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R Kelly sexual abuse accuser wins civil case after singer fails to appear in court

Judge in Chicago enters default ruling against Kelly, 52, after he did not respond to woman’s lawsuit and missed court hearingA woman who accused R Kelly of sexual abuse has won a civil case by default against the singer, after he failed to respond to her lawsuit and was a no-show in court.The woman, who accused Kelly of repeatedly having sex with her when she was 16, filed the case in Chicago in February, a day before Kelly was arrested on 10 charges of sexual abuse. Continue reading...
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R. Kelly Loses Underage Sex Assault Lawsuit After Failing To Show Up To Court

A Cook County judge has entered a default judgment for a woman who sued R. Kelly in February, accusing the singer of sexually abusing her when she was a minor 20 years ago. More »
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R. Kelly Could Go Back to Jail After Falling Behind in Child Support Payments Again

R. Kelly could soon end up back in jail all over again after missing two child support payments to his ex-wife Drea Kelly.According to TMZ, sources are saying that the embattled singer is required to pay $20,833 every month to Drea for child support, and he’s missed the last two months.If you’ll recall, Kelly was put in jail last month for owing $161,633, which came at an odd time for him, considering he had just been arrested (and released) on sexual abuse charges.Kelly was released from jail a...
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R. Kelly Charges Fans $100 for 28-Second Performance & Selfies: “This is How I Got to Get Paid Now”

Before he even arrived for his first paid gig since being released from jail over unpaid child support, R. Kelly was already begging the media to “take it easy” on him.Ha. Like that was gonna happen!Kelly—who was recently charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse—left many fans disappointed after a brief paid appearance at Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday night (Apr. 6).Fans paid $50-$100 to attend the event, only to be underwhelmed as Kelly did the absolute bare minimum and ...
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R. Kelly Gives 28-Second Performance In Springfield

R&B singer R. Kelly made a paid appearance early Sunday at a club in Illinois’ capital city, but the fans who each shelled out $50 to $100 for tickets got only a 28-second performance, followed by a half-hour meet-and-greet. Hours before his appearance at the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Kelly posted a More »
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R. Kelly’s Former Hairdresser Says He Forced Her to Perform Oral Sex on Him & Also Spit on Her

One of the many women accusing Robert Sylvester Kelly of sexually abusing them in his 10-count indictment has come forward to tell her story.Forfeiting her anonymity, Lanita Carter—a woman identified as “L.C.” in the indictment—sat down for an interview with CBS This Morning this week and broke her silence about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of R. Kelly.Through tears, Lanita described in great detail the February 18th, 2003 assault that helped lead to Kelly’s arrest almost 1...
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R. Kelly’s Former Hairdresser Comes Forward With Sexual Abuse Allegations

Back in February, R. Kelly was arrested with ten charges of criminal sexual abuse. Tomorrow, Lanita Carter, who was previously identified only as L.C., will speak publicly for the first time about her sexual assault allegations against Kelly in an interview with CBS This Morning. Carter is revealed to be Kelly's former hairdresser. More »
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Joycelyn Savage’s Family Afraid R. Kelly Will Run Away With Her to Dubai If Judge Lets Him Travel

R. Kelly recently asked a judge to grant him permission to travel to the Middle East, but the family of one of his girlfriends fears the singer plans to flee the country and never come back.According to the Blast, Joycelyn Savage’s family believes that Kelly wants to take Joycelyn and his other alleged sex slave/live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary, out of the United States to a “safe haven” in Dubai where the troubled singer would be free of criminal charges and could escape prosecution. RELATED: J...
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R. Kelly Says Lisa Van Allen is a Lying Opportunist: I NEVER Had Sex With Aaliyah’s Mom

R. Kelly says that Lisa Van Allen is a liar who is desperate for attention and is out to smear his name in any way possible … even if that means making up a story about him having sex with Aaliyah’s mom.Lisa Van Allen, one of the many women who accused Kelly of abusing her in the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, said in an interview with VladTV that Kelly told her that he and Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton, had a sexual relationship while he was also having sex with Aaliyah. PREVIOUSLY...
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Joycelyn Savage Admits on Tape That R. Kelly Tried to Get Her to Lie & Say They Didn’t Have Sex

