music, we’ve now got another ripper from another UK punk band. Game — the London punks, not the former G-Unit member — released their debut album No One Wins in 2019. The band features Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco, a man who’s currently producing a lot of the best UK punk and hardcore — as well as former members of UK bands like Arms Race and Violent Reaction. But the real draw in Game is singer Ola Herbich, who bellows most of her...
Tags: Music, UK, London, Game, New Music, Jonah Falco, Ola Herbich, Stream London Punk Band Game

The Chisel – “Retaliation”

Last year, the great UK punk band the Chisel got together in London. Since then, they’ve cranked out three EPs of simplistic shit-stomping leftist anthems that draw on street-punk, oi, and old-school hardcore: Deconstructive Surgery last year, Come See Me / Not The Only One and Enough Said this year. If you’ve heard those records, you already know what time it is.
Tags: Music, UK, London, New Music, Chris Ogden, The Chisel

The Harder They Fall review – Idris Elba rides into trouble in garishly violent western

Jeymes Samuel’s gonzo revenge western, with a cast including Elba, Regina King, and Zazie Beetz is enjoyable, if face-splatteringly brutalThe London film festival saddles up for a gonzo revenge western which aims to reclaim the often erased African American side of this genre and history. It stars Regina King, Idris Elba and LaKeith Stanfield, and is created by the impressive hyphenate Jeymes Samuel, also known as singer-songwriter and film-maker The Bullitts, who also co-produces along with Tar...
Tags: Music, London, Film, Culture, Festivals, Idris Elba, Westerns, London film festival, Tarantino, Regina King, Mario Van Peebles, Zazie Beetz, LAKEITH STANFIELD, Jeymes Samuel, London film festival 2021, Elba Regina King

My frame is true: new wave posters – in pictures

Andrew Krivine began collecting music industry flyers and posters in 1977 on his annual trip from the US to see family in London. “I’d go on expeditions to Camden Market, Rough Trade, Stiff Records and even brazenly walk into the headquarters of Virgin Records,” he recalls. By the time he’d finished college in the early 80s (spending a year in the UK as well as studying in Chicago), he’d amassed around 5,500 items of memorabilia for punk and new wave LPs, gigs and clubs. The finest of these have...
Tags: Books, Music, UK, Design, London, US, Chicago, Culture, Art and design, Graphic Design, Posters, Virgin Records, Andrew Krivine, Camden Market Rough Trade Stiff Records, Krivine

Palace – “Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)”

Not to be confused with the early Will Oldham projects that used permutations of the same name, the Palace we’re here to discuss today — the Palace that’s a going concern — is a band out of London making expansive, emotive alt-rock. At the center of their sound is Leo Wyndham’s falsetto, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Jeff Buckley, though I also hear traces of My Morning Jacket and DIIV and alt-J in their sound. As if telegraphing the Buckley influence, Palace’s new song out toda...
Tags: Music, London, Palace, Jeff Buckley, New Music, Don, Buckley, Theo Watkins, Leo Wyndham

Leonard Cohen goes to the doctor: Ian Cook’s best photograph

‘He said he had to see a throat specialist then added: “Do you want to come along?” Later, we drove to a party with me sitting on his lap in a limo’In 1979 Leonard Cohen was in London for a few days on a European tour and I had been assigned to photograph him by the US magazine People. I arrived at the Dorchester Hotel and was shown up to his room. He announced that he had picked up some sort of larynx infection on the plane and that he might not be able to perform. He said that he had an immine...
Tags: Photography, Music, London, US, Harley Street, Culture, Art and design, Dorchester Hotel, Leonard Cohen, Ian Cook

Ich erfuhr in einem viralen TikTok-Video vom Seitensprung meines Freundes

Okay, stell dir das vor: Es ist 8 Uhr an einem Samstagmorgen. Du bist schon wach, weil heute deine letzte Brautkleid-Anprobe ist. Unten im Haus versammelt sich deine Familie, um über das Hochzeitsfrühstück zu diskutieren. Du entsperrst dein Handy, um dich wie an jedem Morgen erstmal durch TikTok zu scrollen. Im ersten Video, das auf dem Bildschirm auftaucht, lächelt eine junge Frau in die Kamera. Auf ihrem Gesicht steht ein Text: „Wenn du am 27. August in London einen Bauarbeiter namens Adam hei...
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It’s Just Too Much Trouble For EU Groups To Hire British Musicians Post-Brexit, Warns Simon Rattle

“People who are normally hired by organisations abroad are being told, ‘I’m sorry, we just don’t have the capacity to bring somebody from the United Kingdom, it is too complicated and too expensive.” – London Evening Standard
Tags: Art, Music, London, United Kingdom

