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Paul Weller’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!

Drawn from the Jam, the Style Council and his solo work, all of it powered by romance, storytelling and political vim, here is the best of a British songwriter unbounded by genreOn the B-side of A Solid Bond in Your Heart lurks Weller’s mea culpa take on the sudden demise of the Jam, the arrogance of youth and the perils of becoming the Voice of a Generation. “I was a shit-stained statue / Schoolchildren would stand in awe … I thought I was lord of this crappy jungle.” Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Soul, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, R&B, Paul Weller, Style Council, Weller, The Jam

‘We have to fight for what is right’: Patti Smith on gender, Sally Rooney and Cop26

In the run-up to the climate conference, the rock’n’roll poet reflects – with a little help from her daughter – on a life spent breaking barriers, hanging out with Dylan and learning to InstagramMore than two decades ago, Patti Smith and a group of other artists were sitting with the Dalai Lama when the late Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys asked the Tibetan spiritual leader a question: what’s the number-one thing that young people can do to make a better world? Without missing a beat, the Dalai L...
Tags: Books, Music, New York, Tibet, Poetry, Environment, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Patti Smith, Dalai Lama, Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Dylan, Adam Yauch, Sally Rooney

The greatest songs about the climate crisis – ranked!

As Cop26 opens in Glasgow, we provide the soundtrack, ranging from Gojira’s metal fury to gorgeous environmental paeans by Childish Gambino, Neil Young and Joni MitchellFrom its cover shot of a submerged bedroom down, 2019’s Titanic Rising feels like an album informed by the climate crisis, but the lyrics seldom address it explicitly. Something to Believe is the perfect example: a plea not to feel overwhelmed by or nihilistic about the challenges faced, beautifully steeped in the lush sound of e...
Tags: Music, Metal, Disco, Environment, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Soul, Neil Young, Culture, Pop and rock, Hip-hop, Punk, Indie, Dance music, Glasgow, Folk Music

All Time Low: US rock band deny allegations of sexual misconduct

‘We have to state with outright certainty that what is being said about us is completely and utterly false,’ band members sayThe US rock band All Time Low have denied allegations of sexual misconduct made against the band, including that guitarist Jack Barakat sexually abused an underage girl, calling them “absolutely and unequivocally false”.Earlier this month, a woman posted a video on TikTok claiming that an unnamed famous pop-punk act had invited her on to their tour bus when she was 13. She...
Tags: Music, US, US news, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Time Low, Jack Barakat

‘Our music charts are still kind of segregated’: critic Kelefa Sanneh on pop, fandom and race

The New Yorker writer’s book Major Labels examines why we tag music with a genre, be it for commerce or community. He explains why people still argue over great songs – and why they can thrive on cultural appropriationWhen Nik Cohn wrote Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age of Rock in 1969, he only had 15 years of the rock’n’roll era to process. Five decades later, telling the story so far is such a daunting prospect that, while writing Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Gen...
Tags: Books, Music, Race, Society, Rap, Culture, Pop and rock, Hip-hop, Punk, Nik Cohn, Kelefa Sanneh, Music books, Popular Music in Seven Genres New Yorker

‘I’m so glad you guys exist!’ Carrie Brownstein meets the Linda Lindas

When teenage LA punks the Linda Lindas went viral, they caught the attention of Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel and original riot grrrl, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, who joins them for a cross-generational chinwagIn May, the US punk band the Linda Lindas went viral with a performance of their no-holds-barred track Racist, Sexist Boy. Written in response to a real-life incident in which drummer Mila de la Garza was racially harassed by a classmate, the song alternates between sludgy punk and br...
Tags: Music, La, US, Los Angeles, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Indie, Carrie Brownstein, Epitaph Records, Sleater Kinney, Lucia, Mila, Los Angeles Public Library, Linda Lindas, Amy Poehler Jimmy Kimmel

The raging return of Idles: ‘We’ve always used violence as part of our vocabulary’

After scoring a No 1 in lockdown, the post-punk band’s singer Joe Talbot reflects on writing about car crashes, substance abuse and Rishi Sunak on their new albumTowards the end of Idles’ upcoming fourth album, Crawler, lead singer Joe Talbot comes to a euphoric realisation. “In spite of it all,” the 37-year-old howls, “life is beautiful.”It’s an apt conclusion for a band who have endured personal tragedy and childhood trauma, and in just four years cemented their status as the face of British p...
Tags: Music, UK, UK News, Culture, NHS, Punk, Talbot, IDLES, Rishi Sunak, Joe Talbot

Amyl and the Sniffers’ Amy Taylor: ‘I wanna punch stuff and yell ... but not all the time’

