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Sanity Menon & Dan-Ganja – “Same Difference” (Album Review)

Sanity Menon and Dan-Ganja are back with the seven track album “Same Difference”. This 24 minute album is etherial, abstract, transcendental, motivational and full of smooth lyricism. Sanity Menon is THE guru of rap, he glides over a breezy production with an ease and suave that would make any MC desirous. Sanity Menon is a master manipulator of the mic, where each song offers a creed to live by and an offering of peace. Sanity Menon’s most notable talent is the way he raps. He raps like a prop...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Album Review, Menon, DAN GANJA, Sanity Menon, Menon Dan Ganja

Jon Hope – “Hope All Is Well” (Album Review)

Jon Hope is back with another album titled “Hope All Is Well”. The nine track album is contemplative, piano based and cerebral. The title itself can be left up to interpretation. What sounds like a well wish to someone in his life can also be taken as the sentiment of hope itself being a frame of mind that is beneficial for Jon. There’s also the matter of hope being in his name. The album progresses from themes of struggle to triumph. Though he acknowledges the struggle isn’t over, he has pi...
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Styliztik Jones & DirtyDiggs – “Everybody Eat″ (Album Review)

Styliztik Jones is a 42 year old MC from Los Angeles, California who came up as a member of the Likwit Crew collective led by King T. The west coast veteran has since built up quite a catalogue for himself with 4 mixtapes, 3 albums & an EP. His last 2 efforts have been entirely laced by local production duo DirtyDiggs & to celebrate Steezy’s born day, it’s only right for him. Things kick off with “King Size”, where Styliztik talks about being treated like loyalty in the streets over a trumpet s...
Tags: Reviews, Asia, Albums, Jazz, Los Angeles California, Dirtydiggs, Tristate, Defari, Styliztik Jones, Steezy, Styliztik

Madchild – “The Little Monster LP 2” (Album Review)

This is the surprise 7th full-length album from Vancouver veteran Madchild. Coming up as a co-founder of the seminal Swollen Members, the dude also has a prolific solo career with a total of 6 full-lengths as well as 6 EPs & 3 mixtapes. His latest effort The Little Monster LP just dropped a few months back & we’re already being treated to a 10-track sequel before he & Obnoxious drop a collab EP under Suburban Noize Records later on this year. Things kick off with “Smoke Session”, where Madchild...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Vancouver, Peter Jackson, Madchild

Big Stacks & Nite Tyme – “The Vibe Out” (Album Review)

The duo of Phildpehphia’s  Big Stacks  and Milwaukee’s  Nite Tyme  has resulted in the brand new album  “The Vibe Out” . With a chance at making a classic collaboration record, can these two seize the opportunity? The Vibe Out by Big Stacks & Nite Tyme Through 15 tracks, Nite Tyme takes control with his memorizing bars and potent songwriting. The Miuakwaue rapper’s a true spitter and his powerful storytelling makes moments such as the heartfelt “My Eyes” and the grimey “Satin” stand ou...
Tags: Reviews, Milwaukee, Albums, Jazz, Nite Tyme, Phildpehphia, Big Stacks Nite Tyme Through

Defter – “Bleakmatic” (Album Review)

Defter is a hip-hop duo composed of Raw Proof and SK9. Last year, they released their first major album titled “Bleakmatic”. With a chance at becoming the rap games next super duo, will Defter deliver an unforgettable experience? Through twelve tracks, Defter releases their anger towards an array of brewing issues in the world. Moments such as the redefining “The Basics” and fear-mongering “All In” best capture the two’s ability to scorch each bar with firey commentary that will undoubted...
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Vino La Mano – “Blood & Fire” (EP Review)

This is the 10th EP from Texas emcee Vino La Mano. Breaking out a couple years ago after Benny the Butcher signed him to his E1 Music imprint Black Soprano Family Records, he’s been staying busy ever since by dropping a total of 9 EPs. But just a month after his previous one Circle of Trust, we’re already being treated to the follow-up Blood & Fire. The EP starts out with “Live from the Krooked”, where Vino talks about trying not to get caught up in the game over a cavernous boom bap beat. The ...
Tags: Reviews, Texas, Albums, Jazz, Vino, Benny the Butcher, Black Soprano Family Records, Vino La Mano, Circle of Trust

Intrinzik – “Lasers & Poison” (Album Review)

Intrinzik is a 43 year old rapper from Phoenix, Arizona most notable for being the founder of Underground Hustlin’. Aside from that, the dude has put out a total of 9 albums & 3 EPs through his own label Intrinz Ink Records since 2004. But for his 10th full-length effort, Intrinzik is getting it backed by none other than the Majik Ninja Entertainment sub-label Welcome to the Underground. The album kicks off with the title track, where Intrinzik talks about commercial sponsors feasting on inhibi...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, PHOENIX Arizona, Twiztid, Majik Ninja Entertainment, Force Fed, McNastee, Intrinzik, Intrinz Ink Records, Thuggalo, Skeptik, Krypto Man, Bisshop Raw D

