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RouteNote partners with Kuack to offer free music distribution to Latin America

Welcome Kuack to the RouteNote family! We’re thrilled to be taking your music to more than 600,000 new listeners in Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond. Select Kuack today and find brand new listeners when you release your music online. All previous releases uploaded to RouteNote will automatically be added to Kuack. If you’d like to opt-out of this then get in touch at [email protected] The post RouteNote partners with Kuack to offer free music distribution to Latin America appe...
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How producers are mastering tracks for music streaming services (video)

In the age of music streaming we are hearing music differently. Not just with where it comes from, but quite literally with how it sounds. You might not know, though keen ears will probably have noticed, that streaming services normalise tracks. This means the mix is altered, whether the artist or producer likes it or not, so that all of the music on a service follows a similar level – it’s normalised. This video explains what that means, how streaming services are doing it, and most i...
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How much does a stream on Spotify pay?

As streaming is now the main way people listen to music in a lot of the world, how much is a single stream on one of the world’s biggest services worth? Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. Streaming rates vary based on a bunch of different things. Streaming payouts differ in every country, so if you have a Spotify fan in India their streams are going to pay differently to a stream in the US. It also depends on what version of Spotify your listeners are using. Premi...
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Sales statistics for December 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for December 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team will be happy to help. The post Sales statistics for December 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Bl...
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Sales statistics for November 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for October 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. We apologise for the delays this month and are grateful to everyone for their patience and understanding whilst we overcame the unexpected delays in statistics and payment. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team wi...
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RouteNote Troubleshooters: I want to see myself when I Google my artist name

When your music is live and you have your social pages up you want new fans and long-time listeners to find you with a simple Google search. The best way to have your music and artist pages come up when you’re searched is to optimise yourself to get a Google Knowledge panel. If you don’t know what a knowledge panel is, it looks like this: You can follow our guide on setting yourself up to get a Google Knowledge panel with our guide here:
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Independent music is the fastest growing part of the industry

Thanks to the freedom of the internet and new platforms the power has shifted from major labels and into the hands of the artists in a new age for the music industry. Punk helped to make DIY music a viable reality so that by the late 80s you had bands and artists making music all over the place. Whilst making and releasing music suddenly became an option all by yourself it still made a massive difference if you had connections, and you had to really luck out to get to the same positions as...
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RouteNote Troubleshooters: What audio file formats can I upload?

When you’re uploading your music to RouteNote it’s important that you upload your music in a file format that we accept. Whether you’re releasing your music with us for free or you’re using our Premium platform; there are two types of audio file that we accept. You can upload your music in MP3 as long as the sample rate is 320Kbps or higher. You can also upload your music in FLAC format. If you’re having any trouble uploading your audio check out our Troubleshooter for that here. ...
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Children’s Music Distribution

RouteNote has partnered with some of the world’s largest children’s music creators and studios from around the world, helping them to get their music into the world’s largest stores and streaming services. RouteNote has partnered with USP Studios as well as over 100 other high level children’s music creators. If your a children’s music creator and you want to join RouteNote then head over to and signup for a Free account today. Let us help you get your music heard and ...
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White Label Music Distribution for Free

RouteNote is one of the world’s leading digital music distribution companies. Thousands of labels and other distributors are using RouteNote to spread their catalogue to the world’s largest music streaming services and stores. Labels can very easily create a RouteNote account and run their full catalogue through that account and then use the CSV sales reports to input back into their proprietary systems for their artists. Additionally, RouteNote provides a royalty split system between R...
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Best Music Distribution Services for 2020

Music Distribution is now more vital then ever before. Here is our list of the best music distribution services of 2020. RouteNote RouteNote gets your music to the worlds leading music stores and streaming services worldwide. RouteNote offers both a Free and a Premium model, which allows artists to move between the two model for each release depending upon what makes the most financial sense. RouteNote has the best worldwide coverage, which includes YouTube Networks, YouTube Content I...
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Sales statistics for October 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for October 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for October 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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How to edit your artist profile on Deezer

Deezer are reportedly working on a platform for artists to keep up to date with their music performance and edit their artist profiles. Until Deezer launch their version of Spotify for Artists, you will have to get in touch with them personally to make changes to your artist profile when your music is live. With an email you can still edit your artist image, bio, the URLs linked on your page, and playlists that appear on your profile. Get in touch with Deezer’s team at [email protected]
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How to Add Your Music to Facebook and Instagram for Free

Facebook and Instagram have been building a music product for over a year now and their master plan is slowly coming together. Here is a quick run through on how to get your music added to Facebook and Instagram via RouteNote for Free. To get your music into Facebook’s music catalog: Old Music: Sign into your RouteNote accountHead to your DiscographySelect the release you wantGo to the stores page and add Facebook and click Save. Congrats its all done! New Music: When your up...
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RouteNote users get more music promotion for free on PUSH.FM

PUSH.FM is a great new way to take your music to the next step and if you’re a RouteNote user you get extra benefits all for free. If you haven’t heard the news; we at RouteNote recently launched PUSH.FM as an entirely new platform to promote your music in unique and exciting new ways. Here’s what you can do with a free PUSH.FM account and what extra benefits you get when you have a free RouteNote account. Pre-Saves You want to build hype for your music before it officially c...
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Apple Music and iTunes upload deadlines for Nov & Dec 2019

With the holiday season approaching make sure you know the deadlines for Apple’s music services if you’re looking to get your music online by the end of the year. If you plan on releasing music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store between November 22, 2019, and January 3, 2020, remember to check the following delivery deadlines: Release Date Delivery Deadline November 22, 2019   Friday, November 15, 2019 (PST) November 29, 2019 Friday, November 15, 2019 (PST) December 6...
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Dance Music Distribution – Free for All Dance and Electronic Artists and Labels

RouteNote is one of the worlds largest digital music distributors and we are helping hundreds of thousands of artists from all over the world to get their music into the worlds largest online stores and streaming services. Dance music is one of our strongest genres and we are helping those artists to not just get their music into stores and streaming services, but to also get promotion and playlist placements within those services. Dance and Electronic music is expected to grow over the...
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How Do You get Your Music on Spotify?

