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'Sports Is Hell' Narrows the Field to Identity Politics

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How Henry Ford, Who Published Racist Diatribes Against Jazz, Helped Popularize the Sound of Jazz and R&B

Henry Ford was unquestionably a great man, but he was not a very good man. As an entrepreneur and industrialist, he may have changed the world — for the better, I personally think — but as a human being he had serious failings. According to Richard Bak’s Henry and Edsel, the elder Ford would humiliate […] The post How Henry Ford, Who Published Racist Diatribes Against Jazz, Helped Popularize the Sound of Jazz and R&B appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: History, Racism, Ford, Editorials, Autos, Jazz, Henry Ford, Gospel, Henry, Bigotry, Richard Bak, Laurens Hammond, Dearborn Independent, Rhythm & Blues, The International Jew, B. Henry Ford

K. Michelle Disses Camila Cabello on Twitter Over Her Racist Past: “Find a D**k to Suck, Racist Rat!”

Welp! K. Michelle is definitely not a Camila Cabello fan and she wants everybody to know it. While most of the country is celebrating #ImpeachmentDay this Wednesday (Dec. 18), K. Michelle casually dropped a tweet to shut Cabello all the way up. K. checked the pop singer for her racist past and told her to have several seats. Camila Canello needs to find a dick to suck. Racist Rat — K. Michelle (@kmichelle) December 18, 2019 K. also gave zero effs when it was brought to her attention that she...
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WATCH: Trina Pops All the Way Off on White Walmart Customer Who Called Her a “N***er Bitch”

A Walmart shopper is hella lucky she walked away relatively unscathed after she called Trina the n-word right to her face! Video footage has surfaced showing the Miami-based rapper going all the way off on a White woman inside a Walmart located in Copper City, Florida. According to TMZ, witnesses say Trina popped off after the woman told her “Watch out, you n***er bitch!” after they bumped into each other in an aisle. Another shopper recorded the aftermath, which shows Trina screaming at the ...
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We need to discuss race in electronic music, and we need a new way to communicate

A social media meltdown reveals some deeper issues in the electronic dance music world – and the ways in which online media are amplifying divisions. These do need to be things we work on, if we believe in what we’re doing in music, and listening to issues around race is something us white people need to work on, to try to do better. This is relevant to music because it’s relevant to making music a place that’s open. Humans and technology melted down this week – but that shouldn’t avail u...
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Mom Sues Bus Driver for Racial Discrimination After Dragging Her Son, Driver Says He’s Not Racist Because His Dog “Is Black As Can Be”

A Utah mom is suing a former bus driver for his “racial animus” towards mixed-race students. And you’ll never guess why the bus driver says he’s not racist.Brenda Mayes has filed a civil rights lawsuit against 78-year-old John Naisbitt after Naisbitt closed the school bus doors on her 14-year-old biracial son and proceeded to drag him for approximately 150-175 feet.The February incident was caught on the bus camera. Mayes’ son—identified as Child Doe in the lawsuit—is seen exiting the school bus...
Tags: Utah, Wtf, News, Racism, Lawsuits, Jazz, DOE, DAVE ROBERTS, Mayes, John Naisbitt, Davis School District, Really, That's Racist, Branda Mayes, Brenda Mayes, Naisbitt

Tech Company Requests “Preferably Caucasian” Candidates in Racist Job Listing on LinkedIn

An IT company is doing serious damage control after one of their online applications requested “preferably Caucasian” applicants.Cynet Systems faced heavy backlash in recent days after an online application for a pharmaceutical accounts manager position in Tampa, Florida went viral for encouraging white people to apply.The job description read the employer was seeking a “preferably Caucasian” candidate “who can get more opportunities and build the account.”Uh, hey @cynetjobs – what's with th...
Tags: Uber, Business, Florida, News, Virginia, Tech, Racism, Jazz, Racist, Tampa Florida, Cynet, That's Racist, Cynet Systems, Helena McCabe, Dara Baldwin

Rick Fox Leaves His Own Esports Company After Racist Shareholder Called Him the N-Word

Rick Fox is leaving his own company because of a racist!According to an email obtained by Dexerto, Fox intends to leave Echo Fox, an esports organization he owns, because a shareholder of the company has verbally and in emails.Fox announced his departure and denounced the racist shareholder in an April 19 email.“This is an official notification of my intention to exit the Echo Fox organization as a shareholder and participant as soon as I am able to facilitate a transaction to do so.“The recen...
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White Supremacist John William King Executed for Brutal Dragging Death of James Byrd Jr.