If you bought the boo-hoo routine that Joycelyn Savage and her co-conspirator Azriel Clary tried to pull in front of Gayle King, then you need your eyes and your ears checked.In case, for some ungodly reason, you legitimately believe that Joycelyn Savage is NOT lying about her relationship with R. Kelly and the fact that he forces his girlfriends to lie for him, a leaked recording of a conversation between Joycelyn and her vocal coach back when she was at the beginning of her relationship with R...
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R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Beat Her With an Extension Cord & Ripped Her Hair Out

A former girlfriend of R. Kelly’s is speaking out about the abuse she suffered at the hands of the singer during their 9-year relationship.If you watched Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, the name Dominique Gardner should sound familiar. The final two parts of the six-part series showed footage of Dominique during her relationship with Kelly, following her mother as she rescued her from a Los Angeles-area hotel where she was allegedly being held against her will.Speaking with the docume...
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Lisa Van Allen: R. Kelly Told Me He Got Aaliyah Pregnant & Was Also Having Sex With Her Mom

As if R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah wasn’t already disturbing enough, Lisa Van Allen—one of R. Kelly’s accusers who described his alleged abuse in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series—says that R. Kelly admitted to her that he not only impregnated Aaliyah, but also had a sexual relationship with her mother.According to Allen, Kelly was sleeping with Aaliyah and her mom, Diane Haughton, at the same time.In a recent interview with VladTV, Allen said that back when she was dating R. Kel...
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Chicago Police Rush to R. Kelly’s Home After Suicide Threat Tip

A suicide threat tip reportedly sent cops “scrambling” to R. Kelly’s Chicago home … but it all turned out to be a false alarm, according to TMZ.The gossip site reports that police rushed to R. Kelly’s residence at Trump Tower after an anonymous caller claimed Azriel Clary and four other women who are allegedly a part of Kelly’s “sex cult” had a suicide pact and planned to carry it out.It turns out … the call, placed from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, was a hoax.Sources close to Kelly s...
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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Criticized For Flapping Arms To R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”

With a pair of high-profile documentaries bringing renewed scrutiny to the sexual misconduct allegations against R. Kelly and Michael Jackson -- and in Kelly's case, renewed criminal prosecution -- seemingly the whole world is reckoning with how to handle the singers' music going forward. It's been a messy process for streaming … More »
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Gloria Allred Reveals A Third New Alleged R. Kelly Underage Sex Tape

Lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference on Sunday featuring a man named Gary Dennis, who claims to have found a new sex tape featuring R. Kelly among his possessions. The tape has been turned over to authorities in New York City’s Southern District. Dennis says he located the VHS in a box full of … More »
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A THIRD Tape Showing R. Kelly Having Sex With Underage Girls Has Been Turned Over to Police

Yet ANOTHER sex tape has surfaced showing R. Kelly having sex with minors.Attorney Gloria Allred is reportedly representing a man who claims to have found a NEW tape showing R. Kelly having sex with MULTIPLE underage girls.Allred hosting a press conference in New York City Sunday (Mar. 10) in which her client, Gary Dennis, explained how he found the game, and why he’s speaking out.Via TMZ:Dennis, who says he has no connection to R. Kelly whatsoever, claims he recently found this new sex tape whi...
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R Kelly: tape 'showing sexual abuse' handed to law enforcement

Gloria Allred client ‘disgusted and horrified’ by findSinger is facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse A Pennsylvania man was cleaning out an old videotape collection when he found what he thought was a recording of R&B singer R Kelly in concert, but instead turned out to show a man who appeared to be Kelly sexually abusing girls, he and his attorney said on Sunday. Related: R Kelly and the art of the male meltdown | Arwa Mahdawi Continue reading...
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R Kelly: attorney hands tape 'showing sexual abuse' to authorities

Tape appears to feature R&B singer sexually abusing girlsSinger is facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse The attorney Gloria Allred says a client has turned a tape over to law enforcement that appears to feature R&B singer R Kelly sexually abusing girls. Related: R Kelly and the art of the male meltdown | Arwa Mahdawi Continue reading...
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Pete Davidson Discusses The R. Kelly & Michael Jackson Documentaries On SNL

On last night's Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson went on Weekend Update to talk about the recent R. Kelly and Michael Jackson documentaries. He began, "If you support the Catholic church, isn't that the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan? Only one's music is significantly better." People booed. More »
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R. Kelly Released From Jail After Someone Paid His Owed Child Support

