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Duffy Explains Years-Long Absence, Reveals She Was “Raped, Drugged And Held Captive”

The Welsh pop singer Duffy has not released new music in 10 years. Today she shared some devastating news about why. In a message posted to Instagram, the artist born Aimee Anne Duffy explained that she took a long hiatus from music after being drugged, raped, and held captive for several days. More »
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Disclosure of Plácido Domingo Allegations Scuttles $500,000 Deal

The opera superstar was discussing an agreement to pay the performers’ union to limit statements about its sexual misconduct investigation, but the arrangement fell apart after details were leaked.
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There’s No Takeover Quite Like a BTS Takeover

As K-Pop icons BTS promote their new album Map of the Soul: 7, which was released on Friday, they took over New York’s Grand Central Station for a performance for The Tonight Show. The band took over the late night talk show, riding the subway around the city with host Jimmy Fallon for Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show. To cap off the evening, the iconic main hall of New York’s busy train station was cleared out for a special performance by the beloved band. The seven band members ...
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Breaking Down the Influences Behind BTS’ New Album Map of the Soul: 7

“Black Swan,” BTS’ first single off their new album Map of the Soul: 7, was released in January with a hypnotizing, dance-heavy music video. That’s typical of the seven-member K-pop supergroup, known these days for breaking streaming records and mobilizing a global fanbase that goes by the name of ARMY. But this video was different: instead of starring the sleek moves of RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jung Kook, Jin and V, it featured a European dance troupe. A few weeks later, British s...
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Plácido Domingo Had ‘Inappropriate Activity’ With Women, Union Finds

An investigation found behavior ranging from flirtation to sexual advances by the opera superstar, who issued his fullest apology yet.
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A Whitney Houston Hologram Is Going on Tour Across Europe

(BURBANK, Calif.) — Whitney Houston is about to appear on the concert stage again. Eight years after her death, a holographic Houston will embark on a European tour that starts in England on Feb. 25 and runs through early April, with U.S. dates expected to follow. “Now is just the right time,” said Pat Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law, former manager and the executor of her estate, which is producing the show in collaboration with BASE Hologram. “In the spirit of Whitney, I know we’re do...
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Yeasayer Sue Kendrick Lamar & The Weeknd

Yeasayer broke up at the end of last year after releasing five albums but it appears that the Brooklyn band is not resting in peace. As TMZ reports, Yeasayer have sued Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd over their Black Panther soundtrack song "Pray For Me." The lawsuit alleges that … More »
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Sing along to this peppy little ditty about the fundamentals of Alchemical processes

In some weird alternate fantasy universe, this song would to taught to school children so that they can memorize their Hermetic fundamentals. Image: YouTube
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The bizarre 1976 Cat Stevens song and video, Banapple Gas

My friend Mark Casale and I were talking about Captain Beefheart last night (as we are often want to do) and were yucking it up over the surreal late-night TV commercial for the Beef's 1970 record, Lick My Decals Off, Baby (which I posted about last month). This prompted Mark to ask me if I'd ever seen the bizarre promo video for Cat Steven's 1976 song, Banapple Gas. I'd never even heard of the song. It was a track on Steven's ninth studio record, Numbers. Numbers was composed as a concept al...
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Metallica Cancel Festival Appearances That Conflict With James Hetfield’s Recovery Events

Last fall, Metallica cancelled a tour so that James Hetfield could enter an addiction treatment program. The band has since set up a handful of live dates around the world, but today they have cancelled two of them because they interfere with "critical recovery events on those weekends that cannot be moved," as … More »
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New Order & Pet Shop Boys Announce Co-Headlining North American Tour

New Order's Bernard Sumner worked with Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe on a few tracks from Electronic, his late-'80s/'90s side project with Johnny Marr. And now New Order and Pet Shop Boys, two giants of '80s UK synth-pop, are joining forces for a full co-headlining tour. More »
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Third Man Announces Unearthed Album Release And Reunion Show From ‘80s Detroit Punk Band The Pathetx

We like to have a bit of fun at Jack White's expense around here, but I genuinely love seeing him use his considerable music-biz leeway to spotlight music he loves. For instance, next month White's label Third Man Records will release a previously shelved LP from Detroit punk band the Pathetx, marked with … More »
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Philadelphia Street Named After The Roots

The Roots have been a Philadelphia institution for decades. ?uestlove and Black Thought, the two original members who are still in the band, formed the Roots in 1987, when they were both students and a Philly performing-arts high school. They played their first show -- not counting street-corner busking -- at a 1989 talent show, … More »
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From Bonn to Vienna, in Search of Beethoven, the Man

It’s the composer’s 250th birthday, and a pilgrimage shines new light on his art and life.
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Let ‘West Side Story’ and Its Stereotypes Die

The latest Broadway revival can’t fix the painful way it depicts Puerto Ricans.
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Overlooked No More: Valaida Snow, Charismatic ‘Queen of the Trumpet’

She was not just a master musician, singer and dancer; she was also a teller of tall tales whose interviews could be as much a performance as her stage act.
Tags: News, Snow, Jazz, Black People, Women and Girls, Biographical Information, Valaida (1904-56

Jhené Aiko Announces New Album, ‘Chilombo’

Her third album finally has a release date.
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Alanis Morissette’s Agonized Ballad, and 10 More New Songs

