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Elizabeth Colour Wheel opened for Fórn roughly a year ago in Brooklyn and it was stunning. It was immediately one... The post Album Review: ELIZABETH COLOUR WHEEL Nocebo appeared first on Metal Injection.

Album Review: CONTRARIAN Their Worm Never Dies

Contrarian remind us that the genre is full of multitalented musicians. As a group, they’re certainly no exception. The post Album Review: CONTRARIAN Their Worm Never Dies appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Review: can Elektron’s Model:Samples get everyone into hardware?

At about $400 street, with tons of hands-on control and simple samples, the Elektron Model:Samples has more in common with classic Japanese grooveboxes than the company’s flagships. So what’s it like to use? Here’s our review. This time, we turn to a new contributor – one who calls Elektron’s Gothenburg home, so we get that authentic Swedish touch. Andreas Roman is an accomplished content creator for the video game industry, an experienced tech journalist, and has a passion for music on the si...
Tags: Reviews, Music, Hardware, Sweden, Usb, Stories, Kansas, Nice, Gothenburg, Hands-on, Drum-machines, Korg, Yamaha, Hal, Andreas, LFO

Adam Black’s new 8802TE electro-acoustic guitar review

Adam Black have created an affordable electro-acoustic guitar that may be perfect if you’re starting out, on the road or small-time gigging. When you first pull Adam Black’s new electro-acoustic guitar out of the happily included guitar case that comes with it, the fine grain wooden finish resembles a beautiful, rustic guitar that wouldn’t look out of place on the shoulders of a nomadic folk singer. Upon whipping it out your audience might be in silent awe at the gorgeous sapel...
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Album Review: MISERY INDEX Rituals Of Power

Whether or not you belong to the camp that believes a clean room is an absolute prerequisite for monumental undertakings,... The post Album Review: MISERY INDEX Rituals Of Power appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Album Review: KINGS DESTROY Fantasma Nera

Fantasma Nera may be Kings Destroy’s best effort to date, as each entry offers its own mesmerizing features (be they catchy vocal passages, gripping guitar motifs, or inviting rhythms). The post Album Review: KINGS DESTROY Fantasma Nera appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Quick Review: VIRCOLAC Masque

If you want a snapshot of an up-and-coming death metal band finding its footing, Vircolac's "Masque" is a great place to look. The post Quick Review: VIRCOLAC Masque appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, Masque, Death Metal 2019, Irish Death Metal, Vircolac

El Camino – “Don’t Eat the Fruit” (Album Review)

El Camino is an MC from Buffalo, New York who‘s been blowing up within the past couple years. He dropped a self-titled EP with Griselda Records in November of 2017 & a mixtape last summer called Walk on Water but now, he’s delivering his long-awaited debut. The album kicks off with “Davis St.”, where El talks about being made over a soulful beat. The next track “Devotion” talks about just that over a luscious soul sample while the song “Ghetto Luv” talks about making out of the struggle over so...
Tags: Reviews, Jazz, Venice Beach, Benny, Buffalo New York, Conway, Grimey, El Camino, Meyhem Lauren, Griselda Records, Crimeapple

Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit – Samplified Essential Sounds (Review)

With so many people dabbling into the music business in 2019, who would have ever thought that music software/drum kits would be so accessible in today production market!  Literally a kid can wake up one day, download a few production programs and start making beats directly from his room.  The most important aspect in today’s beat market are the Drum Kits, and Samplified is paving the way for all new up and coming producers to obtain some of the illest drum kits in the game today!  Samplified ...
Tags: Reviews, Facebook, Jazz, Ableton, Jon, Quickly Quickly, Lofi Hip Hop, Samplified

Album Review: DREAM THEATER Distance Over Time

It’s quite difficult approaching a review and critique of a new Dream Theater album. This is a band that has... The post Album Review: DREAM THEATER Distance Over Time appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Palabra – “Palm Over Fist” (Album Review)

