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Austin Lucas Shares Politically-Charged "Already Dead" (premiere)

He says, "Our world is at the edge of a great changing of paradigms, and it comes to each of us to choose where we will stand. I've chosen an inclusive world of beauty and acceptance, the kind of place where we can all dance to our own beat, without fear of the echoing boot heels of authoritarian, fascist bullies. They may seek to terrorize us into submission, but they can't stop joy, they can't stop love. The right ain't got no rhythm, and it falls to us to dance these bastards out of power...
Tags: Music, Premiere, Lucas, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Austin Lucas, Folk Punk, Heartland rock

VickiKristinaBarcelona Celebrate Tom Waits on "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" (premiere)

Homi adds, "They are truly geniuses, using one continuous shot for the entire piece. We happened to have a whole bunch of action shots of us dressed in Carnival costumes goofing around from a photoshoot with the great Albie Mitchell, our official photographer, that suited the video perfectly." "It seems like people are ready for some light-hearted silliness. It's also pretty cool to be in company with the Ramones who covered the song," said Radigan. What the trio taps into on this rendition...
Tags: Music, Experimental, Tom Waits, Premiere, Don, Ramones, Punk Rock, Avant-Garde, Homi, VickiKristinaBarcelona, Cabaret rock, Albie Mitchell, Radigan

Raye Zaragoza's "Fight Like a Girl" Shatters the Idea of What Women Can and Can't Do (premiere)

Produced by Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Modest Mouse), "Fight Like a Girl" brings us more of the forward-driving, conscionable indie-folk that Zaragoza has always championed. It's an easily accessible song that lends itself to an everlasting message of resilience and inclusivity, and one that will offer itself as the soundtrack for many movements to come. Zaragoza continues to be a resonant voice for young women with multicultural upbringings. Zaragoza will be hosting StageIt concert...
Tags: Music, Premiere, Zaragoza, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Tucker Martine, Indie folk, Raye Zaragoza

British Folk Duo Orpine Share Blissful New Song "Two Rivers" (premiere)

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Tags: Music, Premiere, Folk, Indie folk, Orpine

Blesson Roy Gets "In Tune With the Moon" (premiere)

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Tags: Music, Premiere, Alternative Rock, Slowcore, Blesson roy

Iceland Post-Rockers VAR Get Back to Basics With "Run" (premiere)

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Tags: Music, Rock, Iceland, Premiere, Indie Rock, Var, Post-rock

Whitney Rose Gets Stonesy With "In a Rut" (premiere + interview)

I love how the album ends with the title track. It has just a tiny bit of a departure from the other material. I didn't really know where else to put it. I like that track because it is different. To me, it had a "Love" from the Robin Hood soundtrack vibe. I think when a lot of people hear this record, they'll think I'm departing from country music. The title implied a lot of things: Don't worry, I still identify as a country artist. The song reminds me that you can still do fun things when t...
Tags: Music, Robin Hood, Country, Americana, Premiere, Don, Whitney Rose, Ameripolitan, Countrypolitan

Alex de Grassi Explores Different Paths with "The Bridge" (premiere)

He continues, "At night, headlights of cars crossing the bridge create a steady rhythm of flickering of light between the uprights of the railing, and that rhythm became the basis for the piece, a steady ostinato over which the long, syncopated notes of the melody unfold slowly. I wanted to convey both that image as well as the perspective of the driver approaching, crossing, and then arriving at the other side. For me, there is a sense of mystery, a little bit of danger, as well as getting lo...
Tags: Music, Americana, Premiere, Guitar, Alex de Grassi, Classical guitar, Fingerstyle guitar, Tropo records, Six degrees records

British Alt-Pop Band Polo Cast a Lasting Spell with New Single "Witch Hunt" (premiere)

Between 1644 and 1647, the self-appointed Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, was responsible for the hanging of more people for the crime of witchcraft than in the entire 100 years prior. Hopkins' arrival came at a time when the populations' general anxieties were fuelled by economic uncertainty and the threat of civil war. His success was, in large part, a result of the public demand to vilify a single group for the ills that were befalling large swathes of the English countryside. Women...
Tags: Music, Mixed Media, Polo, Leeds, Premiere, Witch Hunt, Hopkins, Matthew Hopkins, Electro-pop, Alt-pop, Luke Lount

