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Aimee Mann weds ‘Bachelor No. 2’ and ‘Magnolia’ albums together for Black Friday Record Store Day reissue

Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann says it was just luck that she was working on songs for the album that became “Bachelor No. 2,” while her friend the writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson was writing the screenplay for “Magnolia.” “We were both starting our creative processes at the same time,” Mann says recently from her home in Los Angeles. “And so we were talking about the themes that we were writing about. “I remember him coming to the studio a couple of times while we were recording,” she says. ...
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Michael Penn – “A Revival”

The singer and songwriter Michael Penn started out his career more than 30 years ago with the lovelorn power-pop hit "No Myth." But Penn's career moved slowly but surely toward the world of scoring movies and TV shows. (When you score the first two Paul Thomas Anderson films, that kind of thing will happen.) It's … More »
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‘Til Today: 25 Years After Her Solo Debut, Aimee Mann Looks Back

Before she had no luck at all, Aimee Mann had beginner's luck. She hit it big at the age of 24 with one of the first songs she ever wrote, "Voices Carry," a top-10 hit for her band 'Til Tuesday. Despite its superficial new-wave signifiers, "Voices Carry" wasn't merely a vacuous byproduct of the Me … More »
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Hear Britt Daniel, Sun Kil Moon, Car Seat Headrest & More Cover David Bowie On Howard Stern Special

Britt Daniel, Sun Kil Moon, Car Seat Headrest, and over 20 other musicians covered their favorite David Bowie songs during a special tribute on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show last night. Billy Corgan, Peter Frampton, Garbage, Bleachers, Gogol Bordello, Biffy Clyro, Dawes, Todd Rundgren, Lisa Loeb, Michael Penn, Daryl Hall, Corey Taylor, the Struts, … More »
Tags: Music, Daryl Hall, David Bowie, Howard Stern, Billy Corgan, Bleachers, Garbage, Corey Taylor, Todd Rundgren, Sun Kil Moon, Britt Daniel, Car Seat Headrest, Dawes, Peter Frampton, Shawn Colvin, Lisa Loeb

'Howard Stern Tribute to David Bowie' features Britt Daniel, Car Seat Headrest, Garbage & more

"The Howard Stern Tribute to David Bowie" premieres February 9 on SiriusXM's Howard 101 channel and also features covers by Todd Rundgren, Gogol Bordello, Sun Kil Moon (ft Petra Haden), Lisa Loeb, Dawes, and more. Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Howard Stern Announces David Bowie Tribute Special Featuring Car Seat Headrest, Britt Daniel, Sun Kil Moon, Garbage, Michael Penn & Aimee Mann, & More

Howard Stern will pay tribute to late rock icon David Bowie on Friday night with a special on his Howard 101 SiriusXM satellite radio station featuring 25 acts performing their favorite Bowie tracks. "I've been listening to this special for about two weeks... it's killer," Stern enthused on Tuesday morning while previewing selections including Lisa … More »
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Popdose Sunday Brunch Episode One

The turkey is on the platter, but you may not want to take a bite. This one is RARE. What are you giving us here? Joe Jackson – Couldn’t I Just Tell You Duran Duran – Ordinary World (Acoustic) Lindsey Buckingham – Peacekeeper Peter Gabriel – Quiet Steam George Harrison – It Don’t Come Easy Michael Penn – No Myth (Acoustic) Nelly Furtado – Turn Out The Light (Chris Vrenna Tweaker Mix) Gregg Alexander – The Game Of Love
Tags: Music, George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, Ringo Starr, Lindsey Buckingham, Nelly Furtado, Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson, Santana, Peacekeeper, Michelle Branch, Michael Penn, Gregg Alexander, Couldn't I Just Tell You

Album Review: Plasticsoul, “Therapy”

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the genre subclassification “power pop.” I never used to have this problem. In fact, for the longest time, I’ve been a defender of the terminology. I mean, how detrimental could it be? In the grand scheme of things, not at all, but when you start inquiring what the term evokes to other critics and some listeners, the responses are worrisome: happy, horny, and frivolous. Most artists won’t mind the first term, and are sanguine to the second term. It is what it is...
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What’s THAT Supposed to Mean?: Aimee Mann, “Lost in Space”

But I am the stuff of happy endings / Though mostly bluff, belief suspending / But close enough for just pretending / To care? What’s THAT supposed to mean? The new Aimee Mann album, Mental Illness, is winning all sorts of critical acclaim. That’s great, but something about it struck me as odd. Perhaps it’s because the album is, by Mann’s admission, a concession to her own stereotype as a purveyor of slow, depressing tunes. It’s as if she figures if people are going to have this image of her, so...
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