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A history of "Afternoon Delight," the "dirtiest song ever to top the Billboard Hot 100"

Rob Tannenbaum has a thoroughly good time writing about the history of the Starland Vocal Band's 1976 soft rock ballad "Afternoon Delight" in his GQ essay, "Skyrockets In Flight: The Strange Story of the Dirtiest Number One Ever." "Afternoon Delight" is cheerful and sprightly. — Read the rest
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Are you in a "music bubble"? Check out local variations in #1 hits

There were 183 different #1 hits in May 2021, depending on location. To see how your city compares to others, check out this data journalism project by The Pudding that uses Youtube's API. This 2021 edition includes more regions of the globe than previous editions. — Read the rest
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This Nine Inch Nails/Hall & Oates mash-up is a wonderful match made in hell

Bill McClintock brings together Hall & Oates's new wave R&B classic "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" from 1981 with the Nine Inch Nails industrial-funk hit "Closer" (1994) into an oddly killer mash-up. The guitar solo is courtesy of Iron Maiden's "Flight of the Icarus" (1983). — Read the rest
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Barefoot string quartet—floating on a giant violin—performs Vivaldi in Venice

What an incredible project! I came across this giant violin-boat while scrolling through TikTok and had to know more. This is what I learned, via Reuters: Music lovers in Venice were treated to a string quartet playing onboard a large violin-shaped boat as it motored slowly along one of the city's famous canals. — Read the rest
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Britney Spears free of father's control

Jamie Spears, the father of pop star Britney Spears, was today removed from her conservatorship in what CNN describes as a legal victory in her "fight to regain control of her life." Control of Britney, placed under a conservatorship 13 years ago after a reported mental health crisis, amounts to control of her $60m fortune—a sharpener and a sweetener for the myriad of personae deeply interested in her wellbeing. — Read the rest
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Here's the first single from the unreleased David Bowie album coming in January

After David Bowie played the Glastonbury music festival in 2000, he hit the recording studio to reimagine a set of songs that he first recorded in the late 1960s. The album, titled Toy, will finally be released on Bowie's 75th birthday, January 7, 2022. — Read the rest
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Lonnie Smith, jazz organ giant, RIP

The great Dr. Lonnie Smith who has been pushing the edges of jazz organ since the 1960s died yesterday at age 79. Smith recorded groundbreaking sessions for Columbia Records and Blue Note, eventually creating cross-genre collaborations with the likes of The Roots, Norah Jones, and, most recently, Iggy Pop. — Read the rest
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How a math trick helped one band made 500% more in streaming music royalties

Pitchfork recently reported a game-changing accounting revolution in the music industry: Under SoundCloud's "fan-powered" royalty model, unveiled in March, a listener's subscription or advertising revenue goes directly to the artists to whom they listen in a given period of time; that's instead of the "pro-rata" model typically used by Spotify and other streaming services where money is pooled and divvied up to rights holders based on their market share. — Read the rest
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Animals returned to enclosure in Radiohead's latest music video

Radiohead's If You Say The Word has a bleakly amusing video ("bleak by amusingly bleak" if you need an accurate compass direction) in which escaped managers are rounded up and returned to their natural habitat. I love it all the same, but the whole "isn't middle-class work terrible? —
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New mathematical paper shows songs spread like viruses

How do earworms propagate? A study published this week in the Royal Society uses models from epidemiology to track the spread of music. The researchers use "data from MixRadio, comprising song downloads through Nokia cell phones in Great Britain from 2007 to 2014." — Read the rest
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Bowie edition stylophone

Famously used by David Bowie in his classic hit Space Oddity, the Dübreq Stylophone now bears his name [Amazon]. It's $5 more expensive than a normal stylophone but I'm a complete sucker and I just ordered it. Limited-edition David Bowie-inspired synthesizerSpecial white design featuring embossed Bowie logoFull colour booklet celebrating David Bowie's work and featuring exclusive contributions and archive photographs If Bowie used the larger and more wieldy 350 model in the studio, he didn...
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Richard H Kirk, co-founder of Cabaret Voltaire, RIP

Groundbreaking electronic musician Richard H Kirk, co-founder of Cabaret Voltaire, has died at age 65. From his earliest work in the early 1970s to the present, Kirk was a massive influence on countless artists and genres, from New Order, 808 State, and Scanner to acid house, EDM, and dub techno. — Read the rest
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Listen to the very different demo of Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

Before Eminem's anthemic "Lose Yourself" was featured in the 2002 film 8 Mile, there was an earlier demo version of the song with very different lyrics. No mom's spaghetti! In the interview below from when the demo was officially released in 2014, Eminem said he doesn't "remember recording" the scratch track or "where I was at when I recorded it." — Read the rest
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"Black Me Out" review — a powerful journey through punk rock and gender dysphoria

Black Me Out is a new Audible original from the company's "Words + Music" series, written and narrated by Laura Jane Grace, the singer of Against Me! and the author of the provocative music memoir Tranny. And it's fantastic. It's the musical memoir I've been waiting for for years — even though I kind-of already heard it. — Read the rest
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Crispin Glover's "Clowny Clown Clown" music video is a gem

