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Krautrock legends Faust: ‘We were naked and stoned a lot – and we ate dog food’

They blagged a fortune off their label after promising to be ‘the German Beatles’ – then went wild in the countryside making experimental krautrock. But was there more to Faust than pneumatic drills and nude donkey rides?Jean-Hervé Peron, former bassist and vocalist with Faust, would like to get something straight about his old band – specifically, the period in the early 1970s when they were living in a commune in Wümme, a rural area outside Hamburg. Faust’s time in Wümme is one of the great sa...
Tags: Music, Germany, Jimi Hendrix, Culture, Pop and rock, Electronic Music, Kraftwerk, Experimental music, Hamburg, Faust, Krautrock, Polydor, Hervé Peron, Wümme, Hamburg Faust, Uwe Nettelbeck

‘I’m so glad you guys exist!’ Carrie Brownstein meets the Linda Lindas

When teenage LA punks the Linda Lindas went viral, they caught the attention of Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel and original riot grrrl, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, who joins them for a cross-generational chinwagIn May, the US punk band the Linda Lindas went viral with a performance of their no-holds-barred track Racist, Sexist Boy. Written in response to a real-life incident in which drummer Mila de la Garza was racially harassed by a classmate, the song alternates between sludgy punk and br...
Tags: Music, La, US, Los Angeles, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Indie, Carrie Brownstein, Epitaph Records, Sleater Kinney, Lucia, Mila, Los Angeles Public Library, Linda Lindas, Amy Poehler Jimmy Kimmel

Adele: Easy on Me review – reliably, relatably Adele-esque

(Columbia)The first single from her divorce-focused new album 30 is quintessential Adele: piano, romantic recrimination, and soaring vocal workAdele’s statement announcing the release of her fourth album was published on social media earlier this week. In it, the singer doesn’t talk much about music, more about her emotional state during the album’s making, provoked, one assumes, by the breakdown of her marriage: “absolute mess and inner turmoil … consumed by grief”. She compared the album she m...
Tags: Music, Hollywood, La, Adele, UK News, World news, Culture, Pop and rock, Vogue

Adele’s heartfelt new single Easy on Me wins praise from Lil Nas X and Alicia Silverstone: ‘You always make me cry’

Attracting more than half a million views within an hour of the song being uploaded, the emotional ballad is the singer’s first release in six yearsAdele has finally released a much-anticipated new single, Easy on Me – with a film clip that attracted more than half a million views within an hour of being uploaded to YouTube.After a six-year hiatus for the 15-time Grammy-winning singer, the song is the first track from her fourth album, 30, due out on 19 November, which reflects the “inner turmoi...
Tags: Music, Adele, Culture, Pop and rock, Alicia Silverstone, Simon Konecki

60s hitmakers Manfred Mann: ‘I’ve sung this 10,000 times and never liked it!’

They had screaming fans and transatlantic hits as part of the 60s’ British invasion – an unlikely result for a band of jazz and blues heads. Still touring as the Manfreds, they look back on one of the strangest catalogues in UK popIn an office in the middle of Pinewood Studios, former members of Manfred Mann are discussing their EP The One in the Middle. It was recorded in 1964, at the height of their first flush of fame – between the first and second sessions for the EP, their single Do Wah Did...
Tags: Music, UK, US, Culture, Pop and rock, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Dylan, Pinewood Studios, Byrds, Manfred Mann, Wah Diddy Diddy

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres review – slipping status prompts a desperate pop pivot

(Polydor)Crafted with one eye firmly on the Spotify stats, the band’s synths-heavy ninth album features BTS and Selena Gomez amid a muddled cosmic conceptIn 2004, Chris Martin wrote a brief essay about U2 for Rolling Stone magazine. They were, he said, “the only band whose entire catalogue I know by heart”, although you didn’t need him to tell you that Coldplay were a band created in U2’s image. Like U2, who spent their early years being sneered at by the post-punk cognoscenti, Coldplay were nev...
Tags: Music, Bono, America, Culture, Pop and rock, Chris Martin, Selena Gomez, Coldplay, Rolling Stone, Glastonbury, Bts

Blondie’s 20 greatest songs – ranked!