Elcamino & TrickyTrippz – “On the 3rd Day” (EP Review)

This is the 10th EP from Buffalo emcee Elcamino. Blowing up in 2017 off his self-titled EP with Griselda Records, his profile increasingly grew after being followed up by Walking on Water mixtape in the summer of 2018 along with dropped 2 studio albums & a few EPs the year after that. But after dropping 3 EPs in 2020, he’s teaming up with German producer TrickyTrippz for On the 3rd Day. “The Deal” that kicks the whole EP off talks about his boys catching their first bodies & filling his book-ba...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Buffalo, Grimey, Ben Franks, Elcamino, Griselda, TrickyTrippz

Scum – “Dying World Chroniclez: Grey Skiez” (Album Review)

Scum is a 40 year old rapper from Denver, Colorado known for being the founder of the seminal horrorcore label Lyrikal Snuff Productionz. He’s gone on to release 11 albums on his own, the previous being the double-disc Out with the Old that came out this past summer. But just about 7 months later, the Gorefather is returning once more for his 12th full-length album. After the intro, the title track that truly kicks the album off talks about Hell awaiting over a frightful instrumental whereas th...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Lex, Denver Colorado, Hex Master, SCUM

Rome Streetz & DJ Muggs – “Death & the Magician” (Album Review)

Rome Streetz is a 34 year old MC from New York who broke out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. This was followed up by a plethora of projects, most notably the Noise Kandy tetralogy & Headcrack. He just dropped a dope project with Farma Beats on his birthday a few months back called Kontraband but as we close out the 2nd month of 2021, Rome is dropping his 5th full-length album produced entirely by DJ Muggs. After the “6 of Cups” intro, the first song “Prayers Over Packages” ...
Tags: Reviews, New York, Rome, Albums, Jazz, Muggs, Farma, Headcrack, Dj Muggs, Kontraband, Rigz, Rome Streetz, Rome Streetz DJ Muggs

Lord Mobb – Lord Mobb Compilation, Vol. 1 (Review)

After going a full year dropping 12 projects in 12 months and re-branding Loyalty or Death into the Lord Mobb collective, Flee Lord releases the much anticipated “Lord Mobb Compilation, Vol. 1” album. Bringing together some of the rawest MCs from all over the map for a soulful yet spooky, grimy yet enlightening 20 track bar-fest. Flee is no stranger to orchestrating high-quality compilation projects, one might remember his “Loyalty or Death Presents: RNOE” project from a few years back. Well, t...
Tags: Reviews, Chicago, New Orleans, Jazz, Coke, Don, Zaza, Rosenberg, Willie, ETO, Vic Spencer, Jags, Peter Rosenberg, Barfest, V Don, Rozay

'Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry' focuses on the pop star's rise to fame - here's how to watch the documentary on Apple TV Plus

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Apple TV Plus "The World's a Little Blurry" is a new documentary that examines the life of pop star Billie Eilish.You can stream the movie with an Apple TV Plus subscription starting February 26.To celebrate the release, a live event will stream for free via Apple TV and YouTube on February 25. TV Plus Monthly Subscription (small) Before she rose to stardom, Billie Eilish began her career by releasing so...
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Asun Eastwood & THETWINNING – “Prophecy Is My Present″ (Album Review)

Asun Eastwood is a 38 year old MC from Toronto, Canada who came up as part of the Brown Bag Money collective. His 2017 debut mixtape Hollywood Briggs was a good introduction, but it wouldn’t be until 2 years later after dropping his Finn-produced debut album With All Due Respect where he would come to my attention. He just dropped Let Me Talk My Shit a couple months back & to celebrate his birthday, Asun has enlisted THETWINNING for his 4th full-length album. The title track that starts things ...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Richie, Toronto Canada, Anfernee, Rasheed Chappell, Raz Fresco, Asun Eastwood, Lex Talionis, SLNC, ASUN, Lord Juco, THETWINNING, Hollywood Briggs, Falcon Outlaw

SmooVth & Giallo Point – “Amongst Wolves” (Album Review)

SmooVth is a 35 year old MC from Hempstead, New York known for being a part of the duo Tha Connection alongside Hus Kingpin. But as far as his 11 solo efforts go, I recommend checking out Portrait of a Pimp as well as the Young SmooVth & Medellin duologies. The dude dropped something was the DJ Beanz-mixed rarities mixtape entitled Tha Conduit this past Christmas & now just a couple months later, he’s reuniting with Giallo Point for his 12th full-length album. After the intro, the first song “D...
Tags: Reviews, UK, Albums, Jazz, Hempstead New York, Smoovth, Big Twins, Giallo Point, Asun Eastwood, Rigz, Eddie Kaine Rim

