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Katy Perry's Flower Engagement Ring Is So Valentine's Day & You Can Get One Too

If the news of Jennifer Lawrence's engagement (not to mention Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's secret wedding) wasn't enough for one helluva Valentine's month, we just caught wind that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially getting hitched. The pop superstar and Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who were first spotted together at a Golden Globes bash in January 2016, announced their engagement on their respective Instagrams early Friday morning — Perry with the caption "full bloom" and Bloom...
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You May Not See Me On TV, But Parkland Is My Story, Too.

My name is Kyrah Simon. I’m a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and lost a childhood friend, Helena Ramsay, in the shooting that occurred last year. I always have to introduce myself that way so people don’t invalidate my story. Every interview is a reiteration of who I am, why I even matter, and a neat sound bite so self-proclaimed liberals can cheer on their “Parkland hero.”At first, I thought it was worth it. I was getting my voice out there, being outspoken, be...
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Grammys 2019: Performances Ranked Worst To Best

2019 might be some kind of cosmic turning point in the history of the Grammys: The first show where the conversation was more about who didn’t perform than who did. Ariana Grande’s fuck-this-shit refusal to play ball with the notorious Grammy-production dumbfucks revealed just how completely this was a show in … More »
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Why the 61st Annual Grammy Awards Telecast Was the Queerest, Fiercest, and the Best Yet

None Even if you didn't watch it, you knew that this year's Grammys were like any other's year's Grammy Award telecast: it was simply far, far too long.Yet that wasn't the only negative to be noted on the ceremony's 61st iteration. This time around, there were far too few awards were given out during the televised portion, several acceptance speech winners were played off (and twice abruptly cut off), one of the night's big winners wasn't even there (Childish Gambino/Donald Glover), and Recordi...
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Grammys 2019: Women dominate the award show performances

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was dominated by strong female-led performances. From the start with Cuban-American singer-songwriter and former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello was on fire with her Grammy nominated-single “Havana” as she was joined by fellow Latin stars Ricky Martin and J Balvin, as well as Young Thug and trumpet player Arturo Sandoval. That along with 15-time Grammy Award-winner and powerhouse R&B singer Alicia Keys hosting, set the tone for the evening. Early on, Ke...
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Grammys 2019: Katy Perry, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, & Little Big Town Sing Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton was named this year's MusicCares Person Of The Year, and on Friday night there was a whole tribute concert where a whole bevy of artists honored her with performances and speeches. More »
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Grammys 2019: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Little Big Town and more salute Dolly Parton

Eight-time Grammy winner and 2019 MusiCares Person of the Year, Dolly Parton, was celebrated at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday night by some of the industries biggest stars. Pop singer-songwriter Katy Perry joined country singer-songwriter and multi-Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves for “Here You Come Again,” both women sporting modified red nudie suits. They were joined by Parton midway through, who brought out her godchild, Miley Cyrus, to duet on “Jolene.” It was a sweet moment and one...
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Watch Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves, Shawn Mendes & Miley Cyrus, & More Cover Dolly Parton At MusiCares Tribute

Ahead of the Grammys this weekend, the Recording Academy has named Dolly Parton the MusiCares Person Of The Year, making her the first-ever country music artist to be awarded the title. And last night, Parton was honored with a gala and tribute concert at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where artists … More »
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Producer Linda Perry says her Grammy nomination is really already a win

Of course singer-songwriter and noted music producer Linda Perry would be elated to walk away from the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Feb. 10, at Staples Center in Los Angeles cradling the shiny trophy for producer of the year, non classical, but as far as she’s concerned the nomination alone is really already a win. Perry is being recognized for her work on rising Los Angeles rock band Dorothy’s sophomore album “28 Days in the Valley,” the soundtrack to “Served Like a Girl,” a docum...
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Every Game Of Thrones Cast Member With A GoT Tattoo

Of all the beloved TV shows leaving our lives in 2019, Game of Thrones is the one that cuts the deepest — and only partly because the sword is made from Valyrian steel. The HBO hit officially begins its swan song on April 14th with the airing of the first episode of the eighth and final season, leaving millions of fans wondering how the hell they'll spend their Sunday nights from now on.The anxiety hasn't just kicked up now that more teasers and set photos are making the rounds on Reddit and Tw...
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Lindsay Lohan On Being Invited To Fyre Festival & Embracing Her Viral Dance Video