Hear tracks by Waxahatchee, Kyle, Arca and others.
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Pusha T Stops Streaming “Hunting Season” Out Of Respect For Pop Smoke

Pusha T has pulled "Hunting Season," his new collaborative track with Jadakiss, from streaming services. In a statement on social media, he explains that it was removed out of respect for Pop Smoke, the ascendant young rapper who was shot and killed in a home-invasion robbery this week. More »
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3-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted by 34-Year-Old Man in McDonald’s Bathroom While Her Dad Was in the Next Stall

Accused of one of the most horrifying and repulsive crimes, a Chicago man has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl in a McDonald’s bathroom stall right next to the girl’s father. Christopher Puente, 34, was charged with one count of felony predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under the age of 13 on Wednesday (Feb 19). According to prosecutors, on Monday (Feb. 17), Puente lured the 3-year-old into a bathroom stall and placed her on his lap. He then pulled down her pant...
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Reinbert de Leeuw, Dutch Champion of Contemporary Music, Dies at 81

He pushed conservative institutions to program the new, and was a noted conductor of major avant-garde works.
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Grimes Tried to Make a Soundtrack for the End of the World. The Result Is Surprisingly Timid

This is how the human race ends: with the shallow clang of metal on metal, a squalling screech, the heavy stomp and throb of percussion. At least, that’s how the A.I. revolution goes down in “We Appreciate Power,” an arresting single by Canadian art-pop eminence Grimes with help from frequent collaborator HANA. Surprising contrasts are a trademark of Grimes’ songwriting and production, and on this track she cuts the harshness of the beat with vocals that whisper, coo and cajole despite the ...
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‘Parasite’ Distributor Says Trump ‘Can’t Read’ After He Moans About Subtitled Film’s Oscar Win

NEON, the film distributor of the Korean blockbuster film “Parasite,” swiped at President Donald Trump on Thursday night after he complained about the subtitled movie winning “Best Picture” at the Oscars. “Understandable, he can’t read,” the distributor tweeted. A few hours earlier, Trump had ranted about the Oscar for “this foreign film” during his campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “What the hell was that all that about?” he asked. “We’ve got enough problems with South Korea, wit...
Tags: South Korea, News, Senate, Pop Culture, Brad Pitt, Donald Trump, Trump, John Bolton, Colorado Springs Colorado, Cristina Cabrera, Hollywood Trump

Listen to a 1980s teenager's Commodore 64 covers of Huey Lewis songs

It was hip to be square, even in 1986. Especially in 1986. Jma Mitch writes: As a teenager in 1985 and 1986, I used my trusty Commodore 64 and the "Music Construction Set" program to create computer versions of a slew of songs by the greatest musical artist of all time: Huey Lewis and The News. Only Huey songs, that was the only artist I did. I recently (Feb 2020) was able to access my 35 year old C64 disks, many of which survived, including the ones with the songs I'm uploading to ...
Tags: Video, Music, News, Commodore, 1980s, Huey Lewis, Huey, Chiptunes, Commodore 64, Heart Of Rock And Roll, Jma Mitch

Sturgill Simpson Blasts His Record Label: “They Don’t Know What The Fuck To Do With Me”

Sturgill Simpson has never exactly been easy to pin down. After independently releasing two albums, he moved on up to major label Atlantic to release his well-received 2016 album A Sailor's Guide To Earth, which won for Best Country Album at the Grammys and was nominated for Album Of The Year. After that, … More »
Tags: Music, News, Earth, Atlantic, Sturgill Simpson

The Weeknd Announces ‘After Hours’ Tour with Sabrina Claudio, Don Toliver & 88GLAM

After Hours, the album, arrives March 20th.
Tags: News, Jazz, The Weeknd, Sabrina Claudio, 88GLAM, Don Toliver, Sabrina Claudio Don Toliver

BTS Tests Out a TikTok Release and Viral Challenge Combo for ‘On’ to Get the Fan ARMY Assembled

Leave it to BTS to keep challenging expectations of how the music industry works. On Thursday, the K-pop septet released a 30-second clip of their new single, “ON,” on TikTok, the social video platform that has helped launch and popularize songs like Lil Nas X‘s “Old Town Road.” BTS’s strategy here is novel: a representative for TikTok shared with TIME that this is the first time an artist has introduced a single using the short-form video app as the initial platform. It was also very savvy...
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Former Texas Pastor Murdered Wife & 11-Year-Old Son, Tried to Strangle Adult Daughter Before Killing Himself

A small community outside of Houston, Texas is reeling following a tragic double murder-suicide committed by a former pastor and non-profit founder and CEO. On Tuesday, February 11th, the 53-year-old Sugar Land, TX resident, Richard Logan, was found dead 160 miles away from his hometown outside of an environmental consulting company. Authorities were notified of the presence of the dead body, and upon arrival, they discovered the deceased Logan along with the gun he used to kill himself. After d...
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Madonna's "Justify My Love" with only Lenny Kravitz's backing vocals is excellent mutant pop

"Justify My Love" is a 1990 trip-hop tune by Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chavez with spoken vocals by Madonna and soulful humming and moaning by Kravitz. Someone mixed a version of the track sans Madonna and with Kravitz's vocals brought to the forefront and the result is a compelling piece of "outsider pop," as described by bil-sabab on r/ObscureMedia. image: transformation of chrisweger's original photo (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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