Gibby Stites – “The 13th Wonder” (EP Review)

Gibby Stites is a 25 year old MC/producer from Millville, New Jersey who’s been making music for about a decade now at this point. However, he didn’t come to my attention until last spring when he performed during Netfest on Your Couch. But after signing to Majik Ninja Entertainment a few months back, the kid is putting out a new EP introducing himself to all the juggalos The EP starts off with “I Heard You Got Signed”, where Gibby & Jamie Madrox talk about 77% of listeners being fans & the oth...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Gibby, Majik Ninja Entertainment, Millville New Jersey, Jamie Madrox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie Boondox, Gibby Stites, Netfest, Gibby Jamie Madrox

Misfit Soto – “No Subliminal” (Album Review)

L.A’s very own Mexican-American triple threat, Misfit Soto, is back with another dope body of work titled “No Subliminal”. Misfit is not only a rapper, but a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist too; it shows! This is an 8 track, West Coast project featuring Baby Bounce, Baldacci, Lido P, Player from the West & Diamond Dez. Let’s get into this! “No Subliminal” is the introductory track and the namesake of the entire album. This is a dope way to kick us off. The production is clean ...
Tags: Reviews, Los Angeles, Albums, Hip Hop, Jazz, West Coast, Album Reviews, Soto, Los Angeles Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop, Misfit Soto, No Subliminal, Baldacci Lido

Fat Ray – “Santa Barbara” (Album Review)

Fat Ray is a 39 year old MC from Detroit, Michigan who came up as a member of the trio B.R. Gunna alongside Black Milk & Young RJ. He would eventually go solo in 2008 by dropping the criminally slept-on The Set Up, but it wouldn’t be until a full decade later when it was followed with both The Lunch Room mixtape & then his sophomore effort Perseus. However out of nowhere, Ray has seen fit to drop his 3rd full-length album. The title track that kicks the album off talks about being happy to be b...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Wu Tang, Jordan, Santa Barbara, Rza, Ray, Detroit Michigan, J Dilla, Danny Brown, Kutty, Gunna, Fat Ray, Raphy, Impossiblefranchise

Slaine – “The Things We Can’t Forgive” (Album Review)

This is the 5th full-length album from Boston veteran Slaine. Most notable for being a member of the underground supergroup La Coka Nostra, he released an EP & a total of 4 mixtapes before coming through with his debut album A World with No Skies in 2011 under Suburban Noize Records. This was followed up with The Boston Project in 2013 as well as The King of Everything the year after that, but the man went took a 3-year hiatus following the release of the Slaine is Dead EP in 2016 & returned by...
Tags: Reviews, Boston, Albums, Jazz, Ripper, Slaine, La Coka Nostra, The Boston Project

Rapper Big Pooh & Young RJ – “What Was Lost” (EP Review)

Rapper Big Pooh is a 41 year old rapper from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina who came up as a member of the seminal Little Brother alongside rapper/singer Phonte & producer 9th Wonder. However, he’s been building up quite a discography of his own since the man’s 2005 solo debut Sleepers. Last time we got a project from Big Pooh was in 2018 with the Focus…-produced RPM album but after taking a couple years off & to celebrate his birthday, he & Young RJ of Slum Village are unearthing an EP’s worth...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Raleigh Durham North Carolina, Young RJ, Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, Big Pooh, Frank Nitt

Bonnie & Hyde – Self-Titled (Album Review)

Bonnie & Hyde are an East Coast duo consisting of death rap veteran Mr. Hyde & his wife Cherie Rain. The couple have been making joints with one another dating back to Hyde’s 3rd album If It Bleeds We Can Kill It back in 2012 but almost a decade later, they’re coming together for a full-length debut. After the “Killer Couple” intro, the first song “Epic Pursuit (Bonnie & Hyde Theme)” details being chased by the cops over a boom bap beat with some strings buried in the background while the track...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, East Coast, Hyde, Bonnie, Vic, Cherie, Mr. Hyde, Psycho Logical Records, Cherie Rain, Bonnie Hyde

Dissown – “Going the Diztence“ (Album Review)

Dissown is a rising underground rapper from Raleigh, NC and I recently got the chance to listen to his latest album, “Going the Diztence”. This latest instalment to his discography is 14 tracks long and features VR$E and RDP. Let’s talk about this body of work. “Further Than Before” is a vibe, featuring a dope verse from VR$E. The production on this is super clean with the sliding bass and slick guitar licks. Both rappers show off their wordsmith abilities as they deliver uplifting verses ab...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, RDP, Album Review, Mike Shinoda, Raleigh NC, Underground Hip Hop, Dissown, Going the Diztence, VR$E