‌‌Crispin Glover's "Clownly Clown Clown" is a far out song and music video from 1988. Glover is an actor, artist, filmmaker, author, and collector/archivist of esoterica. This video features a sexy dancing clown, creepy pig mask, strange footage of a masked  woman laying in a medical chair, and Glover Himself. — Read the rest
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A word processor that improvises keyboard jazz while you type

"Jazzkeys" was created by Plan8, a design firm that does music/sound for brands, film and interactive what-have-yous. It's a word processor that plays music as you type — each keypress is translated into a piano note, which the software strings together in a vague improvisation, in realtime. — Read the rest
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Radioactive Tubular Girls: mashup of Kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield and Duran Duran

It was today brought to my attention that we have never posted Radiactive Tubular Girls, LeeDM101's perfect mashup of Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk, Duran Duran and (courtesy of Instamatic's video) midcentury public information films about nukes. I might pose this as the last gasp of the 2000s, but honestly, the 2000s never really deserved anything this good and LeeDM101 never stopped being good. — Read the rest
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Uplifting video of New Wavers dancing at a club in the 1980s

The Stratus was a dance club in Spring Valley, California where New Wavers and alternative kids got their eyeliner, hairspray, and boogie on. This fantastic footage is circa 1986-1987 when (ahem) everyday was Halloween. I used to spend every Friday and Saturday night here in the late 1980s but it was called the Metro/Clubhaus and it was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. — Read the rest
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Soliloquy For Lilith is one of my favorite Nurse With Wound albums

Nurse with Wound's 1988 album Soliloquy for Lilith puts me in the perfect headspace when I'm drawing or writing about creepy subject matter. If you're a fan of dark ambient music, you might dig this album. Filled with industrial drone sounds, it has a meditative yet dark mood. — Read the rest
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Todd Haynes's Velvet Underground documentary looks to be magnificent

The Velvet Underground is my favorite band of all time. I've worn out the first four albums, hunted down the bootlegs, read the books, watched the films, and smiled nervously at Lou Reed across the room during a Laurie Anderson concert. — Read the rest
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Superb, inexpensive microphones built into 12-gauge shotgun shells

When my country band the Delorean Sisters was recording our second album, our phenomenal audio engineer Drew Guido set up a mic stand to record my acoustic guitar—and pulled out the weirdest-looking microphone I'd ever seen. It was one of the ones you see here, made by Brad Martin of "12 Gauge Microphones". — Read the rest
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Dub reggae visionary Lee Scratch Perry, RIP

Legendary reggae musician, visionary producer, and master of the mixing board Lee Scratch Perry has died at 85 years-old. He was a pioneer of roots reggae and dub whose essential releases with his band The Upsetters and relentless studio experimentation influenced musical genres from post-punk to hip hop, experimental ambient, and electronic dance music. — Read the rest
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Sweet Dreams played by an orchestra of electronic gadgets

Battery-powered toothbrushes, card readers, a clothes iron and a dot-matrix printer are among the gadgets used by Device Orchestra (previously) to perform this satisfyingly crunchy cover of The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams.
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Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, RIP

Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, died today. He was 80-years-old. "Charlie Watts has always been the bed that I lie on musically," wrote Keith Richards in 2010. And here's a wonderful Watts anecdote captured by author Victor Bockris in his biography of Richards: — Read the rest
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Simon Gallup has quit The Cure (again)

Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure for forty years, has quit the band. "With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of the Cure!" he posted to Facebook. "Good luck to them all…"  After a commenter inquired about his health, Gallup responded: "I'm ok… just got fed up of betrayal." — Read the rest
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Iggy Pop is now the pitchman for Unagi Scooters

My old friend David Hyman is the founder of Unagi, a high-end electric scooter company that's all about the intersection of fine design and urban mobility. David is also a deep music head with a crazy amount of charisma and connections so it makes sense that he managed to enlist a legend like Iggy Pop to be his pitchman. — Read the rest
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Rousing rendition of Motörhead's "Ace of Spades" on church bells

In Weert, The Netherlands, during the recent Torenfestival (Tower Festival), carillon musician Frank Steijns had the opportunity to play the carillon bells of Sint Martinuskerk, the gothic church built in 1456. On that day, the glorious sounds of Motörhead's "Ace of Spades" rang through the town! —
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Listen to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with its very different original lyrics

In 1983, Rod Temperton wrote the song "Starlight" for Michael Jackson forthcoming album. Producer Quincy Jones determined that the song would be a great title track but "Starlight" didn't cut it as an album title. From Wikipedia: Instead, they wanted something "mysterious to match Michael's evolving persona." — Read the rest
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Pitchfork reviews the Peppa Pig album

Peppa's Adventures: The Album is not the four-eyed piglet's first outing, but it is the first to be reviewed by Pitchfork. On My First Album, Peppa made a careful study of Brian Wilson's sunny melodies and progressive pop structure. — Read the rest
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