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Key Tips For Getting Started On Your Artist Website

As you start to develop as an artist and achieve more success, it's a good idea to start thinking about your professional image. Once of the best ways to cultivate a good public face is through a website. Here we look at just how to go about that process. _________________________________ Guest post from Picket Media. This article first appeared on the TuneCore blog. Are you growing as a artist? It is a good time to cultivate a better professional image, and a well-designed website c...
Tags: D.I.Y, Marketing, Music Business, Guest Post

Spotify Songwriter Town Hall Charm Offensive: Go Ahead, Make My Day [Op-Ed]

In an effort to combat some of the negative press it's been receiving over its efforts to keep down songwriter royalty rates, Spotify is planning to hold a series of "town halls" where songwriters can air their concerns, a tactic the streaming company tried in 2014, with less than ideal results. ________________________ Op-ed by Chris Castle of Music Tech Solutions If you’ve heard about the high turnover at Spotify, here’s the latest confirmation:  Someone at Spotify evidently thinks...
Tags: Spotify, Music, New York, Texas, Marketing, US, Los Angeles, Guest Post, Streaming, Nashville, Music Business, Soho House, Blake Morgan, Chris Castle, Publishing & Songwriting, Copyright Royalty Board First

6 Event Marketing Tips From The Facebook Live Team

As with everything else that takes place live, Facebook Live moments can be an unpredictable beast, and using the tool successfully means being prepared for mishaps and pitfalls. Here we look at six essential tips from the from the Facebook Live team. _______________________________ Guest post by Ronnie Higgins of Eventbrite You’re backstage before the show when you see your headlining band horsing around. “This is a Facebook Live moment,” you think. You whip out your iPhone, queue u...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Diy, Marketing, Social Media, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, New Orleans, Facebook Live, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician, Mardi Gras, Facebook Page

The Value Consistant Branding In Music

As an artist, cultivating and communicating and image to your fans is important for success, but just as important to that success is consistently maintaining said image, so that consumers know who you are and what it is that you create. ______________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix Your music is your business. You might not rely on music to pay your bills, but I am willing to wager that a part of you hopes will one day provide for your needs. The fact yo...
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Social Media, Guest Post, Musicians, Branding, Music Business, Musician, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians, James Shotwell

The Art Of Spending Your Music Money (Part 2)

In part two of this five part series on how to effectively allocate money in the correct places in order to benefit your music career, we look at a visual framework for self-investment, and how artists can use it as a series of checks and balances when developing their business. ______________________________ Guest post from AWAL This is the second (for PT 1) of a five-part Decoded series in which we break down (1) a mental framework to help spend money in the right places and (2) ...
Tags: Music, Wikipedia, Marketing, Netflix, Guest Post, Kanye, Music Business, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, AWAL Weekly

A Formula For Viral Music Marketing [Jack Udell]

For anyone marketing in a social space, a viral hit is the holy grail, but coming up with a teachable formula which accurately quantifies and maximizes the possibility for viral success is no easy task. ___________________________ Guest post by music manager Jake Udell of Art of Manager How do you teach, quantify, and maximize the possibility for virality?  Here’s the best I’ve come up with… Degree of Virality  = The unique way(s) a artist, story, or activation is...
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Social Media, Music Industry, Guest Post, Viral, Indie, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, Miles Evert, D.I.Y, Music Marketing, Jake Udell, Diy Musicians

Guide To Selling Merch, Music At Shows Without Being ‘Sales-y’

Being a talented musician doesn't necessarily mean that you're also an amazing salesperson, and a lot of artists struggle with how to effectively sell their merchandise without the slimey sales-y feeling that comes from pushing merch on fans. ______________________________ Guest post by Bree Noble of Soundfly's Flypaper When it comes to selling merch and music at live shows, it’s not uncommon for musicians to feel uncomfortable and out of their element. This unsettling feeling usual...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Guest Post, Musicians, Merch, Merchandise, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician, Soundfly, Bree, D.I.Y, Bree Noble, Bree Noble of Soundfly, Women of Substance Radio

CD Baby Adds Low Cost Audio, Banner Ad Placement For Indie Musicians, Labels

CD Baby's marketing platform for independent musicians and labels has added the ability to purchase and run audio ad campaigns on Spotify, iHeart and other music platforms targeting a specific city or region with customized 30-second ads. Users can also target potential fans using banner ads on selected sites, including Rolling Stone, CMT and many niche blogs, sorted by genre with campaigns starting at $50 for audio ads and $20 for banner ads. CD Baby artists get free access to S...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Indie, Musicians, Streaming, Music Business, Cd Baby, Indie Labels, Musician, Bruce Houghton, Kevin Breuner, D.I.Y, iHeart

