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No, You Can't Have It All—& That's Okay

We know what you’re thinking — I’m not even 35 yet, why should I be worrying about what’s going to happen when I’m 40, 45….ahem, 50. You’re going to say a pair of forty-something women frustrated with their career trajectories is just normal mid-life angst — nothing new.But is it? Maura, 47, has been an editor at some of the most well-regarded publications in New York, but these days she’s feeling the existential dread of working at a print publication at a time when she's constantly reminded t...
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This Is How You Reinvent Yourself If You Lose Your Job At 45

It seems that women over 60 are having a moment — particularly in politics, where Nancy Pelosi, 78, is once again dominating in D.C., and in entertainment, where Glenn Close, 71, made headlines in January for her inspiring Golden Globes speech. But when it comes to the corporate world, women of a certain age are still fighting some tough battles. And the reality is that if you’re a woman who's fired from her job when she's over 40, opportunities may not be as flush as they once were.Industries ...
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Watch Kurt Vile Play “Yeah Bones” On Seth Meyers

Kurt Vile and Seth Meyers seem like they have a lot in common. They're both funny guys. They both seem like they'd be decent hangs. They both have pretty good cheekbone situations going. Former President Barack Obama seems to be pretty fond of both of them. (Obama famously did his best Correspondents Dinner roast with … More »
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Ariana Grande Wore Her Zac Posen Grammys Dress At Home

Turns out the party came to her. Last week, to great fanfare and confusion, Ariana Grande announced she would not be performing at or attending the 61st annual Grammy Awards after all, despite previous plans, amidst a feud with Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich."I offered 3 different songs. It’s about collaboration. It’s about feeling supported, she tweeted. "It’s about art and honesty. Not politics. Not doing favors or playing games. It’s just a game y’all.. and i’m sorry but that’s not what music...
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The Grammys Could Have Been Worse!

Could it have been any more obvious that the Grammys were desperately trying to do some serious image rehab this year? You don't drag out Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and Michelle motherfucking Obama in the first five minutes of your telecast unless you're hoping to do some course-correction when it comes to how … More »
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Michelle Obama's Facialist Spills All Her Glowing Skin Secrets

When Michelle Obama took the stage at the 2019 Grammy Awards, she was positively glowing. In fact, since leaving the White House, the former FLOTUS has sported an omnipresent, lit-from-within radiance that'd make the women in a Vermeer painting jealous. And while a devotion to a healthy lifestyle is partly to thank, Mrs. Obama's glow also has a secret weapon: Jennifer Brodeur, the Montreal-based "skin guru" who's been working with Obama since 2014, and just recently tagged along with Obama's ma...
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Chrissy Teigen Skipped The Grammys For Something Better

Our uniform for chillin' and watching the Grammy Awards at home usually consists of a silk scrunchie and no makeup. But occasionally, we can appreciate a good glamping session from the sofa (you know, for when the inevitable Instagram selfie goes down). Chrissy Teigen gets this.The model, who is sitting out the ceremony this year, took to her Instagram Stories to share her "not-going-to-the-grammys makeup tutorial." In it, Teigen broke down her soft-glam essentials for watching the award show ...
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After An Ordeal, Bebe Rexha Feels Like A Princess In Her Red Grammys Dress

Last month, "I'm A Mess" singer Bebe Rexha, admitted she had a hard time finding a dress to wear to the Grammys, thanks to the fashion industry's well-documented issue with sizeism (despite 67% of women being a size 12 or larger).The star uploaded a video to Twitter, lamenting her issues and captioned the tweet: "I'm sorry, I had to get this off my chest. If you don’t like my fashion style or my music that’s one thing. But don’t say you can’t dress someone that isn’t a runway size. We are beau...
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Stop Treating Cardi B Like She Doesn't Deserve A Voice In Politics.

There's a particular way some white people talk about artists like Cardi B getting political, especially when there are no Black people around. Both liberals and conservatives. It's condescending with a smirk, like, "Look, that former stripper from the Bronx who says 'Okurrr' all the time has political views! Isn't that hilarious!" And then everyone goes around the table congratulating each other for being smart and woke.In the middle of the government shutdown, Cardi B released a video in whic...
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Who Is Running For President In 2020?