Having blazed a trail with raucous gigs, the Melbourne punk band’s singer deepens her oft-caricatured image on their new albumThere is a moment at the end of Amyl and the Sniffers’ music video for Guided by Angels that sees frontwoman Amy Taylor quiet and alone, for once. After ripping down freeways and tunnels in the back of a Mitsubishi Lancer, her tiny body hanging halfway out of the back window, diving into the sea and dancing between the stationary Sniffers – drummer Bryce Wilson, guitarist...
Tags: Music, Pop and rock, Punk, Culture

‘We were called heretics and ostracised’: the Stranglers on fights, drugs and finally growing up

They brawled with the Sex Pistols, gaffer-taped a journalist to the Eiffel Tower and got thrown out of Sweden twice. Now, for their 18th album and final tour, the punks seem to be maturing at lastAs Jean-Jacques Burnel drily admits, the Stranglers had “a bad reputation for quite a while”. During the punk years, their many outrages ranged from being escorted out of Sweden by police with machine-guns (twice) to gaffer-taping a music journalist to the Eiffel Tower, 400ft up, upside down, without hi...
Tags: Music, Sweden, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Eiffel Tower, The Stranglers, Jean Jacques Burnel

Sex Pistols win legal fight against Johnny Rotten over songs

High court judge rules that Paul Cook and Steve Jones are entitled to use material in Pistol TV seriesThe former Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten, has lost a high court attempt to block the punk band’s songs from being used in a forthcoming drama series.The group’s former drummer, Paul Cook, and guitarist, Steve Jones, sued the band’s ex-singer, whose real name is John Lydon, to allow their songs to feature in Pistol, a TV series directed by Danny Boyle. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Television, Film, UK News, Culture, Television & radio, Punk, Danny Boyle, Sex Pistols, Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook, John Lydon

Young Thug – “Tick Tock”

For a long time now, the once-transgressive Atlanta rap star Young Thug has been talking about making an album called Punk. Last month, Thug debuted a bunch of tracks from the album in a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR, and he ended it by teasing an October release date. Travis Barker was involved. It seemed pretty bad. Today, Thug has released the first proper single from Punk, and the good news is that he’s not trying to go Machine Gun Kelly. The bad news is that he’s not trying to do much of anythi...
Tags: Music, Atlanta, Punk, Npr, Young Thug, New Music, Travis Barker, Emil Nava

Why don’t you get a jab? Offspring drummer ousted after refusing Covid vaccine

Pete Parada says ‘it been decided that I am unsafe to be around, in the studio, and on tour’ after turning down treatment on medical groundsPete Parada, drummer with Californian pop-punks the Offspring, has said he has been ousted from the band over his refusal to be vaccinated for Covid-19.In a post on Instagram, he said: “Since I am unable to comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate, it has recently been decided that I am unsafe to be around, in the studio, and on tour … y...
Tags: Music, US news, Culture, Infectious Diseases, Pop and rock, Punk, Vaccines and immunisation, Coronavirus, Pete Parada

Big quiffs, zombies and dead crows: the wild world of psychobilly

The turbocharged twist on rockabilly enraptured 80s punks and rock’n’rollers – and alienated plenty more – with its food fights, ferocious club nights and phantasmagoriaIf you wanted to date the moment one of the biggest youth subcultures of 80s Britain arrived, you could pick 40 years ago this month, on 4 July 1981. That night, at the Marquee club in Soho, a few hundred kids gathered to watch a band who were almost singlehandedly kickstarting a new wave of alternative music. Waiting for them to...
Tags: Music, Country, Culture, Britain, Pop and rock, Punk, Indie, David Lynch, Soho, Mark Harman

‘There are no rules now’: how gen Z reinvented pop punk

Twenty years ago, it was made by juvenile men in shorts. Now, from Meet Me @ the Altar to Olivia Rodrigo, diverse young women have reclaimed the genre – and made it the sound of the summerA white man whining about high school, his mediocre hometown or a faceless girl: that is what most people picture when they think of pop punk. In the 90s and 00s, all-male bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, New Found Glory and Sum 41 ruled the charts, looking like Jackass extras in Dickies pants and wallet cha...
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Sex Pistols in legal battle over music licensing for new Danny Boyle series

Steve Jones and Paul Cook are suing John Lydon, who has refused to give permission for Pistol to use the band’s musicThe Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook are suing frontman John Lydon over the use of their songs in Pistol, Danny Boyle’s forthcoming TV series about the band.Lydon has said he will not approve the licences for Pistol to use the band’s music unless he is ordered to by a court. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Television, Culture, Television & radio, Punk, Danny Boyle, Sex Pistols, Maisie Williams, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, John Lydon, Lydon