On a tiny island in Greece there is a special spot — a spot where there's a cabana with your name on it, where the buzz of techno music never stops, and where Lindsay Lohan might just shoot you in the eye with her champagne gun (if you’re lucky!). That place? Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club of course, and with the news that the show is moving to Monday nights at 10 p.m. we chatted with the actress and entrepreneur about reality TV, the Fyre Festival debacle, and superfan Miley Cyrus.During the conv...
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Backstreet’s Back, But It’s Not Alright

In the Backstreet Boys' video for 1998 mega-hit "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," the group's tour bus breaks down outside what turns out to be a haunted house. Reluctantly, they decide to stay the night, after which "Thriller"-style horror hijinks ensue. The boys in the band appear in costume as various kinds of ghoulish creatures. If you … More »
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The Significance Of Maisie Williams' New Ribcage Tattoo

When you think of celebrities who have lots of tattoos, Lady Gaga, Zoë Kravitz, and Miley Cyrus might come to mind. But would you have ever guessed Maisie Williams is getting closer and closer to falling into that same camp? Probably not, but it's true.Just this past weekend, Williams revealed a new tattoo consisting of four Japanese characters on her ribcage. Although this is her first tattoo from L.A.-based artist Dr. Woo — who is famous for inking celebrities like Cyrus, Kravitz, and Drake —...
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Why This Celebrity Tattoo Trend Might Not Be Worth Copying

It's not unusual for a celebrity to get a tattoo and then have that same tattoo become wildly popular among regular, non-famous people shortly thereafter. Nobody really took face tattoos seriously until Post Malone inked "Always Tired" underneath his dark circles — and when celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy revealed Kendall Jenner 's "meow" lip tattoo on Instagram in 2016, we couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to get one, too. View this post on Instagr...
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Miley Cyrus' New Tattoo Will Make Your Grandmother Blush

If tiny tattoos could be considered some sort of new-age currency, Miley Cyrus would definitely be a billionaire (mind you, she's worth millions as it is). The singer, who has too many tiny pieces of ink to count, isn’t shy about getting emoji-like decals on her body. Her collection includes an alien, a dog, several meaningful phrases, and that infamous Saturn tat. But Cyrus’ new ink is something we didn't see coming… or did we?The singer took to Instagram to share three images from her latest ...
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This Hair Treatment Gave My Heat-Damaged Curls New Life

Growing up, my mom had only two priorities when it came to hair products: It must be on sale (if it's BOGO, even better), and it must smell good. I would take this mentality with me into adulthood, because who doesn't love a good deal or the scent of coconuts in their hair? But in the same way I had to let go of sugary Fruity Pebbles as an adult and graduate to heart-healthy Cheerios, my mentality around hair-care needed an upgrade.About two months ago, I broke up with hot tools and cut off mor...
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A Derm's Guide To Getting Rid Of Dandruff For Good

In theory, walking around in a snow globe of your scalp's own design — in which flakes cascade like a never-ending snowfall — sounds like some kind of sci-fi winter wonderland. In practice, dandruff feels far less cool. The constant scalp scratching and shoulder brushing can be both maddening and embarrassing. Thankfully, we have science. Now more than ever, there are efficient and accessible ways to clear the scalp of flaky buildup, your clothes of fallen dead skin, and the psyche of confidenc...
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13 Hairstyles Our Editors Can't Wait To Try In 2019

So what if you've already cheated on your New Year's resolutions, your formerly Marie Kondo -ed closet is a mess, and your Dry January intentions went down the drain last week when a waiter mentioned a special on a bottle of Merlot? There's one easy, painless fix to get you back on track feeling stoked about everything 2019 has to offer — and it's not joining the fancy gym by your office. We're talking about your new year, new cut, color, or style.If you know you want a hair change, but are uns...
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Watch Miley Cyrus belt out Temple of the Dog's "Say Hello 2 Heaven" at Chris Cornell tribute

At last night's "I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell" concert in Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus belted out Temple of the Dog's "Say Hello 2 Heaven" backed up by Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Josh Freese and Brendan O'Brien. By all accounts, Cyrus's surprisingly fierce performance was a highlight of an incredible and emotional evening. (via Billboard) View this post on Instagram Say Hello to Heaven... h...
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Foo Fighters, Miguel, Brandi Carlile, Metallica and more pay tribute to the late Chris Cornell at The Forum