With Sen. Kamala Harris having kicked off her campaign with a rally in Oakland, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand headed to New Hampshire this weekend fresh off a trip to Iowa, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren having already drawn crowds in several states, the race to 2020 is well underway.And the field of candidates is getting crowded, with several Democrats having formed exploratory committees (which basically means they're running). Then there are the Joe Bidens and Bernie Sanderses, who are rumored to be ru...
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These New Puritans – “Inside The Rose” Video (NSFW)

It has now been six years since UK art-rockers These New Puritans came out with Field Of Reeds, their last album. We could probably look up what they've been doing in their time away, but instead, let's assume that they've spent the entire time since the middle Obama years in dark rooms, staring … More »
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The Skin-Care Products Michelle Obama's Facialist Swears By

Michelle Obama always had a glow when she was our FLOTUS, but ever since leaving the White House, she's been sporting a new kind of radiance seen on the likes of moms who've just sent all their kids off to college and are now ready to relax undisturbed for the next few years. It's liberation. It's freedom. It's finally, for Obama, being able to drink a cup of coffee in your private home without fear of a national emergency altering your daily plans.But Obama's new glow actually seems to be grow...
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The $646 Skin-Care Routine Michelle Obama's Facialist Swears By

Michelle Obama always had a glow when she was our FLOTUS, but ever since leaving the White House, she's been sporting a new kind of radiance seen on the likes of moms who've just sent all their kids off to college and are now ready to relax undisturbed for the next few years. It's liberation. It's freedom. It's finally, for Obama, being able to drink a cup of coffee in your private home without fear of a national emergency altering your daily plans.But Obama's new glow actually seems to be grow...
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Supreme Court Allows Trump's Ban On Transgender Troops To Go Into Effect

In a 5-4 decision Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to implement its policy banning transgender people from serving in the military while the legal battle over the restrictions continues in lower courts.The move is a provisional victory for the administration, its first since President Donald Trump surprised everyone in the summer of 2017 by tweeting his intention to ban transgender troops from serving. The policy, which was refined by then Secretary of Defense Ji...
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How My Side Hustle Led To A Full-Time Job As Michelle Obama's Hairstylist

You might not know the name Yene Damtew yet, but you've definitely seen her work. The 31-year-old hairstylist is responsible for every one of former First Lady Michelle Obama's looks on her Becoming book tour, after years of working as an assistant in the White House.But before landing a full-time gig with the first family (and opening her own salon, Aesthetics, in Arlington, VA), Damtew was running a makeshift salon out of her parent's garage. Ahead, she shares how she went from being a colleg...
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Sophie Turner Had To Dye Her Hair Twice A Week For Game Of Thrones

Everyone is gearing up for the final season of Game of Thrones, which will premiere on April 14. For months, HBO has been taunting fans with cryptic trailers that have everyone questioning: Who's going to end up on the Iron Throne?Well, when we asked Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, to spill the details in a recent interview, she had nothing to share about the ending of the epic series that has been airing since 2011 (although she has told three or four of her friends exactly what goes dow...
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Michelle Obama's Facialist Spills All Her Skin-Care Secrets

We don't know where Michelle Obama is right this very moment, or what she's doing, but we do know one thing: She is glowing. We say this confidently because, over the past few years (most notably since leaving the White House) the former FLOTUS has sported an omnipresent, lit-from-within radiance that'd make the women in a Vermeer painting jealous.While a devotion to a healthy lifestyle is partly to thank, Mrs. Obama's glow also has a secret weapon: Jennifer Brodeur, the Montreal-based "skin gu...
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Julián Castro Officially Announces His 2020 Presidential Bid, With His First Stop In Puerto Rico

Julián Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, TX and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama administration, is running for president in 2020.Castro announced his bid at a rally in San Antonio on Saturday morning, becoming one of the highest-profile Latinx candidates to ever seek the Democratic nomination, per The New York Times. His first campaign appearance will be on Monday at the Latino Victory Fund’s annual summit in Puerto Rico, where he plans to speak with res...
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January's Best eBook Deals

eBooks on sale for $1.99 this month: American Caesar by William Manchester Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany Birds, Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durell Blind Ambition by John Dean Chaos by James Gleick Darkness Visible by William Styron The Earth Is the Lord's by Taylor Caldwell Great Lion of God by Taylor Caldwell The Hidden Flower by Pearl S. Buck I'm Just a Person by Tig Notaro Last Days by Brian Evenson The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie Marvel Comics: The Un...
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'Fault Lines' Traces the Roots of Today’s Polarized America