Dangy Omen X – “Citizens Band Radio” (EP Review)

Dany Omen X is an New Orleans trucker turned rapper. ‘Citizen Band Radio’ is his latest EP. This project can be described as a “driving while black” themed EP Centring on the perspective of a black trucker in the American countryside. The EP is five tracks long and features production from multi platinum producer, DJ Precise. “Trucker Bounce” is the first track on the project and, in my opinion, the best song on the EP. DJ Precise did a good job on the production, using heavy base and melodi...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, New Orleans, Jazz, Album Review, CB radio, Dangy, Underground Hip Hop, EP review, Dangy Omen X, Citizen Band Radio

ReadyRockDee – “Flow God 4” (EP Review)

This is the 4th EP from Bridgeport, Connecticut emcee ReadyRockDee. Coming up as a founding member of the group Rowdy City, he would branch solo last year by releasing 3 solo EPs & a collab album with a New York spitter by the name of Teezy Money. But to kick off his 2021, he’s cooked up a 4th installment of his Flow God series . The opener “Block Pride” talks about having respect being put on his name over a boom bap beat with some Godzilla -like horns whereas the next song “Boom Shak...
Tags: Reviews, New York, Albums, Jazz, Bridgeport Connecticut, Mickey Factz, RJ Payne, Rick Hyde, ReadyRockDee, Rowdy City, Sy da Ari Kid

Double Dragon – Self-Titled (Album Review)

Double Dragon is a newly formed hardcore hip hop duo consisting of Bukshot & Kung Fu Vampire. The 2 have collaborated with one another a couple of times throughout the years, but they’re joining forces & taking things to the next level by dropping a full-length debut together after being traded since 2019. After the “Rise of the Pranja” intro, the first song “Buk-Fu” finds the duo asking how people gon’ react when they come through over a malicious Seven instrumental with this incredible g-funk...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Double Dragon, Rittz, Kung Fu Vampire, Boondox, Bukshot, Bukshot Kung Fu Vampire

Super Famous Fun Time Guys – “Don’t Hug Me from the Front” (Album Review)

The Super Famous Fun Time Guys are an Ohio-based horrorcore duo consisting of Mr. 8 Legz & Whipstick. They’ve released 2 full-lengths & an EP on their own since their formation in 2017 but after becoming the first act to sign to Alla Xul Elu’s independent label Long Live Evil a little over a month ago, 8 Legz & Whipstick are celebrating by dropping their 3rd full-length album. After the “Tokyo Smoothies with Bob” intro, the title track that truly kicks the album off taps in with Dubbs to spit s...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Ohio, Bob, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Alla Xul Elu, Super Famous Fun Time Guys, Dubbs, Breadwin DeVille Hard Target, Whipstick, Legz, Billy Obey

Conway the Machine & Big Ghost Ltd. – “If It Bleeds, It Can Be Killed” (Album Review)

This is the brand new project from Buffalo emcee Conway the Machine. I really shouldn’t have to explain who he is at this point not just because I’ve been covering the whole Griselda camp quite a bit throughout these past few years, but just the way they have been dominating hip hop since late 2015 balancing quantity & quality by dropping a handful of dope projects a year. But 2020 was undoubtedly Conway’s most prolific year yet, releasing a total of 2 EPs & a full-length debut that’ve all quic...
Tags: Reviews, Albums, Jazz, Buffalo, Coachella, Conway, Griselda, Conway The Machine, Big Ghost Ltd, Lukey Cage, Ransom Rome Streetz, Machine Big Ghost Ltd

Amazon's Music Unlimited streaming service is free for 3 months for new subscribers for a limited time

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Matt Dutile/Getty Images New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can get three months of the premium streaming tier for free. This paid tier opens up streaming access to over 60 million songs over the free tier.Current subscribers can also upgrade to the Family Plan free for three months, opening up access for up to six accounts. Product Card (medium, Preferred: Amazon) Right now, new Amazon Music U...
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22 cool gift ideas for the music lover in your life

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Vinyl Me Please/Instagram The music lover in your life can likely always be found listening to or playing music. Here are 22 gift ideas to fuel their passion for songs, bands, instruments, and genres of all types. For more gift ideas, check out all of our gift guides over here.Most of us listen to music in some capacity and can say we like it.There are the people who just listen casually to whateve...
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R. Eddie – “The Dungeon” (Album Review)

Up coming South Florida artist, R.Eddie, recently released his second full length album titled “The Dungeon”. Having been working on his craft for about a decade now, can his latest body of work make a splash? “Building Blocks” is a definite favourite! Eddie has very clearly spent countless hours working on his flow and word play ability. It shows. This song has heavy Kendrick Lamar vibes with R. Eddie’s own twist. Also, the production is large and clean! Another standout track is “Look at M...
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