Fauness – “It Gets Better”

Fauness, the idiosyncratic London pop artist whom we named one of the best new bands of 2019, is releasing her new Maiden No More EP in a couple of weeks. Every song on the EP, which was named after the second section of Tess Of The D’Urbervilles, was co-produced by recent Olivia Rodrigo and Injury Reserve collaborator Jam City. Today, following lead single “Dragonfly,” she’s sharing the EP’s closing track “It Gets Better.”
Tags: Music, London, New Music, Fauness, Olivia Rodrigo and Injury Reserve, Jam City Today

Indie pop star Connie Constance: ‘People play with your career as if it’s not your entire life’

She was on a major label, hanging out with Dua Lipa – but being sidelined behind the scenes. Now independent and thriving, the UK musician has a cautionary tale for women in the music industryThe pandemic temporarily spelled game over for emerging pop stars: who could compete for headlines and livestreams with the likes of Dua Lipa? For Connie Constance, it stalled a career she had only just jump-started. A few months earlier, the Watford-born songwriter broke ties with AMF, then an imprint of V...
Tags: Music, UK, London, US, Los Angeles, Music Industry, Culture, Pop and rock, Indie, Watford, Sims, AMF, Dua Lipa, Connie Constance, Constance Power, George Floyd Marcus Rashford

Stringer’s Belle: Sabrina Elba Stuns Alongside Hubby Idris At British Vogue x Tiffany & Co.’s Fashion & Film Dinner In London

Idris and Sabrina Elba turns heads at British Vogue x Tiffany & Co.’s Fashion & Film dinner at the Londoner Hotel in London, England
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Girlhood – “4AM”

The London pop duo Girlhood’s self-titled debut was one of 2020’s low-key pop pleasures. Today, almost a year after the album’s release, Tessa Cavanna and Christian Pinchbeck are back with a new one-off track called “4AM” that sees them once again artfully merging ’90s soul and R&B with the concurrent beat-driven electronica sounds of that moment. Despite the aggressive tone of the big beat movement, the rhythm here is typically understated and gliding. I imagine Jorja Smith’s records might have...
Tags: Music, London, New Music, Jorja Smith, Girlhood, Tessa Cavanna, Christian Pinchbeck

Betrunkene Instagram-Posts sind das neue „Drunk Texting“

Es ist der Neujahrstag 2020. Irgendwo im englischen Leeds reibt sich die 22-jährige Tahmina* müde den Schlaf aus den Augen, löst mit etwas Mühe ihre Zunge vom Gaumen und ext ein Glas Leitungswasser. Wie der Rest der Welt ist Tahmina an diesem Morgen ziemlich verkatert. Kleine Erinnerungsschnipsel vom Vorabend huschen ihr durchs Gehirn: vom Vorglühen zu Hause, von der Bar, vom Rave, schließlich vom Schwulenclub. Dann dreht sich ihr Magen um, als irgendwann mehr Erinnerungen zurückkehren.  E...
Tags: Fashion, Music, London, Social Media, Leeds, Welt, Seite, Auch, Namen, Rolle, Aber, Wasser, Hilfe, Freund, Holden Caulfield, Beispiel

Stream Koma’s Exhilarating Noise-Shredded Hardcore Debut Internment Failure

Koma are a band out of London and Leeds playing a strain of aggressively noisy hardcore that sounds like an army of robots murdering each other with chainsaws and lasers while an endless barrage of bombs drop from the sky. Their debut album Internment Failure, out now on La Vida Es En Mus, comprises 12 tracks of relentless sonic violence — the kind of punk that hits like black metal, perpetually frantic and static-laden, with vocals that split the difference between war cries and righteously inf...
Tags: Music, London, Leeds, New Music, Koma, La Vida Es En Mus

Tearful Testimony: London On Da Track’s Mother Testifies About Time As R. Kelly’s Assistant

Cheryl Mack, mother of producer London On Da Track, took the stand in R. Kelly's trial about the abuse she experienced and witnessed while working as his assistant.
Tags: London, Crime, News, Entertainment, Jazz, Celebrity News, R Kelly, Kelly, SMH, For Your Information, For Discussion, What The Hell, London On Da Track, R Kelly and Lawsuits, Cheryl Mack, Da Track