RouteNote is one of the fastest ways to get your music available on Spotify. RouteNote allows artists to upload to our platform, select which stores they would like their music to go to and then you’re done. RouteNote has a Free model (no money upfront and keep 85%) and a Premium model (small fee upfront and keep 100%) and artists and labels can move freely between the two. Signup now for a Free RouteNote account and start uploading your music to the world today! The post How Do Yo...
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Free Music Distribution for Australian Record Labels and Artists

Australia has some amazing artists and record labels – from Hilltop Hoods all the way to John Farnham. RouteNote is live in Australia and we have been working with some amazing artists and labels for many years. RouteNote allows artists and labels to upload for Free via our Free model (artists and labels keep 85%) with no upfront costs or via our Premium model ($10 single, $20 EP, $30 album) small amount upfront but keeping 100% of the royalties. Additionally, artists and labels have th...
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You can pay for RouteNote Premium on debit and credit card now

We know how important it is to have options in this day and age. That’s why we’ve added card payments as an option for paying for Premium. When you release your music through RouteNote you have the option to choose to release it for free and keep 85% of the earnings or pay a small upfront cost to receive 100% of everything that your music earns. Now when you pay you can choose to do so using PayPal or with your credit or debit card using Stripe. The choice is yours! The pos...
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RouteNote’s new Discography page makes managing your music slicker, quicker and better

We have a brand new look for your discography page that makes arranging and releasing your music the greatest and easiest experience yet! Welcome to the all new home for all of the music you have uploaded and released through RouteNote. We’ve redesigned your discography page to pack it with more features, make it easier to navigate through every release and see their statuses and enhance your whole music distribution experience. We’ve arranged the columns so that you can simply sort thr...
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Sales statistics for March 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales Statistics for March 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your Statistics page. The post Sales statistics for March 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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Get Paid Monthly with RouteNote – Tired of Your Distributor Paying Quarterly (like Tunecore and others)!

RouteNote is one of the worlds largest digital music distributors! RouteNote works with over 290,000 artists worldwide at present and we are focused on making sure our artists get the best possible customer service. As part of providing the best customer service we also allow artists to not have to worry about their royalties and RouteNote pays monthly! not quarterly. The majority of other distributors in the world are offering quarterly payments, but we want to make sure that our artists...
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Get 20% off cover song licensing this month

Pay tribute to your favourite artists and say goodbye to winter with 20% off of cover song licenses until the end of March. Easy Song Licensing are offering 20% off of cover song licenses until the 31st March. Head to their website now and use the coupon code: BYEWINTER. The offer is valid until the 31st March and is perfect if you’re looking to upload your cover song(s) to RouteNote for free. Save money on your fees and get your cover music heard around the world! Head to easysongl...
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Chinese Music Distribution

RouteNote is one of the first music distributors in the world to ink deals with Tencent (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo), Netease and Kanjian (who cover over 30 different music streaming services). RouteNote has been working in China for the past 2 years and helping to distribute some of the best chinese music to the world! Distributing your music into mainland China has never been this easy or comprehensive! Any RouteNote artist and label can take advantage and get their music in front of a...
Tags: Music, China, Tencent, Digital Music News, NetEase, Music Distribution, QQ Music, Kanjian, Kugou, Kuwo, Tencent Netease

RouteNote and NetEase are take your music to 600+ million new listeners

Take your music to one of the biggest music streaming services in China and the world with free distribution to NetEase Cloud Music. NetEase Cloud Music is a giant force in China’s emerging digital music scene. It is known alongside Tencent as one of the ‘Big 3’ of China’s music streaming, claiming more than 600 million users listen to music on NetEase. They offering freemium streaming with paid services for extra features, a bit like a Chinese Spotify. Their catalogue of music counts o...
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How to get your music on iHeartRadio for free

iHeartRadio is the de facto home of online radio with hundreds of radio stations available for streaming online. We’ll get your music on their All Access tier in front of 120+ million listeners for free. iHeartRadio is a unique and powerful force in the constantly blossoming world of online music. They offer up over 850 radio stations across the US as well as more traditional streaming features through their All Access subscription. It’s a favourite for digital music discovery and strea...
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RouteNote and DistroKid: music distribution costs compared

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to getting your music online and it can be hard to decide who to go with. We’ve compared our free and Premium distribution with DistroKid to help you decide. Yearly fee for full distribution of 5 singles by 1 artist RouteNote Free: $0RouteNote Premium: $50DistroKid: $89.45 With RouteNote you can distribute your music for free and choose any and all of our partners including streaming services and download stores as well as services like Shazam...
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How to get my music on Anghami for free

We can get your music online around the world on all of the top stores and streaming services. Best of all it’s completely free. Anghami have shaped music streaming in the Middle East and North Africa with over 55 million users. They launched to create a real place for people to come and listen to music in territories rife with music piracy and they’ve achieved it providing the biggest solution to legal music streaming and downloads in the countries it is available. You can create a fre...
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Submit music to Pandora free

It’s easy and free to get your music online on the world’s favourite streaming services and music stores with RouteNote. When it comes to Pandora and all the others, we have you covered for getting your music worldwide. Pandora are one of the US’ favourite music streaming services with over 75 million listeners in the country. This is a giant audience that could be listening to your music and getting your music there is free and simple. It’s as simple as creating a free account at www.r...
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