The white supremacist behind one of the late 20th century’s most notorious hate crimes has been put to death by legal injection in Texas.John William King—a proud racist who orchestrated the brutal murder of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas in 1998—was executed Wednesday (Apr. 24) at the Texas State Penitentiary and was pronounced dead at 7:08 p.m., a corrections spokesperson said.NBC News reports:Asked whether he had a final statement, King said, “No,” and then wrote out a single-sentence statem...
Tags: Murder, Texas, Crime, News, Supreme Court, Nbc News, Racism, Ford, Jazz, Execution, Louisiana, Racist, King, James, HARRIS, Samuel Alito

Jussie Smollett Beaten Up in Homophobic, Racist Attack by Trump Supporters Who Put His Head in a Noose & Screamed “MAGA”

Empire star Jussie Smollett was hospitalized in Chicago Tuesday (Jan. 29) following a homophobic, racist attack from two men who physically assaulted him, put his head in a noose and yelled “This is MAGA country.”Our friends at That Grape Juice first broke the story. According to TGJ, the 35-year-old—who lives in Chicago while filming Empire—was attacked early Tuesday morning.TMZ reported that the actor/singer had arrived in Chicago from New York just hours prior to the attack.Sources close to S...
Tags: New York, Celebs, Chicago, Fox, Racism, Hospitalized, Pop Culture, Jazz, Homophobia, Racist, Empire, Donald Trump, Trump, Jussie Smollett, Chicago Police Department, Aren

'If Beale Street Could Talk' Is an Intimate Rendering of Black Love in the Face of Hatred

None The heart of If Beale Street Could Talk, Barry Jenkins' much-anticipated follow up to the Oscar-winning Moonlight, is apparent from its opening scene. Tish Rivers (KiKi Layne) and Fonny Hunt (Stephan James), a young black couple in love, hold hands as they stroll across a secluded New York City waterfront. Their colors of their clothes and skin — warm, sensuous yellows, oranges and browns — mimic the tender intensity of their blossoming love. The music swells and the camera focuses straigh...
Tags: Music, New York, Crime, Romance, Review, Drama, New York City, America, Racism, Adaptation, Harlem, Puerto Rico, Film Review, Nicholas Britell, Henry, If Beale Street Could Talk

Barry Jenkins' 'If Beal Street Could Talk' Is Unapologetically Romantic

None If Beale Street Could Talk, Barry Jenkins' eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2016's Oscar darling Moonlight, is a beautiful rumination on love and community set against a backdrop of institutionalized racism. Each character is delicately imbued with dignity and intelligence, as Jenkins chisels this world out of lingering close-ups and Nicholas Britell's magnificent score. Though it sputters with repetitive story beats towards its finalé, there's no denying the passion and urgency of Jenkins...
Tags: Music, Crime, Romance, Review, Drama, America, Racism, Adaptation, Harlem, Film Review, Nicholas Britell, If Beale Street Could Talk, James Baldwin, Baldwin, Jenkins, Tish

9-Year-Old McKenzie Adams Died by Suicide After Classmates Bullied Her for Being Friends With a White Boy

A family in Alabama is mourning the tragic loss of a 9-year-old girl who committed suicide after she was bullied for months by her classmates. McKenzie Adams took her life last Monday (Dec. 3), and her family says that they believe being taunted by her classmates, allegedly over her friendship with a white boy, had something to do with it. Here’s what you need to know: McKenzie Adams hanged herself before she was discovered by her grandmother. The family of 9-year-old McKenzie Adams said that...
Tags: Kids, News, Children, Bullying, Suicide, Alabama, Atlanta, Racism, Jazz, Racist, Adams, HARRIS, State Board of Education, McKenzie, Linden, Tuscaloosa News

“eddie condin racist”

On this blog, WordPress has kindly provided a feature “Search Engine Terms,” which lists the ways that anonymous web-searchers have landed on JAZZ LIVES.  Sometimes it’s edifying, sometimes amusing.  The title of this post is copied directly from a search … Continue reading →
Tags: Racism, Jazz, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Hotter Than That, Jazz Titans, The Real Thing, The Things We Love, Jazz Lives, Michael Steinman, It's A Mystery, Eddie Condon, Pay Attention, Thanks A Million, Swing You Cats, Hot Lips Page

