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If You Don’t Understand Video Monetization You Need Help With Your Digital Strategy

You need help with your digital strategy if you don’t understand video monetization. That's what Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert explore on the Music Biz Weekly podcast this week. Learn how to monetize your videos on Youtube and who is eligible. More on past Music Biz Weekly podcasts here. [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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How To Geo-Target Your Mailchimp Emails Automatically

Email lists are an essential marketing resource for artists but keeping them in tip top organizational shape can be next to impossible. That said, segmenting your email list based on geolocation is still something you can make happen, and doing so can do wonders for your open rates. ____________________________ Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician You can still send regionally targeted emails, even if you didn’t collect your fans’ city, state, or zip code information. If ...
Tags: Music, Diy, Email, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Mailchimp, Music Business, Musician, Chris Robley, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians

Austin’s Media Tech Incubator Readies for First Group of Startups

Austin—An incubator for startups that are developing a media product is in its final week of accepting applications.Called Collective, the incubator is focused on startups that are working on innovating the media space, which includes augmented and virtual reality, publishing, news, public relations, video games, music, sound, film, marketing, advertising, radio, and podcasting, the group says. The incubator is a part of the Austin Community Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropy organization, an...
Tags: Startups, Accelerator, Publishing, Music, Texas, News, Media, Video Games, Film, Incubators, Advertising, Marketing, Trends, Social Media, Startup, Public Relations

Fans Want To Understand An Artist's Creative Process

What we consume as the final product of an artist's creative effort typically fails to communicate the process and often struggle that goes into it. Here we explore the value of sharing the creative process, and how it helps fans gain greater understanding of not just the music, but the artist behind it. ______________________________ Guest post from Haulix Daily Recently, I came above the image at the top of this post online. The description read, “No one ever sees the process.”...
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Google Doodle, Bluegrass Style

Today’s Google Doodle honors legendary banjo player and stylist Earl Scruggs. Here’s a short essay I posted when Earl Scruggs died. It contains a re-post of an earlier post (15 years ago) about the chance my son had to meet and chat with Scruggs. (My son was 14 at the time — and a fiddle and mandolin player.) I appreciate Google recalling this great artist.   Related posts: Remembering Earl Scruggs My once-a-year bluegrass post: Steve Martin’s Rare Bird Alert Legend sighting
Tags: Google, Music, Marketing, Steve Martin, Bluegrass, Tribute, Google Doodle, Scruggs, Earl Scruggs

YouTube To Disable Automatic Posting To Twitter, Google+

YouTube is disabling the ability to automatically repost activity (uploads, liked videos, etc.) on Twitter and Google+ as of January 31st. "We’ve found that sharing these actions with a custom message (instead of through automatically generated posts) provides a better experience for the sharer and their followers on other social networks," YouTube said in an email to creators. You can continue to easily share videos to your social network: On the watch page on any device: click Sh...
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Instagram Enables Reposts To Multiple Accounts

Instagram has added the ability to publish posts to multiple accounts that you control at the same time. This limited regram feature is a small concession to the artists, influencers and marketers that have been pushing the social network to enable native reposting of content. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that this new feature is rolling out to  all iOS users: “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple account...
Tags: Music, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, Bruce Houghton, D.I.Y, Regram

How To Sell Out A Show [Kosha Dillz]

Indie rapper Kosha Dillz does it all pretty much himself. There's no agent, no label and only occasional help with marketing. Despite those obstacles he's carved out a touring career thanks to his impressive hustle and some tips he shares here. _____________________________________ Guest post by Kosha Dillz To be honest I have only sold out one show in my life as a headliner. It was in a seattle and I got to say some people wanted to play with me so bad after meeting me at wa...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Usa, New York, Marketing, Social Media, Rap, Hip Hop, Paris, Musicians, St Louis, Sxsw, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician, Bruce Houghton

Email Service Providers For Musicians: An Overview

Given the value of email marketing for artists, being able to send mass emails to more than 100 of your fans at a time is essential. For such tasks, we enlist the help of Email Service Providers. Here we look at some of the most popular ESPs and what they can do for your marketing operation. __________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 When I wanted to send my first email newsletters to a list of only about 1200 (which seemed large at the time but is really ti...
Tags: Music, Diy, Email, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, Bobby Owsinski, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians

So You’re Considering Advertising On Spotify?