Kizuna Ai Raps About Cheese Okaki

Worshiped virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai has demonstrated her prowess in rapping by way of a new video celebrating the 35th anniversary of snack company Bourbon’s cheese Okaki, with her legion of fans greatly appreciating the cuteness just as the fictional girl likely appreciates the additional cash from Bourbon. Kizuna Ai’s rap song “Say Cheese Okaki”: […]
Tags: Food, Music, Japan, Marketing, Anniversaries, Anime, YouTuber Kizuna Ai, Kizuna Ai, Virtual YouTubers, Kizuna Ai Raps About Cheese Okaki, Okaki, Bourbon Kizuna Ai

9 Steps To A Successful #SXSW [Ariel Hyatt]

"I launched my company at SXSW in 1996 with a dream to be a publicist and a stack of orange business cards that I had stayed up all night perfecting at Kinkos the night before I arrived in Austin," writes Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR.  "I remember seeing Joan Osborne and I also remember taking it very seriously because after all, it is a music conference. Amazing to think how much it has grown." TIP:  Remember to treat SXSW like a music conference and not a party.  It can be pretty over...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Linkedin, Austin, Conferences, Sxsw, Music Business, Conventions & Awards, Facebook Instagram, Ariel Hyatt, Fomo, Austin SXSW, Joan Osborne, South By Southwest, Kinkos, Music Conferences

5 Tricks For Writing YouTube Descriptions To Improve Your Video Rank

Frequently neglected, YouTube's description boxes can often be an extremely valuable tool for video marketing and, with a little clever composition, can rocket your video to the top of people's searches. Here we break down how to make it happen. ____________________________ Guest post by Chloe Bennet for TuneCore YouTube video description boxes are an often-forgotten element of video marketing, but they can be very valuable. They’re like the third-string quarterback who rides the ben...
Tags: Google, Music, Youtube, Marketing, Guest Post, Music Business, LSI, Chloe Bennet, D.I.Y, YouTube & Video, Essayroo, Boomessays, TuneCore YouTube, Alvin Jung, Catherine Maurice

5 Tricks For Writing YoutTube Descriptions To Improve Your Video Rank

Frequently neglected, YouTube's description boxes can often be an extremely valuable tool for video marketing and, with a little clever composition, can rocket your video to the top of people's searches. Here we break down how to make it happen. ____________________________ Guest post by Chloe Bennet for TuneCore YouTube video description boxes are an often-forgotten element of video marketing, but they can be very valuable. They’re like the third-string quarterback who rides the ben...
Tags: Google, Music, Youtube, Marketing, Guest Post, Music Business, LSI, Chloe Bennet, D.I.Y, YouTube & Video, Essayroo, Boomessays, TuneCore YouTube, Alvin Jung, Catherine Maurice

Yes Theory & Seeking Discomfort: What's Your Jump?

Here Jake Udell explores the marketing/self improvement phenomenon of Yes Theory, a group of content creators focused on showing celebrities and others working to live their fullest life by stepping out of their comfort zone. _____________________________ Guest post by music manager Jake Udell from his blog, Art of Manager   The best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone. This is the motto of Yes Theory. You may have heard of them… Or maybe not....
Tags: Google, Music, La, Marketing, Guest Post, Justin Bieber, Musicians, Will Smith, Will, Music Business, Bieber, D.I.Y, Jake Udell, YouTube & Video, Yes Theory, Music Manager

7 Email Marketing Tips For Artists To Reach Out, Connect With Their Fans

While a marketing channel that many may consider to be relegated to the corporate world, email can do wonders for bands and artists when it comes to connecting with and growing their fan community, but only if done correctly! _______________________________ In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, Nora Mark outlines seven essential marketing tips for artists when crafting emails to connect with in and draw in their fans. "Before you even think about typing a letter, it’s important to...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Email Marketing, Owen Davie, D.I.Y, MusicThinkTank Nora Mark

Building Your Dream Team: Music Publicist

In this edition of Building Your Dream Team, AWAL breaks down the who, what, when, where, and why of music publicists, and how they can help tell an artist's story within a broader cultural landscape. ___________________________ Guest post from AWAL Building Your Dream Team breaks down the fundamentals of an artist's operation through the 5Ws lens: Who, What, When, Where, Why.   It’s not easy to write your story the right way. Enter music publicists, battle-tested word warriors wi...
Tags: Music, Marketing, US, Eu, Guest Post, Music Business, Fader, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Lauren Aquilina

Over A Third Of Americans Now Own Smart Speakers, So What Does That Mean For Artists?