The Seshen Are "Faster Than Before" on New Single (premiere)

"'Faster Than Before' represents the continuous search for who I am beyond the constructs I've been conditioned with," she continues. "Swimming in people-pleasing, compromising myself for the sake of others and circumstance has been detrimental to my psyche and I am creating the path through it."At what seems like the end of her path in the video, she finds the figures from her memories and lies down before them. They blindfold her, walk away, and let an incoming ocean tide splash against her,...
Tags: Music, R&B, Premiere, The Seshen, Electropop, Alternative r&b, Electrosoul, Alternative pop, St Juste

Avant-Rockers Disturbed Furniture Continue Upward Trajectory With "Halo of Pain" (premiere)

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Tags: Music, Premiere, Punk Rock, Post-punk, Art Rock, Avant-rock, Disturbed furniture

El Búho and DJ Raff Celebrate Chilean Social Resistance with "Resiliencia" (premiere)

DJ Raff's work, of course, has been foundational in Chilean hip-hop since the '90s, when Rafael Pérez first started putting together loops and beats with other young artists growing up in what was another politically turbulent time for the nation. Since then, as DJ Raff, he has circled the globe. So has Perkins, whose music career took shape more recently in Mexico and has landed him for the time being in Paris. Kindred spirits in many ways, the two came together for "Resiliencia" in ways that...
Tags: Music, Mexico, Paris, Premiere, Electronic, Latin, Perkins, Raff, Folktronica, Dj raff, El búho, DJ Raff Celebrate Chilean Social Resistance, Rafael Pérez, Resiliencia, Ramas, Wonderwheel

Roo Panes Previews New EP 'Pacific' with Two Tracks (premiere)

Speaking on the forthcoming release, Panes says, "The reason I liked the idea of releasing this A- and B-side is because on this EP I've tried quite a lot of new ideas and textures, but also have some songs which are more traditionally me. 'Colour in Your Heart' and 'Pacific' represent this. 'Colour in Your Heart' is a new sound experiment, and whilst being excited to share that as a single, I also wanted 'Pacific' to be there to show the continuity with my other work. Together I think they ...
Tags: Music, Pacific, Premiere, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Indie folk, Roo panes

Lord Buffalo Expand Americana's Horizons via "Dog Head" (premiere)

"This is a song from the new LP, Tohu Wa Bohu, and while the album version begins as a dark, downtempo piano creeper, we'd been doing the song live with an extended intro of bowed guitar and violin. Lord Buffalo songs often come out a little different every night, and we wanted to capture a little of that with this live-in-studio version of 'Dog Head'. 'Dog Head' begins with a drone of bowed guitar and violin and the holds to the low road until the switch gets flipped and fuzzed-out guitar b...
Tags: Music, Americana, Premiere, Neo-psychedelia, Folk Rock, Indie folk, Lord Buffalo, Psychedelic folk, Psychedelic americana, Tohu Wa Bohu

Ayreon Preview 'Electric Castle Live' Concert Film with "Amazing Flight" (premiere)

In a nutshell, the LP ties into the larger Ayreon storyline by revolving around eight strangers brought together by the saga's primary recurring character—Forever of the Stars—to embark on a mythical quest. As for Electric Castle Live and Other Tales, it was recorded over four nights at Tilburg's 013 venue in September 2019; aside from playing the entire album, Lucassen and company also delve into one track from each of his side projects (The Gentle Storm, Ambeon, Stream of Passion, Star One...
Tags: Music, Premiere, Kayleigh, Tilburg, Epica, Progressive Rock, Power Metal, Lucassen, Simone Simons, Progressive metal, Experimental rock, Ayreon, Marillion, Thijs van Leer Focus, Damian Wilson Headspace, Anneke van Giersbergen Devin Townsend

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