As they reissue their 1981 festive EP Yuletide Throwdown, we rate the best of the New York band who strutted through punk, disco and pop with absolute coolWhen it came to picking cover versions, you couldn’t fault Chris Stein and Debbie Harry’s taste, hence this slickly appealing take on the Paragons’ John Holt-penned 1967 single. Extra points for the video, which involves Darth Vader, a flooded apartment and a dancer unaccountably dressed as Pan – it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Contin...
Tags: Music, New York, Culture, Pop and rock, Darth Vader, Blondie, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, John Holt

63% of Black music makers have experienced racism in UK industry – study

Survey of 1,718 performers, creatives and staff reveals microgression, pay disparities and discrimination are rifeDespite increased representation within the British music industry, the UK sector remains hostile to Black creators and professionals, according to a report that highlights the effects of systemic racism on mental health and a racial pay gap that disproportionately affects Black women.The first Black Lives in Music study found that 63% of Black music creators had experienced direct o...
Tags: Health, Business, Music, UK, Money, Race, Society, UK News, World news, Music Industry, Work & careers, Mental Health, Culture, Pop and rock, Hip-hop, Discrimination at work

K-boom! How the unstoppable stars of K-pop went gunning for the art world

First came K-cinema, then K-pop and K-TV. Now South Korea’s young stars are conquering the world with K-art. But what do their dark visions say about their nation’s psyche – and ours?Ohnim is having a blue period, just like Picasso. Over Zoom from a gallery in Seoul, the Korean rapper Song Min-ho, better known as Mino to K-pop fans but Ohnim in the art world, shows me a painting he finished the previous evening in collaboration with artist Choi Na-ri. It depicts a blue crouched figure, like a de...
Tags: Art, South Korea, Music, London, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Pop and rock, Sculpture, Korea, Installation, Exhibitions, Seoul, Rodin, Saatchi Gallery, Saatchi

PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Madonna: the unseen archives of rock photographer Tony Mott

He’s partied with Queen. Tom Petty had his email. Now one of Australia’s most accomplished rock photographers has been digging through his negativesRock’n’roll photographer Tony Mott has led the kind of life that for the rest of us seems like a surreal dream. Travelling with Paul McCartney. Partying with Queen. He has photographed everyone from Prince to Rihanna to Marianne Faithfull. But when he talks about his work, what’s clear is his unbridled passion and affection for music and its creators...
Tags: Music, Australia, Rihanna, Culture, Pop and rock, Sydney, Paul Mccartney, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Sinead O'connor, Kylie Minogue, Sonic Youth, Whitney Houston, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Kim Gordon

‘It was ridiculous. It was amazing’: the lost pop of 80s Yugoslavia

Pre-civil war, Yugoslavian musicians defied the limitations of technology to make superb electro-pop in an apparent socialist utopia Bell-bottomed revellers clad in shining shirts, dancing the night away, were a familiar sight in the party capitals of the world circa 1970. But in brutalist New Belgrade, it was a brand new experience: in the basement of a sports hall, the first discotheque in socialist Yugoslavia was born.The country no longer exists, having splintered into fragments following wa...
Tags: Europe, Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Electronic Music, Experimental music, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, New Belgrade

‘My God, we were mobbed so much!’ – how we made Overload, by Sugababes

‘Some people thought our vocals sounded sarcastic. I felt like I was just being a normal teenager, moody as hell’We made Overload at Mayfair Studios in Primrose Hill. We were running between two rooms, recording the poppier stuff for our debut album, One Touch, with Matt Rowe, who was famous for his work with the Spice Girls. And then, in the other room, working on Overload with [co-producer/writer] Cameron McVey and his team. The writing process was pretty organic, everyone adding lyrics and me...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Cameron, Spice Girls, Primrose Hill, Matt Rowe, Sugababes, Mayfair Studios, Cameron McVey

Tom Morello: ‘We came within a baby’s breath of a fascist coup in the US’

Lockdown and ‘looking after the grandmas’ may have kept the Rage Against the Machine guitarist away from recent protests – but he refuses to be silencedTom Morello has made more than 20 albums, as a founding member of Rage Against the Machine – the political rap-rock band who have sold 16m records, and whose 1992 track Killing in the Name has become a perennial protest anthem – and of the bands Audioslave and Prophets of Rage. He also plays solo under the name the Nightwatchman, and has toured w...
Tags: Europe, Music, Metal, Bruce Springsteen, US, Culture, US politics, Pop and rock, Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello, Morello, Audioslave, George Floyd, US Capitol Attack, Springsteen Eddie Vedder Damian Marley

Roger Taylor: ‘My most treasured possession? A massive statue of Freddie’

The Queen drummer and singer-songwriter on former girlfriends, forgetting lyrics and liking red wineBorn in Norfolk, Roger Taylor, 72, is an original member of the band Queen, which formed in 1970. Their hits include Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga. Taylor’s new solo album is Outsider, and he is currently on tour in the UK. The Queen + Adam Lambert’s Rhapsody European tour takes place next year. Taylor is married, has five children and lives in Surrey and Cornwall.When were y...
Tags: Music, UK, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Queen, Surrey, Norfolk, Taylor, Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor, Ga Ga Taylor

‘If there is a God, this is what he put us on Earth to do’: the unlikely return of Tears for Fears