As an increasing number of Americans (now over 36%) acquire smart speakers, changing what the future of audio consumption looks like, some artists may be forced to rethink not just their promotional strategy, but their entire brand identity. _____________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix More than 1/3 of American consumers have smart speakers in their homes. The future of audio consumption is here, but artists may face unforeseen problems in the coming years....
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, Music, Marketing, Bob Dylan, Guest Post, Alexa, Music Business, Music Tech, Adobe Analytics, James Shotwell, Adobe Analytics Voice Report

Fortnite Hosts Weezer-Themed Island

Marshmello isn't the only artist to capitalize on the popularity of Epic Games' Fortnite. Now Weezer has pulled their own digital promo stunt with the launch of their own band themed island in the popular game to accompany Weezer's new album release. ___________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix With their second album of 2019 arriving March 1, Weezer has become the latest musical act to join forces with Fortnite, the world’s most popular game. Brand collab...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Disney, NFL, Guest Post, Musicians, Music Business, Music Tech, Apps & Mobile, Weezer, Musician, Marshmello, Black Album, Fortnite, Fornite, James Shotwell

Put Your Best Tweet Forward: 2019 Edition

Twitter can be a loud and crowded section of the internet, so getting a handle on how to be heard (sometimes literally as a musician) above the din is key to marketing success on the social media platform in 2019. Here we look at the best practices, tips, and tricks for how to make it happen. _____________________________ Guest post by Victoria Morris, Interactive Marketing at The Orchard. This article originally appeared on The Daily Rind. There can be a lot of noise on Twitter, whi...
Tags: Twitter, Music, Diy, Marketing, Social Media, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, The Orchard, Music Business, Musician, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians, American Twitter, Victoria Morris Interactive Marketing

11 Proven Band Merch Ideas To Create Excitement, Sales, Fan Loyalty

Although physical sales of music may have dwindled over the past few years, merchandise remains an exciting and lucrative aspect of the music industry, generating billions of dollars every year. Here we look at eleven true and tested types of merch that get fans excited, while providing artists with a nice bump in revenue. _______________________________ Guest post by Imri Merritt of Rush Order Tees Band merchandise, or “merch” for short, is a huge market. While physical copies of mu...
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How To Pull Off A Great Looking Music Video On A Budget

Producing a music video for free simply isn't going to happen, but creating a great looking, quality product while actually sticking to budget and not leaving your band destitute is significantly more achievable. Here we look at how. ____________________________ Guest post by Gideon Waxman of Soundfly's Flypaper Making a great music video will cost you money. There’s no two ways about it. But it is possible for you to obtain a memorable, high-quality music video whilst sticking to a ...
Tags: Facebook, Video, Music, Diy, Youtube, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Music Business, Indie Labels, Musician, D.I.Y, YouTube & Video, Diy Musicians

Proven Ideas To Sell More Music Merchandise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Merchandise sales is one of the top income streams for most musicians, when its done well.  The folks at RushOrderTees often remind their clients that great merch accomplishes many things. For the band, it generates revenue and serves as promotional material. For fans, it provides a piece of memorabilia they can get excited about and show off. via RushOrderTees   [Author: Bruce Houghton]
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Indie, Musicians, Merch, Merchandise, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician, Bruce Houghton, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians

Why Word-Of-Mouth Is Key To Live Music, How To Earn It

Despite all the changes the world of music marketing has undergone (technologically and otherwise) word-of-mouth remains the most effective method of selling tickets. So how do you, as an artist, harness the power of such an elusive form of marketing?   ______________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua of Eventbrite It’s no secret: In the music business, word-of-mouth marketing is worth its weight in gold. Put simply: In music, “a personal recommendation is still the only on...
Tags: Google, Music, Marketing, San Francisco, Guest Post, Live Music, Newton, Eventbrite, Music Business, Live & Touring, Concerts, D.I.Y, Eventbrite Facebook, Chris Zaldua, Jess Bryndza

