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A Soulful Gathering with Luther Dickinson and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon

Luther Dickinson has proven to be a prolific and formidable guitarist and singer through his solo work and his band North Mississippi All-Stars. He's also proving to be a consummate connector, effortlessly bringing musicians together to collaborate. And some of those collaborations become official releases including 2012's The Wandering and his latest project, Sisters of the Strawberry Moon. Dickinson and a group of musicians, including Birds of Chicago, Amy Helm and more, recorded some materi...
Tags: Music, Review, New York City, Chicago, Atlantic City, Americana, Valerie June, Dickinson, Russell, City Winery, Nero, Phil Lesh, JT Nero, Allison Russell, Luther Dickinson, Solstice

Adam Black’s new 8802TE electro-acoustic guitar review

Adam Black have created an affordable electro-acoustic guitar that may be perfect if you’re starting out, on the road or small-time gigging. When you first pull Adam Black’s new electro-acoustic guitar out of the happily included guitar case that comes with it, the fine grain wooden finish resembles a beautiful, rustic guitar that wouldn’t look out of place on the shoulders of a nomadic folk singer. Upon whipping it out your audience might be in silent awe at the gorgeous sapel...
Tags: Travel, Reviews, Music, Review, Players, Guitar, Acoustic, Musician, Fishman, Electro-acoustic, Rosetti, Adam Black, 8802TE, Squire Stratocaster

'Ashes to Ashes' Is the Second Half of Chris O’Leary’s Deep Dive into all Things Bowie

For those who have ever wondered if a blog can become a book, Chris O'Leary would respond with a hearty yes: his blog, Pushing Ahead of the Dame yielded two books. The current edition, Ashes to Ashes, begins in 1976, as David Bowie and Iggy Pop are planning to escape the dregs of life in Los Angeles and set up shop in Berlin. O'Leary adds a quick note to bring the reader up to date, had they missed his first volume, Rebel Rebel (Zero Books, 2015) covering Bowie's creative work from 1964 to 1976....
Tags: Music, New York, Review, Berlin, America, Los Angeles, Experimental, Book Review, Pop, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Nile Rodgers, Electronic, Blackstar, Repeater, Simon

Action Bronson Cooks with the Ultimate Herb in 'Stoned Beyond Belief'

As far as 21st century renaissance men in our time of bro culture go, it might be harder to find one more entertaining – or unabashedly authentic – than Queens native Action Bronson. Since firmly cementing his place in the pop culture landscape during the early part of the decade, the epically bearded, heavily tattooed rapper has delighted hip-hop heads with his jubilant, idiosyncratic lyrical style. (He's also raised concerns about misogyny in his lyrics, as explored in "When Do Misogynistic Ly...
Tags: Music, New York, Review, Book Review, Queens, West Coast, Action Bronson, Guy Fieri, Grateful Dead, Jared, Bronson, Rachel Wharton, Hans Rollmann, Stoned beyond belief, Food writing, Bronson Cooks

Low Life's 'Downer Edn' Is a Mess

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Tags: Music, Review, Punk Rock, Low Life, Downer Edn, Goner records

Sleaford Mods Kick Out the Jams and So Much More

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Tags: Music, Review, Hip-hop, Music Review, Sleaford Mods, Post-punk, Electro-punk

Gaby Moreno Sings Immigrant's Songs at Lincoln Center

Like pretty much every artist I have seen perform at the Appel Room, Gaby Moreno expressed her awe of the Lincoln Center venue's view. I had seen the view before, but I hadn't seen a full set from Moreno. And I feel lucky I got to see her American Songbook show on February 27th as it brought a warm breath of Latin America and the southwest to an otherwise cold evening. The Guatemalan immigrant performed a rousing set of original songs, both old and unreleased, as well as covers with accompanim...
Tags: Music, Review, Mexico, US, America, Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Lincoln Center, Quentin Tarantino, Latin America, Moreno, Nancy Sinatra, Van Dyke Parks, David Gray

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