A History of Punk from 1976-78: A Free Online Course from the University of Reading

From Matthew Worley, professor of modern history at the University of Reading, comes the free online course Anarchy in the UK: A History of Punk from 1976-78. (Worley is also the author of the book, No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture.) The course covers the following ground: In the late 1970s, a new youth subculture emerged in the UK. This, of course, was punk, and a cultural revolt was underway. In this course, you will learn about the emergence of punk and its diverse ...
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New Music: Volk Gives a High-Octane Tour Through the Cowpunk Backstreets of “Cashville”

“It’s oh so quiet…. Shhhh, shhhh, it’s oh so still…” In the summer of 1995, Bjork prophesied where society would be in the weeks leading up to the release of Cashville, the debut album by glittering cowpunk glam rockers, Volk. As the nation emerges from a year in pandemic-related hibernation, it’s time to ‘blow blow blow a fuse and fall in love’ — because the devil has never cut loose better than in the album’s lead-in track, ‘Welcome to Cashville.’ We’ve featured Volk a few times here on...
Tags: Music, Hollywood, Cdc, Berlin, US, Austin, Punk, Nebraska, Bjork, Americana, Jim Crow, South, Chris, Popdose, Ennio Morricone, Ray

Tickets to Florida punk show are $18, or $999 if you haven't been vaccinated

St. Petersburg concert promoter Paul Williams booked a punk show at a VFA hall next month featuring Teenage Bottlerocket, Make War, and Rutterkin. Tickets are $18 unless you aren't vaccinated in which case the price is $999.99. From ABC Action News: "We're just trying to do a show safely. — Read the rest
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The Linda Lindas on their viral song Racist, Sexist Boy: ‘It’s good to let the anger out and scream’

The young band reflects on their newfound fame after a clip of their performance at the Los Angeles public library exploded onlineMila, 10, had barely heard of the coronavirus when a boy in her school said his father told him to stay away from Chinese people.“It was my first experience of racism, and I didn’t really know how to respond,” said the Los Angeles girl, recounting the conversation in fourth grade in March 2020, just before California shut down. She told him she was Chinese – and he ba...
Tags: Music, California, Race, Los Angeles, US news, Culture, Punk, Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas on their viral song Racist, Sexist Boy: ‘It’s good to let the anger out’

The young band reflects on their newfound fame after a clip of their performance at the Los Angeles public library exploded onlineMila, 10, had barely heard of the coronavirus when a boy in her school said his father told him to stay away from Chinese people.“It was my first experience of racism, and I didn’t really know how to respond,” said the Los Angeles girl, recounting the conversation in fourth grade in March 2020, just before California shut down. She told him she was Chinese – and he ba...
Tags: Music, California, Race, Los Angeles, US news, Culture, Punk, Linda Lindas

Lipstick Traces—Mass Culture's Pop Heart Is Late To The Party...Again

Greil Marcus Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century (1989) [My notes say:] pp. 70-73—on the explicit drawing of parallels between Punk and the Frankfurt School p. 70—"The inane radio jingle you heard too many times a day fed into a totality: to get that jingle off the air, you somehow understood, the radio had to be changed, which meant that society had to be changed." This "you somehow understood" isn't terribly important, unless it is. For me individually this was a...
Tags: Wikipedia, Change, Punk, Gm, Jazz, Stefan Kac, Frankfurt School, From A Postit, Marcus (greil, Punk And Punks, Mass Culture's Pop Heart

Post-punk band Au Pairs: ‘The Thatcher years gave us plenty of material’

Forty years ago, the Birmingham band released their debut album, and its frank, forthright songs about sex and equality are still pertinent. They explain how music gave their anger a voiceForty years ago this month, one of the best but often forgotten albums of the 1980s was released: Playing With a Different Sex by Birmingham band Au Pairs. The cover, an Eve Arnold photo showing female militia fighters heading into battle, is a good visual harbinger of the album’s friction-filled songs. Jane Mu...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Sexuality, Stewart Lee, Birmingham, Barbarella, Woods, Foad, Pete Hammond, Rock Against Racism, Eve Arnold, Jane Munro, Lesley Woods, Paul Foad

‘It reeked of hope and ambition’: 30 years of riot grrrl label Kill Rock Stars

Born in the Pacific north-west scene that produced grunge – but often in opposition to it – Kill Rock Stars pushed women to the front of the stage, and also gave Elliott Smith a platformIn 1991, something was brewing under the constant clouds of Olympia, Washington. Young people flocked there, DIY bands formed, fanzines were scrawled with fervour, and feminist politics galvanised young women. And a record label was founded to house it all.“Everyone was in a band, usually three,” remembers Tinuvi...
Tags: Music, Women, US, Life and style, Music Industry, Culture, Feminism, Pop and rock, Punk, Indie, Washington State, Seattle, Matthew, Sleater-kinney, Elliott Smith, Pacific North West