With such a vast free user base, advertising on Spotify can be tempting prospect for bands and artists looking to promote their music. In this piece we look at the different types of Spotify ads available, and how to go about successfully launching one on the platform. __________________ Guest post by Jordyn Reese, Global On-Platform Advertising Manager of The Orchard fromThe Daily Rind Spotify is based on a "freemium" model — where all users can have free, unlimited access sup...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Streaming, Music Business, Musician, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians, Jordyn Reese, Daily Rind Spotify

Pop Prodigy Greyson Chance Talks Gaga, Buzzwords And Cheap Wines

In this piece from AWAL's #nofilter Q&A series, viral sensation Greyson Chance discusses how he was able to spin his fifteen minutes of fame from a sensational Lady Gaga cover into a successful career in the music industry. _______________________________ Guest post from AWAL Welcome to #nofilter, a recurring Q&A series that gives standout artists room to breathe. It’s not easy flipping 15 minutes of fame into legions of fans that give a f*ck. Eight years ago, on the back of a jaw...
Tags: Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Ellen, Music Business, Indie Labels, Musician, Greyson Chance, Greyson, Awal, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting

Soundcloud Artist Services Team Offers 5 Tips To Jump-Start Your Music Career In 2019

Soundcloud sees the most new music uploads during this January. So since it's the time for creators to refocus on growing and building their careers, Soundcloud's artist and label services team it offering its top 5 tips to“break through the noise" and kick-start a music career in 2019.   1. Get Inspired, Get Motivated Getting out of a creative slump and back on track can feel more difficult than it is. We’ve heard from creators that motivation is one of the biggest barriers to con...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Social Media, Musicians, Streaming, Soundcloud, Music Business, Musician, Bruce Houghton, D.I.Y, Soundcloud Artist Services Team

Snapchat Still Can’t Figure Out How to Make Money

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media’s youngest sibling is having problems turning a profit. According to the Motley Fool (via IB Times), Snap, Inc. is quickly transitioning itself as a direct sales business into a self-serve platform to sell ads to its flagship app Snapchat. In other words, this is Snap, Inc’s last-ditch effort to prove to the big boys that they can generate revenue. TMF reports: The self-serve approach enables Snap to reach a much broader audience of marketers....
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Tech, Snapchat, Pop Culture, Jazz, Silicon Valley, Evan Spiegel, Facebook Instagram, Facebook Page, Motley Fool, Debra Aho Williamson, The Struggle Is Real

4 Tips For Ensuring Your Live Music VIP Experience A Smash Hit

VIP experiences are on the rise in the music industry, giving cash-laden fans premium access and a variety of perks, and while organizers and attendees both seem to win out on the face of it, getting VIP ticketing right is easier said than done. Here we look at four tips for ensuring both customers and venues come out on top. ___________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua for Eventbrite One of the fastest growing trends in the live music business, particularly within music f...
Tags: Music, Marketing, San Francisco, Guest Post, Live Music, Music Business, Live & Touring, Concerts, D.I.Y, Chris Zaldua

Instagram Best Practices For Artists

Instagram: currently the fastest growing social media platform, it's one of the most important tools when it comes to making a splash on social media, and variety of new perks and features mean it's become easier than ever to connect with your fans and stoke the growth of you fanbase, provided you follow these practices. _______________________ Guest post by Tarryn Meyers of the Symphonic Blog With over a billion monthly users, Instagram has become the fastest growing social...
Tags: Music, Diy, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Guest Post, Musicians, Music Business, Musician, D.I.Y, Diy Musicians, Tarryn Meyers

Art Of Asking: 5 Simple Ways To Engage Fans

Communication is a two-way street, something which is just as true when it comes to the artist/fan relationship as any other. This means that, while it's important for artists to reach out to fans, they also need to be able to listen and get a sense of how fans are feeling. ________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 Your core fans, or your “tribe,” as uber-marketer Seth Godin calls them, crave your communication. But communication is a two-way street, and the ...
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New Data: When, Where To Send Your Event Invitation Emails