None The question "How did we get here?" rests at the core of any many works of history. Kevin M. Kruse and Julian E. Zelizer's latest book is no exception. Yet in this case, the question is especially pressing. In Fault Lines: A History of the United States Since 1974, the scholars seek to explain how the country has become racked by such intense political polarization. Overall, their study showcases innovative approaches to the major—mostly domestic—events of the recent American past, while p...
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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's Nails Make More Than Just A Beauty Statement

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives' new class streamed into the U.S. Capitol for the very first time, bringing with them a bevy of beauty looks that have rarely been seen inside the prestigious government building. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York wore her signature red lipstick. Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts wore her hair in twists. And Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia and is one of the first Muslim-American women in Cong...
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Barack Obama’s Favorite Book of 2018 Was ‘Becoming.’ Here’s What Else He Liked.

The former president shared the works he found particularly thought-provoking or inspiring this year in a lengthy Facebook post.
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President Obama Names His Favorite Books, Movies & Songs of 2018

Photo by Pete Souza via On Facebook this morning, President Obama wrote: "As 2018 draws to a close, I’m continuing a favorite tradition of mine and sharing my year-end lists. It gives me a moment to pause and reflect on the year through the books, movies, and music that I found most thought-provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved. It also gives me a chance to highlight talented authors, artists, and storytellers – some who are household names and others who you may...
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Michelle Obama’s Post-White House Fashion Is Proof Of How Liberated She Feels

While Michelle Obama’s entire Becoming book tour has been a delightful spectacle of fashion-forward outfits (Cushnie! Pyer Moss! Givenchy!), the former first lady’s wardrobe made quite a statement Wednesday on the final stop in Brooklyn. It was the thigh-high Balenciaga boots that signaled post-White House Michelle Obama, The Civilian, was finally relaxed after meticulously calculating her appearance for the last eight years. Eight years of scrutiny and policing that women who look like her are...
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Barack Obama Features On Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Final ‘Hamildrop’ Release, “One Last Time”

Lin-Manuel Miranda goes right to the very top for his final Hamildrop. The musical master taps former President Barack Obama on “One Last Time (44 Remix),” the 13th and last Hamildrop in a year-long series of releases. Obama, who gave a standing ovation when he attended Miranda’s Hamilton on Broadway back in mid-2015, recites a … More »
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Barack Obama Joins Lin-Manuel Miranda on a ‘Hamilton’ Remix

The former president delivers part of George Washington’s farewell address on “One Last Time (44 Remix).”
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West Virginia Trans Student Says Assistant Principal Harassed Him Over Bathroom Use

An assistant principal at a West Virginia high school allegedly harassed a 15-year-old transgender student over his bathroom use, taunting him to "come out here and use the urinal" in order to prove whether he was really a boy.According to a letter by the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia, Liberty High School sophomore Michael Critchfield says the official misgendered him throughout the humiliating exchange before concluding: "I’m not going to lie. You freak me out."The civil righ...
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The 10 Best Indie Rock Albums of 2018

None Indie rock may be one of the most fluid and intangible terms currently imposed upon musicians. It holds no real indication of what the music will sound like, and many of the artists aren't even independent. But more than a sonic indicator, indie rock represents a spirit. It's a spirit found where folk songsters and punk rockers come together to dialogue about what they're fed up with in mainstream culture. In so doing they uplift each other and celebrate each other's unique qualities. He...
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Michelle Obama's Book Tour Will Continue In 2019

There's no stopping Michelle Obama now. The former first lady, whose memoir Becoming quickly rose to be the most sold hardcover book of 2018, is extending her tour well into next year.“I’ve been so humbled by the response to the tour thus far and the overwhelming interest we’ve received from so many communities we weren’t able to visit this year,” Obama exclusively told People. “That’s why I’m thrilled that we’re able to expand our conversations to these new settings and wider audiences. I can’...
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New Music To Know This Week: The Best New Holiday Songs Of 2018

Ever since my first job at MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to match people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book calledRecord Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Get everything I've recommended this year on Spotify, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and leave a comment below telling me what you're listening to this week. John Leg...
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