Coming out of the L.A. underground scene is a formidable new act known as Palabra. Known for his natural charisma and witty banter, the up-and-coming artist is ready to break the glass ceiling lyrically and evolve into well known and well respected MC in today’s Hip-Hop. For recognition, Palabra releases his latest work in the album, creatively-titled, Palm Over Fist. Palm Over Fist is a 9-track collective that features all new music from the rising star. Palabra released a visual for the album ...
Tags: Reviews, Los Angeles, Jazz, Palabra, Palm Over Fist, The Desert, Palabra Known

Soup Black – “Big Plans” (Single Review)

Hailing from Harlem, New York, Soup Black arises from the underground with a hot new album and a leading new single in “Big Plans”. Off his latest effort You For Me, Or Against Me, the breakout single is Soup Black’s global introduction. Perfect start to a great promotional campaign for the new album. Black’s single is a potential game-changer within the underground. Discussing plans to conquer the mainstream and taking the underground along with him for the ride to the top. Backed by a strong g...
Tags: Reviews, New York, Jazz, Black, Harlem, Big Plans, Soup Black, You For Me or Against Me, Harlem New York Soup Black, Acapella Soup Black, Hook Follow Soup Black

Mic Mountain – “The Avalanche” (Album Review)

Every now and then you come across a source of potential muddled in garbage. Much like a gold mine, it takes effort to get to that polished final product. There’s the excavating and digging, the refining- and then when all of that is done you’re left with a valuable item. This is how I feel about Mic Mountain and his 2018 release, “The Avalanche.” Right off the bat, the audio quality is terrible. It’s entirely unavoidable to talk about. The irony of someone named “Mic Mountain” recording wit...
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Eclipse by Rosetti guitar strings review

We recently got our hands on some of Rosetti’s Eclipse strings to see how these slinky strings measure up. Spoiler alert: They’re pretty good. The nice people at Rosetti were kind enough to send us a set of their Eclipse strings for electric and acoustic guitars. We tested them out to see how they feel and what they sound like. I tried their 9-42 thickness, nickel roundwound electric guitar strings. The strings are incredibly slick to the touch with a slinkiness that makes playing on th...
Tags: Reviews, Music, Review, Equipment, Electric, Guitar, Acoustic, Eclipse, Strings, Rosetti, Guitar Strings

Album Review: CHILDREN OF BODOM Hexed

Finish metal band Children of Bodom's Hexed is their 10th studio album and their first in roughly four years following 2015’s... The post Album Review: CHILDREN OF BODOM Hexed appeared first on Metal Injection.
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570JV – “Foundation!” (EP Review)

Today, we are diving head first into “Foundation!“, the new project by rising rapper 570JV that came across our radar via submission.  From the start of listening to this EP with “If I Die”, I was kinda iffy on the direction this project was going since we try to stay away from commercial sounding auto-tune type music, but as soon as “What You Need” came on with a hard hitting beat following with the tongue twister “Remember The Name”, this is the type of EP that shows the diversity of styles 5...
Tags: Reviews, Jazz, Sxsw, 570JV

DeFault Universe – “Deep Swim” (Album Review)

In 2017, rap duo Default Universe released an album titled “Deep Swim.” They’re making the rounds now, but how does it hold up today? My first listen to “Deep Swim” didn’t leave me too impressed. There are a few things which I will mention that I feel need to be improved or addressed. However, my second and third listens were much more revealing to the artistry layered beneath the surface. There is a consistently spacey, retro theme throughout the project. Each beat Coupled with the mellow, ...
Tags: Reviews, Jazz, Batman, DeFault Universe

Album Review: ENDLESS FLOODS Circle The Gold

When I was sent the promo for a doom metal record featuring members of Monarch and Year Of No Light I immediately felt whiplash... The post Album Review: ENDLESS FLOODS Circle The Gold appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, Monarch, YEAR OF NO LIGHT, Endless Floods

HeiR – “2Pac’s HeiR” (Mixtape Review)

For any artist, of any stature, anytime you emulate an iconic figure in any career, be prepared to be critiqued at the highest regards due to the undying love and affection fans have for the unforgettable. Oakland recording artist HeiR will be just as held accountable like everyone else on this project as sparks attention with the title, 2Pac’s HeiR. Many false prophets have tried to make the general public believe they are the next Tupac over the years and all have failed miserably. Will HeiR ...
Tags: Reviews, Hip Hop, Jazz, Oakland, Bay Area, 2pac, Heir, 2Pac's HeiR

