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Playlist privacy: You can be identified from just three songs

New research discovered that you can be identified from just three song choices. This type of information can be exploited by streaming services through targeted advertising.The researchers are calling for musical preference to be considered in regulations regarding online privacy.While the focus on music piracy dominated the media for years, an equally important (and far less discussed) phenomenon occurred during the transition from broadcast radio to streaming. People were no longer beholden ...
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Music helps us remember who we are and how we belong during difficult and traumatic times

Has the music we listen to, and why we listen, changed during the coronavirus pandemic?Beyond the well-documented evidence of pandemic music-making at a distance and over social media, music critics have suggested there is an increased preference for music that is comforting, familiar and nostalgic. Data from major streaming services and companies that analyze them may support this view. On Spotify, the popularity of chart hits dropped 28 per cent between March 12 and April 16. Instead, . In th...
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Creative process: Are you in a period of ‘woodshedding’?

Creative types can feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to be prolific, especially in times like these when, in theory, free time is abundant. Creativity is a resource that takes different forms and like other resources, it has its limits.According to Elizabeth Alexander, poet and president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, it's common for artists to have gaps in the chronology of their work. Familial commitments, depression, and health troubles are among the very valid reasons to not be pro...
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Carl Sagan on why he liked smoking marijuana

Carl Sagan was a life long marijuana user and closeted advocate of legalization.He once wrote an anonymous essay on the effects it had on his life and why he felt it should be legalized.His insights will be vital as many societies begin to legalize marijuana.The patron saint of nerds everywhere, Carl Sagan was an awesome human being. He wrote and hosted , helped select the playlist of the Voyager Golden Records, had a distinguished academic career, and inspired both Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse T...
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Encounter Across the Abyss: Examining the Ontology of the Self in Toni Morrison's 'The Origins of Others'

It's a common enough gambit in science fiction. Humans come across a race of aliens that appear to be entirely alike and yet one group of said aliens subordinates the other, visiting violence upon their persons, denigrating them openly and without social or legal consequence, humiliating them at every turn. The humans inquire why certain of the aliens are subjected to such degradation when there are no discernible differences among the entire race of aliens, at least from the human point ...
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Photos: Teyana Taylor Makes A Splash For ‘Self’ Magazine

G.O.O.D. Music recording artist, wife of NBA star Iman Shumpert and mother to Junie, Teyana Taylor, bares it all in her new photo-shoot with Self Magazine. The sensual pictures, captured by Robbie Fimmano, are accompanied by a short video interview in which she touches on the topics of her post pregnancy body, being insecure and falling in love with herself all over again. Continue below… Related: New Video: Teyana Taylor “Champions (Remix)”
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Mac Miller Interviews His Clone With ‘Mass Appeal’

Mass Appeal recently debuted a new episode of Time Alone — the brand’s interview series where artists ask real questions to themselves. Their latest chat comes from Mac Miller, who was down to ask his in-love ass some real things… like how does it feel to be a white rapper (lol). Continue below… Related: Mac Miller & Cee-Lo Green Perform “We” on ‘Divine Feminine’ Concert Special
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Watch Serena Williams’ Instructional Twerk Video

Serena Williams just landed herself another magazine cover with latest issue of Self. As she gears up to play for what will hopefully be her fifth gold medal at the upcoming Rio Olympics, the tennis star spoke about the power of confidence as a female athlete and more. “I am who I am. I love who I am,” Williams told Self. “Just that whole attitude of being strong and powerful; that’s something I can get behind.” But right now, it’s her instructional twerk video that has everyone’s attention....
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