Pandora Stories let you tell your own tale through playlists

Pandora have introduced Stories, a way for creators to share playlists that are glued together with the narrative feel of a podcast. Pandora Stories is a valuable new tool that the music streaming service have added to their suite of marketing tools for creators. Designed as a new way for creators to connect with their fans, Stories re-invent the possibilities of custom playlists. With Pandora Stories you can create a playlist of music, or comedy tracks, and connect with voice tracks th...
Tags: Music, Tools, Podcasts, Marketing, Pandora, Creators, Stories, Streaming, AMP, Playlists, Music Stores, Tool, Chris Philips, Pandora Stories, Jeff Zuchowski

8 Must-Have Pages For Your Music Website

Whether you're an artist, venue, or gear seller, one of the most critical decisions you'll make when building your website is how the content is organized. Clear, concise menu options, and simple menu navigation make all the difference when it comes to appealing to users. _____________________________ In this recent post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Dave Cool lays out the eight essential pages every music website simply must have in order to be functional and successful. "4) Show...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Social Media, Music Business, Music Think Tank, Owen Davie, MusicThinkTank, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Dave Cool

Gaming Facebook Algorithm To Create More Cost Effective Ads: A Musician's Guide

Once you've spilled the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to create your band's quality content, you're going to want to share it on all the social media platforms. When it comes to Facebook, however, it's unlikely your followers will actually see your post, unless you take some time to game the system. _______________________ Guest post by Keturah Brown of So you’ve just gone and created something super cool and worthy of being shared with your adoring fans. You’d love to share it...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Marketing, Social Media, Guest Post, Memphis, Music Business, Berklee College of Music, D.I.Y, Headliners Club, Keturah Brown, Soundfly Keturah Brown, Yvette Noel Shure Beyoncé Prince, Brian Messenger Radiohead

Instagram Story Ideas For Fan Engagement

With the release of its story' feature, Instagram opened the floodgates on a strong new resource for artists to promote their work. Here we look at some helpful story ideas for helping artists to engage and reel in their fans on IG. ___________________________ Guest post by Randi Zimmerman from the Symphonic Blog Instagram introduced it’s ‘stories’ feature a couple years ago, and everyone has been obsessed ever since. With this feature, you are no longer confined to a single post. Yo...
Tags: Post, Music, Diy, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Guest Post, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, Instagram Stories, D.I.Y, Music Marketing, Diy Musicians, Randi Zimmerman

Growing Your Music Industry Network In 15 Minutes A Day

While most artists would rather spend time honing their craft than rubbing shoulders with industry peers, socializing and networking is key to moving up in the industry. Luckily, there is a strategy for building your network that only requires investing fifteen minutes a day. ___________________________ Guest post by Suzanne Paulinksi of TuneCore Let me guess – you’re working on new music, but you keep hearing about the importance of having an engaged, growing fanbase and solid conn...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Guest Post, Facebook Groups, Music Business, Gary Vee, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Suzanne Paulinksi

Viral YouTube Formats: Creating Original Content That Works

For artists, creating original, successful content can be a challenge, but like so many things, systems and guides have been developed which can provide bands and artists with the structure for creating content that is either wholly new, or remixes preexisting elements in a new, unique way. ______________________________ Guest post by Jake Udell of Art Of Manager Earlier today, I found this article about the taxonomy of YouTube videos via Music Ally – It’s an outline for “how you ...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Guest Post, Vogue, Kendall Jenner, Music Business, Matt, Bill Burr, D.I.Y, Jake Udell, Matt Gielen, Publishing & Songwriting, YouTube & Video

If You Aren’t Posting Your Pre-Order Link, You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy

Posting everyday to promote a new release is fine. But if you aren’t posting a pre-order link, then you are making your fans jump through unnecessary hoops. Listen and learn from music marketing experts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on this week's Music Biz Weekly podcast. . [Author: Bruce Houghton]
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Indie, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, Bruce Houghton, D.I.Y, Michael Brandvold, Jay Gilbert, Music Biz Weekly Podcast, Podcast: Music Biz, Diy Musicians

What Musicians Should Ask Themselves Before Hiring A Publicist

Sure every wants to be successful, but the route to success tends to vary wildly across the industry, and while the help of a publicist can do wonders for advancing the career of some artists, hiring one before you're ready, or when it's simply not right fit, can be a huge setback. _______________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix Publicists can do a lot for your career, but only if you’re ready to work with them. Every artist wants to find success in t...
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Pr, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Rolling Stone, Music Business, Musician, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Diy Musicians, James Shotwell, Haulix

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