Ed Sheeran announces stadium tour for 2022

Singer-songwriter will play 12 UK dates, including three at Wembley Stadium, plus 15 more across EuropeFollowing his ÷ tour, which ran from 2017 to 2019 and became the highest-grossing tour of all time, Ed Sheeran is returning to the live stage in a series of stadium shows for 2022.Beginning 12 May in Belfast, he will play 12 concerts in the UK, travelling to Cardiff, Sunderland, Manchester and Glasgow, and ending with three nights at Wembley Stadium in London. Fifteen further dates straddle 11 ...
Tags: Europe, Music, UK, London, UK News, Culture, Pop and rock, Ed Sheeran, Wembley Stadium, Glasgow, Belfast, Europe Continue, Cardiff Sunderland Manchester

IKEA veranstaltet ein Festival und das müsst Ihr darüber wissen

Die Wichtigkeit unseres Zuhauses ist für die meisten von uns nie größer  gewesen als in den letzten anderthalb Jahren. Und auch jetzt wo uns die  gemütlichen Herbstabende bevorstehen lässt unser Enthusiasmus für  unsere eigenen vier Wände nicht nach. Glücklicherweise feiert der  schwedische Einrichtungs-Held IKEA am 16. September die schönsten  Seiten des Lebens daheim und ihr könnt das Ganze aus der  Geborgenheit eurer Couch (oder eures Bettes) genießen. Ab 20:00 Uhr (CET) gewährt euch das o...
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"The pay was 9 pounds — about $17. With two young children to feed, she showed up at 8:30 p.m. to tune her harp and was handed a piece of sheet music."

Only later did she learn that the notes she played were to be the intro on 'She’s Leaving Home' by the Beatles.... Mrs. Bromberg’s harp intro and rhythm, backed by a full string section, set the poignant tone of the track before Paul McCartney (who recorded separately) began the lyric 'Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock as the day begins.'...  She played harp on two early James Bond films starring Sean Connery — 'Dr. No' (1962) and 'Goldfinger' (1964)... She also performed the solo intro to the 1976...
Tags: Music, London, Law, The Beatles, Ukraine, Bbc, United States, Bob Dylan, Paul Mccartney, James Bond, Shirley Bassey, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Sean Connery, Kiev, Dylan

"Michelle Obama said that it was 'the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen,' an observation that put Michelangelo, Mozart and Miles Davis in their place."

"There have been a few detractors but most have been confined to isolated pockets of social media, like guerrilla fighters facing overwhelming odds. What is it that generates so much excitement?... [W]hatever [Hamilton]’s true merits, it has at least bridged the ever-growing gap between Broadway and popular song. Think of it, if you like, as Les Mis for the beatbox generation. Just as the Boublil and Schönberg celebration of life on the Parisian barricades goes overboard with the bombast, so Mir...
Tags: Music, England, London, Law, Wikipedia, Rap, Bob Dylan, Stephen Sondheim, Broadway, Davis, Michelle Obama, Miles Davis, Theater, Bob, Miranda, Frank Sinatra

Arlo Parks Wins 2021 Mercury Prize

Arlo Parks has been announced as the winner of the 2021 Mercury Prize, awarded annually to one outstanding album from the UK or Ireland. The London singer-songwriter won for her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, which came out in January, and she performed its track “Too Good” during the award ceremony.
Tags: Music, UK, London, News, Ireland, Mercury Prize, Arlo Parks

Watch Little Simz Cover Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U”

We named Little Simz’s new album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert our Album Of The Week last week. And today, London rapper stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform a jazzy cover of Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U,” accompanied by a full live band and a crew of backup singers. Watch below.
Tags: Music, London, News, Robin Thicke, Little Simz, BBC Radio

Voka Gentle – “Respect My Eccentricity, Pt. 2”

We haven’t checked in on London trio Voka Gentle since they were known as Wovoka Gentle, but things are in motion for the group. Next month they’ll release an album called WRITHING!, the follow-up to their 2019 debut Start Clanging Cymbals. Its latest single, “Respect My Eccentricity, Pt. 2,” is out today along with a performance video recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios near Bath. The twilit, guitar-driven indie rock track evokes Yo La Tengo or the Clientele, with some gritty guitar ...
Tags: Music, London, Yo La Tengo, New Music, Peter Gabriel, Real World Studios, Voka Gentle

Rotten Baby Daddies: London On Da Track’s Baby Mama Claims She Publicly Bashed Summer Walker Because He ‘Promised To Pay Her’

London on Da Track is being called a liar by one of his baby mamas just a week after she claimed he was a stand up guy. Last week the mother of one of his kids, who goes Ebonii Ivorii on Instagram, called his pther baby mama Summer Walker out for putting his text messages on blast. In the alleged texts, Summer claimed London was upset because she has a new boyfriend and was talking shady behind her back.
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