Platinum pop-punks the Offspring: 'We're outcasts among outcasts'

They scored a UK No 1 single and the biggest-selling independent album ever. Thirty-seven years into their career, the California band ponder middle-aged sex – and being denied respect“It’s very fashionable now to say, ‘When we were young, we didn’t fit in,’” says Dexter Holland, frontman for multi-platinum punk-rockers the Offspring, Zooming from the band’s plush Orange County recording studio. “But it really was true for us in high school, where everything was about looks, athleticism and popu...
Tags: Music, UK, California, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Indie, Holland, Orange County, Kevin, Wasserman, Dexter Holland

TV news report on the punk scene in Manchester, 1977

In this 1977 episode of the BBC2 current affairs program Brass Tacks, we meet the punks of Manchester. This is the scene from which Joy Division, The Smiths, The Fall, Simply Red would emerge. During the rollicking debate, keep your eyes peeled for young John Peel and Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, Music, News, Punk, Manchester, TV News, John Peel, Pete Shelley

J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr's teenage obsessions: 'When I turned 13, I felt I had to drop out of society'

As he prepares to release Dinosaur Jr’s 12th studio album, the slacker icon discusses his conflicted attitude towards hippies and his unlikely affection for Harold and Maude and All My ChildrenI live a mile from the house I grew up in in Amherst, Massachusetts. Our dad was a dentist, but like a cobbler’s son has no shoes, he didn’t like to treat us because work was his own space. So my mom would make appointments to see him under a fake name. As a teenager, I was kind of a dick. I had opinions o...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Soap opera, Indie, Skateboarding, Dinosaur Jr, J Mascis, Nick Cave, Maude, Woodstock, Harold, Amherst Massachusetts

Punk in the Park with Pennywise and NOFX postponed to November

Brew Ha Ha Productions’ inaugural Punk in the Park music and craft beer fest has been rescheduled to November 6 and 7 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado. The event was originally scheduled as a one-day fest with Pennywise, The Vandals, The Adicts, Lagwagon and more on April 25, 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced promoters to push the event further out and alter the line-up. They announced last year the the festival would expand to two days on April 24-25, 2021 with Pennywise headlining ...
Tags: Music, Sport, Daft Punk, Things To Do, Soccer, Punk, Music Festivals, Collins, Southern California, Concerts, NOFX, Serj Tankian, Pennywise, Oak Canyon Park, Top Stories OCR, Music + Concerts

Poly Styrene's inspiring sensitivity should be the true legacy of punk

Mixed race, with braces on her teeth, Poly broke the mould of UK punk. A new documentary explores her struggle to find meaning in the Day-Glo chaos of modern lifeThe moment I heard that Marianne Elliott-Said, AKA Poly Styrene, had died, I was at band practice. We put on X-Ray Spex and jumped around, screaming along to Identity, Oh Bondage Up Yours! and Germ Free Adolescents. On that day in 2011 we lost one of punk’s greatest heroes and one of the few who really looked and sounded like me. She br...
Tags: Music, UK, Television, Film, Race, Women, UK News, Culture, Punk, Music Documentary, Sky Arts, John Lydon, Poly Styrene, Ray Spex, Marianne Elliott Said

Julien Baker’s teenage obsessions: ‘I had Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair. I was a mess’

As she releases her third album, the US indie rocker reminisces about waffles, hardcore Christian punk and her terrible skateboardingWhere I grew up in the Memphis suburbs was not the epitome of cool, so I didn’t know what else to be except a goth kid. When I was 13, I wore lots of safety pins in my clothing. Now, the way I form friendships and meet people is so different, but then I would just get home from school and walk around the neighbourhood, finding other kids outside. We’d hide behind t...
Tags: Music, Metal, US, Life and style, Culture, Pop and rock, Punk, Tennessee, Indie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Skateboarding, Memphis, Julien Baker

All 80 Issues of the Influential Zine Punk Planet Are Now Online & Ready for Download at the Internet Archive

Punk didn’t die, it evolved, since its inception in the 70s to the ethos of majorly influential figures like Kathleen Hanna and Ian MacKaye in the 90s, two of the most prominent faces of progressive DIY punk in the U.S. Then, as before, scenes came together around zines, sites of cultural recognition, dissemination, and recording for posterity in the archives of physical print. One zine critical to the socially conscious punk that emerged at the time, Punk Planet, has recently been digitized in...
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