While emails certainly do a lot for driving ticket sales, it's easy to wonder if they could be doing more, and artists frequently vacillate between sending too few emails, and bombarding their market base and over-saturating them. Here we look at new data on how to get it right. ___________________________ Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite You know your emails are effective at driving ticket sales, but you’re not certain whether they could be doing more. On one hand, you don’t...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Guest Post, Eventbrite, Music Business, Emma, D.I.Y, Rachel Grate, Publishing & Songwriting

10 Tips For Growing Your SoundCloud Community

Part of the main ethos behind SoundCloud which allows it to function is the idea of its users sharing and engaging with each other not just on a musical level, but also sharing common interests and ideas. As an artist, this can make for the perfect environment in which to build and grow a community of both fans and fellow creators. __________________________ Guest post by Jeanette Kats of the Symphonic Blog The heart of SoundCloud is its deeply engaged community of creators who shar...
Tags: Music, Marketing, Social Media, Guest Post, Soundcloud, Start, Music Business, Digital Music, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Jeanette Kats, SoundCloud Community

5 Things Missing From Most Musician Facebook Pages

Chris Robley of CD Baby highlights the five things every artist must include on their Facebook page that are so frequently neglected. When it comes to your Facebook page, a first impression is likely the only impression you'll be able to make. ____________________________ By Chris Robley of CD Baby from the DIY Musician blog People will only visit your Facebook page ONCE! Your fans are never going to check your Facebook page again after that first visit. It’s just not ho...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Facebook Pages, Marketing, Social Media, Maine, Guest Post, Music Business, Jason Isbell, LA Times, Chris Robley, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, YouTube & Video, Product Merch

Katy Perry Joining Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Ariana Grande will no longer be the only popular western pop star to have graced Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as Katy Perry will now be making an appearance in the game, a strange decision that many may believe was done solely for publicity. A trailer announcing the collaboration, along with Katy Perry’s new original song […]
Tags: Games, Music, Celebrities, Trailer, Marketing, Smartphones, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Anime, RPG, Final Fantasy, Casuals

Decoded: Instagram’s Latest Trends, Secret Menus

Here we look at how the Facebook-owned social media platform powerhouse that is Instagram is dominating a transforming the music industry's social media landscape, and some of the statistics, trends, and hidden tricks through which it's doing it. _________________________ Guest post from AWAL Decoded dismantles big topics into manageable insights for artists & teams.   The sheer scale of Facebook’s owned-and-operated crown jewel makes it a vital endpoint in the content race—an ins...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Instagram, Marketing, US, Social Media, Bbc, Ocean, Guest Post, Nice, Tumblr, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, AP Rocky, Paak, Awal

5 Tips For Making, Marketing, Monetizing Holiday Music This Season

Now that it's December, the holiday season is in full swing. For artists, this means a huge marketing opportunity, whether you're performing, recording, or simply marketing holiday merch, we here look at five key tips for capitalizing on holiday music fever.   _____________________________ Guest post by Dae Bogan of Soundfly's Flypaper Happy December! It’s officially the holiday season. Over the next few weeks, thousands of holiday songs will be streamed and downloaded by millions o...
Tags: Music, Washington, Marketing, Pandora, Idaho, Guest Post, Christmas Music, Facebook Live, Indie Labels, SESAC, EPK, CafePress, Feliz Navidad, Dae, Dae Bogan, Ari Herstand

Sell More Merch At Gigs: 7 Techniques

Although it's a great way for artists to boost their overall revenue, selling merch at shows can often be a challenge to do. Here we look at seven ways to switch things up and move a few more shirts at your next show. By Dave Ruch from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog Do you sell stuff at your gigs? Me too. After experiencing a slump in sales over the last few years, I’ve recently changed my “pitch” a bit and added a few more items to the table, and things are looking . . . Up! ...
Tags: Music, Diy, Abc, Marketing, Music Industry, Dave, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Merch, Merchandise, North America, Huffington Post, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician

3 Email Strategies You Must Implement To Drive Show Attendance In 2019

While 91% of people check their email every single day, you're not the only hitting their inbox, and it can be incredibly easy for your message to be lost or condemned amid the digital clutter. Here we look at three key strategies artist must use to ensure that their email marketing is successful. _________________________ Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite A whopping 91% of people check their email every day, but that doesn’t mean using email to promote your event is a sure th...
Tags: Music, Diy, Email, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Musicians, Tickets, Eventbrite, Music Business, Live & Touring, Musician, D.I.Y, Rachel Grate, Diy Musicians

Change Your Artist Image On Apple Music : A How-To Guide

In an effort to give its users the same customization options as Spotify and Pandora, Apple Music has given musicians the opportunity to customize their artist pages, including their profile image. _________________________ Guest post by Alari Saygi of Repost Network Apple has put itself on the same page as Spotify and Pandora as it releases new competitive features to artists and labels for their store appearance on Apple Music and iTunes. The freedom to manually change your profile...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Pandora, Guest Post, Streaming, Apple Music, Music Business, D.I.Y, Pandora Apple Music, Alari Saygi, Repost Network Apple, Click Submit for Review

3 Greatest Challenges Facing Musicians In The Digital Age

While artists now live in a time when they have more freedom than ever to create, market, and sell their music, the digital age has brought with it a unique set of challenges as well. Here we look at the three biggest obstacles standing between contemporary musicians and success. __________________________ Guest post by David Andrew Wiebe of Music Marketing Guy People often talk about the “good old days”. But I don’t believe there was ever a Golden Age in music. From day one, ar...
Tags: Music, Yahoo, Marketing, Tony Robbins, Guest Post, Music Business, Digital Music, D.I.Y, David Andrew Wiebe

PresskitTO Disappears Without Notice Leaving Many Musicians Without Promo

Digital press kit service has gone offline without warning, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of artists and marketers without access to their promotional material., which launched in 2012, has been offline for almost three weeks.  The demise of the digital press kit service came without warning or any announcement to users. Attempts to visit the site by artists, music marketers and others to access press kits they have used for years nets only a "This site can...
Tags: Startups, Music, Marketing, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Jake Allen, D.I.Y, Jay Gilbert, Startups & Funding, PresskitTO, Ben Maitland Lewis, Chris Cave, CTO Douglas Rogers

Spotify 'Wrapped' Artist, Fan 2018 Recap Micro-sites Launch

Spotify for Artists has launched the 2018 edition of its annual Wrapped campaign. Artist get a free custom micro-site chronicling their stats and successes on the streamer over the last year.  Wrapped for fans give users a look back at the music they discovered and played on Spotify over the last year. ________________________ ‘2018 Artist Wrapped’ provides artists with these data points: Most Popular Songs by month Total Hours of Listening in 2018, contextualized into # of ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Streaming, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Charlie Hellman, Wrapped, D.I.Y

Ariana Grande Breaks Yet Another YouTube Record

Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" just broke yet another YouTube record. In addition to being biggest music video debut in YouTube history, earning 55.4 million views in it's first 24 hours, its is now also the fastest video to earn 100 million views, reaching the milestone in under four days following the release of the video on Friday, Nov. 30 at 3pm ET. photo: YouTube screenshot Grande is also now Spotify's most streamed artists worldwide and the  "Thank U, Next" single is #1 on the ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Taylor Swift, Youtube, Marketing, Adele, Ariana Grande, Eminem, Selena Gomez, Music Business, Bruce Houghton, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, YouTube & Video, Blackpink, Thank U Next

Dear Spotify, Please Build A 'Followed Artists' Feed

While the world's leading streaming service has taken great strides in empowering artists on its platform, it has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to users. One feature which would be tremendously valuable to listeners would be a 'Followed Artists' feed. _____________________ Spotify is, by far, the world’s largest music streaming service. The company currently boasts 191 million monthly users and the music of over 2 million artists. They add nearly 20,000 songs per day. Spo...
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