Album Review: ENDON Boy Meets Girl

Endon is a quintet that is no stranger to creating claustrophobic soul violence seen through the cracked lens of a kaleidoscope. The post Album Review: ENDON Boy Meets Girl appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, Album Review, Endon, Boy Meets Girl

Album Review: IN FLAMES I, the Mask

I, the Mask doesn’t shake things up very much or restore In Flames to their “glory days,” but it certainly sees them perfecting their modern style on every selection. The post Album Review: IN FLAMES I, the Mask appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, In Flames

Watzreal – “Itz All Love” (Album Review)

All I got to say is “WOW”…. Possibly one of the most well-rounded MC’s in the underground Hip Hop game for the year of 2019!  Break out San Francisco, CA-based underground Hip Hop artist Watzreal truly makes history as he releases his 3rd album titled “Itz All Love”!  This 9-Track project is a perfect balance of dope Hip Hop, with a twist or romance and the realities of relationship issues, whether it’s good or bad, there’s no way you can’t relate with this dude right here!  Unless your a self-...
Tags: Reviews, Jazz, Bay Area, San Francisco CA, MC, Mac Dre, Watzreal, Curtiss King Tope, Lucy Liu Keanu Reeves

Album Review: WHILE SHE SLEEPS So What?

The British metalcore chart invaders notch up another win... The post Album Review: WHILE SHE SLEEPS So What? appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, While She Sleeps

Criss Jrumz – “Street Light Therapy“ (Album Review)

New York-by-way-of-Florida recording artist Criss Jrumz caught a wave early 2019 with his latest single, “Therapy”. One of many Criss one-shots, ready to capitalize on the hits the new act unveils a full-length presentation, titled, Street Life Therapy. Supplying a background check, Criss Jrumz gives us a formal introduction to who exactly the new school artist really is. 10-track collection of Criss’ finest 2017-2018 singles including “Vintage” and “What’s Real”. Blending hit singles with all ...
Tags: Reviews, Florida, New York, Therapy, Jazz, East Coast, Criss, Criss Jrumz, Jrumz, Soul Ground Productions, Street Light Therapy, Johnny Guazz Jay London, Kiahni Aaliyah Stream Street Light Therapy

Album Review: QUEENSRŸCHE The Verdict

The Verdict is not only the superlative entry in the La Torre era thus far, but it’s easily one of their best outings in twenty-five years. The post Album Review: QUEENSRŸCHE The Verdict appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, Queensryche, La Torre

Album Review: RHAPSODY OF FIRE The Eighth Mountain

Occupational hazards notwithstanding, The Eighth Mountain is a very strong addition to both Rhapsody of Fire’s canon and the world of symphonic/power metal globally. The post Album Review: RHAPSODY OF FIRE The Eighth Mountain appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Reviews, Music, Rhapsody Of Fire

Clear Soul Forces – “Still” (Album Review)

Clear Soul Forces are a hip hop quartet from Detroit, Michigan consisting of E-Fav, Ilajide, L.A.Z. & Noveliss. They blew up at the beginning of 2012 with the viral sensation of their “Get No Better” music video but now 7 years later, they’re delivering their 5th full-length album. Things kick off with “Blaow”, where the 4 spit battle bars over a semi-jazzy boom bap beat. The song “Hit Me Now” is a perfect display of their skills over a vibrant boom bap beat while the track “Diamond Rhymin'” is...
Tags: Reviews, Jazz, Detroit, Detroit Michigan, J Dilla, Clear Soul Forces

Young Corn – “3” (Single Review)

Ohio based, Atlanta bred is the narrative for rising MC Young Corn. Primed to take the industry by storm, Young Corn has been diligent in building on his loyal fan base who are at the root of his motivation to forge forward in his pursuit of becoming a household name.  Supporting him every step of the way, they champion his sonic which he has branded as “melodizing.”  A slew of music with this sound is available via his Sound Cloud feed but this time around Young Corn has raised the stakes with...
Tags: Reviews, Atlanta, Jazz, Ohio, Young Corn, MC Young Corn Primed, Honesty Corn

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