When personal tragedy struck Roland Orzabal, he found solace returning to a band with its own fractious history. Now, with their first album in 17 years, he and Curt Smith say they’ve come full circleSome years ago, Curt Smith, the singer and songwriter best known as one half of Tears for Fears, found himself in Vancouver. He was filming one of several guest spots he made on the US TV detective series Psych, and after work that day he joined the rest of the cast at a local karaoke bar.There, bef...
Tags: Music, UK, US, Earth, Culture, Pop and rock, Smith, Curt Smith, Roland Orzabal

From hardcore to bardcore: Kedr Livanskiy, the Russian producer inspired by Tolkienists

Livanskiy’s operatic vocals and hazy beats put her at the forefront of Moscow’s underground club scene. Now she’s retreated from the city to the forest to nurture her imaginationYana Kedrina’s earliest exposure to music came in a wooden dacha in a pine-forested village 2,000 miles from Moscow. Kedrina’s grandmother, who built the summer cottage with her husband, would invite Kedrina and her seven sisters over to sing Russian folk songs and drink cherry leaf tea. The rustic surroundings and feeli...
Tags: Europe, Music, Russia, World news, Culture, Pop and rock, Moscow, Dance music, Electronic Music, Tomsk, Livanskiy, Kedrina, Moscow Kedrina

‘I saw something in Bruce Springsteen that nobody else saw’: the world according to Stevie Van Zandt

The Boss’s trusty sideman has many plans – from saving central America to TV Hogmanay at the Playboy Mansion – and he’s more than happy to share his rock wisdom It is the middle of the 1980s, and Stevie Van Zandt, having departed the E Street Band and left Bruce Springsteen’s side, is pursuing a solo career. He has also parlayed decades of experience playing in bar bands into a new and unusual role: international activist and campaigner against injustice. And so he finds himself, in company with...
Tags: Books, Music, Bruce Springsteen, Television, US, America, Culture, Pop and rock, The Sopranos, Autobiography and memoir, Nicaragua, Playboy Mansion, Jackson Browne, Rosario Murillo, Daniel Ortega, Stevie Van Zandt

‘We were witness to magic’: ex-Drones drummer Mike Noga’s posthumous swansong

In the lead-up to the belated release of an apocalyptic yet hopeful final album, the late musician’s family open up about his talents and strugglesIn July 2020 a jubilant Mike Noga took to social media to announce the forthcoming release of a new solo album, Open Fire. “It’s been a long time in the making but I couldn’t be prouder of this one,” he wrote in a Facebook post.One month later news broke that the singer, songwriter and former drummer for the Drones – who played with the acclaimed Aust...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Australia news, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Culture, Pop and rock, Gig Economy, Australian Music, Mike Noga

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett: Love for Sale review – jazz interloper livens up crooner’s swansong

Columbia/InterscopeThe pop diva and jazz maestro defy the latter’s recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis and team up once again, this time for a creditable set of Cole Porter coversWhen Lady Gaga announced her 2014 album of duets with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, various explanations were given for the existence of an album that would once have seemed unthinkable. It was a return to her roots: long before Stefani Germanotta changed her name and became an arty fixture in the downtown clubs of Manhattan, ...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Manhattan, Jazz, Lady Gaga, Cole Porter, Columbia, Gaga, BBC Radio, Tony Bennett, Stefani Germanotta, Before Cheek to Cheek Gaga

‘Racism is rampant’: Alien Weaponry, the metal band standing up for Māori culture

The New Zealand trio have gone global thanks to their forthright Māori-language songs, which confront colonial history and ongoing inequalityNew Zealand was a war zone in the mid-1800s. On one side were the British and the colonial government, craving a stranglehold on more of the country’s land. On the other were the indigenous Māori people, fighting to preserve tino rangatiratanga: their sovereignty and self-determination.On 29 April 1864, the British invaded Pukehinahina, also known as Gate P...
Tags: Music, Metal, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Pop and rock, New Zealand, Indigenous Peoples, Maori, inequalityNew Zealand, Pukehinahina

Rolling Stones review – a funky, heavy first show without Charlie Watts

The Dome at America’s Center, St Louis, MissouriThe veteran rockers return to the road with an emotional tribute to their longtime drummer and a reinvigorated sense of purposeFor many musicians, it has been an emotional return to live music after the coronavirus pandemic put a protracted end to touring. For the Rolling Stones, picking up their No Filter tour in Chuck Berry’s hometown of St Louis, Missouri, the stakes are even higher. Not only have the stalwart performers not played in more than ...
Tags: Music, America, World news, US news, Culture, Pop and rock, The Rolling Stones, Missouri, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Watts, St Louis Missouri, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Dome