Texas Poll Worker Charged for Assaulting Voter & Making Racist “Blackface” Comment

Juanita Barnes was removed from her duties as an assistant alternate election judge Tuesday (Nov. 6) after a black voter reported her for making a racist comment and assaulting her at a polling place in North Houston, Texas.According to the Houston Chronicle, a black woman named Rolanda Anthony told police that Barnes approached her after she was having trouble with a dispute over her address.Anthony was told that she had to fill out a form to clear up the matter, and that’s when Barnes started ...
Tags: Facebook, Wtf, Texas, Crime, News, Racism, Jazz, Houston, Anthony, Blackface, Houston Chronicle, Barnes, Houston Texas, Harris County, GONZALES, Stuckey

Stop making Sam Smith a racism scapegoat

Social media always wanna be startin’ somethin’, but sometimes, we all need to just beat it.
Tags: Music, Life, Race, Lifestyle, Racism, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Jeremy Helligar, Pop History

Tabbie Duncan: Fast Facts About Racist Missouri Waitress Fired Over “N**ger Hunting” Video

A 20-year-old Missouri woman captured on video bragging about going “n**ger hunting” is going to be hunting for a new job now after the footage of her racist comment went viral on social media.According to the Riverfront Times, Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan has been fired from her job at St. Louis restaurant and is facing outrage on social media just hours after a video of her using the n-word was posted to Snapchat and re-shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Duncan can be heard in the video usin...
Tags: Facebook, News, Fired, US, NFL, America, Los Angeles, Racism, Missouri, Jazz, Racist, Air Force, St Louis, Trump, Duncan, Facebook Twitter

This is America: Donald Glover’s Video is a Gripping Read

In times of great crisis, we create great art. Donald Glover’s video for his latest single This is America is great art. It’s not because it’s trying to be overly subtle to where only art connoisseurs can defuse the meaning. It’s that it trusts us to pick up what it’s dropping, so it drops a lot for us to hold. And I tried to pick it all up, although I’m sure I drop a few. That’s how layered this video is. That’s how textured it is. Childish Gambino (his alias) did a lot and I’m so glad about it...
Tags: Music, White House, US, America, Barack Obama, Culture, Racism, South Africa, Trayvon Martin, Humor, Police Brutality, Trayvon, Gucci, Gun Violence, Jim Crow, Calvin

Questlove denies "ridiculous allegations" made in racial discrimination lawsuit

Yesterday it was reported that Questlove was being sued for racial discrimination, and Questlove has since responded to the ”ridiculous” allegations. Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
Tags: Music, Nbc, Jimmy Fallon, Racism, Lawsuits, The Tonight Show, Questlove, Music News, The Roots, Andrew Sacher, Hip Hop News

'Blood at the Root' and the Cultivation of Racial Hatred in America

Patrick Phillips has written a century-long history of racial violence and suppression in a Georgia county that, at every level, seems to mirror contemporary politics and social unrest in America. Forsyth County was like many places around the South after the Civil War. Its diversity comprised both economic and racial hierarchies in a rural setting where self-governance and secrecy bred by the community's isolation allowed white residents to force black landowners and laborers out of the ...
Tags: Facebook, Music, US, Alabama, America, Atlanta, Georgia, History, Racism, Civil Rights, Slavery, Civil War, Jim Crow, South, Ku Klux Klan, Phillips

James Baldwin Matters

Editor's Note: This essay was originally published on 15 December 2015, but it's continued relevance on MLK Day and every day makes it worthwhile to revisit. Quincy Troupe: How do you think white Americans feel now that they're in this economic crisis?James Baldwin: They're not thinking about it. Troupe: What? Baldwin: They're not thinking about it. Americans don't think of such things. They try and get out of it. They hope it'll go away. And luc...
Tags: Music, England, Washington, France, White House, New York City, Race, America, Fbi, Chicago, David, Racism, Atlantic, New York Times, Paris, Civil Rights

Mom of Little Boy Modeling H&M’s “Coolest Monkey” Hoodie Tells Black People to “Stop Crying” & “Get Over It”

The mother of the little boy in that racist H&M ad, in which he can be seen modeling a green hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” printed on it, has responded to the backlash. And, surprisingly, her response is nowhere near what you think it would be. While most Black people are upset at H&M for putting a little Black boy in a hoodie calling him a “monkey,” his mother, Terry Mango, is far from it. In fact, she doesn’t understand the outrage in the least bit, and has taken to soci...
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