Musicians, celebrities and fans all gathered at the sold-out Forum in Inglewood on a rainy Wednesday night to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell at a special I Am The Highway benefit concert orchestrated by Cornell’s wife, Vicky, and his three children, Lillian, Toni and Christopher. Hosted by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, the evening ended up being a 5-hour, 42-song music marathon that showcased a who’s who of rock ‘n’ roll and Hollywood. “We are very d...
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At Last Night’s Star-Studded Chris Cornell Tribute Show, Miley Cyrus Outshined Everybody

Over the course of nearly five hours, I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell featured everything from Metallica to Miley, Melvins to Miguel. Indeed, the breadth and depth of performers speaks to Cornell's long and varied career: the Soundgarden icon who went from subterranean Sub Popper to Alternative Nation icon; the Audioslave wailer … More »
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Chris Cornell would have been proud. The post Watch: DAVE GROHL, METALLICA, MILEY CYRUS, PEARL JAM Members Pay Tribute At CHRIS CORNELL Memorial Show appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Fiona Apple, Miley Cyrus, Miguel Join Chris Cornell Tribute Concert

Fiona Apple, Miley Cyrus, Miguel, Josh Homme, Brandi Carlile, and Chris Stapleton have joined the lineup for the upcoming Chris Cornell tribute/benefit concert I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell, Pitchfork reports. Foo Fighters, Metallica, Ryan Adams, and the remaining members of Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, and Audioslave … More »
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2018’s 50 Best Albums: An Apocalypse Survival Guide

While it’s safe to say most of us want to forget all about 2018, there are hundreds of incredible albums by stellar artists across the complete spectrum of genres that are worthy of soundtracking your 2019 and beyond. After writing and ranking this year’s list, I noticed an ominous theme; welcome to your survival guide for the end of days — here’s hoping we make it to 2020. As you may notice, I actually bought these albums on CD. A few publicists sent me digital advances and I still wound up buy...
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The 2019 State Of Pop Address

Pop is dead; meet the new pop. More »
Tags: Music, Lana Del Rey, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Logic, Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Sia, Diplo

From Taylor Swift's Costume Party To Kylie Jenner's Ice Blue Hair, Celebs Did It Up On New Year's Eve

We appreciate you might be feeling a little delicate today, but if you have a hangover we do hope it was worth it.Whatever you got up to last night, hopefully, you weren't glued to your phone for the whole time – in which case you may have missed how the mega-famous spent New Year's Eve 2018, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?So, to ease you into 2019 gently we've scoured Instagram for some of the most excellent and entertaining New Year's Eve posts. From Taylor Swift's amazing costume pa...
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Miley & Liam Are Married — & This Is How Much They're Worth Together

On December 23, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot in what appears to have been a Nicholas Sparks-level intimate ceremony at Cyrus's home. The former onscreen lovers (they costarred in The Last Song) took to social media this week to share (and confirm) their wedded bliss with the world, including a video of Miley getting down to "Uptown Funk" at the wedding.The power couple first got engaged in 2012, then broke up in 2013, and then reunited in 2016. Two years later, they are husband ...
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Rae Sremmurd – “Christmas At Swae’s” & “Nothing For Christmas”

It's Christmas all over again! We've been treated to some festive music from artists like John Legend, Ingrid Michaelson, and Eric Clapton already and just last night Miley Cyrus shared a revised version of "Santa Baby" on Fallon. Today, the Brothers Sremm are decking the halls with two new Christmas bops. More »
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Watch Miley Cyrus Update “Santa Baby” For 2018

So Miley Cyrus is woke now! We saw Cyrus drive through politically-charged scenes in her music video for "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart." The fans flipped their collective lid when she wore a "Protect Kids, Not Guns" t-shirt. And now, Cyrus brings us a progressive version of the Christmas song we … More »
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9 Music Trends That Need To Die In 2019

In the age of social media fads develop before we’ve even had the chance to deliberate, as they're tweeted and retweeted ad infinitum. Culture is reduced to meme format, giving way to some pretty detestable content. The following list rounds up recent music trends that will hopefully be dead by New Year's Day. More »
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