R. Kelly walked out of a Chicago jail on Saturday after someone who officials say did not want to be publicly identified paid $161,633 that the R&B singer owed in back child support. More »
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R. Kelly Released From Jail After Somebody Paid His $161K Child Support for Him

R. Kelly is, once again, a free man … this time after paying his outstanding child support payment.The embattled singer was released from Cook County Jail in Chicago Saturday morning (Mar. 9) after he was somehow was able to pay off of the $161,633 he owes to his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly.According to TMZ, Kelly “scraped together the money with help from a benefactor.”He briefly spoke to the media after his release, thanking them for their “order” and saying, “I promise you we’re going to straighten...
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Gayle King: R. Kelly Tried to Stop Joycelyn Savage & Azriel Clary Interview, Hid Around Corner & Coughed to Remind Them He Was Listening

R. Kelly is such a control freak that he refused to let his two young girlfriends conduct their interview with without his supervision.King revealed that prior to her sit-down with 21-year-old Azriel Clary and 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage, which aired briefly Thursday (Mar. 7) on CBS This Morning, Kelly and his team promised her that the singer would not be in the room during the girls’ interview.King said that once she started the interview, Kelly hid around a corner and would even “cough very l...
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A Full Timeline of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against R. Kelly

A history of controversies and allegations surrounding the singe
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R. Kelly Says He Only Has $350K in His Bank Account: “People Have Been Stealing My Money”

R. Kelly has made millions of dollars from his career as a singer, songwriter and producer, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at his bank account, which has dried up over the years.In the second part of Sylvester the Molester’s interview with Gayle King on CBS This morning, the disgraced entertainer said he’s down to his last $350,000 in his bank account.Kelly sat down with King for his first interview since his arrest last month for aggravated sexual abuse. He was tossed back in jail ...
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Oprah Winfrey Applauds Gayle King for Keeping Her Composure During R. Kelly Interview

Immediately after Gayle King’s highly publicized interview with R. Kelly on CBS This Morning aired Wednesday (Mar. 6), Oprah Winfrey tweeted about how proud she was of her bestie for how she handled R. Kelly’s stunt queen antics.Kelly sat down with King for his first interview since his arrest late last month for 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse including three minors. At one point during their discussion, during one particularly angry outburst, Kelly leaped out of his chair, screaming and ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Gayle King's Shocking & Emotional Interview With R. Kelly

While R. Kelly has always denied, typically via attorneys and reps, the allegations made against him (ranging from sex with underage girls to claims that he is holding women in his house and abusing them), he had yet to publicly tell his side of the story. On CBS This Morning on Wednesday, Gayle King gave him that chance, and what resulted was a long-winded interview filled with tears, outbursts, and, most of all, denials of the accusations that have been made against the 52-year-old.While thes...
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R Kelly accused of sexually abusing 13-year-old girl in 2001 incident

New allegation comes as Kelly, who was recently arrested over 10 counts of sexual assault, returns to jail for failing to pay child supportA fresh allegation has been made against R Kelly, by an unnamed woman who says the R&B star sexually assaulted her when she was 13, and later infected her with herpes.Police in Detroit are investigating the claims made by the woman, who says she and Kelly had sex at a hotel in the city in December 2001, and a few weeks later at a recording studio. The woman s...
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I Believe I Can Cry: The Most Cringeworthy Moments From R. Kelly’s CBS Interview With Gayle King (Part One)

The first of R. Kelly’s “explosive” two-part interview with Gayle King aired on CBS This Morning Wednesday (Mar. 6), and it was just as bizarre as we all expected it to be.Kelly’s interview with King was his first since his arrest in late February.The disgraced R&B singer—who is facing 10 counts of criminal aggravated sexual abuse involving minors—vehemently denied ALL of the allegations against him, and said that EVERYONE is lying on him as he proclaimed his innocence throughout the interview, ...
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R. Kelly’s Mugshot Released After Arrest for Unpaid Child Support, Singer Must Pay $161,663 to Get Out of Jail

Robert Sylvester Kelly posed for a brand new mugshot Wednesday (Mar. 6) after he was arrested for unpaid child support. This makes his second mugshot in two weeks.R. Kelly—who is currently fighting off well-publicized charges of sexual abuse—owes his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, $161,663 in back child support. SEE NEXT: I Believe I Can Cry: The Most Cringeworthy Moments From R. Kelly’s CBS Interview With Gayle King (Part One) Sylvester the Molester could be charged with a crime for his failure to pay ...
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