Beatles on the brink: the truth about the Fab Four’s final days

The director’s new documentary weaves together hours of unseen footage to dispel many myths about the band’s final weeks. John Harris, who was involved in the project, tells the inside storyOn paper, the idea looked brilliant. In the opening weeks of January 1969, the Beatles were working up new songs for a televised concert, and being filmed as they did so. Where the event would take place was unclear – but as rehearsals at Twickenham film studios went on, one of their associates came up with t...
Tags: Books, Music, Film, John Lennon, Disney, George Harrison, The Beatles, Yoko Ono, Culture, Pop and rock, Paul Mccartney, Libya, Peter Jackson, Music Documentary, Ringo Starr, Mediterranean

‘We’re like Mork and Mindy!’ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, music’s odd couple

Fourteen years after their Grammy-winning debut, the roots duo have reunited – facing high expectations. They explain how they left their comfort zones with a ‘nuts but tasteful’ all-star bandMore than half a century since arriving to play his first show in the US with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant was in the strange position of having to explain himself to the authorities.“I had to prove that I was contributing to the betterment of the American system somehow, which is kind of cute, really,” Plant...
Tags: Music, US, Country, Culture, Pop and rock, Blues, Nashville, Robert Plant, Mindy, Alison Krauss, Mork, Zeppelin Robert Plant

Indie pop star Connie Constance: ‘People play with your career as if it’s not your entire life’

She was on a major label, hanging out with Dua Lipa – but being sidelined behind the scenes. Now independent and thriving, the UK musician has a cautionary tale for women in the music industryThe pandemic temporarily spelled game over for emerging pop stars: who could compete for headlines and livestreams with the likes of Dua Lipa? For Connie Constance, it stalled a career she had only just jump-started. A few months earlier, the Watford-born songwriter broke ties with AMF, then an imprint of V...
Tags: Music, UK, London, US, Los Angeles, Music Industry, Culture, Pop and rock, Indie, Watford, Sims, AMF, Dua Lipa, Connie Constance, Constance Power, George Floyd Marcus Rashford

Sarah Dash, member of Lady Marmalade trio Labelle, dies aged 76

New Jersey-born singer had a US No 1 hit with the R&B trio, and later worked with the Rolling StonesSarah Dash, member of R&B trio Labelle who had a US No 1 hit with Lady Marmalade, has died aged 76.No cause of death has been given, though she had reportedly told family she was feeling unwell in recent days. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, US, US news, Soul, Culture, Pop and rock, New Jersey, R&B, LaBelle, Sarah Dash

Iggy Pop on finding new music: ‘At my age, it helps to remain curious’

The source of the rocker’s enviable eternal youth? In the words of the man himself, it’s avidly rooting out new artists into his 70s (and beyond)I keep reading that we decline in our 70s so I try to keep using my brain. Discovering new music opens my mind and the element of surprise keeps me connected. I feel like I’m mining for diamonds – and when you find the diamond, you know. When I heard Chaise Longue by Wet Leg I got really excited: it’s cheeky, with a wicked groove, but it’s the vocals – ...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Iggy Pop

Ed Sheeran announces stadium tour for 2022

Singer-songwriter will play 12 UK dates, including three at Wembley Stadium, plus 15 more across EuropeFollowing his ÷ tour, which ran from 2017 to 2019 and became the highest-grossing tour of all time, Ed Sheeran is returning to the live stage in a series of stadium shows for 2022.Beginning 12 May in Belfast, he will play 12 concerts in the UK, travelling to Cardiff, Sunderland, Manchester and Glasgow, and ending with three nights at Wembley Stadium in London. Fifteen further dates straddle 11 ...
Tags: Europe, Music, UK, London, UK News, Culture, Pop and rock, Ed Sheeran, Wembley Stadium, Glasgow, Belfast, Europe Continue, Cardiff Sunderland Manchester

‘Everything just kept getting bigger!’ Genesis on prog, 80s stardom and Phil Collins’s health

As they prepare what could be their final tour after 54 years, the British rock greats reflect on who they lost along the way, how they survived punk – and why Phil is skiving off his vocal practice‘Genesis have always been slightly below the radar,” says keyboardist Tony Banks. “We’ve never been part of a current trend; we don’t tend to get awards; we’re just sort of … there. People that like us really like us, though, and that’s all we care about.”“Below the radar” may be a strange way of desc...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Genesis, Phil, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks

Britney Spears’ 30 greatest songs – ranked!

As she celebrates her engagement and fights for her autonomy, we celebrate the best of an artist who helped to define 21st-century popSpears previously flirted with dubstep on 2007’s Blackout, but it was Hold It Against Me that dragged the then-underground dance music into the mainstream. A decade later, and its blistering amalgamation of industrial EDM and saccharine pop melodies still feels every bit as audacious and innovative. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Madonna, Britney Spears, The Neptunes

Elton John in ‘considerable pain’ after fall, reschedules UK tour

Star will have operation on hip injury, and will move 22 arena dates to April 2023Elton John has announced he recently suffered an injury in a fall, and has postponed numerous UK tour dates as he recovers.In a statement, he said: Continue reading...
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